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We live in the age of technology where surveillance has become a big part of our lives. Nowadays, surveillance has become very common and brings with it many benefits, such as the ability to add security to places. Sadly, even with all of its benefits, surveillance tools can easily be misused and are used for many negative things.

Luckily for us, with all the different techniques used for surveillance, we also have technology that can counter this and offer us a more secure environment. The ability to protect ourselves from constant surveillance and have more privacy is something everyone should have, and with the Zetronix Recon Pro, it is very easy.


What is Recon pro, and what does it do?

A must-have product by Zetronix, the Recon Pro hidden camera, bud detector, and GPS tracker is a multipurpose product that makes your life infinitely easier. The Recon Pro is a bug detector, but alongside that, it also has the ability to look for hidden cameras and GPS trackers. It is a very simple-to-use product that allows you to survey an area around you for bugs, cameras and GPS trackers of up to 45 feet.


Special features of the Recon Pro

  • The small size makes carrying it around and travelling with it very easy
  • Battery that can last for up to six months each charge
  • Three easy flashing modes for easy detection
  • A dummy pinhole comes with the device that can help you practice, ensuring that you use it properly when the time comes.


How does it exactly work

The device uses the RF signals that can be emitted from devices used to spy on people. By using the device, one can easily detect any devices giving off unusual signals and detect that something is wrong.

The range of 2-45 feet and the fact that it is easy to use makes it the perfect product for almost anyone. The dummy pinhole for practice also ensures that a person won't make mistakes using the product.


What do you need the Recon Pro for, and where to use it?

Use of Recon Pro

Surveillance is very common when you are in a public area or a place where there are a lot of people. It is expected because multiple reasons like security make surveillance necessary. In a private setting, though, surveillance devices can be very invasive and harmful to people. Everyone has the right to privacy in their private spaces, and the Recon Pro allows you to detect any hidden devices that could be used for surveillance against you anywhere. The easy to use device ensures that you can quickly find any harmful devices that can be used against you.


Where can you use it?

The Recon Pro is a handheld devicel, so it does not need a lot of setup and can be used anywhere. Areas where you might need a bug detector the most are:

  • Hotels and Airbnb-type places where you rent a place to stay
  • Public restrooms
  • Office areas where you might feel you need privacy
  • Changing rooms in stores
  • Gym lockers or changing places
  • Apartments you rent or areas around your apartment where people might be using surveillance tools.

Other than that, you can use the Recon Pro in any place you suspect your privacy might be attempted to be breached. For example, if you come to your house after a vacation and have someone looking over it. Checking your house for bugs, cameras, or GPS trackers can make sure if someone tried to plant something over there.


Uses of detecting GPS trackers

A GPS tracker will be used to track a person's movements and location, so it can be planted on you by your clothes or any other items you might carry. GPS trackers will most likely be used by people who want to secretly know where you are for various reasons. The Recon Pro allows you to check if any GPS tracker has been hidden in your belongings.


Accessories that go with the Recon Pro and where to get the Recon Pro


The Recon Pro comes equipped with anything you might need with it, but there are additional accessories that you can buy that can help you charge your device or make it more convenient for you.

You can buy a travel wall charger or a car charger alongside your Recon Pro so you can have your device charged wherever you are.


Where to buy it?

Like any Zetronix product, the Recon Pro - Hidden camera, GPS tracker, and bug detector can be bought on the Zetronix website. On any purchase of the Recon Pro, Zetronix offers:

  • A one-year guarantee and 30 day refund period
  • Free tech support
  • Free shipping in the US and Canada



Jun 22, 2022 4:36:00 AM By Junaid Q Comments Hidden Surveillance

No doubt in today's life robberies, mobile snatching, and likewise other severe crimes are boosting the environment. In developed countries, many actions have been made to prevent themselves from these life-threatening problems. Trespassing is also a rising issue among all of us.

For sure we all see our homes to be safe places. We cannot consider any other place safer than our own home because it is a place where we use to spend most of our hours. So we cannot doubt loving our homes. We all have been living in it since we were born. Automatically loving this place is a sacred truth. Our parents and even most of us have struggled hard for purchasing these homes so the security of our homes is also obvious.

Sometimes it seems to be impossible for us to look after our home all the time and if you are a single person it becomes nothing but a challenge for you to protect your home. Before leaving your home you have to ensure that your home is safe and no one is trespassing.

Preventing you from these life and trespassing hazards we are going to discuss how you can abstain people from trespassing on your property including some video surveillance signs that will facilitate you in this regard.

Mini surveillance cameras

If you need full proof and tight security for your home so imposing a camera outside or even inside your home is a perfect idea. These surveillance cameras can be installed in front of your entrance gate, lawns, or every other place from where you can keep an eye every time. It is also fruitful in this way that you can see all the footage and recording of the camera even if you are in a place far away from your home. These types of cameras are perfect for home and office surveillance. We have a list of cameras present in the market which can be installed for security purposes.

Spy Cameras

Spy cameras are among the best and favorable range of hidden cameras. We can name spy cameras as mini surveillance cameras. It is very easy to fit these types of cameras. It is a type of wireless camera that is used for security purposes especially to keep an eye on a person secretly. These small-sized cameras can easily be fitted in some


hush-hush places where no one can detect them. It works in total silence without making any type of noise so it is almost impossible to detect this type of camera. It is so adjustable that you can keep it secretly in a vase, under a table, inside a cap of a pen, between your books shelf, and in many other secret places. It will facilitate you completely and make you relaxed for the safety of your home.

The recording through your hidden camera can be used later for court purposes like in the form of evidence that can prove anyone's innocence. Many of the hidden cameras have the ability of wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also connect your small camera with your device to check the ongoing or previous records.

