What Features To Look For While Buying Driving Recorders?

The driving recorders are an important and suitable device to be mounted in cars. They are best to record the long distances, accident claims, insurance issues, to keep an eye on children, analyzing driver’s honesty, measuring speeds and much more. Initially, the driving security cameras were common in the use of police but now these days this device is becoming handy for everyone in several models and features in the market. 

There are several most frequently asked questions while buying the driving recorders which are as follows:

1. What Features to Look for in a Dash Cam?

Before buying the driving recorders it’s necessary to focus on the features to have the quality product. Among several other features, few important ones are to know about the video quality, such cameras should have 720P resolution power and some with a resolution of 1,080p or even 4K. It’s not must that have high resolution will guarantee an improved quality of the image so having just 720P can also give a clear detailed picture. The audio recorder needs to be checked before buying and should have an option of mute in it.

It’s your choice either to buy a single-lens camera or multiple lenses that will favor recording both the forward and rearview. The front cam is mostly very common in every model whereas dual face cameras are best to record the forward-facing as well as the view from the windscreen simultaneously. The feature of parking mode should also be checked which will be beneficial for you to detect any accident claims while parking that who bumped your car and scratched it in the parking. Check the SD memory card as well as G-force sensors too otherwise you may need to buy the SD-card separately.

These dash cams are best to work as hidden cameras to keep an eye on the company’s vehicles,  to have the journey footage to make memories both inside and outside, bumps detection or even on the children’s activities based on over-speeding or much more. 

2. What do I Need to Know Before Buying a Dash Cam? 

At the time of buying driving recorders there are many features which need to be considered before purchasing like:

Loop Footage and Auto Twitch

The driving recorders should have loop recordings, means that the camera starts recordings on the later videos when the storage is full. The recordings should be initiated as it is connected with the power otherwise you might forget to switch on the camera and the recordings couldn’t take place.            

Speed Detector and GPS

It’s always good to have the video for a claim which can also identify on a map that where the action has been taken place to make the footage more worth full. So, it’s quite important to have the GPS in cameras as well as it will be beneficial to detect the speed. In some of the cameras, the GPS is built-in whereas in some of them the separate GPS unit is required.


If any of the driving recorders have a sensor, accelerometer, bumps detector installed, it helps in the sudden acceleration and deceleration. It can also be helpful to analyze and find videos later easily. The BlackVue driving recorder has a G-sensor installed in it which creates the buffered event videos. Several other camera models are able to prevent the events overwriting’s. 

3. Do Dash Cameras Always Record?

The dash cams are designed to start recordings whenever they are connected with the powers. Few are also designed to have such security options that can record only when they can sense the motion detections.

Final Words

The driving recorders are the best tiny hidden cameras to keep you safe and to record your journeys. It’s always best to have sufficient knowledge about the features of a product you are keeping. It helps a person to be confident enough about the buying decisions as well as the information about the product that how to use it or what are the hidden characteristics of that product which could facilitate in enormous manners. No doubt, these dash cameras are best for safety concerns and are quite beneficial regarding many safety purposes.