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Dash cams are portable cameras primarily used in cars as digital video recorders. Dashcams help to have driving records. There is a vast market dealing in dashcams, offering a large number of variables. There are enormous kinds of dash cams that come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Like:

One of the best features of a dashcam that it can be connected through wifi; this feature allows you to share the footage on your cellphones.

The use of dash cam is becoming necessary day by day. It helps us to have records of our day-to-day traveling. Dashcams enable to record of the view through a vehicle's front and sometimes rare or other windows. In the era we are living in, it is essential to have preventive measures. Having a dashcam in your vehicle means that you have the evidential proof at just a click away. In the UK, most authorities are now accepting dashcam footage as evidence.

Some of the few advantages of having a dashcam are:

  • A perfect solution for unorganized drivers
  • You have first-hand evidence of the accident
  • Best tool for driving instructors
  • Record entire road trip
  • Can prevent fraud
  • Encourage safe driving
  • Less insurance premium

Find the best option for dashcams that comes with the best services and affordability is a difficult task. Zetronix is an online store offering the best dash cams? The best thing is it is easily affordable. It is offering a wide range of dash cams. Its best feature is its customer care. It is offering a 1-year warranty with a money-back guarantee and a 1-month free trial of its products.

Dashcam with night vision:

Dash cams are serving this purpose of safety in the best possible way. The use of dashcams is becoming the need of this hour, especially for the drivers who usually drive at night. Dash cam with night vision is the best suitable option for such drivers. It helps record the journey, and in case of any mishap, you will have the recording to re-watch it and make your situation accordingly. Zetronix is offering the best quality night vision dashcam at a budget-friendly price.

Dual camera dashcam

Another best type of dashcam is dual camera dashcam. It is the best option for vloggers especially. You can record views from around the surroundings and record who you are enjoying in the car and your fellows. A group of friends planned a trip together to some amazing place, can get benefit from this dual camera dashcam. It will help to record all the fun they are doing. It will be saved as a memory forever.

Truck dashcam:

Talking about the places up in the mountains, likes northern areas of Pakistan. World's deadliest roads are there. Khunjerab passes the major trade port between China and Pakistan and an essential gateway for South Asia and Europe. Roads to get there are through the mountains and are in miserable condition. Truck drivers there need particular expertise to drive. Using truck dashcam can help truck drivers pass the deadliest mountainous roads.

In recent years, hidden cameras have gained popularity among citizens for private use, as this technology has become more affordable. Certain types of small hidden cameras are referred to as nanny cam that childcare providers can use. These cameras have many other benefits, including identifying burglars and uncovering partner's infidelity.

Dash cams are helpful for sports. Like, they are used behind the stumps in cricket, on hats of empires. On roadside bicycle race. It can be attached to the caps of players. Sports cam are specially designed for such purpose.

Camera glasses are one of the unique and valuable products. It can be used for miners while working in mines. A camera pen is a similar type of product. It is used to record information that is kept hidden secretly.

The main point that comes right after when we think to adopt the safety measures is affordability. Zetnonix is providing some best quality dashcams at a suitable price.

Zetronix is working on three core objectives:

  • Quality:

Zetronix is dealing in dash cam and related products worldwide for over a decade. Assures you to provide the best quality with unique design and functionalities. It offers you the best possible attributes in terms of usability and durability.

  • Support:

Zetronix Provides the best customer care services. It enables them to provide the best designed and quality assured product to its final user.

  • Guarantee:

Provides you the guarantee that their buyer is buying the best possible available products around the globe.

 The company assures you:

  • Lifetime phone, life, and email support
  • Full-year warranty on all products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast delivery options
  • Registered and certified products
  • US brand over ten years in business

Having a dashcam installed in your car will make sure that you travel safely. It is best to have a dashcam installed in your vehicle to avoid any mishap. The best option to avail is choosing zetronix products.

Jun 18, 2021 5:56:35 AM By Junaid Q Comments Dash-Cam News,

A webcam is a video camera attached to a PC and commonly known as a digital video method. Its chief purpose is to allowing and transmits images to be perceived by the internet worker. It is also widely used with direct communications facilities and for recording pictures. For this purpose, you can use a pretty low-cost webcam and install free open source security control software on your computer. If there is an emergency and then it is also possible that you can use your computer webcam as a security cam and surveillance, in this way you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a professional security camera/system for emergency.

Home Webcam turns into the security camera

Webcams are appropriate for advanced quality modules that agree to fine-tuning. These webcams are easy to communicate online to the other person visually. This versatile feature makes the webcam use for home-based and workplace use. Furthermost up-to-date laptops and modern computers currently come with combined and incorporated webcams produced into the demonstration. These latest models are more appropriate to use, and outdoor webcams do have various returns. Thus, if you have computers and laptops with a webcam, you don’t need to purchase any other gadget to use your laptops for safety purposes. In this way, it is pretty easier to have access to your computer webcam and using a CCTV security system when you are away from home.  There are specific ways to turn your webcam into a security camera.

How to build your computer as a surveillance system

It is effortless to build a surveillance structure to monitor and observer your living space through a USB webcam and built-in PC.  This article enlightens how to turn your computer webcam into a security camera and CCTV and uncover the recoding method. In this case, you have to install software that can record all the feed from the webcam. There are various excellent and accessible programs and applications; for innovative functions, you must focus on extra features from any software such as SightHound, iSpy, FTP-upload, Yawcam, and SecuritySpy. When you set up any software, it will provide a list of associated webcams that offer support to many different cameras. Then you have to find the particular area view from your webcam, and it will be used as a detecting motion. In this way, you have to select a still image or object, evade any entity that moves it, will create ambiguity, and shows much footage to sight.

Good software will offer replay solace, which displays recorded files on a timeline so that you can rapidly lookout recorded files when any movement is perceived and spotted. For this purpose, I select Yawcam because it gives the impression to provide pretty good features without any cost. Of course, before installing any software, you have to adjust the same setting on your laptop; it should turn on in power-saving mode.

  • You should need a USB extension cable to observe a zone without having your laptop noticeable.
  • You can upload your recorded files from the webcam by using a website FTP, and you can also email them to yourself.
  • You can also control your webcam from your mobile phone with the support of software such as EvoCam and EyeSpyFX.
  • Go to the battery sign at the right side of your display, go to the power saver icon, and turn on the sleep setting.

