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The biggest concern that all individuals have all around the globe is the safety and security of their loved ones. People nowadays are very busy with the routine activities in regards to their profession and growth that they are unable to provide all the due time that their home needs. The parents or the guardians that work day and night to provide the children and their home with the best of environment and facilities have the need to hire caregivers and caretakers for helping at home.

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Apr 14, 2020 2:47:13 AM By Junaid Q Comments Nanny-Cam News

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been the biggest news of the year for 2020 if not the century, and its impact on the world is still unfolding. People of all ages are becoming sick, and while symptoms seem to vary between ages it is certain that the older community is most greatly impacted. Keeping the older community safe is very important, but with the virus spreading so fast how do we keep an eye on our loved ones without accidentally infecting them?  


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Regardless of whether you're watching out for the children or their overseers, nanny cam is an incredible home security instrument. These cameras can sit in the open or cover-up on bookshelves, in tickers, and even in teddy bears. We tried a couple of our top choices to show signs of improvement thought of video quality, two-way radio highlights, application route, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

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Nov 8, 2019 2:49:59 AM By Junaid Q Comments Nanny-Cam News

Giving somebody access to your home to think about your kids is a change. What's more, with startling stories on the report about youngster care suppliers not meeting desires (or more awful), numerous guardians are utilizing babysitter cams to get that extra bit of psyche. While the nanny cam is there to ensure, care for and love the kids as an augmentation of the parent's eyes, ears and heart, a few caretakers may feel that it's an attack of protection to be recorded.

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Nov 7, 2019 1:54:00 AM By Junaid Q Comments Nanny-Cam News

The utilization of caretaker cams, the individual reconnaissance cameras that are either covered up or introduced on display to record a babysitter's exercises at work, is a fervently discussed subject. Nanny cam has so many benefits, a few guardians feel it's savvy to utilize what innovation brings to the table to screen children's security and care, while others feel that the utilization of a caretaker cam—particularly one that is utilized to record an individual without their insight—is a break of protection or at any rate awkward for the individual who is being viewed. Nanny cameras are a still or camcorder used to record individuals without their insight.

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Oct 17, 2019 11:58:00 AM By Junaid Q Comments Nanny-Cam News

The use of Nanny Cams for maximum security and covert recording is vastly becoming popular in the world we live today. Earlier this year, there have been recent competitive battle in the market for nanny cams, while some companies are focusing on having various categories and type options available for their customers; others are focusing on connectivity, component structure, and aesthetics respectively. However, the use of nanny cams and its technological components is more important to countries that use them most, North America, Europe, China and Japan..

When it comes to nanny cams, there are recent reports and updates on its technological improvements, it is also important to appreciate the reception of new features and technologies around these cameras, some of them, which we will discuss and update ourselves on today. However, before we do that, have it in the back of your mind that  the leading players in the game presently include Combrov, Toughsty, SpyTec, Jumbl, YYcam, Titathink, GMI ad a few others to be mentioned later on.

Hence, let us give a little detail on just five developments.

Facial Recognition On Nanny Cameras

Facial recognition over the years is vastly becoming one of the prerequisite for any spy technological equipment, especially for security cameras and spy nanny cams. Most of the new nanny cams with facial recognition function are regularly placed inside and outside of homes to check the familiarity of faces coming into your home, not everyone likes having unfamiliar faces around their homes these days.

The Ooma Smart Nanny cam is an example ofspy technology possessing such qualities. The new version of the Ooma Smart security is now having a new sensor; also, the camera can call 911 for you when the case arises. If you take home security serious, then facial recognition nanny cam is a must-buy; having cloud storage, Wi-Fi enabled, and having a wonderful night vision capability as well. If you do not like the Ooma nanny cam, there are lot cameras out there that serve as a nanny cam facial recognition camera for you to choose.

Adaptable And Multifunctional Nanny Cameras

Nanny cams and hidden cameras these days are now versatile in operation, the performance and operational echelon of the new Zmodo Snap Pro nanny camera is one of the reasons why it is so. Other nanny cams do also have many features to an extent, but the Snap Pro is a wonder to behold, suiting all-purpose aimed for nanny cam functionality. It has a 360-degree viewing, streams over 10ADP video resolution and has a two-way intercom that works far better than the traditional kind of walkie-talkie nanny cams often seen. Its former version does not support battery powering, and tends to be more permeable by water, but the Zmodo Snap Pro has picked up from where its previous version left off; now offering powered batteries and a water resistant capability that makes it now suitable for both outdoor and indoor purpose.

Multi-Sensor Nanny Cameras

Won’t it be wonderful to have a camera in your home that informs you when there is any form of motion or movement in just about any area in your home? This new technology to nanny cams is so captivating, the new multi-sensor nanny cameras now available in the market can now sense any form of unauthorized window and door openings or closing, changes in temperature or water leaks, high voltage warning and etcetera. “In fondo”, if the Arlo Multi-sensor camera does provide all these features, which it already does, wont security issue become a piece of cake for the naïve? Another good news about this camera is its ability for it to synchronize with Smart Home kits, and it does have all the qualities often seen with most spy cameras.

