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 The only field of photography that the partaker particularly photographs is adventure photography, but it also includes capturing events or subjects by being an observer. Adventure photography is all about telling adventure episodes to your viewers. It has to have the best photography techniques and gadgets to capture extraordinary events for breathtaking photography. It could be equipment or clothing items. To take such great and antic photographs, always conclude the ecological danger around you and your photography equipment. Safety is essential as there is no adventure if there is no life.

To take extraordinary pictures, you will need more than the standard photography equipment. To elucidate your adventures, you will need the following gadgets for this purpose;


High definition sports camera

 For capturing adventure, you will need a camera. For beginner photographers, DSLR and mirrorless systems are usually easy options. But if you are a professional adventure capturer, then Adventure HD action cameras are for you. The megapixels packed into the display of your view are called the High definition. So higher the megapixel filled to display, the higher would be the picture quality. For best-capturing sports cameras, there should be some specifications like remote controller, High burst option to encapsulate the event, capture speedy moments Al-servo mode is required,  high battery life, waterproof equipment for complete underwater capture, HD, increased storage, best photo, and video resolutions.


 For faster shooting and focusing modes, you can always upgrade your camera. Specific lenses for cameras are needed to capture different sports and subjects. For example, a zoom lens will be needed if the subject of a photo or video is at a distance. This particular lens will give you flexibility and you will be able to capture the subject even if it moves further away from you. You will be able to focus on the subject with more flexibility. There are many more lens types like the fisheye, which is a vast range, the wide range used for landscapes and architecture captures, tilt-shift used for architecture and fine arts, short telephoto usually used for portraits, macro, etc. Every lens has its primary uses and focal length.

Sport camera glasses 

As the name suggests, the glasses that the photographer wears are sports camera glasses. The wearer can capture the view similar to his prospect. For action, they are ideal. Can record high definition with the best resolution. They require some specifications to capture extraordinary pictures like, they should be waterproof, they should be handsfree, high definition, good battery life.

Important adventure photography equipment

To capture the best adventure photographs, you need more than the standard photography equipment: a basic lens, stabilizer, and camera. If you capture high-definition burst shots, you will require a lot of storage space. You will not want to lose a great shot of the subject due to your camera memory issue. You will require a flash card reader for this purpose for both capturing and downloading images to your laptop. A camera bag and camera strap are also essential to hold more equipment safely and are also health recommended for your back as carrying heavy equipment can cause health issues. LCD loops protect your eyes from capturing the sun.


The correct settings 

Besides the equipment for the photography, the right camera setting also plays its part in getting hold of extraordinary photos. The proper environment of the camera according to the subject to be captured plays an important role. Usually, for fast action shots, the highest speed continuous shooting drive mode is required, while the ISO 400+  and the fast shutter speed will be used for the freeze action. To focus on the shutter speed, you might choose the Shutter Priority mode denoted by "S" on the camera.

Adventure photography can be tricky. It is not an easy job to master this field of photography. It takes a while to master it. Some are the points that can help you with this challenging journey.

Knowing the sports is the key. It will help you take the shots of the best moments.

You have to move around, sit in one place, and take images from every possible angle and view. Know the environment you will be working in and know the settings and equipment that will best capture the scene or the subject. For example, is the place or the environment has no light, high-ISO can be of great help.

Jun 4, 2021 1:10:38 AM By Junaid Q Sports Camera, , Comments Body Cams

Body Cameras were first introduced around the year 2005 in the United Kingdom. Later on, other countries followed this trend. At the start, this invention was not much famous, but with the passage of time, Body Cameras became popular as people came to know their versatility. Body Cameras can be used for adventures and photoshoots, but also there are some more important things where we can use them.

Various uses of body cameras:

Law enforcement:

For law enforcement officers can wear these cameras on their uniforms for privacy and using recordings for the judicial system


In the military, body or helmet cameras are used to catch different incidents. History has proven the importance of body cameras used for the military. In 2013, a British soldier was convicted for murdering the Afghan insurgent with the help of body cameras.


The firefighters use body cameras to reach the fire and also for training purposes. In this field, thermal body cameras are used.