Extend your relations

Extending your relations with your neighbors and other people who you think can help you out in emergencies is also the best way to deal with these types of situations. As many people will know you automatically your helping criteria will also be broadened. On a holiday or getting in or out of your place if you see your neighbor try to greet them well. When everything becomes on a normal track. Talk to them about some security plans and let them know that you care for their property boundaries and security. Tell them that you also predict the same from them. This will enhance your relations with your neighbors and it is possible in leisure time that they will keep an eye on your property too. In your absence, if they feel something abnormal regarding your place so as their moral duty they will inform you, and then you could easily overcome that situation.

Making a boundary line around your place

A helpful way to keep people away from your property is by making a boundary around your place. It is a common trend to make a borderline by planting small plants and little bushes. Which not only makes your place more beautiful and attractive but also differentiates it from other properties. It also has the advantage that your place will be protected from the eyes of strangers. It becomes unable for them to look into your place. Also, the small plants and shrubs give your place a fresh look. You can also take help from the logs of fallen trees. If you think that these logs will disturb your lawn's beauty so you can paint or make other designs on it which can assist the logs to look beautiful and can stop anyone from entering your place. In the morning you can visit this delightful little garden and inhale some fresh air inside you which can make your soul fresh and you can have a fabulous day full of happiness.

Setting up private property and no trespassing signs

This is not a thing we can say differently but no doubt it must be more helpful for you to prevent your place from the trespassing of people. If there are no signs like no trespassing or private property so people may enter into your property in your absence and can misuse your things. If you have placed such signs and then anyone has forcefully entered your place so it will be a police case. You can report to police that someone has entered your place without your permission which is illegal and unlawful. Then that person should be punished legally by the police. Imposing these signs may be more effective and it may avoid trespassing at your place.

Getting a Dog for security

For security purposes, you can have a dog who will look after your place in your absence. Dogs who are kept for security purposes are too drastic. They don't let anyone look at your place. If someone tries forcefully to enter inside your place the dog will deal with that person very harshly. The dog has the skill to play on its own and will prevent your place in any case. Dogs are well-known for their faithful and devoted nature. So why not you get a dog and test his faithfulness and loyalty. This will also save the money that you are giving to your security guard to secure your place. The dog will fulfill all your requirements without anycast and happily without any argument.

Install a fence


Installing a chain-link fence clears the boundaries of your property and protects your place from strangers. It does not allow any other person to wander in your area without your permission. If someone attempts to cut, try to come inside by climbing or by any other way. That person must be handed over to the police for the attempt to enter anyone's place without permission and must be punished harshly.

Motion-activated sprinkler

The purpose of a motion-activated sprinkler is not to water your plants or have a fresh look at your lawn. It is designed in this way to prevent your place from unwanted visitors, naughty kids of neighbors(who often come and destroy your beautiful lawn), and trespassers. Set this sprinkler at a perfect angle and then place a sign of warning to get away from it. It will be a simple step to get rid of trespassers.

When anyone will step on this little sprinkler a beam of water droplets will come out of it suddenly which can easily scare anyone and devastate that person's decent look. Maybe adults will not be scared of this gadget but as adults are very conscious of their looks so they must not desire to disturb their dashing look. In this way, they will try to get away from your place rather than getting wet and dirty with this motion-activated sprinkler.

As the use of spy and surveillance cameras is common. People are worried about the use of camera warning signs. Don't worry if you are going to place a security camera inside or outside of your place. You don't need to put up a sign. You can freely use a camera for security purposes but in private places like the washrooms and bedrooms, the use of these cameras must be abolished. In this way, it can disturb the privacy of others. If you see someone ambiguous so don't panic and don't hesitate to ask for help. Taking help from a known person is not obvious. In an emergency, you can take help from any stranger.

Where do you put video surveillance signs?

It's highly recommended to put them near your entrances and exits, as well as any other high-traffic areas around your property. You may also want to place them near any areas where valuable possessions are kept. Other good locations include garages, sheds, and any other location where intruders might try to access your property.

What does 24 hours surveillance mean?

mining vigilant and keeping an eye on your property 24 hours a day is the most effective way to deter criminals and prevent theft or vandalism. Most security systems cannot guarantee this level of constant protection, but a good surveillance system will at least notify you when something is happening on your property.

If you suspect that someone is trespassing onto your property but you cannot see them, the use of these signs will keep people away from your private places. You must not forget to install them at all required locations such as entrances, exits, and around watchful areas.

Never trespass on the place of others without moving a "no trespassing" or a "private property" sign isn't going to make it any less illegal to trespass on private property. And, even though you may have been given permission to enter someone's fenced-in backyard, if the homeowner has a "no trespassing" signposted as well as a fence you can still be arrested moving or vandalizing a "no trespassing" sign is also considered trespassing. If you see someone removing or vandalizing these signs, it's important to contact the police and report the incident.

Remember that in the presence of the age of technology, it is very handy to use security gadgets like cameras, alarms, and dogs for our safety. It is very important that these gadgets work properly and fulfill their purposes. If they don't, then it's a wastage of money as well as time. So it is necessary to take care of these gadgets and make sure that in the end, it is important to use common sense and take precautions to secure your home and property. Don't be afraid to ask for help from your neighbors or the police if you feel unsafe or threatened. With a little bit of effort, your home can be safe and secure from intruders.

In your busy life schedule, you cannot be present at your place all the time. You have to go to the office and also have to fulfill other necessities of life which cannot be done by sitting at home. And if it looks weird and unusual to you, have a security guard for your little home. The above-discussed points may prove beneficial for you and may protect you from the trespassing of people at your place.

