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Company Info

Zetronix Corp., was found in 2005 on the principal of providing high quality products from Asian factories and distributing them though out the North American, South American, and European markets.  When you purchase from Zetronix you are NOT purchasing from a gray quality budget factory from China.  All our products go through a vigorous redesign and quality control phase before they are sold to our valuable customers.  

All products sold by Zetronix go through five phases, this gives us the advantage of providing much higher quality, better working, easier to use products for a competitive price.  

    Phase 1: We negotiate price and secs with only a handful of factories approved by our inspection team overseas.

    Phase 2: We analyze the product with our engineers to improve quality of the product.
    Phase 3: We send the schematics back to the factory with modifications and changes of parts and assembly.
    Phase 4: The new redesigned product is testes over and over again to make sure its up to the highest standards.
    Phase 5: The new redesign higher quality product is sold to our valuable customers. 

All products sold by Zetronix go through all fives phases which gives us the ability to sell unparalleled quality products for a competitive price.