The police officers can use such cameras for evaluating the incidents by saving recordings.


Body cameras can also be used in the medical field. They play a role as memory prosthetics.

If you are thinking of going on an adventure and want to capture each and every moment of your tour, then a Personal Body Camera would be a great choice. Personal Body Cameras capture the events exactly as the way they happen. You can save your memories and can look back on them over and over again. Also, there is a wide range of choices as Personal Body Cameras come in various designs and styles.

Things to consider while buying a personal body camera:



The Point of View from which the camera catches pictures is the most basic single element. The fixation of the camera can affect its capturing ability. Before buying your body camera, you need to check it thoroughly.

Size of the camera:

When we talk about the size of a camera, always the light-weighted ones are preferable. You can take your light-weight camera anywhere with you. Always choose the reasonable and comforting size for you; otherwise, heavy-weight devices break so easily.


As stated above, you need to choose a comforting size device. There is a big chance for you to avoid using a device that is heavy for you. As a consequence, there is a complete wastage of your money.

Easy to use:

You should choose the camera that is easy to process. If you buy a camera with complicated systems, then you will miss many incidents you wanted to capture but couldn’t because of your camera complications.


Body cameras with microphones are a great choice, as they capture the sound of the incident as well.


You should look for a camera that has good resolution even in low light because it can affect the performance of your camera.

Weather resistance:

Weather resistance is another aspect to worry about. Your camera should be able to deal with different weather conditions.

The wearable personal body cameras have raised the standard of photography because a photographer can set the camera anywhere in the body and capture every single moment with it. Personal body cameras can come in different designs and shapes. Like, you can wear them as clip-on, glasses, smartwatches, etc.

You don’t only want a body camera for photography purpose, but you can also take it with you at your job, like if you have a smartwatch camera with you at job you can make many tasks easier. The glasses type of body camera can be the best device for your safety, to save you from any crime. You can collect evidence against anyone by using it. With the passage of time, the world has become so smart, and you need to cope with the changes in daily life. As we know that, modern problems require modern solutions.

In the past few years, the world has changed a lot, the behavior of people has changed a lot, a few years ago there was an invention called lifelogging-cameras, but it failed as the public was not ready for such advanced technology, but now you can see how the preferences of people have changed, now people go to the restaurants, bars and shamelessly click pictures of their food, they shamelessly pose in front of public. This behavioral change shows how much there is a demand for personal body cameras in the market.

When you are using a personal body camera, you need to keep a proper direction of it as the location of such cameras matter a lot. Before buying a camera you need to get a complete understanding of using it, as it would only waste your money if you don’t know how to use a particular device. If you buy a clip-on body camera, you need to adjust it properly in order to take a clear cut image. If you are planning to buy a smartwatch camera, you need to adjust your hand accordingly. In simple words, you need to learn how to use such cameras before buying them.

In the case of technology, one thing leads to another. Like, our smartphones, we started to use them as phones, but now they can fulfill our every single need. Now we take pictures on them, use them for guiding us during travel, use them to listen to the news, songs,  we use them for learning purpose, we even use them to pay our bills, same is the case with personal body cameras, the smartglasses cameras are not very popular in public nowadays, but in the future people will use them as their routine glasses. When people get used to a new technology, it becomes an essential part of their life, and without it, it becomes difficult for them to live their life.

The smartglasses are a great example of how technology makes everything easy, suppose nowadays people find it difficult to take pictures of their food from different angles in the restaurant, it is a trend now, but still, some people still hesitate to follow the trend, if they own a set of glasses camera they can simply command it to take a picture or video of their food without any hesitation. It not only makes life easy but also saves people from hesitation. The smartphones that we use take more than a trillion pictures a day, imagine the number of pictures taken if the same public started using personal body camera.

Personal body cameras can raise the financial budget substantially. There will be a very high demand for such cameras in the near future, and the companies that sell them will get a considerable amount of profit. If you are thinking of starting a technology business, it would be the most profitable business for you to do.

