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  • Professional Grade Sony CCD Video Sensor with Night Vison 

  • 104° Wide Angle Captures your Entire Room

  • Fully Functioning Alarm Clock with Snooze

  • Holds up to 64Hours of Video with Audio 

  • Loop Recording Records Constantly 

  • Record with either motion activation or on a 24/7 Schedule

  • Plugs into AC never worry about batteries 

  • Full Functioning Alarm Clock with Snooze and Time Hologram Display 


Professional Series Cube Alarm Clock Nanny Cam DVR with Full IR Night Vision

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Model #: zClock-30N

The Zetronix zClock-30N is the most reliable nanny cam there is. This hidden camera disguised as an ordinary, fully-functioning alarm clock records and monitors activity discreetly in any lighting condition. It even works in the dark without any illumination and records clear video and audio. This user-friendly DVR is ideal for monitoring your office, nanny, employees, pets, and home.  The built-in motion detection sensor can be set to trigger a recording only when something is moving, allowing the camera to conserve memory space. This feature also spares you the hassle of searching uneventful video and only records when there is action. The zClock-30N comes with a remote and video output cable to connect to any television with an analog input. The nanny cam also can record constantly or on a 24 HR / 7 DAY schedule. With regular or schedule recording you can choose to record constantly or with selective motion detection. You don’t even need a computer to set it up and play back video, but if desired you can connect the memory card to your computer and download video to both Windows PC and Apple Macintosh.

Suggested Use

  • Missing belongings? Find out immediately who has taken your things and record it as proof!
  • Getting Harassed? Get the evidence you need discreetly.
  • Watch your pets! We all know pets are goofy animals and nothing is more fun than to record or check up on your furry friends while you're away. Maybe your video will go viral!
  • Watch over your kids .Leaving your kids with a nanny or babysitter can be nerve racking.  Always know what's happening with your family at any moment! Are they going to bed on time or eating cake on the couch!  
  • Elderly safe?  Life can be dangerous for the elderly and it’s easy to watch over them live with a zClock-30n nanny cam.  You can even protect then at night while they sleep, the built-in IR night vision will turn any lighting condition into great video. 

Main Features:

  • Wide angle 140-degree lenses, perfect for capturing entire rooms.
  • Built-in microphone that records sound with video, or just video.
  • Low light Sony CCD Sensor records 740x480 resolution and up to 30fps, with built-in I.R. LEDs disguised as the time display for clear daytime recording of true night time
  • Disguised as a full function alarm clock with no blinking LEDs or visible camera lens.
  • Records up to 64 hours on a 32GB SD card.
  • Video can be played with your TV or PC, without any additional software.
  • Easy Time & Date setup.
  • Motion detection mode allows the camera to record only when motion occurs within a specific area to minimize false recording starts.





Full Night Vision
The zClock-30N comes equipped with an extremely low light-sensitive 0.01 LUX Sony CCD sensor to record high quality video in any dark room with invisible, built-in I.R. LED lights built into the clock’s digital display, which makes them undetectable.  That makes it perfect for bedrooms, dark garages, or any part of the house at night.

Motion Activated Recording
When activated, the motion-activation system can automatically record to your memory card. Screen grid motion activation lets you highlight individual blocks on your screen that will trigger motion activation. This prevents from pets or wind from triggering the recording process. 

Fully Functioning Alarm Clock with Built-in DVR
Not only is the zClock-30N a covert recording system, it’s also a fully functioning LCD alarm clock, complete with a buzzer and snooze button. Like many new alarm clocks, the disguised surveillance camera comes with an optional projection display that casts the time up onto the wall. Place it in your living room, bedroom, office, or wherever you chose, no one will know it’s a camera.

Date & Time Stamps
The zClock-30n nanny cam comes with a date and time stamp feature that can be turned off if need be. If the feature is on, date and time are displayed in the corner of the video or photo taken for your personal reference. This feature comes in especially handy if the video is needed for discovery or evidence in court.

Record up to 4 Days of High-Quality Video with Sound
The zClock-30N nanny cam records up to 64 hours of high-quality color video with sound on a 32GB SD card (not included)  After watching the video on your PC or TV, you can erase unwanted footage. The zClock-30N can be set to automatically write over the oldest files when it runs out of space. You’ll never have to worry about not capturing vital video due to low space

No Computer Necessary
Connect, watch, and setup your zClock-30N nanny cam with your TV even an older model. It’s as simple as plugging the included video cable included into your TV, and simply setup the camera/clock to the time and location you want to monitor. An Easy to use remote and guide are included with making it ideal for those who aren’t computer savvy or don’t have access to a computer. If you prefer to use a PC or Mac, no problem! Simply plug the optional SD Card to your computer and watch the video with audio (audio can be turned off to comply with some local and state recording laws).

24 Hour Schedule Recording
With the Zetronix zClock-30N you can set up a time and date to start and end recording to manage the times you want to keep an eye on, and the times you don’t want it recording.

Record Audio
Built-in microphone to record sound with video, microphone can be turned on or off to comply with local state recording laws

This product comes with a SD card slot hidden underneath the clock within the backup battery compartment. The zClock-30N accepts SD memory cards Class 4 or above, up to 32GB.

Additional Information

Bullet Points
  • Professional Grade Sony CCD Sensor
  • Full Invisible IR Night Vison
  • Records on Motion Detection or 24/7 Set Schedule
  • Holds 64HR of video on 32GB SD Card
Sensor 1/3" Sony CCD Low Light
Lens 3.5mm, F: 2.0 (IR Lens)
Lens Angle 104º
Interface Video Out RCA
Language English/Spanish/Russian/French/German/Chinese
Light Sensitivity 0.1 LUX, 0.0 LUX with IR
Light Frequency 60Hz
Video Resolution D1 (720x480)
Video Output
  • 720 x 480
  • 320 x 240
Video Format AVI
Recording Content Video, Audio, Date, Time
Recording Time Per 1 GB 2 Hours per 1GB
Video File Length 20 min
Audio Built-In Mic Can Be turned On/Off
Time Setting Yes via Setup Remote
Max Memory Size 32 GB
Memory Card SD Card
Operating Temp. Range 14F - 140 F
Shutter Type Electronic
Night Vision Yes
IR LED Built in-to Time Display (Invisible)
IR Distance Up to 40 feet
Motion Detection Yes
Operating System Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Max OS x
Net Weight 2.5Lbs

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