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  • Front & Inside your Car or Truck Simultaneously

  • Records 2 Channel Video with audio, speed, GPS & G-Forces all at once

  • 290-degree field of view

  • Auto start & stop on ignition recording

  • Compatible with up to128GB Micro SD Card

  • Durable Design Ideal for High Impact Scenarios

  • Constant Loop Recording


720p Wide Angle Dual Car Camera with GPS & Night Vision Dash Cam

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Model #: zBlackBox-2000HD

The zBlackBox-2000HD dash cam is the most advanced car dash camera DVR System on the market.  This revolutionary new model records  video of the road including every blind spot, as well as the driver’s and passenger’s actions.  There is only one way to know what really happened during, before and after an accident: video evidence is indisputable.  By capturing the accident on video, you will know if the driver was on the phone, not paying attention to the road, or driving dangerously. The video will pinpoint the precise direction, speed, and handling of the car.  The zBlackBox-2000HD guarantees  indisputable evidence of how fast the cars were traveling  and what the driver was doing immediately before the accident. In addition, the video will include the GPS location on Google Maps and 3D shock sensors.

zBlackBox-2000HD Measurements


Dual Channel Low Light Sensitive Image Sensors
The zBlackBox-2000HD dash cam is equipped with  2 low light HD image sensors. The  2 LUX rated sensor in the front and a 0.5 LUX sensor in the rear ensure crystal clear footage, even if you’re driving at night, in pouring rain, or dense fog.  You will capture video inside and outside the vehicle regardless of weather conditions or time of day.   The unit is equipped with IR LEDs, which allows video to record without disrupting the driver.

Suggested Use

  • Taxi's
  • Truck Drivers
  • Fleet Vehicle
  • RV's
  • Uber or Share Ride Drivers
  • Limos
  • Delivery Cars
  • Company Vehicles 
  • Personal Drivers and More.

Wide Angle Lens
The zBlackBox-2000HD is equipped with 2 wide angle lenses.  A wide-angle 120-degree lens records the road directly in front and on the sides in crystal clear 720p HD, ideal for any car, truck or SUV, while the 170-degree lens  records the inside of the vehicle.  The zBlackBox-2000HD records the driver, passengers, blind spots, along with all other activity on the sides and directly behind the vehicle.

Durable Design Ideal for High Impact Scenarios
The zBlackBox-2000HD is made from industrial-grade super thick plastic and can withstand the hardest impact of a high-speed accident. The zBlackBox-2000HD is specifically designed and manufactured to handle the worst crashes and ensure that following the accident you have undamaged video documenting the events leading up to the accident.  With the zBlackBox-2000HD, you can be confident that the evidence won’t be destroyed, no matter how catastrophic the collision.  Our engineers tested this unit in the worst conditions to ensure that it’s built to survive and that no footage is damaged during an accident.

On Start Up Recording
The zBlackBox-2000 is equipped with an electricity sensor that triggers the recording device as soon as you start your vehicle. Never have to worry about forgetting to press the record button. The zBlackBox-2000HD dash cam will start recording automatically as soon as the vehicle has started.

High-Quality H.264 720p HD Compression Loop Recording
The zBlackBox-2000HD dashboard camera records 720p HD H.264 compressed video to a Micro SD card, not is included. The Micro SD card allows for days of recording without sacrificing video quality.  You’ll never have to replace the Micro SD card because the Dash Cam automatically records over  older video files.

Compatible with High Capacity Micro SD Memory Cards up to 128GB
The zBlackBox-2000HD comes with a Micro SD card USB Reader The Dash Cam is compatible with up to a128GB Micro SD card (Class 10+) that can store and record up to 54 hours of high-quality video.  Micro SD Memory Card NOT INCLUDED

Automatic Playing with Software Bundle Included
The zBlackBox-2000HD dash cam comes standard with cutting edge easy-to-use software that is compatible with all Windows PCs. Simply plug the SD card adapter(Included for Free) into a USB port, open the software, and the video will start playing on the computer automatically. You won’t have to fish for files in unsecured directories. Simply connect the device to your PC and watch video of the accident.  Files will play from oldest to newest.  The video will play with sound, displaying a 360-degree view of the accident, as well as the vehicle’s GPS location on Google Maps,  time, date and 3 shock sensors.  

Additional Information

Bullet Points
  • Records both inside and outside the vehicle ideal for Taxi's, Fleet Trucks & More
  • IR LEDs for Improved Night Time Recording
  • Continuous Loop Recording
  • Video Output for TV/Monitor Playback
  • GPS & Gyro tracking for accurate location display on Google Maps during Playback
Sensor Forward Facing: 720p HD CMOS / Rear Facing : VGA CMOS Sensor
Lens Glass Laser Etched
Lens Angle Forward Facing: 120° / Rear Facing : 170°
Interface USB
Cable Length 6 Feet
Light Sensitivity Forward Facing: 2.0 LUX / Rear Facing : 0.5LUX
Image Stabilization Digital High ISO
Video Quality High Definition 720p
Video Output
  • Forward Facing: HD 1280x720
  • Rear Facing VGA 640x480
Video Format MPEG
Video Playback PC via Software
Recording Content Video, Audio, G-Sensor, GPS
Recording Time Per 1 GB
  • 30 min per 1GB in dual channel
  • 50 min pet 1GB in one channel
Video File Length 20 min
Audio Internal Mic
Time Setting Auto-Calibrating by GPS Signal, if GPS not available internal clock is used.
Max Memory Size 128 GB
Memory Card Micro SD
Operating Temp. Range 5° F ~ 149° F
Shutter Type Electronic
Night Vision Yes
IR LED 4 Inside Facing IR LEDs
Product Size 4.5" X 1" X 2.2"
Operating System Windows
Net Weight 9 Oz

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If it breaks, we'll replace it
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