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Being able to hack and modify tech gadgets is an essential skill. When installing a hidden camera, sometimes, certain circumstances may require you to solve problems using only the materials you have at hand. There are a few tricks and tips you can pull during the process of your camera set up. Thus, in relation to these, let’s experiment on some few DIY hacks you can implement in while trying to spy on someone or secure your property.

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Oct 12, 2019 5:32:15 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Spy Camera ,

Criminals are getting smarter every day, so is technology too, and these technologies keep advancing into Spy cameras. The Water bottle camera is an example.

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Oct 11, 2019 5:24:44 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Covert Cameras,

Scientists and engineers can spend years of their lives in painstaking trials and error experimentation to develop breakthrough technology and the military-industrial complex will immediately find a way to militarize it just a few hours after its invention. Interestingly, the military is not only the institution interested in the latest gadgets and inventions, but other private agencies and the government is also equally voracious in finding new ways to spy on the public.

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Oct 10, 2019 5:15:54 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Spy Camera ,

Corporate interest in surveillance over some time now is one of the factors that boost productivity in companies like Facebook, Amazon and twitter. Unfortunately the public is concerned about their safety, and at the same time could not disband from some of these social devices which serves as the channel through which their privacy is been breached often times. So, this leaves us with the question; how can we manage this phenomenon?

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Oct 9, 2019 5:06:20 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Surveillance ,

Today, we’ll be looking at how to access your Surveillance systems or CCTV digital recorder from outside your network. Basically, there are many reasons you’ll want a smart choice in managing your surveillance systems; you may go for holidays or a business trip and still want to access to your CCTV video recorder to show you the live streaming view of your hidden cameras or dash cam from your Android, iPhone, Mac or PC device.

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Oct 8, 2019 5:04:51 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Surveillance ,

As the world is changing, owing to digital transformation; we'll continue to see global emerging trends of a wide range of options in solving security challenges. The use of the smart USB charger as a tool for safeguarding your surroundings is an example of such trends, and today we'll be looking at a few tips on how you can benefit in using these smart device for your surveillance purposes.

The smart USB charger camera does look like any USB electronic charger device that has power adapter that can generate the required 5 volts DC – a standard for most Universal Serial Bus (USB), usually sold in the market with Smartphones. Just plug in the disguised charger camera to a power socket and it will start working.

Now, what makes this piece of gadget useful for your surveillance is that; the device is been modified to include certain electronic function such as motion sensors, a hidden spy camera lens and other features that is required for safeguarding or monitoring your room, offices and business environments; just about anywhere you place it, provided it is plugged into a wall socket. Another good thing about the USB adapter camera is its high storage capability, also it has the functional ability of loop recording, such that it overwrites the previous file you’ve stored in your hidden camera.

How To Use The USB Smart Charger Camera

The USB charger can be plugged at any given area, either outdoor or indoor to detect motion and record clips to a Micro SD card in-built into the camera. The device does not have any access to an external storage and hence requires you to retrieve the SD card anytime you want to view what you’ve recorded.

If you want to make use of this camera for security purpose, you have to conceal the area where the LED light flashes whenever it senses motion, cover the area with black tape or ink to avoid blowing your cover.



Using The USB Smart Charger As A Keylogger

Covertly, the USB charger camera can feature as a keylogger, having the capability to sniff on wireless keyboards. This device can turn out to be a great spy asset for a nosy boss or company owner. When these charger adapters are plugged into a socket close to computer systems, it decrypts and log all keystrokes entered into a computer, and then transmits all information to a folder in the SD card that is in-built to the camera. One big threat about this disguised spy camera is its passive appearance; no one will know you have a keylogger in them, let alone a memory card that stores discrete information.

