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A security camera is a piece of hardware that captures photographs or records video, either indoors or outside, to keep an eye out for intruders or criminals. It aids in the monitoring of people's actions to discover and prevent crime. Many firms are developing security cameras, but the finest are those that meet the public's need to trust their goods. Zetronix (a Boston-based firm) provides excellent electronics services and inspires clients to put their confidence in them. Zetronix takes pleasure in delivering courteous and competent customer service worldwide.

    "Quality, Support, and Satisfaction Guarantee are the three core staples of the Zetronix."

The following features make the XS7 pro-security camera unique.

Solar-powered security camera

The XS7 Pro is a wireless solar-powered security camera that can be placed anywhere and requires only a weak Wi-Fi signal. The XS7 Pro is entirely self-sufficient and never has to be recharged. The highly supple XS7 Pro includes a camera and a solar panel with a built-in long-life battery that attaches to the camera's top to capture maximum power from the sun. It also consists of a camera and a solar panel with a built-in long-life battery that attaches to the camera's top to capture full power from the sun.

High-Range 90 feet I.R. Night Vision & Bright White LED

Unlike other exterior cameras, we don't need an electrician to wire electricity to remote sections of our house or workplace. Place the Colour XS7 Pro in the location you want to monitor. The camera's infrared LEDs range up to 90 feet, and it is a bright white LED floodlight that delivers a detailed and precise image. The Colour XS7 Pro is equipped with a powerful dual lighting system. The housing incorporates super long rand invisible IR LED and ultra-bright white LED to light up the sector. The IR LED gleams up to 90 feet and can be commanded with the ultra-bright LEDs on our app.

Rotatable Lens (360 Horizontally & 120º Vertically) 

The XS7 Pro is the first solar-powered camera with a revolving lens, allowing it to pan and rotate 360 degrees and 120 degrees horizontally. We may control the camera's movement from anywhere globally using our smartphone app. The Colour XS7 Pro outdoor surveillance camera's advanced optic Lens has a perfectly smooth 360-degree pan paired with a 180-degree slope. Allocating the camera in any direction is easily managed from the app, no matter where we are. Blind spots are practically eliminated with this robust feature that is strictly unique to the XS7 Pro model.

Audio and video with 1800 HD crystal clear colour:

 The XS7 Pro records bright and sharp 1080p H.D. videos (with audio), allowing you to recognise faces from afar and even in the dark. It also gives quick motion warnings and transmits video and audio to your smartphone. The XS7 Pro incorporates a heavy 1080p HD CMOS sensor set with a laser-etched 5-layer glass lens. This amalgamation produces the most precise and clear image both day and night, with no falsification or fisheye effect. Everything looks as it should. The surgically cut Lens acutely reduces sun flares during the day and mirroring at night, giving you more precise video than most professional CCTV systems.

Powerful 2 Way Mic/Speaker

We can listen to anything the camera captures on the app at any moment and even dissuade intruders by projecting our voice through the built-in strong 2-way speaker, thanks to its built-in speaker and mic. The 2-Way mic/speaker system permits you to listen to what's going on around your camera and talk back through a powerful speaker if you need to answer somebody waiting by your door (or to deter a possible intruder).

Up to 200 days of video storage 64 G.B.

This flexible camera can record and save hundreds of hours of video to a memory card or the cloud. It even features a facial recognition feature so we can receive warnings when an unexpected guest arrives. The Colour XS7 Pro outdoor surveillance camera accepts Micro SD cards with up to 64 G.B. of memory. A 64B Micro SD card will save almost 200 hours of video footage.

IP65 Waterproof Temp (- 4º to 140º) 

The waterproof XS7 Pro functions flawlessly in the rain, shine, snow, or ice thanks to a built-in Lithium-Ion and waterproof solar charger rechargeable batteries. No worry about the weather; you can rely on continuous surveillance without charging or connecting your camera.


Face Recognition Available

The XS7 Pro is an all-in-one surveillance system outside your house or workplace. It may be fixed on any surface at any angle, and it can provide fast notifications when someone approaches the front door. You can find out when your delivery was delivered and who stole it! Receive notifications when someone is spying on your yard. The surveillance options are limitless. The XS7 Pro will catch the activity, record it, and inform you regardless of the location, weather, or lighting conditions.