There are some steps to turn your computer's webcam into a security cam while installing any software. First of all, you will need a great webcam that supports USB. Next, you will need to install Yawcam software. When you get to Yawcam site, click the download button on the left sidebar and then click to Yawcam-install. The setup will now download; you need to install the software.

The next step is optional, but you are using more than one webcam, then you go to manycam site and download this free software. If you don't want to use another webcam, skip this optional feature and stick to the first one.

Next, find your Yawcam icon, then tap on the setting tab that appears on your screen. Next, go to the device and select the united camera and a picture from your files. Then turn on "HTTP" and "Stream." Then select a file from your window tab and choose motion footage of webcam pictures. Next, you can see the position of your webcam of the zone you want to command. Finally, they found to access the webcam security software to see the recorded pictures and videos.

Next, you can go to the Action and get on the setting tab to save recordings and file a location to save the recording and images and press OK. Then go and checked the box after saving pictures and shut the window. From this Yawcam software, you can choose afterward motion. Next, if you want to connect your Android phone with a security webcam, then go to setting, open the URL given in HTTP. Then go to the page designer and change the heading according to your choice. Now go over to your phone, open the page, give your user name and password, and log in. 

Benefits of Webcam

The foremost benefit of the webcam is its flexibility, mobility, and transfer of video material online.  So webcam records live videos just like CCTV cameras, it also a motion indicator, uploading videotapes from FTP and transfer emails alert.  Even if a person is not at home, he can distantly contact the webcam security camera to stay up-to-date about his/her home, loved ones, and office. The drawbacks of the webcam are its low-quality images and mandatory accessibility of the internet.

               Now a day's most laptops' webcams are autofocus which is appropriate and easy to use. These autofocus webcams do not have to modify the keenness manually, and their camera spontaneously corrects the sharpness of the picture quality. Further innovative cameras or stylish models have a face detecting task. This feature already permits you to pay attention to the user's face in the camera's direction. Moreover, it makes selecting the camera simpler and marking audiovisual conferencing as peaceful, calm, and appropriate as possible.

Jun 16, 2021 3:26:00 AM By Junaid Q security camera, Comments Zetronix Products,


In recent years, hidden cameras have gained popularity among private citizens as their technology has become more affordable.  Certain types of small hidden cameras are referred to as NANNY CAMS for their use in childcare providers. These cameras have many other benefits, including identifying burglars and uncovering partner's infidelity. One contributor to their growing popularity is that modern hidden cameras are accessible for the average person to install in a few tiny steps.

Part 1: Picking the perfect spot

 Place the camera so it has a direct line of sight to whatever it is monitoring. The most crucial part of installing a hidden camera is finding the right place to put it in. The first thing you should do is think about where the person or behavior you are monitoring is most likely to occur. Make sure that the place where the camera point has no direct obstructions in its way. For example: If you are worried about someone breaking into your home, place the camera above the door or window. If you suspect your partner cheating on you, then possibly place the camera facing your bed or towards your partner's passenger seat.

Part 2: Consider sound quality

Suppose you are also trying to hear crisp, clear sound. It would help if you placed your camera in a conducive to the audio recording. Make sure it as close as possible where you think the speaker will be. The camera should not be near something noisy such as television or radio, which may drown the speaker's voice and make it difficult to understand. For example, if you install a hidden camera in the television room, place it on the opposite side of the room. Place the camera near the chair couch your target is more likely to sit in. Always keep the camera away from the window.

Part 3:  Put the camera near its external power supply if necessary.

Many modern cameras are battery operated; some rely on external power sources, while some need to be plugged into the available wall socket. If your camera draws power in this way, put it near to the electric socket.

 Part 4: Plugs and wires

Plugs and wires need to be either hidden or disguised as some mundane household appliance.

PART 5: Connect your camera to a network if applicable.

Some hidden cameras have internal storage, while others broadcast video through some network connection. If your camera connects through some Ethernet or USB cable, it must be well disguised and in an inconspicuous place. Keep such cameras close to the computer or router it links to. Most common nanny cams models connect wirelessly. If you buy such a camera, make sure it is within range of wireless network.

Part6: Check to see if the eye is naturally drawn to the spot.

 Specific layouts will attract more attention than others will. Avoid all those spots where your target is more likely to look often. Keep the camera significantly above or below eye level.  Ask someone to look for a camera you have installed in the room. If he or she cannot spot it, then the targeted person is less likely to look at it. If he or she quickly finds a camera, change the spot and try again.

Part 7: Shield your camera from the elements.

 Ensure that outdoor cameras are weather-resistant and placed so that damage is less likely to occur in the first place. Keep the camera sheltered within a sunroom or screened patio.

Part 8: Check the lighting.

 Many hidden cameras need bright light for their best working. At the same time, they are unable to record their image when bright light is directly shone into their lenses. Position your cameras facing away from significant light sources. Make sure that the thing you are trying to film is well lit.

 Part 9: Follow any installation instructions for your hidden camera.

Here are hundreds of commercially hidden cameras available. Do not forget to install the software. Some programmers are even meant to be installed on your phone for you to keep watching on the go. 

Maintain your camera and check from time to time that whether it is working correctly or not.


Jun 4, 2021 2:53:14 AM By Junaid Q Install Hidden Cameras, Comments Hidden Nanny Cam ,

 The only field of photography that the partaker particularly photographs is adventure photography, but it also includes capturing events or subjects by being an observer. Adventure photography is all about telling adventure episodes to your viewers. It has to have the best photography techniques and gadgets to capture extraordinary events for breathtaking photography. It could be equipment or clothing items. To take such great and antic photographs, always conclude the ecological danger around you and your photography equipment. Safety is essential as there is no adventure if there is no life.

To take extraordinary pictures, you will need more than the standard photography equipment. To elucidate your adventures, you will need the following gadgets for this purpose;


High definition sports camera

 For capturing adventure, you will need a camera. For beginner photographers, DSLR and mirrorless systems are usually easy options. But if you are a professional adventure capturer, then Adventure HD action cameras are for you. The megapixels packed into the display of your view are called the High definition. So higher the megapixel filled to display, the higher would be the picture quality. For best-capturing sports cameras, there should be some specifications like remote controller, High burst option to encapsulate the event, capture speedy moments Al-servo mode is required,  high battery life, waterproof equipment for complete underwater capture, HD, increased storage, best photo, and video resolutions.


