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Wide Angle 1080p HD Camera with GPS Compact Dash Camera

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The Zetronix zBlackBox-500HD is the of the only compact dash cam on the market  capable of recording in crystal clear HD 1080P video with GPS logger and gyro sensors. This dash camera is equipped with a low light True HD 1080P CMOS sensor that records video with a crystal clear view of the car make and color, and even the license plate number in any driving condition. The dash cam comes standard with a easy to mount suction cup and an extra-long power cable that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter.  Ideal for use in any type of vehicle, whether you drive a sports car or a tractor-trailer.

Main Features:

  • 3D Gyro Sensors Tracking
  • True Full HD 1080P at up to 60fps video recording
  • Infinite Loop Recording (Records over the oldest Files)
  • Wide Angle 120 Vision
  • Vehicle Engine Automatic Startup (Automatic Recoding upon starting car)
  • AV Output & HDMI Output
  • GPS Logger Compatible with Google Maps
  • Collision Data Protection (Rigid Design & Automatic Protection of last 3 files)
  • Play videos directly from device with Remote
  • Laser Beam Video Guidance for accurate video and precise focus
  • Vehicle Speed, Time & Date in video (compatible with Mac & Windows)

High Definition HD Image Sensor
The Zetronix zBlackBox-500HD is a professional grade, highest quality dash cam on the market. The dash cam is equipped with HD CMOS sensor that records video with a crystal clear view of the car make and color, and even the license plate number in any driving condition. The dash camera comes standard with a dashboard windshield suction cup ideal for easy placement anywhere in the car. 120 degree wide angle lens is standard so you can be assured that not a single detail will be missed.

On Start Up Recording
The zBlackBox-500HD is equipped with an electricity sensor that triggers the recording device as soon as you start your vehicle. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to press the record button. This dashboard camera will start recording automatically as soon as the vehicle has started.

Compact Size

The zBlackBox-500HD compact size guarantees that your safety will not be compromised by blocking any part of your view and it complies with all US and International safety laws.

Date & Time Stamp
The zBlackBox-500HD includes a built-in menu for easy date and time set up. When you use the device for the first time, simply adjust the date and time to your current location. Every video or photo taken or recorded with the zBlackBox-500HD will have a superimposed date and time stamp in the top corner of the video.

AV-Out and HDMI Output with Remote
The zBlackBox-500HD comes equipped with an HDMI output, as well as an AV-Output enabling the dash camera to be plugged into your TV or any device with an HDMI output for a live feed or a playback at a later time. The device come with a remote control so you can play the video in real-time on an in-car screen, GPS Navigator or any other device with an AV-Input or HDMI input.  zBlackBox-500HD comes with a remote control so you can control the play functions and navigate through the internal menu to set up your settings or playback the video. (No Computer Necessary)

High Capacity Micro SD Card up to 32GB with H.264 Compression
The zBalckBox-500HD dash cam has an ultra-high capacity and can process up to a 32 GBMicro SD card. With new H.264 compression the dash cam can record:
- 17 minutes per GB in 1080P HD mode
- 34 minutes per GB in 720P HD mode
105 min per GB in VGA mode
(MicroSD card NOT included requires MicroSD Card Class 6 or Above)

With a 32GB Micro SD card you can record up to a highly impressive 56 consecutive hours. The dash cam also displays the time and date as you drive and record, which can prove to be useful information in the event you have to appear in court to substantiate your case.

3D Gyro Sensors
The zBlackBox-500HD dash cam has a built in 3 Dimensional gyro sock sensor (X, Y, Z). This breakthrough technology senses all impact forces endured by your car so if an accident occurs, you not only have video hard evidence,  but impact data results as well (Can be used in Court)

GPS Logging with Google Maps

The dashboard camera Google Maps feature pinpoints the exact coordinates of where an even such as a collision took place, so that there won’t be anydiscrepancy about date, time orlocation. The HD dashboard camera hard mold plastic housing guarantees that the footage will not get damaged or erased no matter how devastating the accident is.