Apr 26, 2022 3:30:55 AM By Junaid Q 0 Comments Hidden Spy Camera ,

The documentation of your significant experience should not end at the water's edge. Whether navigating some hazardous rapids, Instagramming your beach-side antics, or even swimming with sharks, your camera should be up to the challenge. That is why a waterproof camera is required. Waterproof cameras are usually used for underwater photography and other photography near water, although they may be used for photography. Before buying, be sure the camera you're thinking about has enough zoom range to give enough diversity for your images.

Not all companies are trustworthy, but Zetronix (Electronics Company) had made themselves blindly trusted by customers for their satisfaction. They have launched the "Avon Waterproof Body Camera" for underwater live broadcasting, which has different features compared to others. Its unmatched qualities make it perfect for underwater live broadcasting. It's not easy to record video underwater with open eyes, so Zetronix has also launched its body camera glasses with a 720p HD video comprehensive 120o degree angle lens with an HD sensor. 

The following features help describe the perfection of the "Avon Waterproof Body Camera." 

Wi-Fi Live Broadcasting over Social Media

 The Zetronix Avon is a simple-to-use, sophisticated high-definition Wi-Fi waterproof small body camera that supports live streaming across social media sites such as YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook. The Avon tiny body camera includes built-in Wi-Fi, allowing us to broadcast live to the entire globe. Livestream rallies, sports, concerts, and demonstrations to share with the world or archive historic moments. The built-in Wi-Fi on the Avon allows you to start, stop, and pause recording directly from your phone and watch and post videos on any social media site.

 Magnetic Body

 The Avon is one of the world's tiniest unobtrusive body cameras, housed in a robust composite magnetic body and outfitted with several attachments for convenient hands-free recording. The magnetic rigid polymer body makes it simple to connect the camera to any metal surface without bothering to hold the camera or ensure you capture the proper photo. The Zetronix Avon, unlike other small cameras, is composed of high-grade polymers and can survive any form of use, from the mildest to the most intense. The Avon is a tiny camera with much potential, and it can be simply changed from a body camera to a concealed nanny cam.

 3+ HR Battery Life 

 Despite its small size, the Avon has a built-in extended-life battery that ends for 3+ hours in docket mode and 2+ hours when broadcasting live on social media.

 1080P HD Video Quality

With 1080p resolution, you can record faces and other details from greater distances than any similar camera. The compact body alloy camera features a professional-grade 1080p CMOS sensor to generate vibrant video and images that can distinguish faces and details from greater distances than other body cameras. It also has H. 265 compression as a standard for high-quality, efficient recording.

 MicroSD Card Slot Up to 32GB

The Avon body camera comes with an 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB memory card and a MicroSD card slot. The 32GB memory card can accumulate up to 6 hours of video and music and be quickly removed and replaced with another card. 8GB can store up to 120 minutes of data, 16GB can store up to 2 hours of data, and 32GB can store up to 6 hours.

 Take Photographs

  With a button on the App or the camera, the Avon body camera captures video and snaps quick images with an 8 MP camera.

 Smart Phone App Record/Playback/Stream 

  Downloading the App to use Avon Body Cam is free, and all you have to do is connect your camera to the body cam's local private password-protected Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you may see a live stream, record, and replay from up to 25 feet away from the body camera.

 115 Degree Ultra-wide Camera Lens

 The Avon body cam has a laser-cut 114 Degree Ultra-Wide Angle Lens that captures a field of vision that is more than 150 per cent larger than what human eyes can perceive. Because the human eye's range of view is around 70 - 90 degrees, Lenox's 115-degree ultra-wide lens will catch details that the human eye misses before and after the incident. These particulars are critical in deciding culpability, and Avon's body camera will never forget them.

 Compatible with PC, Mac along with iOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android

  The Avon cam is concordant with all computers to playback videos and a free App for your smartphone that lets you stream live video, record, and playback without a computer.


