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In recent years, hidden cameras have gained popularity among private citizens as their technology has become more affordable.  Certain types of small hidden cameras are referred to as NANNY CAMS for their use in childcare providers. These cameras have many other benefits, including identifying burglars and uncovering partner's infidelity. One contributor to their growing popularity is that modern hidden cameras are accessible for the average person to install in a few tiny steps.

Part 1: Picking the perfect spot

 Place the camera so it has a direct line of sight to whatever it is monitoring. The most crucial part of installing a hidden camera is finding the right place to put it in. The first thing you should do is think about where the person or behavior you are monitoring is most likely to occur. Make sure that the place where the camera point has no direct obstructions in its way. For example: If you are worried about someone breaking into your home, place the camera above the door or window. If you suspect your partner cheating on you, then possibly place the camera facing your bed or towards your partner's passenger seat.

Part 2: Consider sound quality

Suppose you are also trying to hear crisp, clear sound. It would help if you placed your camera in a conducive to the audio recording. Make sure it as close as possible where you think the speaker will be. The camera should not be near something noisy such as television or radio, which may drown the speaker's voice and make it difficult to understand. For example, if you install a hidden camera in the television room, place it on the opposite side of the room. Place the camera near the chair couch your target is more likely to sit in. Always keep the camera away from the window.

Part 3:  Put the camera near its external power supply if necessary.

Many modern cameras are battery operated; some rely on external power sources, while some need to be plugged into the available wall socket. If your camera draws power in this way, put it near to the electric socket.

 Part 4: Plugs and wires

Plugs and wires need to be either hidden or disguised as some mundane household appliance.

PART 5: Connect your camera to a network if applicable.

Some hidden cameras have internal storage, while others broadcast video through some network connection. If your camera connects through some Ethernet or USB cable, it must be well disguised and in an inconspicuous place. Keep such cameras close to the computer or router it links to. Most common nanny cams models connect wirelessly. If you buy such a camera, make sure it is within range of wireless network.

Part6: Check to see if the eye is naturally drawn to the spot.

 Specific layouts will attract more attention than others will. Avoid all those spots where your target is more likely to look often. Keep the camera significantly above or below eye level.  Ask someone to look for a camera you have installed in the room. If he or she cannot spot it, then the targeted person is less likely to look at it. If he or she quickly finds a camera, change the spot and try again.

Part 7: Shield your camera from the elements.

 Ensure that outdoor cameras are weather-resistant and placed so that damage is less likely to occur in the first place. Keep the camera sheltered within a sunroom or screened patio.

Part 8: Check the lighting.

 Many hidden cameras need bright light for their best working. At the same time, they are unable to record their image when bright light is directly shone into their lenses. Position your cameras facing away from significant light sources. Make sure that the thing you are trying to film is well lit.

 Part 9: Follow any installation instructions for your hidden camera.

Here are hundreds of commercially hidden cameras available. Do not forget to install the software. Some programmers are even meant to be installed on your phone for you to keep watching on the go. 

Maintain your camera and check from time to time that whether it is working correctly or not.


Jun 4, 2021 2:53:14 AM By Junaid Q Install Hidden Cameras, Comments Hidden Nanny Cam

Many miniature recording devices are available over the internet. Some, the "Nanny Cam", are even hidden in seemingly innocuous objects, toys or stuffed animals, to go unnoticed in a child's room. It can be very tempting for parents anxious to install such a device in the nursery, to monitor the nanny and her actions, or simply to watch their child during the day. 

Parents are increasingly tempted to monitor their nanny's behavior with hidden cameras. This new trend is contrary to the law, with some exceptions.

 The miniaturization of cameras, coupled with lower prices, is encouraging some concerned parents to install devices to monitor nannies. In the United States, this trend is becoming stronger and specialty products are marketed as hidden cameras in teddy bears. Nanny cams, as they are called, are allowed by law. 

To protect his child, how far can surveillance go? 

CCTV is common. And some news shows that it can be useful. But it can constitute an invasion of privacy, an offense for which its author can be sentenced. To avoid entering this frame, you must: 

  • justify a legitimate interest in installing video surveillance 
  • Notify the nanny of the installation of the camera. 

This discussion will also allow you to explain your fears.

Of course, if you suspect your nanny of abuse, you do not see how to prevent it from installing a camera...