 For faster shooting and focusing modes, you can always upgrade your camera. Specific lenses for cameras are needed to capture different sports and subjects. For example, a zoom lens will be needed if the subject of a photo or video is at a distance. This particular lens will give you flexibility and you will be able to capture the subject even if it moves further away from you. You will be able to focus on the subject with more flexibility. There are many more lens types like the fisheye, which is a vast range, the wide range used for landscapes and architecture captures, tilt-shift used for architecture and fine arts, short telephoto usually used for portraits, macro, etc. Every lens has its primary uses and focal length.

Sport camera glasses 

As the name suggests, the glasses that the photographer wears are sports camera glasses. The wearer can capture the view similar to his prospect. For action, they are ideal. Can record high definition with the best resolution. They require some specifications to capture extraordinary pictures like, they should be waterproof, they should be handsfree, high definition, good battery life.

Important adventure photography equipment

To capture the best adventure photographs, you need more than the standard photography equipment: a basic lens, stabilizer, and camera. If you capture high-definition burst shots, you will require a lot of storage space. You will not want to lose a great shot of the subject due to your camera memory issue. You will require a flash card reader for this purpose for both capturing and downloading images to your laptop. A camera bag and camera strap are also essential to hold more equipment safely and are also health recommended for your back as carrying heavy equipment can cause health issues. LCD loops protect your eyes from capturing the sun.


The correct settings 

Besides the equipment for the photography, the right camera setting also plays its part in getting hold of extraordinary photos. The proper environment of the camera according to the subject to be captured plays an important role. Usually, for fast action shots, the highest speed continuous shooting drive mode is required, while the ISO 400+  and the fast shutter speed will be used for the freeze action. To focus on the shutter speed, you might choose the Shutter Priority mode denoted by "S" on the camera.

Adventure photography can be tricky. It is not an easy job to master this field of photography. It takes a while to master it. Some are the points that can help you with this challenging journey.

Knowing the sports is the key. It will help you take the shots of the best moments.

You have to move around, sit in one place, and take images from every possible angle and view. Know the environment you will be working in and know the settings and equipment that will best capture the scene or the subject. For example, is the place or the environment has no light, high-ISO can be of great help.

Jun 4, 2021 1:10:38 AM By Junaid Q Sports Camera, , Comments Body Cams,

When it comes to safety, people are always ready to pay any cost to ensure security in the home, offices, or any other place. But today, we have been introduced to the wireless security camera that makes sure your home and kids are safe when you are out or sleeping. These Easy Wireless cameras setups your security even at a low-cost cost, gives you complete protection by keeping an eye on your home when you are away.

Wireless cameras work through mobile signals or wifi signals to monitor your home using video surveillance, and now it's easier to pick your smartphone. As it is the easiest way to secure your home, we would like to discuss some benefits of using a wireless security camera.

Benefits of Using wireless Camera:

A wireless security camera system can be an effective and most convenient way to protect your home. There are many benefits of using wireless security camera:

  1. Easy Convenience: wireless cameras are easily accessible. If you situate the receiver 700 miles from the primary Camera, you can still pick it up with total distance, depending on the camera type. The signals can go through solid objects, like wood, glass, and plastic. For example, if you have placed wifi hidden camera anywhere in your home, it will easily access the signals without any obstacle.
  2. No Wires: Wired cameras have many problems. If you are about to place them in your home, you will first need pair of wire cutters, drill holes, and get some mounting kit to set the wired Camera. The wireless Camera is so easy to put in your home. It requires little time, and you can place it wherever you want.
  3. Secured Footage: wireless security camera system uses high digital data techniques to secure your video feed and protect you from common and cybercrimes.
  4. Flexibility: with wireless cameras, the flexibility has increased, as having no wire has helped you to place the Camera where ever you want, more to it, you don't need to worry about connecting it to any exit. You can move the Camera anywhere without trouble with wires. It has also helped to hide the Camera for security measures.
  5. Less cost: wireless cameras technically cost you less as compared to the wired cameras. It doesn't require spending money on the installation of wires, making a proper setup. That's why people demand wireless cameras more. Business owners mostly prefer wireless cameras to avoid the cost of installing wires and spending extra money.

 After knowing the benefits of a wireless camera, it is acceptable that a security camera helps you to keep your family, kids, pets, and all of your property safe. The important part is how you would choose a good quality camera to protect your property.

There are ten smart tips to buy and make the best of easy wireless security Camera for you:

1.     Choose between indoor or outdoor:

While buying a wireless camera, one must consider the features of the Camera first. The advanced cameras are mainly designed for both indoor and outdoor. However, it is still essential to check the elements, for example, in icy and hot environments, to make sure they can operate in these extreme weather.

In industries like transport, the Camera must be powerful enough to have the ability to operate in heavy vibration and harsh weather.

Inside temperature and environment conditions also matter. If you are about to place the Camera in the kitchen, protect the Camera from grease. So check the Camera's ability while purchasing.

2.     Check the Image clarity and the details:


Clarity of the picture is most important. While purchasing a security camera, you first need to check how the Camera gives the image, what size and area it covers. Sometimes, wide retail spaces require high-quality cameras, but zooming doesn't provide a clear picture. That's why small areas such as office cabinets and reception need low-resolution cameras. You can access each site one by one. Instead of purchasing high-resolution cameras that don't give a clear picture, use your money wisely and effectively.

3.     Lightning Conditions:

The most thing is to test which camera model will suit your place's light conditions because the sunlight effects are different inside and outside the hose throughout the day and the season. Technology has advanced so much. Now we have varieties of wireless camera models that can take a Camera of any lighting condition, so you can make sure you know about your place's lightning while buying wireless security.

4.     Two-way Audio Recording:

Advancement of wireless security cameras, now you can also hear what is going on in your home while you are out. It can be a one-way audio recording camera. You can communicate with your children through that wireless security camera, and this will be a two-way audio recording camera. You can choose between these two. You can decide which one will be more suitable for you.