Mar 20, 2022 5:06:00 AM By Junaid Q Comments Hidden Surveillance

Security cameras are often used in retail stores, parking lots, banks and other businesses to monitor customers and store operations. Surveillance cameras are usually installed in public areas where they can be monitored by law enforcement or security personnel for the purpose of preventing or detecting criminal activity. The main difference between security cameras and surveillance cameras is primarily designed for monitoring while a security camera's primary function is deterrence from crime.

All surveillance video equipment has a purpose to record images of remote activity at various times in order to observe activities that may attract criminal attention or create evidence of crimes or disasters. Surveillance surveillance cameras are surveillance equipment that can be hidden from the public eye, but surveillance security surveillance cameras stand out and are easily visible to all.

The CCTV surveillance camera is widely used in businesses, financial institutions, casinos, airports, factories, and other large buildings (such as city hospitals) where monitoring activity around the clock is essential for a continued surveillance camera. Security surveillance cameras are often hidden in plain sights, such as on closed-circuit ATMs or surveillance video surveillance security surveillance systems in stores or airports.

Surveillance cameras vs security cameras

The fundamental difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras is the purpose of each device. Surveillance CCTV Security Surveillance Security Cameras are designed to watch over an area, usually by a remote operator. This can be a video from inside the camera or through a third window on the PC screen via IP technology. Because they're in public areas, these cameras are plainly visible and are usually not disguised. However, these cameras have no control over the environment they're watching - they simply record what occurs in front of them.

Security surveillance equipment can record or capture images for evidence, but it is more than that. Security Surveillance Security Cameras will detect motion within a specific area (the detection range is usually between 12 and 30 meters), and send an operator alert via email, SMS message or a mobile app. Some security surveillance cameras allow operators to remotely monitor their cameras for real-time viewing.

Advanced security surveillance systems

Some of the most advanced security surveillance systems not only detect motion but can also detect people, animals or vehicles moving in or out of specific areas. They can also detect the time of entry and exit and alert the operator in an appropriate manner.

Security surveillance equipment can be equipped with laser sensors that detect heat by detecting infrared wavelengths between 700 nm and 1,000 nm (heat flow). When there is no movement, normal infrared radiation produces a constant temperature reading on the monitor. However, if something (such as a person) moves through the detection area, then infrared radiation is reflected back to the infrared sensor. A change in temperature will occur that indicates movement.

Security surveillance equipment

Security surveillance equipment can also be equipped with pheromone detectors that detect the release of certain chemicals called pheromones. These types of security surveillance cameras are most commonly used in animal monitoring systems.

For example, the brown-headed cowbird female will lay her eggs in another species nest. In order to attract a host to find her egg and take care of it, she will release pheromones that fool the other bird into believing the cowbird's eggs are actually theirs. Security surveillance equipment can detect these pheromones to determine when a cowbird is in the area, even if no actual movement is occurring.

Security surveillance equipment can also have magnetic or infrared motion sensors. Such security surveillance cameras can be set up on laptops, tablets, and smartphones - giving operators full control of who can access their devices and from what distance.

Security surveillance equipment can also have weatherproof housings to protect them from water, dust, dirt, and other harsh conditions.

Security surveillance equipment can be equipped with night vision capabilities that allow operators to monitor activity at all hours of the day - no matter if it's dark or light outside. Some security surveillance cameras include heat sensors that allow operators to detect body heat in addition to infrared wavelengths. Security surveillance equipment can be equipped with other unique sensors that are very beneficial in certain applications - such as fuel leak detectors, smoke detectors, and water detection systems.

Security Surveillance Equipment for Small Businesses

Small businesses often rely on security cameras because they are cost-effective. However, convincing a local shopkeeper to install security cameras, alarms and other security surveillance equipment may not always be practical. This is where these devices have proven to be a big help with home-based businesses that need to protect their property against theft or vandalism.

Businesses will often hire a professional security consultant to help them design an effective security system. The first step is understanding the purpose of security surveillance in your business. Do you want to discourage theft, protect private information or prevent damage? Also, carefully assess the risks associated with your business and identify any areas that could be vulnerable to potential criminal acts.

This way, you can specify the type of security surveillance equipment that you really need and what kind of system will work best in your business.

Security cameras for small businesses have become more powerful and affordable. Nowadays, it is possible to buy a great CCTV camera recording system for around $300 if you know where to look. In addition to an affordable price, security camera recording systems for small businesses now offer high-resolution color images and can be set up in minutes.

Security Camera Recording Systems for Small Businesses

Many people don't realize just how important surveillance cameras are until they experience a robbery, burglary or other large-scale theft. Once you've been hit by a crime like this one, you are more likely to take precautions in the future.

A small business should always consider security when installing anything from a new telephone system to a fax machine. All of these pieces of equipment could make your company much easier to rob. However, it is far too expensive for most small businesses with limited budgets to hire an expert on surveillance systems or cameras.

Security cameras, and the equipment to operate them, are quite expensive. Many times they are more costly than other types of surveillance equipment because of their high level of sophistication and versatility. Security camera systems can be monitored either in a central station or at the point where they were installed. A security camera system may use television, radio, or a digital storage device. In the case of video, it is known as a CCTV system. CCTV systems may be supplemented by other security equipment such as motion sensors and infrared detectors.

Security surveillance cameras are used for many types of applications from monitoring your home to protecting large companies with valuable assets. Security camera prices can vary depending on their size, capabilities, and the materials used to manufacture them. You should consider all of these things when deciding which type of security camera is right for you.