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Although spy cameras are chiefly used to detect robbery or similar activities, when people mount their spy cameras on their office's main gates or in porches of their houses; but with time there has been discovered many great purposes to use spy cameras for. It wasn't too late until the realization that robbery or stealing is not the only 'event' that needs to be caught. Certain other things take place which if recorded, could be feasible evidence in the footage. 
However, it's to be noticed that the spy cameras can't be by our side all along; and it's not only on the outside of a building where events that are worth recording happen. For that, technology has been advanced enough to have introduced the most portable spy pen cameras.

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Counter surveillance is a procedure that is used to identify and detect ongoing surveillance to develop a suitable countermeasure. The main goal is to trick the enemy and stop the attack by the completion of the surveillance. Whereas, the hidden camera surveillance would help to detect the attacker such as a kidnapper, purse snatcher, murderer, killer, and destroyer, etc. it is better to have a hidden camera in your office, home, or car, to have a piece of evidence or proof.

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It is significant for a person owning a GoPro, that when he is out there searching for the best memory cards for GoPro, he shall keep in mind that the memory card he buys is not fake or refurbished. One thing that he should make sure is that the memory card should be compatible with the GoPro camera that he has. Some GoPro cameras, such as the GoPro6 needs a memory card that has a fast speed because the camera does not have that function by default, but GoPro3 does not need that memory card as it has inbuilt fast speed functionality. That is why it is important to know which card is suitable for your own GoPro.

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Launching your Hidden camera is no big deal for you to DIY at home while managing your own security system. There are various ways of compiling panels and installing spy cameras, smart locks, and hidden sensors at home. 
However, DIY comes with its Pros and Cons. What are these? we may have a look. But before that, we shall know what a DIY Security System is.

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Apr 4, 2022 6:41:00 AM By Junaid Q security camera, Comments Zetronix Products,

If you're looking for a Wi-Fi nanny cam that can keep an eye on your kids from a distance, then the 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam is a perfect choice. With its crystal-clear video quality, you'll be able to see every detail of your child's room, no matter where you are. Plus, the built-in motion detection system will let you know immediately when something is happening in the room so that you can take action as quickly as possible. Whether you're at home or away, the 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam will help to keep your kids safe and secure.

There are countless reasons you might need to care for your kids from a distance. Maybe you're a working mom or dad who needs to make sure they're being taken care of while you're away. Or perhaps you're a stay-at-home parent who needs to watch things while the other is out running errands. Whatever your situation, a 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam can help.

Here are seven ways to use a 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam to care for your kids from a distance:

Watch them while they sleep.

A 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam can give you peace of mind by letting you watch your child sleep from a distance. It can be beneficial if your child is prone to sleepwalking or if you want to make sure they're sleeping soundly.

Keep an eye on them while they play.

 A 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam can also help you watch your child while they're playing. It can help ensure their safety and prevent them from getting into trouble.

Check-in on them during mealtimes.

 If you're not able to be there with your kids during mealtimes, a 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam can give you a glimpse. You'll be able to see if they're eating properly and whether they're following your dietary restrictions.

Monitor them during baths and showers.

A 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam can also help you make sure your child is taking their baths and showers safely. You'll see if they're washing properly and whether they're using too much soap.

Watch them when they're home alone.

If you have to leave your kids home alone, a 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam can give you peace of mind. You'll see if they're playing safely or if they're getting into trouble.

Keep an eye on them when you're out of town.

If you're going to be out of town, a 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam can let you keep an eye on your kids from a distance. It can help ensure their safety and prevent them from getting into trouble.

Check-in on them during doctor's appointments.

If you're unable to be there with your child during their doctor's appointments, a 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam can glimpse what's going on. You'll see if they're behaving themselves and whether they're following the doctor's instructions.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to caring for your kids, nothing is more important than being able to keep an eye on them at all times. With a 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam, you can do just that from anywhere. This powerful camera provides superb image quality and lets you access live footage of your child no matter where you are.

So whether you're at work or on vacation, you can always rest assured that your little one is safe and sound. Plus, with the built-in motion and sound detectors, you can receive instant alerts if anything out of the ordinary happens.

A 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam can be a great way to care for your kids from a distance. It can give you peace of mind and let you keep an eye on them while you're away.