Quality of the camera:

The one very important feature to check when you are buying a body camera is quality. It would be best if you bought a camera of good quality, a camera that can work anywhere, even in the dark, only then you might be able to enjoy using your device. If you are not satisfied with the camera quality, you will end up wasting both your time and money. The quality depends on the software of the camera and the quality of its lens. It would be best if you had a proper understanding of the software that how the software of the camera works.

There is a complete science behind the camera quality; for choosing the best body camera, you need to know the focal length and the aperture of the lens that is being used. Some of the other factors that affect the quality are the dynamic range and the size of the chip, and only a professional photographer will know how important such things are when buying a camera. The quality of the camera is measured in pixels, a word which is combination of two words, picture, and element. After knowing all these things, you would be able to choose a good camera for you. So, considering your camera quality is the most important to worry about.

Expensive cameras:

The money makes a big difference in qualities. The expensive camera will have better quality and capturing speed. If you are willing to spend money on such a thing, it would be a wise decision to spend more than usual or more than you are planning to spend. Because even after spending money, you are not satisfied with your device, it would be a total waste of your money. So, decide wisely before making such a purchase.


The lens is the most important part of your camera. It will have a great impact on the final image of your camera. The other parts of the camera body are also important, but not as much as the lens. The lens controls you’re the accuracy of the image, and accuracy is far more important than you even think. 



Dec 29, 2020 6:01:32 AM By Junaid Q Comments Body Cams

In today's technology-savvy age of smartphones, almost everyone is capable of recording real-life events and sharing the footage for negative or positive purposes. While at it, the ability of cameras is greatly being used in the department of police. The technology has been confined into small portable cameras for the purpose. While the police can mount 'body-worn cameras' on their hats or as a badge, it has become a lot easier to take care of the incidents.

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Jun 11, 2020 3:01:06 AM By Junaid Q 0 Comments Body Cams

The body cams are the devices that are essential for the police along with their uniforms to documents their observations as they perform their duties. The hidden cameras fixed in these body cams are best to notify and increase accountability, trust, and transparency. Such body cameras are under special observations by the state lawmakers and policymakers as they consider and enact legislation to address police-municipal relations. So, their necessity is increasing day by day as the technological advancement is taking place along with the police-community rights. 

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May 13, 2020 1:44:12 AM By Junaid Q Comments Body Cams

The thought is building that once every cop is furnished with a body camera, the discussion will be removed from police shootings and different employments of power since "what truly occurred" will be caught on record for all to see. Body-worn cameras have been seen as one approach to address these difficulties and improve law authorization practice all the more for the most part.  Spy cameras have re-imagined security and insurance of homes and organizations.

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Oct 22, 2019 11:21:00 AM By Junaid Q Comments Body Cams

    Security is very important, very important. Equally important is the individual who ensures that security is the order of the day. These people are the line separating order from chaos. We sometimes do not do enough to appreciate these people enough. It is very easy to install a nanny cam but not so easy to appreciate the effort that babysitter is putting in to keep your kids out of harm. A nanny cam with audio cannot catch your child who is falling as a result of a trip. The same goes for a truck dash cam and a thief. Unlike the truck driver who will try to stop that thief from getting what he wants, your truck dash cam will only take a record of the incident for you to use as evidence in catching the thief.

I do not intend to downplay the role of security gadgets. My point is that individuals are equally as important as security gadgets. Most times, we do not even use these security gadgets efficiently. This is because we use them to keep tabs on individuals who we should be using them to support. Let us use the police for example, let us imagine that they make use of body cameras. I am sure one or two persons are wondering why will a policeman or policewoman be needing a camera? Are body cameras really helpful for police? Here are some facts you should know. These facts will enlighten you and make you the judge. With these facts, you will be able to decide if body cameras on police officers are a plus or otherwise.

United Kingdom report

After testing body cameras in Plymouth, in 2007, the police announced that complaints against the officers wearing the cameras had been reduced to zero and time spent on paperwork had been reduced by 22.4%. This led to a 9.2% increase in officer time spent on patrol using a "50 minutes of a 9-hour shift" plan (Wikipedia). This means police officers have to spend more time in the field than in offices. This is a likely cause of brain drain if you ask me. Detectives will no longer enjoy the thrill of scrutinizing evidence to crack cases.