Security Cameras for Home Use

When looking into state-of-the-art surveillance cameras for home use, remember that smaller ones may not be better. Larger cameras can provide much more detail than their smaller counterparts and may therefore be much more useful.

In addition to size, there are a few other factors that you should consider when purchasing a security camera system for home use:

Deterrence Value - Thoroughly research any type of surveillance before deciding upon it. Determine how visible your cameras will be to would-be criminals. Will they be able to tell that the cameras are there?

Budget - Security cameras vary greatly in price depending on their size, capability, and type. Make sure that you choose a camera system that is within your budget and offers the features you need.

Installation - How easy will it be to install your security camera system? Do you want one with wires or are you comfortable using wireless cameras?

Storage - Many security camera systems come with digital video recorders. Since this is an essential part of a security system, be sure that your DVR can store all of the footage it will need to function effectively.

Upgradeability - Is your equipment upgradeable? Does it have room for future expansion?

A security camera system for home use can provide peace of mind and a much higher standard of protection than most other types. Before you invest in a security system, do your homework on the different methods of surveillance available to you and find one that will work best for your family's needs.



In the modern world, there are many different types of cameras to choose from. But what is the difference between surveillance and security cameras? The answer depends on your needs as a business owner or homeowner. For instance, if you want an easy way to keep an eye on things without having someone physically watching at all times, then surveillance might be your best bet. If you need something that will detect motion (or anything else) in order for it to start recording footage automatically, then security may make more sense since this type of camera has pre-recorded video storage space which can store up to 10 days worth of data before overwriting old files with new ones.

Aug 2, 2021 7:25:09 AM By Junaid Q Comments Hidden Surveillance

When you connect a device with Bluetooth, you can access it from a short distance with ease. Bluetooth security cameras are there to control your security system from a short distance. People mostly use Bluetooth through their mobile phones, and the same goes for their security systems.

What are Bluetooth security cameras?

Bluetooth security cameras can communicate with your device through ISM. A Bluetooth security camera can share information with your device within the range of 10 to 100 meters. This technology gives you easy access to your security system. These security cameras provide you a wireless connection and save you from all the additional wiring and connections. Unlike other cameras, these security cameras don't need wires and cables to transmit data. Instead, you only need a stable Bluetooth connection.

How is Bluetooth technology useful in the current era?

Bluetooth technology has the the capacity of information tying and applications which permits the handset to impart its Internet association with an associated gadget, So, you can answer messages with a PC as Bluetooth innovation is extremely valuable in remote interchanges. FM radio, cell phones and TV all utilization the radio waves to send the data remotely, And while Bluetooth innovation likewise utilizes the radio waves, it communicates them over a more limited distance.

Restrictions for a Bluetooth Camera:

There are some restrictions when using a Bluetooth security camera. They are:

  1. The Bluetooth camera needs a stable connection to your device to share data. If the contact obstructs your device will not receive information.
  2. Any Bluetooth device needs a battery to perform tasks, and you have to keep in mind to change the battery.
  3. The Bluetooth camera has to be within a 10 to a 100-meter radius of the device. If the device is in clear sight, the range can increase gradually.

Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Bluetooth Cameras:


Most Bluetooth cameras can also access through an internet connection if you prefer and have mobile access feature. These cameras provide an additional way to transport data from your security system.  If a low-bandwidth condition occurs, these cameras are useful to transfer data with Bluetooth. These cameras are best for close distance security of your property.


The major problem with Bluetooth cameras is Bluetooth robbers that disrupt your Bluetooth connectionby hacking or using jammers.

Should you buy Bluetooth security cameras?

Bluetooth cameras are beneficial for people that want to monitor the security of their property. These people can store the information they receive from the camera in their mobiles.

Steps to Install A Bluetooth Security Camera:

After you buy a Bluetooth security camera, you have to some steps to install it. First of all, you need to attach your camera in clear sight so that it catches the signals clearly, and this will also increase the range of the Bluetooth. If there is a disruption between the camera and your device, the camera can't provide you precise information.  The best possible position for the Bluetooth security camera will be outdoors because if you install them indoors, there is a high chance for signal interruption.

Since Bluetooth cameras also have Wi-Fi access, you can install them indoors and install a router for the camera.

 To set up/ install a Bluetooth security camera, you need some equipment:

  1. A reliable Bluetooth camera:

You can use cameras available in all types of sizes and shapes. Make sure to choose a camera that is secure from burglars and other security issues.

  1. Wireless Access Point:

If you choose to use the internet access feature instead of Bluetooth, you should have a wireless access point. The access point should have a 2.4 GHz for a long-range connection with the cameras. Wi-fi routers can also be useful for this connection, but these routers are not reliable due to heat issues.

  1. A Reliable Battery:

Bluetooth security cameras are wireless. Hence they need a reliable battery to support them. A battery with a 1.5 V voltage is a reliable choice. You have to keep in mind to change the battery of the Bluetooth camera as soon as the old one expires.

How does it work?

 The Bluetooth camera records a video or captures a picture. Then it sends the data to your device through a radio band, or if you choose to use Wi-Fi, you need an access point for the camera. Both the radio band and access point should be 2.4 hertz.

 These servers will transmit data to your mobile or other devices with the Bluetooth feature.

The Bluetooth security cameras can catch the signals within 10 to 100 meters. The camera sends data to your device, and you can easily view it and save it for later. Bluetooth security cameras send videos and pictures to your device and you can access them without worrying about your device storage.