  1. User-Friendly App:
    Most wireless security cameras are connected to iOS or Android. Still, while choosing a camera, you need to check first which app will work with the version you have and contain the apps' features, like setting, viewing Footage, etc. Simple to use app will help full to see the recordings and the Camera of your security camera.

6.     Check the covering area:

Covering a vast area requires the best surveillance system and network you need. Try to choose a quality camera that can cover more space for the Camera. PTZ cameras work best for covering a wide area and zooming in clear picture quality. In comparison to these, small areas require a static Camera. There are also the different network that helps to monitor depending upon the area size.

7.     Parts of home you want to protect:

Before buying a wireless camera, consider which part of the home you want to be protected. There are several wireless security cameras. For example, if you're going to have an eye on the babysitter while you are not at home Wifi nanny cam can be the best for you. All you need to do is connect it with the wifi and place it near your baby.  Or, if you want for any other purposes, think wisely and purchase the right one.

8.     Think about your privacy:

Always make sure to buy a wireless security camera from trustworthy companies because they transmit over the internet and view people. Buy the cameras from verified companies that advertise their cameras' security. Check on the features like it does turn off while you are at home and turns on when you go outside. It would be best if you preferred to buy that wireless Camera that has the authentication of sending you an email or notification of your password to securing you from the risk of hacking.

9.     Select a suitable VMS solution:

Selecting a video management system is the most crucial part. It requires some planning, how you want your surveillance system to be, and managing it. Many people have different sites through with they control their VMS, whether they are at any locations. Make it easy for you to access your VMS from any location. It also ensures security because you are not at your home, but you monitor the surveillance system wherever outside you are. It not only will help you in residence securing but also in different business and other aspects.

  1. Remote Controlling Access:
    As we have advanced features of wireless security cameras, this is one of them. It can be an essential feature of viewing the Footage of your place. You don't have to access your computer to manage the system if you are out for some time or for a long time. Remote accessibility will make you control and keep a check on your property's Footage wherever you go. The remote control is of different kinds like email or notification alert, mobile access, or web access. It will make it convenient to check on your house or office's safety, so before buying a security camera, consider this feature in your Camera to make things easy for yourself.

Wrapping Up!

The new technologies have made life easy in every aspect. These wireless security cameras have released the tension of securing and safety. In early times, People get scared of going on holidays and leaving their property or home alone. Today, you can go anywhere you want. You can always have an eye on your home and your loved ones by having a tiny device in your hand that performs vast functions. But there are many things to keep in mind while you purchase such technologies, a little knowledge and some tips can be handy for you when you buy it and take it to your home.

We hope that the tips discussed in this article will be understandable and helpful to you to make you and your loved ones safe and secure.





Apr 27, 2021 7:58:06 AM By Junaid Q Wireless Security Cam, Security Cam, 0 Comments WiFi Cameras ,

No doubt in today's life robberies, mobile snatching, and likewise other severe crimes are boosting the environment. In the developed countries many actions have been made to prevent themselves from these life-threatening problems. Trespassing is also a rising issue among all of us.

For sure we all see our homes to be safe places. We cannot consider any other place safer than our own home because it is a place where we use to spend most of our hours. So we cannot doubt loving our homes. We all have been living in it since we were born. Automatically loving this place is a sacred truth. Our parents and even most of us have struggled hard for purchasing these homes so the security of our homes is also obvious.

Sometimes it seems to be impossible for us to look after our home all the time and if you are a single person it becomes nothing but a challenge for you to protect your home. Before leaving your home you have to ensure that your home is safe and no one is trespassing.

Preventing you from these life and trespassing hazards we are going to discuss how you can abstain people from trespassing on your property including some video surveillance signs that will facilitate you in this regard.

Mini surveillance cameras

If you need full proof and tight security for your home so imposing a camera outside or even inside your home is a perfect idea. These surveillance cameras can be installed in front of your entrance gate, lawns, or every other place from where you can keep an eye every time. It is also fruitful in this way that you can see all the footage and recording of the camera even if you are in a place far away from your home. These types of cameras are perfect for home and office surveillance. We have a list of cameras present in the market which can be installed for security purposes.

Spy Cameras

Spy cameras are among the best and favorable range of hidden cameras. We can name spy cameras as mini surveillance cameras. It is very easy to fit these types of cameras. It is a type of wireless camera that is used for security purposes especially to keep an eye on a person secretly. These small-sized cameras can easily be fitted in some


hush-hush places where no one can detect them. It works in total silence without making any type of noise so it is almost impossible to detect this type of camera. It is so adjustable that you can keep it secretly in a vase, under a table, inside a cap of a pen, between your books shelf, and in many other secret places. It will facilitate you completely and make you relaxed for the safety of your home.

The recording through your hidden camera can be used later for court purposes like in the form of evidence that can prove anyone's innocence. Many of the hidden cameras have the ability of wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also connect your small camera with your device to check the ongoing or previous records.

Extend your relations

Extending your relations with your neighbors and other people who you think can help you out in emergencies is also the best way to deal with these types of situations. As many people will know you automatically your helping criteria will also be broadened. On a holiday or getting in or out of your place if you see your neighbor try to greet them well. When everything becomes on a normal track. Talk to them about some security plans and let them know that you care for their property boundaries and security. Tell them that you also predict the same from them. This will enhance your relations with your neighbors and it is possible in leisure time that they will keep an eye on your property too. In your absence, if they feel something abnormal regarding your place so as their moral duty they will inform you, and then you could easily overcome that situation.

Making a boundary line around your place

A helpful way to keep people away from your property is by making a boundary around your place. It is a common trend to make a borderline by planting small plants and little bushes. Which not only makes your place more beautiful and attractive but also differentiates it from other properties. It also has the advantage that your place will be protected from the eyes of strangers. It becomes unable for them to look into your place. Also, the small plants and shrubs give your place a fresh look. You can also take help from the logs of fallen trees. If you think that these logs will disturb your lawn's beauty so you can paint or make other designs on it which can assist the logs to look beautiful and can stop anyone from entering your place. In the morning you can visit this delightful little garden and inhale some fresh air inside you which can make your soul fresh and you can have a fabulous day full of happiness.