Investing in a 4k ultra HD Wi-Fi nanny cam is a great way to keep your family safe and give you peace of mind. Order yours today!


Apr 4, 2022 1:55:38 AM By Junaid Q Comments Nanny-Cam News,

If you're like most people, you take your car for granted. You use it to get to work, run errands, and travel. But what would happen if something happened to your car while you were on the road? That's where a dash cam comes in handy.

A dash cam can record your travels, so you have a record of where you've been and what happened. It can be helpful if you get into an accident or if someone hits your car while it's parked. A dashcam can also provide evidence in a legal dispute.

The 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a quality recording device. This camera records in crystal-clear 1080p resolution to see every detail. It also has a wide-angle lens that captures more of the scene around your car.

The 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam is also equipped with a G-sensor. This sensor detects sudden movements or impacts, and it will automatically save the current recording to protect it from being overwritten.

Like most people, you take your car or truck for granted. You use it to get from point A to point B without a second thought. But what would happen if something happened to your vehicle while you were on the road? How would you get home?

A 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam can help you avoid this situation by allowing you to record your daily travels. Here are seven ways that a dash cam can help you:

Record Your Journey

A dash cam can record your entire journey, allowing you to record where you've been permanent. It can be helpful if you need to prove your innocence in an accident or if you want to revisit a beautiful scenic route.

Record Traffic Conditions

A dash cam can also record traffic conditions, which can be helpful if you need to file a claim after an accident. The footage can show how the accident occurred and who was at fault.

Record Wildlife

A dash cam can also record wildlife, a fun way to track the animals near your home. You may even spot a bear or moose!


Record Accidents

A dashcam can record accidents, allowing you to have evidence of what happened in the event of a dispute. It can help you get the insurance money that you deserve.

Record Road Rage

A dash cam can also record road rage, which can help you stay safe on the road. You may even be able to use the footage to identify the driver who caused the road rage incident.

Record Police Encounters

A dash cam can also record police encounters, allowing you to protect yourself in the event of a traffic stop. The footage can show that you were following the law and that you weren't at fault.

Monitor Your Vehicle

A dashcam can also monitor your vehicle, which can be helpful if you're worried about someone breaking into your car. The footage from the dashcam can help you catch the thief and get your belongings back.

A 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam can help you record Your Daily Travels, which can be helpful if you need to prove your innocence in an accident or if you want to revisit a beautiful scenic route. A dash cam can also record traffic conditions, which can be helpful if you need to file a claim after an accident. The footage can show how the accident occurred and who was at fault.

There are many benefits to having a 3K Ultra Hd Professional Dash Cam. Not only can you record your daily travels, but you can also use it as security footage in case of an accident or theft. A 3K Ultra Hd Professional Dash Cam can be a great choice as with it Not only can you record your daily commute, but you can also use it to record road trips, sightseeing trips, family trips, vacation trips, sporting events, and other events. So, if you're looking for a way to record your travels, a dashboard camera is the perfect solution.

If you're looking for a reliable way to record your travels, the 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam is perfect. Order yours today!

Apr 1, 2022 8:56:18 AM By Junaid Q Dashcam, Comments Dash-Cam News,

Humans have generally poor night vision at night, unlike animals. The problem has been amazingly solved by the advent of night vision technology. As the name suggests, this technology enables you to explore the world in the dark with the help of thermal imaging and image enhancement. Currently, this technology is being used in many security cameras, sport camera glasses, and body cam glasses where each of them facilitates your vision in the nighttime.

However, buying night vision goggles isn’t as simple as buying any other optic. If you want to buy them, you need to carry out extensive research about them. This is because there are several different types of night vision goggles where each of them is suiting a different purpose and providing a different experience. This also causes a massive difference in their prices. $10,000. You must be able to figure out the goggles that fall under your budget and serve your purposes right.


Following are five of the important things you need to look out for to determine the right pair of goggles.