Bluetooth security cameras are the best for short-distance coverage of a property. These cameras use low-range radio bands that can be useful almost everywhere. These cameras are easy to set-up and provide a quick response. All you need to do is attach the camera to an open area, pair it with your device and have a 2.4-hertz radio band, and it is all set to go. As these cameras also come with Wi-Fi access technology, you can use an access point or a stable internet connection to control these cameras.

These security cameras are not the best choice to keep your property safe as there are some disadvantages to them, but you can choose a company with reliable cameras.

Bluetooth security cameras are reliable and beneficial for short-distance security of your property and personal monitoring.




Feb 23, 2021 3:54:00 AM By Junaid Q 0 Comments Hidden Surveillance

Security cameras have become a necessity and a great addition to any house, office, or surroundings. They are best for the surveillance purposes of the possessions and keep intruders away. They are best to record everything and in case of any situations such as accidents, thefts, meetings, etc. Not only this, even it’s a great way to monitor everything that takes place when you are not there in the situation. The live security feeds can also be accessed from laptops and cell phones that show real-time footage from the cameras. The security cameras record the footage and also have playback options that can be kept saved for months. Some systems have facial recognition even is beneficial for surveillance setups.

Fixing the security cameras at any place is not a difficult job. All you need to set up the cameras, power them up, and hook them to the DVR. These days, DIY security camera systems are available in the market that has made it even easier. But it is best to hire a professional to set up the system. The major problem while setting up the security camera system is not to fix it but to hide or disguise the camera wires. It ruins the aesthetic and poses a security threat as well. In case, the wires are visible, one can easily cut off while standing at a blind spot that results in disruptions in smooth flows of camera workings. So, it’s highly necessary to keep the camera wires hidden while installing a security camera.

In case you are willing to set up a security camera system yourself, we have a few workable ways for you to hide security camera wires:-

Way # 1:- Shade the wires to match the walls

This is one of the best and simple ways to keep the security camera wires safe on the outside. Clip the wires neatly in a way that they do not mingle or tangle with each other. Shade them with the same color as the background wall. This will be the best way to improve the security and to make it look good and safe from the intruder’s eye. Now, you can even have the flat cables for the cameras that can be flush along the wall and become invisible to the eye when shaded to match with the wall.

Way # 2:- Plastic tubing for the wires

This is one of the best but complicated methods. It involves all about plastic tubes through the wall. After doing it, pass the wire through it to the point you have fixed the security camera. Therefore, hiding wire would be the best option. A plastic tube can easily hide the cable and keep it protected from all sorts of external damages such as weather, intruders, and pets off course. The only problem that exists is, these wires are difficult to access at times when an emergency occurs. So, a professional is needed for managing the situation.

Way # 3:- Hide the Wires inside the False Ceiling

You can hide the cables through the false ceiling in the house and go fullyuntraceable.Analyze the gap on the top of the ceiling and insert the wires through it. Even for making the security systems more secure one can hide the security cameras inside the walls. You can also drill the holes in the wall and can install the cameras carefully. Make sure not to ruin the wall with extra drillings. You may have to consider installing the power outlet or the DVR on the outer side of the wall.

Way # 4:- Inter the Cables inside your Porch or Garden

Here we have another option of burying the cable that involves a lot of labor to make it possible. The best way of doing so is to get the cables buried during construction. By doing so there will be no mess afterward. By this means the cables can easily be buried and hidden for long.

Way # 5:-Build a Cable Run through the building

This is a process that requires professionals for doing so. A cable run needs to be built around the house or building using plastic pipes, covers, drilling holes inside the walls. One can also make mounts for the cameras and other associated systems as well. At the completion phase of structure, it’s far easy to set up the security system. In this setup, the wires are run through the cable run that ensures that they are endangered from external forces and are hidden as well.

Way # 6:- Get a Wireless Security Camera System

An easy way to get rid of wires is by buying a wireless security camera. Such wireless cameras either come with batteriesor with solar-based charger systems. You can easily mount the camera at any favorable spot you want to and can power them up easily. The wireless camera setups can easily be connected to the hub as well. No doubt, that wireless security cameras are expensive than wired ones. But over time they are being affordable to buy. Besides, it’s worth buying them because they save the hassle of running the wiring through the house to cover them.

Way # 7:- Pass cables through conduits

Passing the cables through conduits ensures the safety of rats and electrical hazards. It is one of the prone ways from the mice attacks even the professionals would be needed for doing so. It is a comprehensive process where you have to run cables through plastic pipes and covers. Initially, the setups seem difficult to do so, but once it’s started you go with the flow to finish the whole process.

Way # 8:- Hide the Wires inside Baseboards

Hiding the wires inside the baseboards is probably the tidiest way to conceal your wires. The baseboards run through the wall at the bottom. Most of the baseboards can be easily be removed. By removing them, one can run the cables through the gap in the wall and floor. After doing so, you can easily put the baseboard back, and voila!

Way# 9:- Buy wires of the same colors as the background

Try to find the wires of the same color as the background where you have planned to mount the security camera. Because sometimes it becomes difficult to paint the wires before using them. Camera wires come in various colors so it would be easy for you to match them with the wall background color.

Way# 10:- Mount the decorative pieces and hangings along the wire

For keeping the wires out of the sight of intruders. You can hide the wires by mounting various decorative hangings or pieces along the wires. This would show up the hangings instead of wires at first glimpse and will keep you safe from the show-up of a security camera.


By following the above ways one can be able to conceal their security setup wires with ease. It’s good to hire a professional to do the setup and is highly recommended as well.

Feb 22, 2021 1:47:20 AM By Junaid Q Comments Hidden Surveillance

According to a research article, one in thirty-six homes are burglarized in a given year in the USA. So, when it comes to the safety and security of your homes, we know that you want no compromises to be made. The home security system has become very important these days, as it tends to protect your property from any type of break-ins as well as it keeps you linked and posted about your home through online mode. So today, we are going to look for some of the best self-monitored security systems and also help you in getting them installed.