The Grampian police gave a report in 2011 on how it saved about four hundred thousand pounds due to the use of body cameras. This was as a result of reducing of fear of crime in local communities, quick resolution of complaints about police officers, increased trust and public perception about the police force and so on.

United States Report

Not every city in the US mandates its state police wear body cameras. In the year 2014, President Barack Obama proposed reimbursing communities half the cost of buying cameras and storing video. A plan that would require Congress to authorize seventy-five million dollars over the course of three years to help purchase fifty thousand visual recording devices. This is quite a lump sum if you ask me. Some states are however implementing the use of body cameras and below are the results. Reports showed that complaints against officers from citizens dropped by eighty-eight percent and use of force by officers also dropped by fifty-nine percent. There was also another report that studied the effects of body cameras for some officers of the Orlando Police Department over one year. It stated that for officers wearing the body cameras, incidents involving use of force dropped by fifty-three percent, civilian complaints dropped by sixty-five percent. The report also has it that two in three officers who wore the cameras said they would want to continue wearing them in the future and that it made them better officers. There were cases however, where criminal incidents were not recorded as officers forgot to turn on their body cameras. A new technology that enabled the body camera to record incidents thirty seconds before the camera is turned on and thirty seconds after it was turned off was introduced.

The UK and the US are not the only countries implementing the use of body cameras. France, Denmark, China and a host of other countries are implementing the use of body cameras. I only decided to use them as my case studies.


Despite its impact, people are still raising questions about the effectiveness and efficiency of this technology. Issues about battery and power were one it is still contending with. People are questioning how many hours this camera can keep recording before it runs out of juice. People are also questioning their storage. How much storage can it carry? Where are the footages stored? Who and who has access to the recordings? People are also questioning its use by certain officers. What are the consequences when an officer refuses to turn it on? Even police officers have their questions. What will happen if I forget to turn it on? Since these devices are usually worn in front, what measures do I take if attacked from behind? The challenges are there and mounting.


Most of the reports are talking about how much body cameras are protecting the citizens. Like I stated at the beginning of this article, we seem to be more concerned about watching the person we entrust with our safety than anything else. This article has given us an insight as to what we can do when we combine the efforts of both security gadgets and security personnel. Reports also have it that brutality against police officers has reduced by over seventy-eight percent in some hostile areas. People are now conscious of their behavior towards the police as the police is conscious of its behavior towards people as both parties know that they are now being watched. Like I said earlier, you will be the judge not me. So what is your take on police officers wearing body cameras? Is it a good development? Is it a bad development? Will it reduce the use of force? Are there lapses or loopholes regarding its use? Let me get your take on this.


May 13, 2019 3:50:10 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Body Cams


    Unlike many bodyworn Spy cameras we’ve seen over the years like Spy glasses, Conbrov Hidden Camera, recording pen, there are so many controversies slammed on the Spy-watch technology. But one thing you have to take an opportunity of is; its rare features and functions that have changed the perspective of how people regard the use of Spy technology for only security and monitoring purposes. Spy watches, in case you don’t know, is one of the smartest way of using Spy gadgets on the go, and the best-worn spy camera till date.

Today, Spy watches can do almost everything that we’ve seen Smartphones doing, they’ve now become even independent from Smartphones when using them for smart things like text messages and making calls. These smart gadgets boost superior tech such that they go beyond just doing similar things phones do, they can now monitor your blood pressure on the go, and also be capable of tracking your sleep patterns, and heart rate of an individual that wears them on the wrist, these audacious steps taken for technology advancement are some of the success we continue to see in the use of computer science and AI.

So what are the advantages of using these Spy-watch techs that you actually may be ignoring? Here, I will detail out each positive use that you can benefit from using these simple spy gadget out of the box as I myself is doing:

Spy Watches Now Offers Dynamic Onscreen Personal Coaching

All modern Spy watches now offers Dynamic Personal Workouts coaching right on your wrist, with a useful complete on-screen guidance that helps coach you via the interactive app during every move and routines, while using this feature, the interface gets adapted to your body system, based on your feedback such that when you're finished with your workout, you can find your results in your exercise history. With this smart technology, you can use the multi-sport modes to track specific workouts with real-time stats on display, or similarly rely on the SmartTrack to automatically record exercises for you. However, one thing you have to be aware of is that, you must complete the personalized workout in order to receive a new set of exercise coaching. Some examples of workouts normally featured on these Spy watches are 10 minute Abs, Treasure chest and a General 7 minute workout.