Night vision goggles are categorized into three different generations, GEN 1, GEN 2, and GEN 3. You need to be acquainted with this term to determine the most appropriate pair of goggles for you based on their functionality and features. The GEN 1 goggles have a limited range and a lower resolution. GEN 2 goggles on the other hand offer a greater battery life, a better range, and light amplification. Lastly, GEN 3 goggles are the most advanced. They have a large viewing range and are even used by military forces of various countries. This certainly speaks for their effectiveness.


The price of these goggles plays a very important role. The more advanced, the more costly it gets. Some night vision goggles even cost up to $10,000. You must know the type of activity you want to perform with these goggles to figure out the amount of money you will have to spend.

For up to $500, you can get a simplified and casual pair of goggles with limited functionality. For up to $1000, you can get much advanced night vision goggles that can help you carry out activities like hunting and shooting easily in the dark. On the other hand, to perform tactical activities, you will have to spend more than $1000.

Based on your need, you can easily estimate the budget.


The weight of the goggles is yet another important feature to consider. If you are in the wildlife department and have to wear these goggles for prolonged hours, you need to give the weight of these goggles special consideration.

This is because if your goggles come with a helmet mound or are to be worn on the head, they can cause severe neck strains and pains if carried for long durations. In such cases, try to get goggles that do not weigh more than 20-25 pounds. However, if you want goggles for fun and won’t be carrying them for too long, the weight then doesn’t matter.


The gain of a night vision goggle is its ability to compensate and adjust for the different levels of light at the night. In areas where the light levels usually fluctuate, you need to have control of the gain to easily adjust to the varying light conditions. For that, you must get the goggles that provide you with this feature.

If your goggles will have a better gain, they will serve you with a more refined and detailed viewing experience without causing any major impedance.



The durability of night vision goggles is the most important thing to look for. Just for the sake of buying cheaper goggles, people often unintentionally or intentionally compromise on the quality and are left behind in their viewing experience. Some companies produce goggles with poor performances and sell them in the name of value for money.

You should be able to distinguish between durable and non-durable ones. Get goggles that are created out of aluminum rather than plastics. Make sure that your goggles have glass lenses in order to ensure long-lasting use and a genuine value for money.

Benefits of Night-vision Goggles

There are a plethora of benefits that night vision goggles offer to the user. Following are some of the major advantages:

  • improved visibility in low-light environments
  • enhanced depth perception
  • permits seeing in complete darkness
  • improves safety while driving or walking at night

You can get a better understanding of the binoculars

If you need a better view of your surroundings, get yourself a pair of night vision binoculars. They are even more powerful than the goggles and have been made to be used by hunters and hikers for longer periods. These binoculars can magnify everything from 10x to 20x zoom. In fact, there is binoculars have a wider range of operations and are much easier to handle as well.

Hence, if you want a thorough night vision experience for better safety and convenience, opt for binoculars rather than goggles. They will help you see your surroundings from an even greater angle and make things way easier for you.

Binoculars vs Goggles: Which is better for you?

When it comes to night vision devices, binoculars and goggles are two of the most popular options. Both have their own unique benefits, so it can be tough to decide which one is better for you. Here’s a look at the key differences between binocular


When you are out in the open, hunting, or planning to go on a hike, what do you need most? Some people would probably say that they need binoculars and some opt for night vision goggles. If you want to see your binoculars offer a wider field of view and can be used to magnify an image up to 10x. This is perfect for when you are trying to get a closer look at something in the distance. Night vision goggles, on the other hand, have a more limited magnification power and usually only offer 3-5x zoom.

Binoculars offer a better viewing experience for long-distance objects, while night vision goggles are perfect for up-close views. Night vision goggles can be used to magnify an object that is 5 meters away from you by up to 10 times. If you need a closer look at something around 20 feet from you, binoculars can help you binoculars are also better for viewing in low-light environments, as they offer increased brightness and clarity. Night vision goggles can be difficult to see in very bright conditions, as they tend to wash out the image.

Do night vision goggles work in total darkness?

One of the benefits of night vision goggles is that they allow you to see in complete darkness. This can be a lifesaver if you find yourself in a dangerous situation where you can’t see anything. However, keep in mind that night vision goggles are not perfect and there will be some instances where you will still be unable to see anything.

Can I use night vision goggles in the daytime?

