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  • 1080p HD Video Sensor with WDR 

  • 360 Degree Swivel 

  • Wide 140° Recording

  • Low Light Video Sensor 

  • 2.0" LCD Screen

  • GPS for Speed and Location of Playback

  • WDR Technology for Amazing Video at Night  


720p HD Ultra Wide Angle Nightvision Car/Truck DVR Dash Camera (Refurbished)

1080p HD Wide Angle WDR Night-Vision GPS Car/Truck DVR Dash Cam

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Model #: zDrive-HD2

The Zetronix zDrive-HD2 is a high quality ultra reliable that dash camera is equipped with the 1080p resolution video sensor, GPS for to display your map location and show your rout during playback. This dash cam gives you the best possible video at night or day with sound via 1080p sensor with WDR technology.The zDrive-HD2 includes built-in WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology that records excellent scene details from shadows and highlights. This aspect of the camera allows it to capture extremely detailed video during the day or night. 

This product also includes a large 2.0” LCD screen with an HDMI out. This makes it possible to see what you record live on the screen. You can also play back your videos on a TV, monitor, or computer. This dash cam’s built-in battery can be charged with a car’s cigarette lighter. It works while it’s charging, and it also works wireless for as many as 20 minutes.

 Main Features

  • Ultra-Wide angle 140 degree six element sharp lens
  • 360-degree bracket swivel
  • 1920 x 1080p HD Resolution
  • Advanced H.264 compression allows you to store video with the highest efficiency
  • Watch live and playback your videos on a large HD 2.0" LCD Screen
  • HDMI Output
  • GPS records your speed and location on Google Maps for playback
  • G-Sensor recording documents any shock the camera experiences
  • WDR technology allows bright, vivid recording at night
  • Built-in mic records sound and can be turned off
  • Proprietary software works on PCs with Google Maps
  • Video playback works on both PCs and Mac
  • Loop feature allows for constant worry-free recording
  • The time and date is stamped on videos for documentation
  • Auto Start Recoding kicks in immediately when your car starts
  • Optional motion sensor recording 


HD 1080p Video Sensor with WDR
The Zetronix® zDrive-HD2 is equipped with a high quality light sensitive 1080p image sensor.  Combined with WDR technology the zDrive-HD2 will produce a high-quality image during the day or at night.

Six-Element Sharp Lens - Crystal-Clear Image
With this device, you’ll be shooting pictures and video through a Japanese-made Six-Element Sharp Lens, made up of six layers of glass. This feature allows for stunningly clear images.

Advanced WDR Technology – Best in Night Vision Technology
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology uses two shutter speeds - high and normal - in alternative video fields, and combines them into one frame. Even if one aspect of an image is illuminated and another is dark, every detail will be captured accurately. Individuals who do most of their driving at night, but want their dash cam videos to look like they were recorded during a sunny day, will find themselves extremely pleased with this product.

On Start Up Recording
Thanks to an electricity sensor that turns the camera on the second you start your car, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to press the record button. Plus, you can program your dash cam to switch off as soon as you exit your car, or at a certain time later.

Motion Sensor Recording
If you worry about vandals or thieves taking liberties with your car or truck, the zDive-HD2’s motion sensor detection makes it ideal for surveillance. All you have to do is set the device to motion detection and leave it plugged into your cigarette lighter, or leave it running on wireless battery power. When someone approaches your vehicle, the unit records that individual’s face and every move he or she makes while near your property. If you don’t want to worry about the dash cam’s battery power running out while you’re away, the optional Hard Wire Dash Cam Kit allows you to spy on vandals without fretting over a power outage.

Compatible with High Capacity Micro SD Memory Cards up to 128GB
The zDrive-HD2 is compatible with up to a 128GB Micro SD card (Class 10+) that can store and record up to 34.2 hours of HD 720P video on a 128GB Card.  Note that the Micro SD Memory Card is NOT INCLUDED.
-11 minutes per 1GB in 1080P
-16 minutes per 1GB in 720P 

Date & Time Stamp
The first time you use your zDrive-HD2, simply adjusts the date and time to your current location. Once that’s done, all your videos and photos will have a date and time stamp superimposed in the bottom right corner.

HDMI Output & AV Out
The zDrive-HD2 comes equipped with an HDMI output as well as a RCA AV Out, which enables you to plug your dash cam into your TV, or watch your videos on any other device with an HDMI or an AV output.

2” LCD HD Display
With bigger viewing area, the 2.0" HD  display provides a better video playback experience on the go, without the need of any other external devices or peripherals. The screen can be used to see what you record live, change the menu option or play back what you recorded at any time 


Compact Size & Ultra Wide Angle 140 Degree Lens with 360 degree Swivel
Your safety will never be compromised by an obscured view, thanks to the zDrive-HD2’s compact size. This product complies with all US and International safety laws.


Additional Information

Bullet Points
  • 1080p Video Sensor
  • Low Light Sensitive Video Sensor 
  • Ultra Wide 140° Recording with 360° Swivel 
  • GPS for Speed and Location of Playback
  • WDR Technology for Amazing Video at Night
Sensor 6.0 MP 1080p HD CMOS
Lens Six-Element Glass Laser Etched
Lens Angle 140° Lens, 360° Swivel
Interface USB
Cable Length 6 Feet
Language English/Spanish/Russian/French/German/Chinese
Light Sensitivity 1.0 LUX Wide Dynamic Range
Zoom 4X Digital
LCD Screen 2.0" LCD
Video Quality High Definition 1080p
Video Output
  • HD 1080 x 1920p @ 45fps
  • HD 720 x 720p @ 60fps
Video Format AVI
Video Playback Via Dash Cam / Computer for GPS
Recording Content Video & Audio & GPS
Recording Time Per 1 GB
  • 1080p HD 11 min per 1GB
  • 720p HD 16 min per 1GB
Video File Length Infinite / 2 / 5 / 10 min
Audio Built in Mic & Speaker
Time Setting via Menu or GPS
Max Memory Size 128 GB
Memory Card Micro SD
Operating Temp. Range 14° F - 140° F
Shutter Type Electronic
Night Vision Yes
IR LED WDR Technology no IR
Battery Size 180mAh
Battery Life 15 Min
Motion Detection Yes
Product Size 2.3" X 2.0" X 1.0"
Operating System Windows, Max OS x
Net Weight 1.5 Oz

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