Turn Your Spy Watch To A Music Player

At last, we’ve now got iPod on Wristwatches, and one of the best Spy watches that won’t disappoint is the new Apple WatchOS 4. The Watch OS4 is nothing to be compared to its old version and other corresponding smart wristwatches that try to do something similar, this new version now synchronizes music automatically, with more modifications created; you can add playlist and albums with iTunes library always available without subscription. However, to enjoy more features and sophisticated playlist management on Spy watches in general, you will have to pay for little subscription fee that is available for both Apple store and Google Play and Shopify subscribers, and then you can blast your real-time music streaming on the go.

Spy watches now have a wireless headphones which you have to buy separately though, and these serve as a perfect fit for most cellular watches so much so that they feel like an essential accessory. The interesting thing is that they pair instantly, and you don’t need the stress of requiring you to swipe up and select headphones from the watch control center.

Use Apps On The Go

The new technologies on spy watch now made it available to download uncountable numbers of the app on your device to serve different purposes. Using the Fitbit Iconic Spy Watch as an example, the company manufacturing this wristwatch now has its own app store called the App Gallery featuring inbuilt apps like Pacifica, ChefSteps, MarketWatch; where you can read the news and buy your favorite stocks, Sworkitt; a nice app for exercise tutorials and so on. Don’t get it twisted, you can as well download apps on any of those Spy watches out there like the Amazefit Bip, Garmin Vivosport and the Hauwaei Watch 2 LTE, provided you have your subscription intact.

Check Heart Rate / Activity And Sleep Tracking

Thanks to new technologies and AI; Health has now been brought to our Wristwatches! When these watches are worn, it has now been made possible to do things like checking your pulse, your sleep patterns, and even check your blood pressure.  These functions now make these Spy camera watches a more essential tool of daily living, as more useful options are being filled into the memories of these watches in the form of biosensors to create a better understanding and control of our health. The PurePulse heart rate monitoring tool does continuous cardiovascular health and fitness tracking of your heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimize intensity during workouts, and to measure your health and fitness over time giving you a personalized Cardio Fitness Score on the go.

Spy Watches Now Have The Same Smartphone Functions

With your Smart camera watch, you can now do all the things you normally use your phone for; you can send text messages directly on your Spy watch, send e-mails, make calls directly from your watch without the need to carry your smartphone along with you, all-be-it, you may as well ensure to keep your Smartphone device on all the time, wherever you leave it at, maybe at home or in the office doing your surveillance monitoring. What it means is that your Spy watch has to be paired with your Smartphone device before you can use them mobile free,  although some few errors are been recorded for over some time on pairing issues that are seen occurring in some of these smartwatches, a promising update is underway. Also, many of these smartwatch models do boast camera functions as seen with many Spy cameras, giving the user the ability to take a picture without the need of a camera or even a Smartphone

Use Spy Watch For GPS Tracking

Spy watch can be a positive tool when tracking your children’s whereabouts or activities, so if you’re so much concerned as a parent you can as well buy one of those cheaper ones and take advantage of its GPS feature, which has multifunctional capabilities to capture video footages and record audio while keeping you in touch of your kids real-time location remotely. In some more advanced Spy Watches; the GPS antenna in the body frame of the watch helps create a powerful connection with satellites in space for more accurate tracking. Of course, all Spy watches have the function mostly seen with covert cameras that enables you to receive and send alerts to designated friends and family members, informing them about your whereabouts, thanks to the web-based map.