Video surveillance at home 

It is healthy and even desirable to have healthy nanny supervision. But putting a microphone or a camera is already going much further. Even though CCTV is easy and affordable today, it raises fundamental questions, including legal questions. The spying of your nanny is not without consequence on the relation which you will have with her. What should we consider when installing a home camera? Here are the Do's and Don'ts when installing a Nanny Cam 


Do not install the camera on a suitable surface

CCTV cameras are quite light. Regardless of the brand or design you use, the majority of video surveillance systems rely on small devices.  However, just because the equipment is light and small does not mean that you have to neglect where the camera is going to be placed. What if, for example, you find the perfect location for a camera, climb up the ladder, and then realize it's a stone wall? Or that it is not possible to punch a partition for any reason? However, nothing is ever lost. If you have some cement or a little ingenuity, you can still install the camera. You will just need extra time to install your surveillance camera.

Have the image is upside down 

Nothing is more frustrating than finishing your installation, launching the setup and seeing one of the cameras display the image upside down (up and down inverted).  With their rotating head, it is easy to fix this problem for some cameras. But there are other ways to overcome this problem. The camera setting software can allow you to switch the image. This is true for most cameras.  However, to avoid all this, look carefully, before fixing the camera, in which direction it should be positioned. This way, during the installation, you will be much more efficient.

Install the camera in the wrong position

The positioning of the cameras is essential during installation. As you walk around your property, you can spot the best viewing angles.

However, beyond the point of view and avoiding clogged areas (such as trees), how is the sunlight going to evolve throughout the day?

The last thing you want is to have a strong glare of sunlight directly on your camera. Otherwise, you may not have the images, or poor quality, for a certain period of the day.

A good location for installing cameras is right under the roof, at the overflow level. This protects the camera from rain and direct sunlight.

Install cameras beyond the wireless range 

Some security cameras are wireless. Wired cameras, on the other hand, are excellent and offer good material stability. But this installation is not very practical all the time. And she also asks for more time.  Wireless cameras are easier to configure. What you need to know, especially for wireless cameras, is that every brand or model of surveillance camera has a defined wireless range.  Thus, there is a maximum distance between the camera and the central box. Once the camera begins to reach the range limit with respect to the panel, the camera may show errors and may not work at all.  But what to do? And all is not lost: you can extend your wifi.  

Do not use sufficient cameras to cover your entire property 

Sometimes you do not know how many cameras are needed for your home. In general, you need at least two cameras.  Many kits include between two to four cameras. But sometimes it's not enough to give a complete picture of your property. If you use your system just to see who enters your property, a small amount of cameras is enough. However, if you want full protection, you probably need more than one camera. A wide-angle lens is ideal for covering a wide field of view. But a wide angle is not great for identifying and recognizing faces.  Thus, you will need cameras covering different areas. You can start with the starter kit of four cameras for example. But think of investing in a kit where it is possible to add cameras just in case. 

Do not activate notifications and alerts

You cannot monitor the CCTV system all day long, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So what happens if a burglar approaches your house and you do not look? Even though security cameras can reduce the risk of burglary, we are never immune to anything...  It is therefore important to set your video surveillance system by checking notifications and alerts. Thus, you will be informed in case. These alerts can inform you when a camera is recording motion. But again, be careful to set up your system. Indeed, it should not be too sensitive; otherwise, as soon as a branch or the shadow of a cloud will pass, you will receive a notification. And that can be very annoying in the long run. Take a look at the user manual to be able to better set your cameras. Do not install cameras with a power source Yes, a wireless camera does not require an Ethernet cable connection. The data pass the wifi. This does not mean that the camera will work by the operation of the Holy Spirit! A camera must have a power source. Just plug it into a power outlet. Most wireless cameras work with a power cable. But others work with batteries or batteries.


Dec 1, 2018 4:51:52 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam

Nanny cams might have gotten their name from guardians and parents who need to spy on their nannies or caretakers of their wards, children, and siblings. However, indoor cameras serve a way broader purpose. Indoor security cameras will assist you to keep tabs on pets, kids, and therefore the overall security of your home. They'll additionally function as an additional set of eyes once your children are in different rooms. If you prefer to grasp what’s happening once you’re away or out of sight, you should be willing to buy a variety of "nanny-cams" with remote access, recording, and more.

This type of camera is hidden within a home or nursery section like a home-based device. Wristwatches or stuffed animals are usually the best fit and this way one can easily monitor nannies or sitters while away from his/her home.

Since most nanny cams record just videos, it puts its users at a less legal worry as most states allow for hidden cameras in a home even without the consent of your guests. But if you have to install cameras in places like the private room of your nanny or public areas, then you have to fully answer to the law.

The set of interior home security cameras that aren't restricted by law are those ones that don't extend towards recording the audio of your guest without their consent. Usually, it is expected that if the audio of a nanny is to be monitored, you the homeowner should duly inform your nanny in a verbal and written statement.