Setting up private property and no trespassing signs

This is not a thing we can say differently but no doubt it must be more helpful for you to prevent your place from the trespassing of people. If there are no signs like no trespassing or private property so people may enter into your property in your absence and can misuse your things. If you have placed such signs and then anyone has forcefully entered your place so it will be a police case. You can report to police that someone has entered your place without your permission which is illegal and unlawful. Then that person should be punished legally by the police. Imposing these signs may be more effective and it may avoid trespassing at your place.

Getting a Dog for security


For security purposes, you can have a dog who will look after your place in your absence. Dogs who are kept for security purposes are too drastic. They don't let anyone look at your place. If someone tries forcefully to enter inside your place the dog will deal with that person very harshly. The dog has the skill to play on its own and will prevent your place in any case. Dogs are well-known for their faithful and devoted nature. So why not you get a dog and test his faithfulness and loyalty. This will also save the money that you are giving to your security guard to secure your place. The dog will fulfill all your requirements without any cast and happily without any argument.

Install a fence

Installing a chain-link fence clears the boundaries of your property and protects your place from strangers. It does not allow any other person to wander in your area without your permission. If someone attempts to cut, try to come inside by climbing or by any other way. That person must be handed over to the police for the attempt to enter anyone's place without permission and must be punished harshly.

Motion-activated sprinkler

The purpose of a motion-activated sprinkler is not to water your plants or have a fresh look at your lawn. It is designed in this way to prevent your place from unwanted visitors, naughty kids of neighbors(who often come and destroy your beautiful lawn), and trespassers. Set this sprinkler at a perfect angle and then place a sign of warning to get away from it. It will be a simple step to get rid of trespassers.

When anyone will step on this little sprinkler a beam of water droplets will come out of it suddenly which can easily scare anyone and devastate that person's decent look. Maybe adults will not be scared of this gadget but as adults are very conscious of their looks so they must not desire to disturb their dashing look. In this way, they will try to get away from your place rather than getting wet and dirty with this motion-activated sprinkler.

As the use of spy and surveillance cameras is common. People are worried about the use of camera warning signs. Don't worry if you are going to place a security camera inside or outside of your place. You don't need to put up a sign. You can freely use a camera for security purposes but in private places like the washrooms and bedrooms, the use of these cameras must be abolished. In this way, it can disturb the privacy of others. If you see someone ambiguous so don't panic and don't hesitate to ask for help. Taking help from a known person is not obvious. In an emergency, you can take help from any stranger.

 In your busy life schedule, you cannot be present at your place all the time. You have to go to the office and also have to fulfill other necessities of life which cannot be done by sitting at home. And if it looks weird and unusual to you, having a security guard for your little home. The above-discussed points may prove beneficial for you and may protect you from the trespassing of people at your place.

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Humans have generally poor night vision at night, unlike animals. The problem has been amazingly solved by the advent of night vision technology. As the name suggests, this technology enables you to explore the world in the dark with the help of thermal imaging and image enhancement. Currently, this technology is being used in many security cameras, sport camera glasses, and body cam glasses where each of them facilitates your vision in the nighttime.

However, buying night vision goggles isn’t as simple as buying any other optic. If you want to buy them, you need to carry out extensive research about them. This is because there are several different types of night vision goggles where each of them is suiting a different purpose and provides a different experience. This also causes a massive difference in their prices. $10,000. You must be able to figure out the goggles that fall under your budget and serve your purposes right.


Following are five of the important things you need to look out for to determine the right pair of goggles.



Night vision goggles are categorized into three different generations, GEN 1, GEN 2, and GEN 3. You need to be acquainted with this term to determine the most appropriate pair of goggles for you based on their functionality and features. The GEN 1 goggles have a limited range and a lower resolution. GEN 2 goggles on the other hand offer a greater battery life, a better range, and light amplification. Lastly, GEN 3 goggles are the most advanced. They have a large viewing range and are even used by military forces of various countries. This certainly speaks for their effectiveness.


The price of these goggles plays a very important role. The more advanced, the more costly it gets. Some night vision goggles even cost up to $10,000. You must know the type of activity you want to perform with these goggles to figure out the amount of money you will have to spend.

For up to $500, you can get a simplified and casual pair of goggles with limited functionality. For up to $1000, you can get much advanced night vision goggles that can help you carry out activities like hunting and shooting easily in the dark. On the other hand, to perform tactical activities, you will have to spend more than $1000.

Based on your need, you can easily estimate the budget.


The weight of the goggles is yet another important feature to consider. If you are in the wildlife department and have to wear these goggles for prolonged hours, you need to give the weight of these goggles special consideration.

This is because if your goggles come with a helmet mound or are to be worn on the head, they can cause severe neck strains and pains if carried for long durations. In such cases, try to get goggles that do not weigh more than 20-25 pounds. However, if you want goggles for fun and won’t be carrying them for too long, the weight then doesn’t matter.


The gain of a night vision goggle is its ability to compensate and adjust for the different levels of light at the night. In areas where the light levels usually fluctuate, you need to have control of the gain to easily adjust to the varying light conditions. For that, you must get the goggles that provide you with this feature.

If your goggles will have a better gain, they will serve you with a more refined and detailed viewing experience without causing any major impedance.



The durability of night vision goggles is the most important thing to look for. Just for the sake of buying cheaper goggles, people often unintentionally or intentionally compromise on the quality and are left behind in their viewing experience. Some companies produce goggles with poor performances and sell them in the name of value for money.

You should be able to distinguish between the durable and non-durable ones. Get goggles that are created out of aluminum rather than plastics. Make sure that your goggles have glass lenses in order to ensure long-lasting use and a genuine value for money.


With the rapid advancement in technologies, night vision goggles are no longer an alien concept. They are being widely used and thus are available in a variety of types. Many companies around the globe are producing them but you cannot trust each of them.

Following are four of the finest night vision goggles available in the market with their prices, pros, cons, and features. You can compare them to your requirements and budget before buying the right ones for you.

 GThunder Night Vision Goggles

Also known as the Owl Night Vision Binoculars, these goggles are affordable and available for between $120 and $170. They are incredibly easy to use and allow you to have a clear vision of your prey even from a distance of around 1000 meters. They contain an IR illuminator, a TFT screen, and a 4x digital zoom that contribute to an excellent viewing experience.