Apr 8, 2019 1:53:34 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Body Cams

   The market is already saturated with surveillance mobile devices including wearable devices and body-cameras. The latest brands of body cameras have emerged with stunning features that could sweep you off your feet without you ever knowing. These set of latest body cameras are programmed for multitasking. This otherwise means that it can be subjected to meet various kinds of user needs per time. Body cameras are mostly used by law enforcement agencies and sometimes by individuals who wish to take time of their activities. The properties and capabilities of these hidden spy cams are glamorous; it becomes more interesting when it checks the misconduct of those who check your misconduct; how about that. Moreover, there are four surprising facts about the latest body cams no one ever told you. Maybe you didn’t know, but I will tell you…

Of course, not everyone needs the features of the latest body cameras. The infusion of artificial intelligence in body cameras have made them more fearful and engaged than ever. What more do we expect from cameras that decode human voices, deeds, and location in a crowd simply by facial recognition; aren’t they fearful enough. Body cameras are burdened with spectacular features of ‘identity confirmation’ just like when searching for a missing minor in a crowd, vulnerable adults and criminals alike.

Let’s be unequivocal about these, I’m not saying you don’t need them; who doesn’t need to be security conscious? But what I mean is that, if you had got to buy these spy cameras for personal needs, you’ll only be needed for activities of outdoor sports like climbing of mountains, water sports, and etcetera; so it could record and send your photos and videos to your social media handles during such moments. Apart from leisure, individuals need a body camera especially the very discreet ones for personal surveillance. It is very essential sometimes to use especially when visiting a strange area or seemingly dangerous places for the first time. On the other hand, however bigger and more sophisticated ones are meant to be professionally handled by trained law enforcement personnel as they have larger security responsibilities and data to process than an individual.



The Latest Body Cams Is Designed Majorly For 007 Needs

The latest features of body cams are obviously meant for security purposes and less for fun-fare. Body worn cameras like one of those of spy glasses etc. can be set to exhibit such features as slow motion, loop recording, continuous photo mood, and extreme photo resolution without reducing the image quality at all. Such cameras could be more useful to a search group for documentation than for swimming and surfing. By the way, the professional features of some ‘big’ body cams do not require further abuse or misuse.

They Are More Smarter In Design

There are body cams that are so small that they can penetrate tiny parts of human body, yet they perform unimaginable large tasks. Zetronix body cams are also very subtle for surveillance outcomes, it is not only cheap, it is smart despite its tiny looks when compared to other cams. Moreover, It seems like body cams follow the principle of “smaller size, smaller camera lenses; larger the size, larger camera lenses”.

Modernized Body Cams Can Have Serious Backlashes

The negative phases of body cameras are selectively avoided most of the time. The highest and more sophisticated body camera are big enough to implicate the police in the midst of heavily armed criminals, especially when they detect the camera is recording their activities. The very small and discreet ones, however, do not have the capacity to capture as much scene as a big lens body camera would do at the same time. Secondly, body cameras do not have enough capacity to function for a long time due to the battery capacity, low memory space and the likes. There are chances that some information gathered could be lost, deleted or compressed so that subsequent information will be included. This becomes an issue because you never can tell if the data you tampered with will be most needed the next minute.

Body cameras normally worn by security officers can be used unconsciously to invade people’s privacy unlawfully. The original aim for facial recognition software embedded in body cams is meant for identity confirmation but this process only takes place in the midst of a large population making everyone else a suspect in the scene at the same time. For instance, when a criminal is in the midst of a crowd, it is possible that the body cameras won by the police will have to take the data of everyone else to be able to compare the faces for accuracy and subsequent apprehension of the suspect. However, body cameras may not all be accurate. It may fail at some point mostly due to unprofessional handling. If not handled with professionalism, it may likely produce results negatively.



Apr 3, 2019 12:58:02 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Body Cams

Body worn cameras, which record both video and audio, are currently being used in public and private premises for policing or individual purpose. The police regulations deem it fit for use only when it is proportionate, legitimate and necessary, unlike individual purposes that could differ depending on its owner.
The technology deployed in their making ensures they are used overtly which means they will be clearly visible and worn on the outside of an officer’s uniform or headwear. When it is in operation, a flashing red light will appear on the camera and officers will advise members of the public that the camera is in use.

Although the cameras will be worn during an entire shift, they may only be turned on when an officer is responding to an incident or working on certain policing operations. They cannot be used for general patrolling or for continuous, non-specific recording.