The essence of this precaution is to prevent you from being prosecuted and you can easily use the same recordings as evidence in court if the need ever arises.

Major Functions of A Nanny Cam

Dual Functions:
Nanny Cams come packaged as a regular everyday household or office product. This will help it function as a teddy in a nursery or stationary holder in an office environment and as a monitoring device in both situations.

Timed Recording:
Some models of nanny cams come with the feature to start recording at a specified time every day. Though this feature isn’t common amongst most hidden nanny cams, it is indeed an extra advantage to look out for before buying a nanny cam.

Instant Video Access:
This feature of nanny cams allows you to be in complete connection with your toddlers. When your nanny cam is connected to a reliable network, you can instantly stream videos and be able to view the live camera feed in a matter of seconds. 

Without this feature, the nanny cam in your baby’s nursery is simply recording footage for you to view at a later time. Most likely any information you should acquire in real time has already happened.

Two-Way Audio:
With nanny cams, you can be the second eye in your baby’s nursery. No matter how careful a nanny might be, we are all but humans and mistakes could possibly happen. With the two-way audio feature, you can easily call your nanny’s attention to a situation around your baby. Two-way audio allows you to talk to someone through the camera, just ensure to notify the person being recorded of possible audio footage to avoid being apprehended by the law. 

It's very difficult to leave your wards and infants in the care of some stranger or a new nanny, especially if you can’t help but be at work to make a living and provide for your infants. Nanny cams can help put a bridge to your concerns and provide comfort and content with your home being in view through your mobile phone or tablet.

Oct 12, 2018 1:02:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam

Since Nanny Cam enables you to monitor the quality of service or, more appropriately, care your Nanny is giving your ward(s) while you are away from home, it is necessary if not compulsory for you to have Nanny Cam installed in your house. Before you purchase the camera, there are five important things you should put into consideration. These will guide you towards getting the right product that will serve you just the way you want to be served.


While surfing the net for a Nanny Cam, you should give due consideration to the battery life of the camera. Since the camera will be assigned with the responsibility of spying on the services of your caregiver, you will need a cam that can do recording on its own for hours, without connecting it to a power source. Brand like Rhea HD 720p that is designed to last for 30 hours will do just fine in this regard.


Another important thing you should consider before you purchase the Nanny Cam is the size of the Memory of the Cam. Needless to say, there are tons of nanny cams out there in the market. On the recording strength, for instance, there are some that can record 40 minutes per 1GB, while some have the capacity to record 60mins on the same 1GB. There are some that are built to take 130mins per 1GB. In the sphere of storage capacity, the nanny cams differ. For example, 1080p HD Nanny Cam Table Clock can store up to 11 hours of video on 32GB card; on the same memory size, zFrameDVR-1000(Rhea HD 720p Nanny Cam) can only store 5 hours. If you’re the type that often stays away for a long time, you should go for the one that has big storage capacity.


In making your choice about the nanny spy cam, it is advisable that you place premium on the one that is compatible with phone such as Apple, Android, Window, Tablets and other models. These phones are popular and yours can’t be out of this list. The phone will serve as your monitor as you will be able to capture all the happenings in your house live anywhere you are. An icing on this cake will be the cam that also has motion detection phone alerts. It will be a daunting task for you to stay glued to your phone all day with the intent of getting a firsthand view of the occurrence in your home. The nanny cam that comes with this feature will beep you once it notices movement its reach. Kois 1080p Wifi Nanny Cam offers these features.

(4)    LENS

Another thing worthy of consideration is the camera lens. The camera lens comes in two forms: CMOS and CCD. If the real intent of purchasing the cam is to monitor the activities of your nanny as well as other house servants, it is important you keep them in dark about its existence. One of the ways to ensure this is to go for the nanny cam that is designed with the low-light sensor, as the opposite of it may easily draw suspicions. If you buy into this, Phoibe HD 1080p which has Low-Light CMOS Sensor fits the bill.


In the spheres of viewing angle, the nanny camera offers variety. Some have 900 angle lens, some 720, some 780 while the largest is 1800. If the house is relatively big and wide, for effectively capturing, the cam with 1800 will do just fine. On the other hand, if your house is small or not so large, 900 720 or 780 viewing angle cam will do the work.

Sep 20, 2018 2:30:17 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam

Babysitting has become a successful route for career mothers to keep their babies under closed and careful monitoring environment. Research has shown a great percentage of babysitters and they have helped to save the jobs of a lot of women in the corporate world and other demanding career fields.