Ultra Wide Angle 120 Degree Lens in 1080p HD
The zBlackBox-500HD comes with a windshield suction cup attachment to safely and securely connect the unit to your windshield. The car video camera also includes a120 degree wide angle lens that captures video of the area surrounding your vehicle, whether you drive a small sports car or a large eighteen wheeler. The dash cam light sensitive CMOS sensor enables you to capture everything in any type of driving condition, whether it’s dark, foggy or raining.

Software Bundle Included Free
The zBlackBox-500HD car video recorder comes standard with all the software you need to record and play video and to document vital details such as your speed and your exact location. The breakthrough shock sensor technology guarantees that all accidents will be caught on tape, from a minorfender bender to more serious collisions.
- G Sensor X : Forward & Reverse (Acceleration & Breaking)
- G Sensor Y : Left & Right (Turning & Steering)
- G Sensor Z : Up & Down (Prominence & Depression)
The zBlackBox-500HD dashboard camera will guarantee that you have clear video footage of every critical piece of evidence after an accident. Capture the collision, the exact speed and location, as well as the surrounding environment, so that you never have to worry about conflicting personal accounts. You memory may fail you during a traumatic event, but video never lies! The zBlackBox-500HD supplies all the hard evidence you need to establish the cause and fault of an accident.

1 Year Product Guarantee
zBlackBox-500HD car video camera is the most reliable vehicle black box system on the market today, made with the highest quality parts and components.  We are so confident in our product, that we include a 1 Full Year replacement guarantee in the unlikely event that you experience a product failure.  Zetronix sells electronic equipment with breakthrough technology, such as the spy cam and the dash cam to police departments across the US, the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI.  The security arms of federal, state and local governments trust Zetronix to supply their agents with cutting edge technology that plays a pivotal role in investigations and crime prevention. Now for the first time, you can purchase your own dashboard camera  to help with your investigation in the event of an accident. Law officers and field agents in the line of duty rely on the dash cam and other Zetronix products in the most difficult and stressful conditions. THAT is why we are so confident that the zBlackBox-500HD will be a valuable asset to you, your business and your employees.





5 Mega pixels CMOS


120 degree


10cm - infinity


Unretricted antenna

Video output

Mini HDMI: Support 1080i/720p output mode

Recording  Mode Automatically start recording  as soon as the power supplied, Automatically shut down after 3~5 seconds when disconnecting the external power supply
Recording format

Mov-Reproduction by any player

Recording  Resolution

1920 x 1080(30fps) 、1280 x 720(30fps)、848 x 480(60fps)

Video Codec


Recording media

Micro Card(Upto 32GB SDHC Card) Class 6 or Above (MicroSD card not Included)


Built-in microphone and speaker. Microphone mute function(hot button joystick left, shutting down and re-inclusion is also possible during recording)

Laser LED Light


File protection Yes
Remote control Use for playback file on TV
Imposition of date/time on video Yes
Size 113mmx24.1mmx30mm
Weight 122 g
Nutrition DC 12-24V
Working humidity 10% ~ 80%
Temperature -10℃ ~ 70℃



1 Year Replacment Warranty

This warranty is available to consumers only. You are a consumer if you own a Zetronix product which was purchased from Zetronix for, family or household use. Except as otherwise required under applicable law, this warranty is not available to retailers or other commerical purchasers or owners.

We warrant that your Zetronix product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use in accordance with the documentation provided for a period of twelve (12) month following your receipt of the product from Zetronix. During this twelve (12) month period, users may return Zetronix product(s) for warranty service only for the following reason(s): Product material defect. Product defect. Inability of installation due to CD material defect. The warranty does not apply nor is exclusive to: The damages or problems resulting from misuse, abuse, accident or alteration of the product(s).. If your Zetronix product(s) should prove to be defective within the warranty period, we will repair it, or replace if necessary, without charge to you.

If you must ship or mail the product to Zetronix for warranty service, you must prepay all shipping & handling costs and assume all risks of loss or damage in transit. Zetronix will NOT accept products for warranty service for the follwing reasons: any opened items unless defective and/or damage to the item(s) due to shipping. You must obtain a shipment damage report from your shipper and submit to Zetronix before obtain RMA number if you must return the product for warranty service.