The Use Of The Smart USB Charger For Securing Your Room

The use of these devices can be implemented for securing your house especially for keeping tabs on an infidel spouse. You can also secure your hotel room when you’re not around, since most hotels will require that you drop keys. In a scenario where a staff of an hotel is tempted to check if you have any valuable belongings, a USB charger should be stealth enough for covert recording, so that no one knows you’re recording any activity. In this scenario, it is very easy to mount by plugging it to a wall socket that faces adjacent where you placed your valuables, when anyone enters your hotel room, it will start recording due to motion detection sensed by the spy camera. One good thing about the stealth nature of the camera is that; whenever an intruder removes the charger from the wall to inspect it, it will stop to work immediately and saves your footage directly to the SD card in the camera. Once you’ve painted the LED light area to cover the blinking from motion detection, this camera is a sure way to record covertly

Already, we’ve known where the big market for these spy camera device will serve. The USB smart charger is definitely going to be useful for nosy employers, suspicious spouse, government spies and the likes.

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Sep 10, 2019 11:31:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Spy Camera ,

The US Navy has one of the most advanced technologies in the World today, and that includes spy tech and surveillance.Without doubt, if you know much about security and surveillance, you’ll know that the continuous use of spy equipment by the armed forces has brought a significant impact and rise in the use of spy cameras and surveillance globally.

It is assumed that so many people don’t know about some of these secret spying techniques orchestrated by the military for the purpose of the safety of human lives and property. Since it is important to be knowledgeable about these spy devices, let’s talk about them here.

The Cellular Interceptor

The military has in its arsenals; a new spy technology that locates people via their mobile phones. The device normally efficiently across a wide range of denser population, which means it is easier to come to the conclusion that these covert form of spy technology is created mainly for mass surveillance, since it rarely targets any individual in particular.

However, the military has recently backed the use of these technologies, informing the public that it is only used for monitoring criminal activities and identifying terrorist by tapping into conversations and SMS messages shared.

SOSUS – US Navy Secret Underwater Spy Technology

Let me tell you the truth, when foreign spies do set their eyes on America’s spy tech inventions, it is very rare to find them looking for secret bunkers buried under ground, these days; its either they are looking up into the sky or sailing on a voyage into the seas. Yes; the sea, that’s where you’ll find them the most. Notwithstanding, till date, the US is still dominant in undersea battle space.

For decades, the Russians think they are prowling under the surface of the oceans undetected, not aware that these underwater spy techs do follow their every move. The antisubmarine patrol the US is embarking on right now with the use of spy camera vices is so massive so that even if a nuclear war should happen, even the Soviets would not stand a chance in these Waters.

After successive use of the SOSUS (Sound Surveillance System) technology, the Americans have developed its underwater surveillance beyond Sonar systems which could only cover distances of few thousand yards. The SOSUS technology uses acoustic spy signals that could detect underwater ships and movements from a thousand mile, beating the high rate of water wave interference.

There are still a lot to these new spy technologies used by the military today, in fact, among all sectors of National Security, the military seems not to be tiresome about being keen on their espionage discovery and inventions.

Stingray –A Counter Attack Spy Weapon For The Military

The use of stingray as a spy equipment by armed forces is no longer a new thing but it’s still been used by various state military base around the world. Stingray has often proved its worth by serving as a prototype combat protection system, helping to guard against any enemy’s optical spy devices. What Stingray does is that; it detects and jams any enemy’sspy system before any damage is done from a proposed attack. If you ever had the chance to carefully look closely on the body of a military fighting vehicle, you may probably see it for yourself being mounted on those armored military vehicles. Don’t get it wrong, these are not missiles, not a machine gun, they just act as a piece of spy tech that helps counter multiple aerial and ground weapons.

The Military Nano Spy Drone

The infrared Motion sensored drones used by the military currently seem to be a cool gadget, provides it does not spy on the public. The Nano Spy drone is a typical kind of helicopter that’s smaller than most drones. It has a built-in spy camera for detecting the location and activity of the enemy commonly used by US armed forces. However, these drones are very expensive, but its significant benefit for the military makes it a common buy, why not, since it does save lives. Thanks to these drones, the military can now handle deadly missions without the need for sending a battalion of soldiers, air forces or spies to an actual distressed area.

