Do You Want to Build Your Own Pinhole Cam? Read On...

As you probably know, these days, there are all kinds of cameras designed for different purposes. From digital and photo cameras to hidden cameras or tiny spy cameras. There's one more type of cameras that has gained popularity over the long years. It is called - a pinhole camera.

What is a Pinhole Camera?

A pinhole cam is a simple camera without the lens. It's a small box or can with a tiny (usually 0.5mm or smaller) hole inside one end and a piece of photographic paper in the other. The image is built by light passing through the hole. Although in the early days, pinhole cams did not have very clear image quality, these days there are pinhole cameras come with microlens and provide very good image quality.

The first pinhole camera was built in the 19th century. It gained some popularity and during that time. Although cameras have advanced in size and quality, the principles still remain the same.

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