The evidence they record will be used to corroborate but cannot replace evidence from other sources such as eyewitness accounts. also, it is worthy of note that anyone can request police body cam footage, although local police departments say it’s most commonly sought by attorneys seeking evidence.

Top 6 Benefits of Body Worn Cameras

Though body-worn cameras were first adopted by Napa traffic officers several years ago in hopes of refuting complaints about traffic stops, the expected benefits of the cameras based on trials and research to date, include:

  • Improved evidence to support investigations
  • Increased conviction rates – particularly in the case of domestic violence and public order offenses
  • A reduction in assaults against police officers
  • An increase in guilty pleas due to better evidence
  • Transparency in policing
  • The cameras have also been shown to act as a deterrent in certain confrontational situations

We can look at these cameras in the force sector as a key tool to protect both members of the public and officers inclusive. In addition to providing vital evidence to support investigations, complaints and improve on legitimacy and safety for the public.

BODY-WORN video cameras are now being rolled out to selected North Yorkshire Police teams. The force said it would begin issuing the cameras to authorized firearms officers, taser trained officers, response officers and custody staffs. The cameras have been introduced extensive research around body worn video in other police areas.
A wireless Bluetooth connection lets an officer view videos and photos captured by the camera on a police-issued smartphone. A special phone app allows the addition of notes and metadata to help the department keep track of evidence and any requests for it. Equally as important as the video devices are the network that will capture and safeguard it, which is why there is a password-protected website,, that stores this footage.
Once in a while, police officials are required to hire so-called white-hat hackers four times a year to check its system for online intrusions and security flaws. The use of the cameras will be monitored and evaluated during active and passive use, which will then inform any future decisions about their wider use.


Oct 16, 2018 2:13:37 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Body Cams

Having a body camera has been known to be most prominent within the police department for the purpose of investigation and accurate collection of data at crimes scenes. Nevertheless, the use of body cam by private individual/sector is becoming increasingly popular.

The idea of moving a piece of device around was a bit twitchy when the invention spread. The fact that the Boss could see everything you do, all the time, also haves you attending to every assignment on a duty mode. Talk about micromanagement; but on the other hand, you save yourself from a great defense against false accusation, one that could result in a more serious situation for you.

The major purpose of this body cam is to picture you as the truth you tell. So you are not trying to prove someone behaved as required. When using your body cam endeavor to behave in the most appropriate and demanding manner.

A good fact to note about body cameras are; unlike other security cameras, body cams only record what they see not what you see. A plumber left alone in a house may want to avoid accusations that he’s going through people’s closet. These stamped videos will show that he did what exactly he was supposed to do- come in and fix the pipes.

Also, these body cams can make customers uncomfortable. Customers feel edgy when you stand in their front in a conversation and they notice your body cam pointing towards them. Although the data from the conversation will be most helpful in serving them better, they get into a rage even with their consent to videotape.

While body cameras are useful in your business, there are a few things to avoid while using one.

1)    Ensure they are not violating anybody’s privacy

Privacy and accountability have been held in high esteem among countries of the world. You don’t want to end up on bail because you violated the use of someone’s privacy through the use of your cam.

2)    Avoid a false sense of security

When it comes to recording a full video, because these cameras can only record a part of the scene, a lot can be missed. Employers who demand their employees to use body cam when reacting with customers wouldn’t see the employee’s facial expressions, by that he can install a hidden cam within the premises to watch how they react with the customers. Body cam can be deceiving as such as, a false sense of security might lead to infidelity when caught by other security cameras.

3)    Avoid using the wrong type of body camera

Depending on the purpose you want to achieve, study the different types of body cameras, their functions, and mode of operations, designs, and abilities. High-risk body cam can allow date and time stamped videos, like the plumber who needed to show that he did his work and the exact time and date. An employee whose job is to deliver flowers probably doesn’t run at a high risk.

The value of body camera has been known to influence the behavior of people in obtaining transparency and accountability. This tool has shown improved performance when it comes to reviewing self-behaviors and making amendments; body cameras are the best call for both the private and public sectors.

Sep 5, 2018 12:34:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Body Cams
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