No doubt, these drones can vastly increase the protection of citizens as well. In bomb investigation, military drones can effectively detectand defuse bombs, thereby helping armed officers in avoiding areas prone to hazards and packed with explosive devices. The drones can take pictures from its hidden camera lens, taking pictures of suspected images which are later screened by bomb analyst to ascertain if captured images from dangerous war zones are not explosive devices.

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Sep 4, 2019 11:27:31 AM By Naveed Malik 0 Comments Hidden Surveillance , Hidden Spy Camera ,

The use of Nanny Cams for maximum security and covert recording is vastly becoming popular in the world we live today. Earlier this year, there have been recent competitive battle in the market for nanny cams, while some companies are focusing on having various categories and type options available for their customers; others are focusing on connectivity, component structure, and aesthetics respectively. However, the use of nanny cams and its technological components is more important to countries that use them most, North America, Europe, China and Japan..

When it comes to nanny cams, there are recent reports and updates on its technological improvements, it is also important to appreciate the reception of new features and technologies around these cameras, some of them, which we will discuss and update ourselves on today. However, before we do that, have it in the back of your mind that  the leading players in the game presently include Combrov, Toughsty, SpyTec, Jumbl, YYcam, Titathink, GMI ad a few others to be mentioned later on.

Hence, let us give a little detail on just five developments.

Facial Recognition On Nanny Cameras

Facial recognition over the years is vastly becoming one of the prerequisite for any spy technological equipment, especially for security cameras and spy nanny cams. Most of the new nanny cams with facial recognition function are regularly placed inside and outside of homes to check the familiarity of faces coming into your home, not everyone likes having unfamiliar faces around their homes these days.

The Ooma Smart Nanny cam is an example ofspy technology possessing such qualities. The new version of the Ooma Smart security is now having a new sensor; also, the camera can call 911 for you when the case arises. If you take home security serious, then facial recognition nanny cam is a must-buy; having cloud storage, Wi-Fi enabled, and having a wonderful night vision capability as well. If you do not like the Ooma nanny cam, there are lot cameras out there that serve as a nanny cam facial recognition camera for you to choose.

Adaptable And Multifunctional Nanny Cameras

Nanny cams and hidden cameras these days are now versatile in operation, the performance and operational echelon of the new Zmodo Snap Pro nanny camera is one of the reasons why it is so. Other nanny cams do also have many features to an extent, but the Snap Pro is a wonder to behold, suiting all-purpose aimed for nanny cam functionality. It has a 360-degree viewing, streams over 10ADP video resolution and has a two-way intercom that works far better than the traditional kind of walkie-talkie nanny cams often seen. Its former version does not support battery powering, and tends to be more permeable by water, but the Zmodo Snap Pro has picked up from where its previous version left off; now offering powered batteries and a water resistant capability that makes it now suitable for both outdoor and indoor purpose.

Multi-Sensor Nanny Cameras

Won’t it be wonderful to have a camera in your home that informs you when there is any form of motion or movement in just about any area in your home? This new technology to nanny cams is so captivating, the new multi-sensor nanny cameras now available in the market can now sense any form of unauthorized window and door openings or closing, changes in temperature or water leaks, high voltage warning and etcetera. “In fondo”, if the Arlo Multi-sensor camera does provide all these features, which it already does, wont security issue become a piece of cake for the naïve? Another good news about this camera is its ability for it to synchronize with Smart Home kits, and it does have all the qualities often seen with most spy cameras.

The #1 Best Nanny Cam Till Date

Just in case you don’t know, the Panoraxy B100 V.3 Mini Wi-Fi nanny camera is the best nanny camera ever been created as far as technology is concerned in 2019. Having almost every feature you can ever think of, it does have about eight meters super night vision, it is compatible for both Android and Apple devices, has loop recording, clock alarm feature, instant push notifications. The lens on this camera is 100% invisible, making it one of the best for any kind of discrete recording. The Wi-Fi connectivity streams on 5G, it has a very friendly app and in fact… Itsendorsement in writing is worth keeping for another day eulogy.