Nanny Cam is legal; though you would break the video surveillance law if you locate the camera in private areas like your baby sitter’s bathroom or your nanny’s bedroom to monitor them. A few things to consider before getting a suitable nanny camera will involve;


Should the Nanny Cam be hidden or exposed?

The visibility of your nanny cam will be up to you; your decision to expose the Cam in any location of the house is up to you. Hidden Nanny Cam is usually disguised in something else, like a clock, a book or a toy and used to record a given location.


The features of which a good Cam should come with

It is very important to spend your money on quality as many Cams do not possess features that are most needful and reliable; so a good research will do a lot of good. When getting your findings, these features should be in check:

Power source

One kind of Nanny Cam is the battery powered ones which run on rechargeable battery packs; another kind is the AC powered device which draws their power directly from the outlet. These video cameras are known to last far better than others. The AC powered nanny cam will be a preferable pick for monitoring and recording.


High definition is a video format that gives you more clarity and details; though the cost is higher, its storage space is worth more.


Nanny cameras with audio devices will enable you to listen and speak with your kids and your babysitter whenever you feel necessary.


This feature allows live coverage video, unlike others.

Motion involvement

Motion alerts enable you awareness whenever motion occurs since your eyes are not always on your PC or Smartphone.


How could your Nanny react?

The major reason why parents decide to install a nanny cam is to keep a close watch on their nanny’s performance, by this they expect them to deliver. Many Nannies do not mind the use of a camera as long as their rights are respected. Privacy from your Nanny as well as guarded legality should be kept on your own part.


Share good memories with a baby

I met a Custom accountant who had a babysitter for nearly two years; after she got her Nanny camera installed, she shared with me how much she felt at home while in the office with her PC, every moment she shared with her baby and his nanny. To her, she never missed a moment with her baby; his smiles, laughter and even watching him sleep. She also confused how much bound her nanny and she had improved.


Babysitting can be much more fun for both the parents and Nanny. Making the right choices will be dependent on your decision to get a suitable Nanny Cam for your babysitter

Jul 24, 2018 3:14:01 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam

Nanny cams are highly effective tools that can help you to keep your kids safe and protected from threats. Nanny cam provides excellent video surveillance of areas where your children are and ensures that you have the ability to keep tabs on them round the clock.

However, what do you look out for when purchasing one?

The following tips can definitely be you out in that regard:

Where will you be able to place it?

Read More
May 2, 2018 8:00:40 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam

Hidden spy camera just like every other gadget, should be handled very carefully. To help people who might be considering owning one, here are 5 mistakes you should never make when using a spy camera.

1.Selecting low-quality cameras in order to save money:

It is not recommended that you buy spy cameras just because they cost less. Sometimes, in order to assure your security, you need to splash the cash and break the bank. However, also make sure that you get a good idea of the specs. Be sure you’ve got everything right and you’ll get the best out of your spy camera.

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Jan 29, 2018 1:05:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam

When considering spy cameras or nanny cams, you must know and understand the purposes that one should have and uses of a nanny cam. Presently, that may sound somewhat knowledgeable, but, there is a grain of truth to that statement. In other words, before you run out to purchase a wireless spy cam or hidden nanny cam, firstly you need to thoroughly research all the purposes as to why you should use a nanny cam. And, when you sit down and consider it, you'll be surprised of its usefulness, versatile and how helpful nanny cameras can be.

It's important to note and remember that nanny cams can only be useful if used properly and correctly. Incorrectly using or installing a nanny cam is going to accomplish a few things - none of which are any good:

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Nov 13, 2017 12:13:31 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam

Do you have babies in your home? Children are one of the most beautiful gifts of the world. Therefore as a parent, it is your duty to make sure that your babies get the best treatment and the best things in life. Most parents usually appoint a nanny for their babies.

If both parents are working, then it is critical to choose a nanny who will take proper care of the baby. It is essential to select the nanny carefully so that your babies do not face any problem.

You might have heard about the nanny cam which is one of the best ways to protect your babies from any treatment abuse. It is quite difficult to trust nannies nowadays. So how can you trust the nanny and give her the responsibility to take care of your baby?

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Nov 2, 2017 7:40:16 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam

Children’s security is the first thing on parent’s mind. That’s why leaving them alone is really difficult. Information technology is promising us a safer future, which is why we now have hidden cameras that can be used as nanny cams to monitor your child activity. So, whether you want to keep it in his room to see when he sleeps or wakes up, whether you want to keep it in the lounge and monitor and record when the nanny is responsible for taking care of your child, you can achieve all of this by choosing a best-hidden nanny cam. If you are looking to find out how to purchase the best-hidden nanny cam, then read below:

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Aug 21, 2017 4:08:42 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam
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