They also have an integrated recording and an image capture function that allows you to record your view in HD and easily direct it to an SD card. They come with a neck strap, a sturdy carry case, and protective rubber elements that speak for their durability. However, you cannot carry them on your head.

 CooLife Hunting Binoculars

Available for around $130, these cost-effective night vision goggles provide you with an amazing viewing experience at night without causing a burden on your pockets. Their features include a reliable 3-Watt IR LED night vision system, a 2.31 inch TFT display, and an option to select certain intensities of light to adjust to the varying surroundings.

You can see up to 300 meters with these goggles where they also have an SD card that enables you to shoot and save your view. Although they do not provide a head strap, they have attachment points in them which can be used to attach straps you buy from the market.

Yukon Tracker 3x42 NVG

At a fairly reasonable price and a 10-hour long battery life, these goggles are great for quality night vision. Although they are GEN 1 goggles, they are not poorly functioning. They contain a high power resolution intensifier and a wonderful IR illuminator. Together these two features along with access to easy focusing greatly contribute to producing an effective night vision for you.

Furthermore, they also come with rubber comfort pads and secure lens caps to keep your goggles protected from any damage. They are used with a head mount. However, they are not shipped with a battery and you have to buy them separately.

 PRG Defense Apache NVG

These immensely lightweight goggles are the best for those who do not have to worry about the money since they are quite expensive. They are considered the best night vision goggles a civilian can buy as they are military-grade units often used by army officials.

The lens of these goggles has A or B class filer coatings and broader eyepieces with adjustable diopters allowing you to have control over them. They also contain image intensifier tubes and are compatible with AA batteries. They also don’t use IR radiation, unlike previously mentioned goggles. Instead, they use technology that sends signals. These signals bang against sensors for different light wavelengths to provide clarity in the image.

They are shipped with a lot of accessories that include the head mount, the battery, and the neck strap. You can hang it around or place it on your head based on your convenience.


In the end, to bust a very commonly prevalent myth, night vision goggles are certainly not illegal to use. In fact, night vision technology has come into existence to provide you with ease and enable you to enjoy the wonders of the night and so one must make the most use of it if possible. With the night vision goggles, security becomes more improved and a person can carry out their favorite activities like shooting, capturing wildlife, and hunting with incredible ease. Therefore, if you can afford one, you should definitely possess a pair of night-vision goggles.

You must be able to compare the prices, features, and effectiveness of the several night vision goggles available in the market. Based on them and your purpose of buying them, you can then make a better choice. Make sure to consider important elements like weight, gain, durability, and generation of these goggles as well apart from their cost.

In the end, with this detailed guide, we hope that we have provided enough information required in making the right decision. Get yours now and enjoy a view that you have never had before in life.




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When you connect a device with Bluetooth, you can access it from a short distance with ease. Bluetooth security cameras are there to control your security system from a short distance. People mostly use Bluetooth through their mobile phones, and the same goes for their security systems.

What are Bluetooth security cameras?

Bluetooth security cameras can communicate with your device through ISM. A Bluetooth security camera can share information with your device within the range of 10 to 100 meters. This technology gives you easy access to your security system. These security cameras provide you a wireless connection and save you from all the additional wiring and connections. Unlike other cameras, these security cameras don't need wires and cables to transmit data. Instead, you only need a stable Bluetooth connection.

How is Bluetooth technology useful in the current era?

Bluetooth technology has the the capacity of information tying and applications which permits the handset to impart its Internet association with an associated gadget, So, you can answer messages with a PC as Bluetooth innovation is extremely valuable in remote interchanges. FM radio, cell phones and TV all utilization the radio waves to send the data remotely, And while Bluetooth innovation likewise utilizes the radio waves, it communicates them over a more limited distance.

Restrictions for a Bluetooth Camera:

There are some restrictions when using a Bluetooth security camera. They are:

  1. The Bluetooth camera needs a stable connection to your device to share data. If the contact obstructs your device will not receive information.
  2. Any Bluetooth device needs a battery to perform tasks, and you have to keep in mind to change the battery.
  3. The Bluetooth camera has to be within a 10 to a 100-meter radius of the device. If the device is in clear sight, the range can increase gradually.

Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Bluetooth Cameras:


Most Bluetooth cameras can also access through an internet connection if you prefer and have mobile access feature. These cameras provide an additional way to transport data from your security system.  If a low-bandwidth condition occurs, these cameras are useful to transfer data with Bluetooth. These cameras are best for close distance security of your property.


The major problem with Bluetooth cameras is Bluetooth robbers that disrupt your Bluetooth connectionby hacking or using jammers.

Should you buy Bluetooth security cameras?

Bluetooth cameras are beneficial for people that want to monitor the security of their property. These people can store the information they receive from the camera in their mobiles.

Steps to Install A Bluetooth Security Camera:

After you buy a Bluetooth security camera, you have to some steps to install it. First of all, you need to attach your camera in clear sight so that it catches the signals clearly, and this will also increase the range of the Bluetooth. If there is a disruption between the camera and your device, the camera can't provide you precise information.  The best possible position for the Bluetooth security camera will be outdoors because if you install them indoors, there is a high chance for signal interruption.

Since Bluetooth cameras also have Wi-Fi access, you can install them indoors and install a router for the camera.

 To set up/ install a Bluetooth security camera, you need some equipment:

  1. A reliable Bluetooth camera:

You can use cameras available in all types of sizes and shapes. Make sure to choose a camera that is secure from burglars and other security issues.

  1. Wireless Access Point:

If you choose to use the internet access feature instead of Bluetooth, you should have a wireless access point. The access point should have a 2.4 GHz for a long-range connection with the cameras. Wi-fi routers can also be useful for this connection, but these routers are not reliable due to heat issues.

  1. A Reliable Battery:

Bluetooth security cameras are wireless. Hence they need a reliable battery to support them. A battery with a 1.5 V voltage is a reliable choice. You have to keep in mind to change the battery of the Bluetooth camera as soon as the old one expires.

How does it work?