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Sep 3, 2019 11:24:49 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Nanny-Cam News,

Very soon, everyone will soon need an outdoor camera for security and monitoring since a majority of people today is more concerned about the safety of their property and most importantly their lives. Therefore, it will be important for anyone interested in these outdoor hidden cameras to note what to consider before attempting buying a pair. For your quality assurance, here are some few considerations to look out.

Camera Selection

Before you begin with your setup, think about the type of outdoor camera you will need, and make sure it does satisfies the purpose for your installation. Take into consideration the ability of the camera to capture and pick up the number of license plates of any intruder around your home surroundings from a far distance or enough landscape. This simply means your camera should be able to zoom manually. The megapixel and lens size of your outdoor camera also plays another big role when dealing with camera selection, also be aware that the higher number of megapixels; the less you’ll have to zoom-in on any camera.

Camera Placements And Positioning

Most criminals or intruders will try at most to avoid facial recognition from your security camera, so placements do play an important role when installing an outdoor security camera. A strategic place to best place your camera for security is just before the entrance to your home, to be precise; that will be along your driveway porch. Mind you, this only works with a strong camera, in order words, you have to find a perfect camera and porch light to fit together so that it doesn’t look too suspicious but rather discrete for your perfect set up.

Cloud Storage

This is the best way to be safe while using an outdoor camera for security and monitoring purposes. Cloud storage is essential for your setup because if any intruder steals your outdoor camera, your footage is not physically stolen from the hard drive of your computer. Even if a thief steals your Camera, with cloud storage available, you’ll have every back up file stored on your camera. A perfect app would take less than a minute to pick up the footage and store up to the cloud with a check.

Amazon cloud should be a perfect choice for your cloud storage because it has unlimited storage capacity and does have one of the cheapest subscription fees. Just download O-Drive free and set the storage folder with the software to the new O-Drive folder and O-Drive will remain as the free version.

Connectivity With Smart Devices

You have to consider the connectivity rate of your outdoor camera with other smart devices like PCs and Macs. IP cameras are perfect for this, they are usually plugged directly into your computer’s network, and likewise, they are easy to manage. IP cameras do enables you to store up all your video on a cloud instead of a DVR or NVR that a thief can easily steal. Consequently, it is more sensible to opt for wireless cameras when dealing with connectivity, but be careful not to bug down your Wi-Fi connectivity.

Software Selection

Look out for software that works with most IP cameras, and can synchronize with other type of spy cameras like spy pen camera as well. Some software enables you to record with motion detection perfectly and allows you to set up your security cameras with ease. An ideal choice of software should have time stamping functionality available just in case you want to make use of your recorded video as evidence, usable in the court of law.

In addition, best software for outdoor hidden cameras should be the type that stores your file immediately up to cloud, such that if you’re anywhere around the world, you’ll be able to view your camera, provided there is availability of network connection. Finally, make sure you’re subscribing for a one time purchaseand also can synchronize with both desktop and mobile as well.

Make Sure To Verify Its An Outdoor Camera

If you don’t want to pack up and dump your camera after the first day it rains, then you must have to select an outdoor camera that is resistant to harsh weather conditions. Examples of roughed cameras for your outdoor surveillance include the Netatmo Outdoor security Camera, Zetronix Outdoor Camera and the Arlo Pro 2. These cameras do have the potentials of having an HD image quality, superb night vision, pan/tilt and zoom-out functionality, and they do connect to mobile devices as well.

So that is it, other things that may be considered important may include; the installation procedures and logging in to your router. This you can always get done by employing an expert in the field to help you get everything come together.