What does the home security system refer to?

Home security is any kind of security system that is installed on your property to protect you from vandalism, burglaries, and alarming situations. To establish a home security system various devices and internetworking components are used. Following are the various components that are put together to complete a home security system

  1. Control Panel
  2. Sensors
  3. Wired Security Cameras
  4. Wireless Security Cameras
  5. A siren
  6. An alarm
  7. Signs/Stickers

 Basic Types of a Home Security System

The basic two types of home security system are as follow

  1. Self-Monitored Home Security System
  2. Professionally Monitored Home Security System

What is a Self Monitored Home Security System?

As the name suggests, the self-monitored home security system is directly associated or linked to the owner, which means that in case of any emergency or any dangerous situation the owner is the only person to get alarmed about it. While on the other hand, in emergencies the professionally monitored security system sends that alarming notice to their monitoring station so they can handle the situation.

A self-monitored home security system comprises a package that comes with basic security devices. It includes

  • Door Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Security Cameras
  • A Base Station.
  • Sirens

But the major factor that makes it different is that the self-monitored security system puts all the control in your hands.

How does a Self Monitor Home Security System Works?

Self-monitored systems are considered to be the most updated and efficient mode of security. The self-monitoring system works in a connection to a mobile application. There is a mobile application that comes with the security system and helps you control the security system. It lets you monitor all the activities just through your cell phone. The application can be installed on more than one mobile device.

Taking an example, if you have ever read about the hidden cameras, you must have come across a wifi nanny cam. And you would know that these cameras are also connected to mobile phones or computers to access the camera location. So, it indicates that a wifi nanny cam is also a form of a self-monitored home security camera.

Why should you Consider Buying a Self Monitored Home Security System?

Now, when we have to get into the reasoning to buy a self-monitored security system, then we want you to know that this system will save you from a lot of hassle from the beginning because firstly it is very easy to install. And, in case, you shift your house you can take it with you anywhere without calling any help. They are also considered to be a good fit for your apartment and the reason is that they won’t take much of your space.

A self-monitored security system comes with the choice in your hand. Also, they are easy to upgrade or change if you change your mind. A self-monitored security system let you make your own choice, it also saves you from any month to month payment.

 How to choose the best self-monitored home security system?

Firstly, you should know about the policy, the advantages and all the aspects of the security system you want to buy. The key factor that you should keep in your mind when buying a security system, is that it should be designed to achieve perfect usability. Usability makes the whole process a lot easier for you to use. Keeping usability in mind, the system should have automatic alarm controls and the buttons should be clear in their function.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Self Monitored Home Security System

Now, before signing the home security system contract, the following are the basic points you need to consider.

  1. Know about Power Outrages

You need to have information about the operation of the system depending on the power outrages. Make sure the security system has a camera battery backup, so even when the power is out and you are far away from your home, you will still be able to monitor it.

  1. Size of the Security System

Select the security system according to the size you want. The size should be according to your convenience and space. If you have a small apartment, then a small system would be great but if you have a big house you might want to go for other options because the size of the cameras does matter.

  1. Reading the Contract

Read the contract carefully and understand what additional expenses the company is covering or leaving out. You should also know about all the upfront charges and installation fees. And don’t forget to ask about any cancellation policy. Also, reading the contract in the fine print form is very important.

What are some of the Best Home Security Systems?

Now, this is the most significant part of the whole process. In this section, you will know which self-monitored securing system will work out the best for you.

Starting, you can buy any sort of self-monitored security camera from “Zetronix”, their spy cams, wifi nanny cam; hidden cams all ensure durability and long term reliability.

  1. Abode Home Security

Abode Home Security is one of the topmost self-monitored security systems. It comes with many benefits, such as


  • Zero charges for self-monitoring
  • Compatible with other security devices
  • Help the customer to build their system
  • Doesn’t require a long term contract
  • Provide you with multiple sensors


  • Limited Video Camera Options
  • Requires Internet All the Time


  1. SimpliSafe Security Cameras

Simplisafe is one of the latest home security options. It is cheap as well as very reliable with many home automation options.


  • Comes with Easy Installation
  • No Contract Required
  • Affordability
  • The camera is Height and Tilt Adjustable
  • Comes with Quality Motion Sensors


  • Lacks the ability to zoom
  • No backup
  1. Scout Home security System

Scout home security system is one of the best DIY home security with many advanced integration options.


  • Self or DIY Installation
  • System Customization
  • Low Maintenance Hardware
  • Cheap Hardware Pricing
  • No long-term Contracts


  • No 4 G cellular backup
  • Lack of advanced security features

What are the Ultimate Benefits of Self-Monitored Home Security System?

Till now, you would have gotten an idea about the many advantages of a Self-Monitored Security System, but to be clearer we have listed out a few more benefits below

Easy Configuration

Self monitored home security system show flexibility in its configuration, as we know that it won’t charge any additional amount to you. You can also upgrade the self monitored security system, easily without getting involved in any long phone calls with the customer care. Lastly, you can easily cancel your security system too.

Flexible Mobility

Portability is a very important factor when we talk about self-monitored home security system. You can easily move your home security system from one place to another and the reason is that they are installed by you, and there’s also no monitoring center working behind it. The main reason behind the portability of self-monitored security system is that its size is smaller than other types of security system.

Video Recording

This is one of the many benefits that can’t be ignored. Self-monitored home security system doesn’t only show you the live recording, but it also saves those recording in its memory for the future use. In case, you would need an evidence to show to police then the self-,monitored security cameras can help you.