 The Bluetooth camera records a video or captures a picture. Then it sends the data to your device through a radio band, or if you choose to use Wi-Fi, you need an access point for the camera. Both the radio band and access point should be 2.4 hertz.

 These servers will transmit data to your mobile or other devices with the Bluetooth feature.

The Bluetooth security cameras can catch the signals within 10 to 100 meters. The camera sends data to your device, and you can easily view it and save it for later. Bluetooth security cameras send videos and pictures to your device and you can access them without worrying about your device storage.


Bluetooth security cameras are the best for short-distance coverage of a property. These cameras use low-range radio bands that can be useful almost everywhere. These cameras are easy to set-up and provide a quick response. All you need to do is attach the camera to an open area, pair it with your device and have a 2.4-hertz radio band, and it is all set to go. As these cameras also come with Wi-Fi access technology, you can use an access point or a stable internet connection to control these cameras.

These security cameras are not the best choice to keep your property safe as there are some disadvantages to them, but you can choose a company with reliable cameras.

Bluetooth security cameras are reliable and beneficial for short-distance security of your property and personal monitoring.




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Security cameras have become a necessity and a great addition to any house, office, or surroundings. They are best for the surveillance purposes of the possessions and keep intruders away. They are best to record everything and in case of any situations such as accidents, thefts, meetings, etc. Not only this, even it’s a great way to monitor everything that takes place when you are not there in the situation. The live security feeds can also be accessed from laptops and cell phones that show real-time footage from the cameras. The security cameras record the footage and also have playback options that can be kept saved for months. Some systems have facial recognition even is beneficial for surveillance setups.

Fixing the security cameras at any place is not a difficult job. All you need to set up the cameras, power them up, and hook them to the DVR. These days, DIY security camera systems are available in the market that has made it even easier. But it is best to hire a professional to set up the system. The major problem while setting up the security camera system is not to fix it but to hide or disguise the camera wires. It ruins the aesthetic and poses a security threat as well. In case, the wires are visible, one can easily cut off while standing at a blind spot that results in disruptions in smooth flows of camera workings. So, it’s highly necessary to keep the camera wires hidden while installing a security camera.

In case you are willing to set up a security camera system yourself, we have a few workable ways for you to hide security camera wires:-

Way # 1:- Shade the wires to match the walls

This is one of the best and simple ways to keep the security camera wires safe on the outside. Clip the wires neatly in a way that they do not mingle or tangle with each other. Shade them with the same color as the background wall. This will be the best way to improve the security and to make it look good and safe from the intruder’s eye. Now, you can even have the flat cables for the cameras that can be flush along the wall and become invisible to the eye when shaded to match with the wall.

Way # 2:- Plastic tubing for the wires

This is one of the best but complicated methods. It involves all about plastic tubes through the wall. After doing it, pass the wire through it to the point you have fixed the security camera. Therefore, hiding wire would be the best option. A plastic tube can easily hide the cable and keep it protected from all sorts of external damages such as weather, intruders, and pets off course. The only problem that exists is, these wires are difficult to access at times when an emergency occurs. So, a professional is needed for managing the situation.

Way # 3:- Hide the Wires inside the False Ceiling

You can hide the cables through the false ceiling in the house and go fullyuntraceable.Analyze the gap on the top of the ceiling and insert the wires through it. Even for making the security systems more secure one can hide the security cameras inside the walls. You can also drill the holes in the wall and can install the cameras carefully. Make sure not to ruin the wall with extra drillings. You may have to consider installing the power outlet or the DVR on the outer side of the wall.

Way # 4:- Inter the Cables inside your Porch or Garden

Here we have another option of burying the cable that involves a lot of labor to make it possible. The best way of doing so is to get the cables buried during construction. By doing so there will be no mess afterward. By this means the cables can easily be buried and hidden for long.

Way # 5:-Build a Cable Run through the building

This is a process that requires professionals for doing so. A cable run needs to be built around the house or building using plastic pipes, covers, drilling holes inside the walls. One can also make mounts for the cameras and other associated systems as well. At the completion phase of structure, it’s far easy to set up the security system. In this setup, the wires are run through the cable run that ensures that they are endangered from external forces and are hidden as well.

Way # 6:- Get a Wireless Security Camera System

An easy way to get rid of wires is by buying a wireless security camera. Such wireless cameras either come with batteriesor with solar-based charger systems. You can easily mount the camera at any favorable spot you want to and can power them up easily. The wireless camera setups can easily be connected to the hub as well. No doubt, that wireless security cameras are expensive than wired ones. But over time they are being affordable to buy. Besides, it’s worth buying them because they save the hassle of running the wiring through the house to cover them.

Way # 7:- Pass cables through conduits

Passing the cables through conduits ensures the safety of rats and electrical hazards. It is one of the prone ways from the mice attacks even the professionals would be needed for doing so. It is a comprehensive process where you have to run cables through plastic pipes and covers. Initially, the setups seem difficult to do so, but once it’s started you go with the flow to finish the whole process.

Way # 8:- Hide the Wires inside Baseboards

Hiding the wires inside the baseboards is probably the tidiest way to conceal your wires. The baseboards run through the wall at the bottom. Most of the baseboards can be easily be removed. By removing them, one can run the cables through the gap in the wall and floor. After doing so, you can easily put the baseboard back, and voila!

Way# 9:- Buy wires of the same colors as the background

Try to find the wires of the same color as the background where you have planned to mount the security camera. Because sometimes it becomes difficult to paint the wires before using them. Camera wires come in various colors so it would be easy for you to match them with the wall background color.

Way# 10:- Mount the decorative pieces and hangings along the wire

For keeping the wires out of the sight of intruders. You can hide the wires by mounting various decorative hangings or pieces along the wires. This would show up the hangings instead of wires at first glimpse and will keep you safe from the show-up of a security camera.


By following the above ways one can be able to conceal their security setup wires with ease. It’s good to hire a professional to do the setup and is highly recommended as well.

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According to a research article, one in thirty-six homes are burglarized in a given year in the USA. So, when it comes to the safety and security of your homes, we know that you want no compromises to be made. The home security system has become very important these days, as it tends to protect your property from any type of break-ins as well as it keeps you linked and posted about your home through online mode. So today, we are going to look for some of the best self-monitored security systems and also help you in getting them installed.

