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16GB HD 720p Covert Hidden Cam DVR Video Recording Sunglasses

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The groundbreaking new zShades-HDi are the first sunglasses to incorporate an advanced 720P HD Video camera, anti-shake video stabilization, and vibration alert so you know when you are recording into a light weight extremely durable weatherproof sunglasses frame.  We used cutting edge ultra-light material to manufacture the glasses, so that they incredibly weigh less than 1 OZ, which makes the zShades-HDi the most dynamic, most comfortable, and most durable Video Recording DVR Sunglasses ever made. These innovative, cutting edge glasses are when fishing or boating, trap shooting, target practicing, sky diving, any type of sports, racing and much more. The pin hole camera is set in the middle of the sunglasses and is unnoticeable which makes it easy to wear as regular sunglasses.

Easy file formatting makes videos easy to upload to your PC or Mac, as well to You Tube, Face book or even DVD or Blu-Ray allowing you to watch videos on your TV. zShades-HDi offers a completely wireless hand-free recording solution for any type of activity, whether it is something as ordinary as observing your kids or loved ones or as extreme as skiing, racing, biking, flying and more.  A built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery gives you up to 2 hours of wire-free, hands-free video recording. 

The zShades-HDi are equipped with the highest quality HD CMOS video sensor to produce a flawless 720P HD video image.  And with built-in video stabilization the video will always be smooth and perfect.  The user-friendly zShades-HDi are the only glasses that operate with a single button, making video recording as easy as pressing a button! Vibration alert takes the guess work out of recording. As soon as you press the button, the glasses will boot up vibrate to let you know they turned on and start automatically recording brilliant 720P HD Video with sound. To turn them off, simply press the button again and that’s it! You don’t need to worry about which button to press or wonder if you are actually even recording. Complicated and gimmicky designs are a thing of the past. The zShades-HDi are revolutionizing portable, extremely easy to use, and inconspicuous video recording!

Suggested Uses

  • Record live shows or events
  • Records classrooms or lectures
  • Record your self trapshooting or target practice
  • Record sporting events
  • Records your self playing sports, skating, sky diving, and more..
  • Record your self driving or racing

Main Features

  • Covert Camera - A built in frame pin hole camera allows these glasses to look like ordinary sunglasses with extraordinary abilities.
  • HD 720P HD CMOS Sensor - produces a vivid brilliant 1280x720 16:9 Video Image
  • Video Stabilization - high ISO compensates for shakes and bumps for smooth video recording
  • Vibration Alert - The glasses vibrate when they are on, start recording or stop so you never have to wonder if you are recording
  • Compatibility - Compatible with both PC Windows (ALL Versions) and Mac OS X
  • Date and time stamp - In video can be set to record over the video or removed if necessary
  • High Durable Weatherproof Design - Allows the glasses to be used in any weather, even in heavy rain without causing any damage.
  • Interchangeable Lenses - The glasses have removable lenses so you can switch them with clear mirror blue or clear lenses (Optional)
  • Built-In Mic - A high-quality 16 bit Mic is built into the frames of the glasses to record audio with video. (It may be illegal in your state to record audio with out permission, check local laws. Zetronix does not approve or condole any unlawful activities.)

HD 720p Video Recording with Sound
The zShades-HDi DVR Sunglasses are equipped with the highest quality HD video sensor on the market to produce a stunning bright colorful video image in 1280x720 resolution with high speed 25 fps.  The video is perfectly preset for sharing with friends on Facebook, and easily uploading on You Tube to possibly create the next viral video.  A built-in high quality microphone is strategically located at the bottom of the frame, extraneous noises caused by wind and rain are no longer an issue.

Video Stabilization
The zShades-HDi video recording sunglasses are equipped with a digital video stabilizer which reduces jitter and shakiness caused by walking, running and other activates which make an ordinary camera shake violently.  The zShades-HDi are also equipped with a high ISO implementation that  reduces shaking and blurring when going from a high lit area to a low lit area.  High speed lighting adjustments are also included with this model complete with automatic histogram analysis that increases low tone detail and reserve high tones. All these features produce the best video image unlike anything else on the market today.

Light Durable Weather Resistant Frame
The most advanced DVR technology would still be susceptible to damage if it were’t protected by a state of the art durable frame.  And that is exactly what we did: no expense was spared in designing the most durable frame on the market.  We molded the most durable, most comfortable frame without compromising even a hint of “cool.”  The zShades-HDi include dark polarized UV A, UV B and UV C protection along with FDA approved shatterproof lenses. The lenses are also tested and approved in accordance to AS/NZS 1067, EN 1836 and ANSI Z80.3 test protocols, making them ideal for any activity.  clear & mirror blue lenses are available as well as an added accessory.


16GB Memory
The zShades-HDi DVR Sunglasses come with 16GB high quality memory, allowing you to record and erase unlimited times without having to worry about the memory being corrupted or erased.  The 16GB memory allows for high speed 2.0 USB transfer from the glasses to your computer. 8, 32 and 64GB memory is also available.


Time & Date Stamp
The zShades-HDi have a built-in time and date stamp feature for easy setup to display the time and date in the corner of the video. Or if you don’t want the date displayed, you can easily turn off that feature.


Compatible with both Mac and PC
The zShades-HDi are compatible with Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and more, both 32 bit and 64 bit, and all versions of Mac OS X Systems. To get the video you want to play, the process is as simple as plugging the sh
ades into the USB of your PC or Mac, which automatically opens the device and displays the video files.

1 Year Product Guarantee
zShades-HDi DVR Sunglasses is the highest quality and most reliable DVR Sunglasses on the market today, equipped with hardware and software that underwent rigorous quality assurance testing. We are so confident in our product that we include a 1 Full Year replacement guarantee in the unlikely event that you experience product failure. Now for the first time, you can purchase your own DVR Sunglasses to record your life events and with the 1 Full Year Guarantee you never have to worry about your investment failing on you.



500 mAh Lithium Battery
12MP Camera Hardware
HDCMOS Video Image Sensor
Reading Speed = 700kbs
Writing Speed 500Kbs
Resolution 1280x720 @ 25FPS
Power Consumption: <0.4W
Video Format: AVI
Memory 16GB
Lenses: Dark Polarized; Clear Optional
Physical Weight Under 1oz with battery
Working Temperature 0 C - 60 C
Storage Temperature - 20 C - 80 C
Operation System: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, 2000, 7, Vista, Mac OSX


1 Year Replacment Warranty

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In the Box

zShades-HDi DVR Sunglasses with 16GB Memory
Protective Hard Case
USB Cable
User Manual




by Jeff Brice Date Added: Wednesday 06 March, 2013

These glasses are GREAT! I have tried others but most only record video and no audio. I purchased the clear lenses so that I can use these indoors without raising suspicion. They work like a charm and I have received many compliments on the styling. The video is flawless and the audio comes through clearly. I use these everyday for work and I highly recommend these spy glasses!..

PROS: Picture clarity, clear audio, ease of operation, date/time stamp feature, styling.

CONS: Although these can record for several hours without recharging, the files are broken into 15 minutes parts. Not a deal breaker but I wish that they could record up to 1 hour without needing to start a new file. A slight annoyance but certainly not a big problem.


Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
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