Before you return the item, you must obtain an RMA number from Zetronix.Com Items returned to us with out an RMA number will be returned back to sender with out the package being opened or isnpected.

Note: You MUST obtain a RMA number from Zetronix buy pressing on RMA link under information box in the right hand side of the webpage of www.zetronix.com or click on the link. Address and RMA number along with istructions will be e-mail to you after the RMA form is filled out and sent.


The following returned merchandised conditions will be rejected by ZETRONIX:

1. shipment without RMA #, detail contact information, problem descriptions

2. merchandise has been damaged, scratched, disassembled, misused, or any other damages from transportation, handling, or nature causes.

3. Dispute transactions.

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In the Box

  • zBlackBox-500HD Camera
  • Suction Cup Attachment
  • HDMI Cable
  • Remote
  • A/V Cable
  • 12 foot Power Cable with Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual


Does this product with with Mac OS X ?
The videos will play with on an Apple OS (All Version). The video will display date/time/speed/GPS Log/impact date in the upper corner of the video. The program that will display Google Maps will not work on Mac OS.


by John Berg Date Added: Friday 15 February, 2013

Jury is still out on this. I have tried to enter the setup menu but am not able. I mounted the device in my vehicle and was able to capture multiple 1 minute clips. When I tried to play back on the HD player supplied with the device, none of the MOV's would play so, no GPS Google Maps tracking or other data is available. I was able to watch the MOV's via another media player on the compter but, again, no other data (except for the date/time, lat/long stamped in the upper left). There is also a frequent "beep" coming from the device while recording. Nothing in the literature mentions this. IF i can get into the menu to set up the device to my liking maybe there will be a way to disable the audible beeping. Maybe I have a defective unit or battery issue with the remote...

PROS: Small device, excellent MOV's

CONS: User manual sucks. No instruction how to access the menu.

BOTTOM LINE: I thought it would be a good plan to have a compact device without a display. Maybe I was wrong.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]
by Lawrence Buta Date Added: Monday 07 October, 2013

So far I'm pretty happy with this unit. The manual could be a little bigger and the illustrations don't exactly match the camera I received...but it's close. Multiple readings have gotten me to the point where I pretty much understand things. One thing...when I attempt to use the built-in player I get an error. So I view the files using Windows Media Player. I'd really like to see a unit that uses wifi with an app so I can playback movies via my Iphone...that would be awesome...I'd buy that in a heartbeat...

PROS: Good picture quality on playback. Nighttime video not bad, either.

CONS: Manual is small like 3" x 4"...I'm an old guy so kinda hard to read...illustrations could be a little bigger...

BOTTOM LINE: For a couple of hundred bucks...u can't go wrong with this...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
by Michael Cyr Date Added: Wednesday 12 June, 2013

This is my second camera of this type purchased for my wife's car. It is super easy to setup once the mini usb is connected to the USB port and the video ports on LED TV. Battery used in the remote was good. Remote is used to setup camera and move thru the menue. This one was already pretty much setup. Only had to setup date and time. Picture quality is first rate. Color is beautiful. Sound is great...

PROS: Small size Picture quality Xtreme wide angle Easy setup Date, Time, and speed stamp on video. Documents your speed if you need to contest a ticket The unit is black. No visible brand names which is a big plus. Reliable Strong Good telephone support available if you need help setting up camera. The windshield mount is solid, movable, and stays in place till you want to move it. It is far superior to the glue to windshield mounts of other cameras.

CONS: A mini SD card is not included.

BOTTOM LINE: Buy, Buy, Buy! But don't buy them all because I will probably want another one. Make sure you use the discount code on their online store. It can save you some money.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
by Michael Cyr Date Added: Thursday 23 May, 2013

A great cam for a good price. This camera is a little more expensive than others out there but the quality is significantly higher. A great piture. Small size. 12 megipixel camera with 1080P. Wide angle lense. Accept up to 32 gb SD cards...

PROS: Picture quality Sound recording Small Size Wide angle Up to 32 gb mini SD cards Vehicle speed and Time and Date recorded on video. More than adequate windshield mount

CONS: User manual is useless and in my opinion lacking in what you need to know to setup camera.

BOTTOM LINE: Five stars

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
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