What does the home security system refer to?

Home security is any kind of security system that is installed on your property to protect you from vandalism, burglaries, and alarming situations. To establish a home security system various devices and internetworking components are used. Following are the various components that are put together to complete a home security system

  1. Control Panel
  2. Sensors
  3. Wired Security Cameras
  4. Wireless Security Cameras
  5. A siren
  6. An alarm
  7. Signs/Stickers

 Basic Types of a Home Security System

The basic two types of home security system are as follow

  1. Self-Monitored Home Security System
  2. Professionally Monitored Home Security System

What is a Self Monitored Home Security System?

As the name suggests, the self-monitored home security system is directly associated or linked to the owner, which means that in case of any emergency or any dangerous situation the owner is the only person to get alarmed about it. While on the other hand, in emergencies the professionally monitored security system sends that alarming notice to their monitoring station so they can handle the situation.

A self-monitored home security system comprises a package that comes with basic security devices. It includes

  • Door Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Security Cameras
  • A Base Station.
  • Sirens

But the major factor that makes it different is that the self-monitored security system puts all the control in your hands.

How does a Self Monitor Home Security System Works?

Self-monitored systems are considered to be the most updated and efficient mode of security. The self-monitoring system works in a connection to a mobile application. There is a mobile application that comes with the security system and helps you control the security system. It lets you monitor all the activities just through your cell phone. The application can be installed on more than one mobile device.

Taking an example, if you have ever read about the hidden cameras, you must have come across a wifi nanny cam. And you would know that these cameras are also connected to mobile phones or computers to access the camera location. So, it indicates that a wifi nanny cam is also a form of a self-monitored home security camera.

Why should you Consider Buying a Self Monitored Home Security System?

Now, when we have to get into the reasoning to buy a self-monitored security system, then we want you to know that this system will save you from a lot of hassle from the beginning because firstly it is very easy to install. And, in case, you shift your house you can take it with you anywhere without calling any help. They are also considered to be a good fit for your apartment and the reason is that they won’t take much of your space.

A self-monitored security system comes with the choice in your hand. Also, they are easy to upgrade or change if you change your mind. A self-monitored security system let you make your own choice, it also saves you from any month to month payment.

 How to choose the best self-monitored home security system?

Firstly, you should know about the policy, the advantages and all the aspects of the security system you want to buy. The key factor that you should keep in your mind when buying a security system, is that it should be designed to achieve perfect usability. Usability makes the whole process a lot easier for you to use. Keeping usability in mind, the system should have automatic alarm controls and the buttons should be clear in their function.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Self Monitored Home Security System

Now, before signing the home security system contract, the following are the basic points you need to consider.

  1. Know about Power Outrages

You need to have information about the operation of the system depending on the power outrages. Make sure the security system has a camera battery backup, so even when the power is out and you are far away from your home, you will still be able to monitor it.

  1. Size of the Security System

Select the security system according to the size you want. The size should be according to your convenience and space. If you have a small apartment, then a small system would be great but if you have a big house you might want to go for other options because the size of the cameras does matter.

  1. Reading the Contract

Read the contract carefully and understand what additional expenses the company is covering or leaving out. You should also know about all the upfront charges and installation fees. And don’t forget to ask about any cancellation policy. Also, reading the contract in the fine print form is very important.

What are some of the Best Home Security Systems?

Now, this is the most significant part of the whole process. In this section, you will know which self-monitored securing system will work out the best for you.

Starting, you can buy any sort of self-monitored security camera from “Zetronix”, their spy cams, wifi nanny cam; hidden cams all ensure durability and long term reliability.

  1. Abode Home Security

Abode Home Security is one of the topmost self-monitored security systems. It comes with many benefits, such as


  • Zero charges for self-monitoring
  • Compatible with other security devices
  • Help the customer to build their system
  • Doesn’t require a long term contract
  • Provide you with multiple sensors


  • Limited Video Camera Options
  • Requires Internet All the Time


  1. SimpliSafe Security Cameras

Simplisafe is one of the latest home security options. It is cheap as well as very reliable with many home automation options.


  • Comes with Easy Installation
  • No Contract Required
  • Affordability
  • The camera is Height and Tilt Adjustable
  • Comes with Quality Motion Sensors


  • Lacks the ability to zoom
  • No backup
  1. Scout Home security System

Scout home security system is one of the best DIY home security with many advanced integration options.


  • Self or DIY Installation
  • System Customization
  • Low Maintenance Hardware
  • Cheap Hardware Pricing
  • No long-term Contracts


  • No 4 G cellular backup
  • Lack of advanced security features

What are the Ultimate Benefits of Self-Monitored Home Security System?

Till now, you would have gotten an idea about the many advantages of a Self-Monitored Security System, but to be clearer we have listed out a few more benefits below

Easy Configuration

Self monitored home security system show flexibility in its configuration, as we know that it won’t charge any additional amount to you. You can also upgrade the self monitored security system, easily without getting involved in any long phone calls with the customer care. Lastly, you can easily cancel your security system too.

Flexible Mobility

Portability is a very important factor when we talk about self-monitored home security system. You can easily move your home security system from one place to another and the reason is that they are installed by you, and there’s also no monitoring center working behind it. The main reason behind the portability of self-monitored security system is that its size is smaller than other types of security system.

Video Recording

This is one of the many benefits that can’t be ignored. Self-monitored home security system doesn’t only show you the live recording, but it also saves those recording in its memory for the future use. In case, you would need an evidence to show to police then the self-,monitored security cameras can help you.

No Laws or Contract

There are no laws, no contracts and no middleman when we talk about buying a self-monitored security system. So, when there is no middleman in between, you can access all the situations yourself and then take an action. Many a times, we have seen that long term contracts make it hectic for the client to continue the services, but self-monitored security system makes it easy for the client to understand and access the service.


The best part about a self-monitored security system is that you have to pay no monthly fees. Also, they are the most affordable and cheap home security system. We have observed that professional monitoring of your security system makes you pay huge amount every now and then, but counting as another benefit of self-security system, it saves you from that expenditure.

With the advancement in technology, everyday there is a new invention that is launched mainstream, but seeing the growing popularity of self-monitored security system we are sure that it is in the market for a long run.  


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