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Nanny Cams: Ensure peace of mind with our state-of-the-art Nanny Cams. Handpicked for quality and reliability, these cameras provide clear imagery and secure your home against potential risks.

FAQ Section:
Q: What resolution do the Nanny Cams provide?

A: Our Nanny Cams provide high-definition video quality, with most models offering 1080p resolution.

Q: Can I access the Nanny Cam feed remotely?

A: Yes, our Wi-Fi-enabled Nanny Cams allow you to access the live feed remotely from your smartphone or computer.

Q: Are there mobile alerts for detected movement?

A: Yes, many of our Nanny Cams offer motion detection with instant alerts sent to your mobile device.

Q: How does the Nanny Cam store the footage?

A: The footage is stored either locally on an SD card or on a cloud server, depending on the model.

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  1. HIDIX 4G - 1080p 4G LTE Wireless Mini Camera
    HIDIX 4G - 1080p 4G LTE Wireless Mini Camera
    HIDIX 4G - 1080p 4G LTE Wireless Mini Camera
    • 1080p HD Resolution with Audio 
    • 120° Laser Cut Glass Lens
    • 4 X Digital Zoom
    • Records Audio & Video
    • Video︱Photo︱Motion Recording Mode
    • Boots-up And Records Automatically
    • Up to 20 Day Motion Detection Standby Time
    • Stores Over 8 Hours on 128 GB
    • Accepts MicroSD Card 5 Min Per 1GB
    • No Blinking LED︱100% Covert
    • No WiFi Required︱Works on 4G LTE/GSM
    • Invisible IR LEDs︱Up to 24 feet 
    Special Price $179.99 Regular Price $199.99
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