The #1 Best Nanny Cam Till Date

Just in case you don’t know, the Panoraxy B100 V.3 Mini Wi-Fi nanny camera is the best nanny camera ever been created as far as technology is concerned in 2019. Having almost every feature you can ever think of, it does have about eight meters super night vision, it is compatible for both Android and Apple devices, has loop recording, clock alarm feature, instant push notifications. The lens on this camera is 100% invisible, making it one of the best for any kind of discrete recording. The Wi-Fi connectivity streams on 5G, it has a very friendly app and in fact… Itsendorsement in writing is worth keeping for another day eulogy.

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Sep 3, 2019 11:24:49 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Nanny-Cam News

A growing number of parents today are using nanny cam technology to oversee their child’s well-being; most especially during the hours not available for parental supervision. We all know that even with the availability of agency-approved nannies, or relatives living with around, children interaction with “familiar strangers” in the modern world today is strongly backed up with a greater reliance on surveillance technology. This is no surprise in most homes of developed and developing nations today; there is now a nanny and a nanny camera for security concerns of the younger child.

However, the question to ask yourself before going into the norm of supervising everything your child does is to note; what is the reason for monitoring the child in question with a nanny cam? Is it for security purpose? Or a behavioral purpose? What is certain is that we cannot ascertain a solitary approach to how adults watch over children, some factors such as age, individual personalities and health / mental situations has to be considered. Therefore, a line should be drawn between safety and control when it comes to using these cameras for surveillance purpose.

To get things straight, setting up a nanny cam for your kids protection and behavioral pattern can help go a long way to a certain limits, but it does not centrally solve the solution of giving a child a good parenting needs and affection that they deserve, which may at the later future affects the child’s physiological state of safety and behavior. “In Fondo”, the use of a nanny cam for your child’s protection can be a real solution if well managed by both integrating its technical advantage for safety and as well showing love and affection for the child while growing up, otherwise children will grow up with the norm and believe that the world is not a safe place to live in.                                                                                                                                             

Furthermore, another important thing you should note is that some children are different from others when they begin to reach the age of 3-4 years old, in the sense that there are those who tend to feel more relaxed and happy-go-lucky, who couldn’t care less about such monitoring while there are others tend to be very anxious and constantly feel judged. As a result of these phenomenon, it will not be ideal to set up a surveillance system or installing a nanny cam with audio to watch over the activities of the former, as the case may be, because Such children could feel a huge amount of pressure knowing they were being watched, and this can begin to have a physiological effect on the child.

The issue of protecting your child with a nanny cam becomes more complicated as children grow older because as teenagers around the age of fourteen, they are neither adults nor children, so they begin to get increasingly aware of their surroundings and the right to privacy and tend to go very quickly from being needy to not want you around. We have seen so many cases where interaction between parents who are too security conscious and teenage children typically

leading to arguments because a lot of teenage aggression is about them trying to secure some freedom for themselves. This is where things begin to get interesting, so as a parent; in case you don’t know, there are some platforms you can still employ socially to ensure your kids interact with the outside world is still in place. As a modern parent that wishes to keep an eye on your teenage children, you can use simple parental control tools instead of a nanny cam to impose some rules on every piece of hardware they use to go online since they can now take care of themselves and interact with people around their environs. The Content Watch Net Nanny is a great tool that does track and protect your kids across all Windows, Android, iPhones, and Ipads which comes with a web filtering functions and internet time schedule interface comprising of a service called Net Nanny Social that also tracks your child’s activity on some selected social media sites but cannot be used with platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Nevertheless, every child needs some amount of freedom to an extent, as they develop to become adults, so as a parent, you will never achieve positive results in trying to constantly supervise your children. Consequent to all these, a nanny cam surveillance system will always be an incomplete answer if there are no common rapport between parents and children.

Mar 12, 2019 5:00:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Nanny-Cam News

We all know that dogs have saved humans from fires, but can they start fires too? 

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Feb 2, 2018 12:06:38 PM By Edward Shklovsky nanny cam, nannycam, security camera, security cam, Comments Nanny-Cam News

Our kids are our tomorrow. They are our wealth. They are the joy of our lives. They make us feel cherished, joyful, sad, furious, but we always adore them whatever attitude they showed. In a community where parents are more and more relying on nannies to nurture their children, ensuring the safety of the children has grown to be a huge concern. With many mishaps of nanny abuse and accidental child deaths making to the newspapers regularly, the use of wifi nanny cameras to protect and keep your kids safe is one among the far better security choices.

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Dec 27, 2017 6:52:47 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Nanny-Cam News

Any mother that has a nanny perhaps should have a wireless nanny cam. This is a good thing. Making sure the nanny is carefully watching over the children is a great way to raise a future generation of healthy babies that will become wonderful adults.

Most nannies are happy with hidden nanny cam and encourage their use as a way to form a great relationship with the family. As a nanny, if the family can see that you are treating their baby with respect; such nanny will be treated with respect as well. The only thing nannies are demanding is to be sure that they are being watched. While it should not matter if you are being watched or not, as far as baby care goes, it's still an issue of trust, knowing that you're being watched.

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Nov 23, 2017 12:23:10 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Nanny-Cam News
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