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Sep 2, 2019 11:23:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Surveillance ,

If you’re into the business of spying, you must have come to a situation where all you need to do to achieve your main goals of securing your whole premises to the optimal level is to boost the overall performance of your spy gadget. If that is your situation, and even if its not, you’re still in the right place because somedayyou’ll require these few tips stated here.

Select Cloud Or External Storage Over SD Cards

I f you want better performance on your spy camera, it is better to select the option for cloud storage especially if you’re making use of a high number of cameras. Although cloud storage can use up a lot of data on your network especially when uploading stored files to the cloud, but it helps boost overall performance in terms of camera response and safety in keeping recorded footage. Cameras with local storage using SD Cards can have issues with overwritten data files when the card is full, but with cloud storage, there is no need to worry about space, you will be able to capture every event, and as well keep every detail of those events.

Boosting The Performance Of Wi-Fi Cameras

There are few tips that can be helpful for boosting the performance and recording of your Wi-Fi hidden cameras when they appear to be too sluggish in general. To ensure your wireless camera works efficiently, first you may want to update your router firmware. There is an option for updating the administration interface of newly manufactured routers often seen these days compared to the old-fashioned method of visiting the manufacturer’s website for update. If your router can run DD-WRT, another thing you can do is to download an open source DD-WRT on your routers operating system – it helps improve and give access to advanced networking.

Secondly, you can upgrade to a Mesh based Wi-Fi system, which helps to bring connectivity to zones with less network outreach, and it can even act as a replacement for your router rather than just extending your Wi-Fi connectivity. The use of the regular Wi-Fi range extenders is also not a bad option, but it does only provide half bandwidth when compared to using main routers.

Replacing the antenna of your router or adding an external one to the one you already have can also help to boost the Wi-Fi signal of your wireless camera transmission. Note that if you want lightening speed performance for your Wi-Fi hidden camera, wireless routers is the best option.

Furthermore, if you’re using a Wi-Fi camera for security purpose, you’ll have to set-up a strong password to avoid anyone from piggybacking on your private network. Downloads apps that is used by fewer subscribers to avoid congestion in Wi-Fi accessibility and your hidden camera will perform well. Also, note that higher speed like 5 GHZ may give you faster speeds, but it may offer less interference for your wireless networked cameras. 5 GHZ does not effectively deal with Wi-Fi obstructions and interference, and as such, may not reach as far as how 2 GHZ signal may reach.

Lastly, consider the position you are placing the router for your networked cameras, because these can also affect wireless coverage in general.

How To Boost Night-Vision Of Your Security Cameras

Improving how your camera sees at night is a great thing for security cameras. No matter the situation, if you want to get good quality image for night-vision, then don’t install your hidden camera to see through window panes, glass doors and any other kind of reflective / transparent kind of surface, because the built-in IR LED in those reflective surfaces reflecting back to lens of your camera will cut short your success for clear image view. Another point is to make sure the glass housing of your security camera is constantly kept clean away from dirt, which can cover the camera illuminators.

In addition, you can make use IR-Cut filter Night-vision booster; it helps to thwart any form of infrared light reflections from reaching the image sensor of your camera. Now, note that some security cameras do have built-in IR, but make sure they are the ones you can turn off when the need arises because you’ll not be requiring them all the time. Finally, keep your cameras out of bright light if you want your night light sensors to function properly.

Consider The Use Of Battery Re-charged Cameras

There are many drawbacks in using a battery-powered camera for your surveillance, but if you’ll be requiring your cameras for just an hour or minutes recording daily, then there’s nothing to worry about. A battery powered camera may only serve you the purpose of motion detection and also important live clips could be missed whenever the camera shuts down due to battery failure without your notice. Another sure thing is that; you cannot compare the video quality of battery powered cameras with rechargeable cameras, battery powered cameras are often categorized with low quality video resolution.  The image quality often advertised by these marketing companies selling them can only be seen on paper.


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Sep 1, 2019 11:14:44 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Surveillance ,
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