No Laws or Contract

There are no laws, no contracts and no middleman when we talk about buying a self-monitored security system. So, when there is no middleman in between, you can access all the situations yourself and then take an action. Many a times, we have seen that long term contracts make it hectic for the client to continue the services, but self-monitored security system makes it easy for the client to understand and access the service.


The best part about a self-monitored security system is that you have to pay no monthly fees. Also, they are the most affordable and cheap home security system. We have observed that professional monitoring of your security system makes you pay huge amount every now and then, but counting as another benefit of self-security system, it saves you from that expenditure.

With the advancement in technology, everyday there is a new invention that is launched mainstream, but seeing the growing popularity of self-monitored security system we are sure that it is in the market for a long run.  


Jan 29, 2021 6:44:44 AM By Junaid Q Comments Hidden Surveillance

With the increase in crimes like robbery, home invasion, vandalism, vehicle theft, and shoplifting, it is mandatory to secure your property by installing a reliable security system on it. Video surveillance systems help protect your property from crimes and keep you aware of disasters like fires and floods.

When you install a security system on your property, the threat of robbers breaking in lessens as the criminals want to avoid being captured by spy cams or hidden cameras placed secretly around the property. The security systems also help to keep an eye on your children and pets to ensure their safety. They also inspect the workers at your house.

With the development of technology, more efficient video surveillance systems are in the market.  They provide features and functions similar to that of a computer. They have motion sensors, mobile notifications, and they can also inform law enforcement automatically.

The cameras of a security system also require to save data they capture. For that, they need a video recorder. There are two types of video recorders, DVR and NVR. DVR is the better version of old VCR models, and NVR is the new revolution of video recorders.

Why is NVR better than DVR?          

NVR ( Network Video Recorder) offers better video quality with a resolution of 1080p that results in a better view of the picture. Attaching a new camera to the NVR system is very easy because it connects directly to a network. IP cameras used in NVR systems are connected by PoE switches that provide both power and data to the cameras and are easily attachable. IP cameras are suitable for NVR, and they have much better features and quality than analog cameras. You can easily change cameras, move or change the position of an NVR.  They have more and better-advanced features installed.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) has a video resolution of D1, the quality equal to 720 x 480 pixels used in television systems with closed-circuits. DVR connects to analog cameras, and adding a new camera requires plugging a BNC cable to attach a camera to the DVR. Since the BNC cable has a camera attached to it, you have to buy a new DVR to install a new camera. The DVR also requires the attached cameras to be in a close range.

Features of Network Video Recorders


NVRs use IP cameras for recordings. The word IP stands for Internet Protocol.  IP cameras can provide data as an IP address plus record videos. IP cameras use PoE switches and BNC cables. Not only does NVR provide quality videos, but it helps in data transmission as well.


As NVRs use IP cameras, they can directly record from or by the network environment. Using PoE ( Power over Ethernet), the circuit of NVR can transmit recorded videos and get the DC power supply.


NVR has internal storage in the form of an HDD that range from 500GB to 6TB. NVRs also has HDMI and USB ports to attach any external storage device and components.


NVR security systems are innately flexible because the cameras are not in a direct connection with the recorders. IP cameras only have to be on the same network. The cameras of your system can be anywhere, and you can view them if they are on the same network.

Video/ Audio Quality:

NVR recorders get an unadulterated advanced sign from the camera's video quality is in a way that is better than contrasted with a DVR at a similar goal. Furthermore, as Ethernet links convey sound, all cameras with mouthpieces could record sound to the NVR.

Which NVR to choose for your Security System?

NVR security systems are the most suitable to install on your property for sale to keep it safe. NVR systems are much more developed and have the most advanced features. But choosing the best and most reliable NVR system is also a task because different NVR systems have features, and to find one that fulfills, your needs can be tricky.

Here are some things you need to look for in your NVR security systems:

NVR that provides good quality footage:

For footage that can provide clear images of faces, number plates of cars, and other things, NVRs have different resolutions. That can range from 720 to 4K pixels. With 4K pixels, it's the horizontal dimension referred to as call at the abbreviated identifier. But they are almost 3840 x 2160 to save you time with the same math.

  • Keep in mind to buy an NVR camera system after following the precautions below:
  • Make sure it has at least 1080 pixel resolution and PoE cables attached to IP cameras.
  • Check out sample videos that users upload to determine the quality offered by the NVR system.
  • To avoid having blind spots, make sure to examine the view angle of the NVR. It will also help you decide the number of cameras required on your property to ensure proper protection of your property.

Remember to examine the Wifi IR range and PoE of NVR to see its capacity to view at night time.

Easy to use and setup NVR systems:

  • Almost all the NVR security systems are easy to set up and use and to choose the best, follow the following tricks:
  • When buying an NVR, make sure to see it sells the "plug and plays" feature.
  • Check if accessories for security camera installation are a selling point along with the NVR security system kit.
  • Look out for additional hidden fees linked to NVR PoE security systems.
  • View reviews of the NVR system to make sure the setup process is easy as advertised.

NVR security system must have a long recording time:

Many factors can affect the recording time of an NVR system. NVR security systems have a long recording time before new files overwrite the old ones. Following are ways to find NVR systems with long term recording time:

  • Check for NVR systems with built-in HDD and its storage space.
  • Check for the audio recording feature in the NVR system. Audio recordings can also take up storage space. If the NVR does include this feature, you can disable it.
  • Examine if the resolution to see if it is adjustable. If so, you can maximize the use of storage.
  • Check if you can add an external HDD  to the NVR to increase storage space.

