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Company Info

Zetronix Corp. was found in 2005 with the mission to contract reputable Asian factories and guide them through the manufacturing and quality assurance process to ensure that only the highest-quality goods are distributed at a significant discount throughout the North American, South American, and European markets. Unlike other companies that buy and sell goods from Chinese factories without undergoing a Quality Assurance process, Zetronix implements a rigorous redesign and quality control phase to ensure that only the highest-quality goods are brought to the market.
All Zetronix products go through the 5 Phase Cycle , an innovative business model that puts Zetronix at a competitive advantage, enabling us to offer only the highest quality goods at a competitive price.

5 Phase Cycle :

Phase 1: We negotiate price and specs with a handful of reputable factories approved by our accredited inspection team overseas.
Phase 2: Our engineering staff test the product to determine what if any changes need to be made to ensure optimal performance.
Phase 3: We notify the factory of any technological or cosmetic modifications that need to be made as recommended by our engineers.
Phase 4: The new redesigned product undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure the highest possible quality.
Phase 5: When we are confident that the product's quality is optimized Zetronix will offer it to our valuable customers.

All products sold by Zetronix go through all fives phases of the 5 Phase Cycle , which makes it possible for us to offer only the highest-quality goods at a price our competitors cannot match without compromising quality.

We are located in the heart of beautiful historic Boston, Massachusetts USA our address is.

119 Braintree St, Suite 701
Boston, MA 02134
(617) 861-4894