One of the best things about modern-day night vision goggles is that they can be used even in broad daylight. However, keep in mind that they won’t offer quite as much visibility in bright conditions when compared to using them at night or in low-light environments.


With the rapid advancement in technologies, night vision goggles are no longer an alien concept. They are being widely used and thus are available in a variety of types. Many companies around the globe are producing them but you cannot trust each of them.

Following are four of the finest night vision goggles available in the market with their prices, pros, cons, and features. You can compare them to your requirements and budget before buying the right ones for you.

 GThunder Night Vision Goggles

Also known as the Owl Night Vision Binoculars, these goggles are affordable and available for between $120 and $170. They are incredibly easy to use and allow you to have a clear vision of your prey even from a distance of around 1000 meters. They contain an IR illuminator, a TFT screen, and a 4x digital zoom that contribute to an excellent viewing experience.

They also have an integrated recording and an image capture function that allows you to record your view in HD and easily direct it to an SD card. They come with a neck strap, a sturdy carry case, and protective rubber elements that speak for their durability. However, you cannot carry them on your head.

 CooLife Hunting Binoculars

Available for around $130, these cost-effective night vision goggles provide you with an amazing viewing experience at night without causing a burden on your pockets. Their features include a reliable 3-Watt IR LED night vision system, a 2.31 inch TFT display, and an option to select certain intensities of light to adjust to the varying surroundings Hunting Binoculars.

You can see up to 300 meters with these goggles where they also have an SD card that enables you to shoot and save your view. Although they do not provide a head strap, they have attachment points in them which can be used to attach straps you buy from the market.

Yukon Tracker 3x42 NVG

At a fairly reasonable price and a 10-hour long battery life, these goggles are great for quality night vision. Although they are GEN 1 goggles, they are not poorly functioning. They contain a high power resolution intensifier and a wonderful IR illuminator. Together these two features along with access to easy focusing greatly contribute to producing an effective night vision for you.

Furthermore, they also come with rubber comfort pads and secure lens caps to keep your goggles protected from any damage. They are used with a head mount. However, they are not shipped with a battery and you have to buy them separately.

 PRG Defense Apache NVG

These immensely lightweight goggles are the best for those who do not have to worry about the money since they are quite expensive. They are considered the best night vision goggles a civilian can buy as they are military-grade units often used by army officials.

The lens of these goggles has A or B class filer coatings and broader eyepieces with adjustable diopters allowing you to have control over them. They also contain image intensifier tubes and are compatible with AA batteries. They also don’t use IR radiation, unlike previously mentioned goggles. Instead, they use technology that sends signals. These signals bang against sensors for different light wavelengths to provide clarity in the image.

They are shipped with a lot of accessories that include the head mount, the battery, and the neck strap. You can hang it around or place it on your head based on your convenience.


In the end, to bust a very commonly prevalent myth, night vision goggles are certainly not illegal to use. In fact, night vision technology has come into existence to provide you with ease and enable you to enjoy the wonders of the night and so one must make the most use of it if possible. With the night vision goggles, security becomes more improved and a person can carry out their favorite activities like shooting, capturing wildlife, and hunting with incredible ease. Therefore, if you can afford one, you should definitely possess a pair of night-vision goggles.

You must be able to compare the prices, features, and effectiveness of the several night vision goggles available in the market. Based on them and your purpose of buying them, you can then make a better choice. Make sure to consider important elements like weight, gain, durability, and generation of these goggles as well apart from their cost. hope this guide was of some help.

The article has provided enough information required in making the right decision. Get yours now and enjoy a view that you have never had before in life.

Mar 25, 2022 3:45:00 AM By Junaid Q Comments Spy Camera Glasses,

What amazing world to live in where you can enjoy the benefits of two things, all together in one. This blog talks about the idea of hidden camera sunglasses and how they are the best thing that could have happened for mankind. These sunglasses are user friendly and that means that they are reliable in a way that no one will suspect if you possess one. These days, these spy sunglasses are gaining popularity among people since they are being used without getting suspected. They are available in different colors, styles, and sizes; they are not only there for the purpose of spying but these glasses also make the person look decent at the same time.

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