Easily accessible by phone:

NVR systems have the advantage of easy access by mobile phones and computers. You can manage your home security sitting at any place with an NVR system. To buy a more reliable NVR system, you can take the following steps:

Check if the manufacturer offers free software for your phone or PC.

Look for reviews about the NVR to know what kind of experience its users had. Whether the product's software was easy-to-use, intuitive, and potent or not.

Also, see if users had any complaints about lagging or quality of the product when viewing the videos. Make sure the videos are clear and understandable.

Keep factors like your situation in mind when buying an NVR system, your family, budget, and your needs.

You can also look for NVR cameras with the following features that make them best for your home security system:

  1. Expandable
  2. Wireless Cameras
  3. ONVIF Compliant

NVR systems ensure the safety of your property in your busy life. It is a huge stress relief for parents with toddlers, who roam around. Even you are a victim of a robbery. NVR systems can provide you with evidence for the police.

NVR security systems are much more developed and useful than other network recorders. Buying the best NVR helps to make sure you are giving the safety of your property in the right hands.


Dec 28, 2020 8:01:07 AM By Junaid Q Comments Hidden Surveillance

Corporate interest in surveillance over some time now is one of the factors that boost productivity in companies like Facebook, Amazon and twitter. Unfortunately the public is concerned about their safety, and at the same time could not disband from some of these social devices which serves as the channel through which their privacy is been breached often times. So, this leaves us with the question; how can we manage this phenomenon?

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Oct 9, 2019 5:06:20 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Surveillance

Today, we’ll be looking at how to access your Surveillance systems or CCTV digital recorder from outside your network. Basically, there are many reasons you’ll want a smart choice in managing your surveillance systems; you may go for holidays or a business trip and still want to access to your CCTV video recorder to show you the live streaming view of your hidden cameras or dash cam from your Android, iPhone, Mac or PC device.

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Oct 8, 2019 5:04:51 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Surveillance

The US Navy has one of the most advanced technologies in the World today, and that includes spy tech and surveillance.Without doubt, if you know much about security and surveillance, you’ll know that the continuous use of spy equipment by the armed forces has brought a significant impact and rise in the use of spy cameras and surveillance globally.

It is assumed that so many people don’t know about some of these secret spying techniques orchestrated by the military for the purpose of the safety of human lives and property. Since it is important to be knowledgeable about these spy devices, let’s talk about them here.

The Cellular Interceptor

The military has in its arsenals; a new spy technology that locates people via their mobile phones. The device normally efficiently across a wide range of denser population, which means it is easier to come to the conclusion that these covert form of spy technology is created mainly for mass surveillance, since it rarely targets any individual in particular.

However, the military has recently backed the use of these technologies, informing the public that it is only used for monitoring criminal activities and identifying terrorist by tapping into conversations and SMS messages shared.

SOSUS – US Navy Secret Underwater Spy Technology

Let me tell you the truth, when foreign spies do set their eyes on America’s spy tech inventions, it is very rare to find them looking for secret bunkers buried under ground, these days; its either they are looking up into the sky or sailing on a voyage into the seas. Yes; the sea, that’s where you’ll find them the most. Notwithstanding, till date, the US is still dominant in undersea battle space.

For decades, the Russians think they are prowling under the surface of the oceans undetected, not aware that these underwater spy techs do follow their every move. The antisubmarine patrol the US is embarking on right now with the use of spy camera vices is so massive so that even if a nuclear war should happen, even the Soviets would not stand a chance in these Waters.

After successive use of the SOSUS (Sound Surveillance System) technology, the Americans have developed its underwater surveillance beyond Sonar systems which could only cover distances of few thousand yards. The SOSUS technology uses acoustic spy signals that could detect underwater ships and movements from a thousand mile, beating the high rate of water wave interference.

There are still a lot to these new spy technologies used by the military today, in fact, among all sectors of National Security, the military seems not to be tiresome about being keen on their espionage discovery and inventions.

Stingray –A Counter Attack Spy Weapon For The Military

The use of stingray as a spy equipment by armed forces is no longer a new thing but it’s still been used by various state military base around the world. Stingray has often proved its worth by serving as a prototype combat protection system, helping to guard against any enemy’s optical spy devices. What Stingray does is that; it detects and jams any enemy’sspy system before any damage is done from a proposed attack. If you ever had the chance to carefully look closely on the body of a military fighting vehicle, you may probably see it for yourself being mounted on those armored military vehicles. Don’t get it wrong, these are not missiles, not a machine gun, they just act as a piece of spy tech that helps counter multiple aerial and ground weapons.

The Military Nano Spy Drone

The infrared Motion sensored drones used by the military currently seem to be a cool gadget, provides it does not spy on the public. The Nano Spy drone is a typical kind of helicopter that’s smaller than most drones. It has a built-in spy camera for detecting the location and activity of the enemy commonly used by US armed forces. However, these drones are very expensive, but its significant benefit for the military makes it a common buy, why not, since it does save lives. Thanks to these drones, the military can now handle deadly missions without the need for sending a battalion of soldiers, air forces or spies to an actual distressed area.

No doubt, these drones can vastly increase the protection of citizens as well. In bomb investigation, military drones can effectively detectand defuse bombs, thereby helping armed officers in avoiding areas prone to hazards and packed with explosive devices. The drones can take pictures from its hidden camera lens, taking pictures of suspected images which are later screened by bomb analyst to ascertain if captured images from dangerous war zones are not explosive devices.

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Sep 4, 2019 11:27:31 AM By Naveed Malik 0 Comments Hidden Surveillance Hidden Spy Camera
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