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 In this fast and unpredictable world, there could be a time for you and your husband to go on a tour for great commercial purposes. There might be no alternative than to rely on a Nanny to take care of her children while you are away. However, everything seems pretty daunting, and you seem not to trust the person with whom you intend to leave your children. The best option in such situations is to fix up an audio Nanny cam to stay safe and watch every activity that takes place in your absence.

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Jul 5, 2017 6:52:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Audio Nanny Cam

The use of spy cams has increased in recent years. Indeed, the conventional use of spy cameras - surveillance and espionage are not the only reasons for using this type of camera anymore. Today, spy cameras are used in different ways. Here are three of the most popular reasons why hidden Spy cameras are the best security tool.

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Jul 10, 2017 6:23:03 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Audio Nanny Cam

 Life may be very unpredictable, and the potential risks that we face on a daily basis can be prevented with the right devices. Switch on any news channel or browse the internet, the top stories all over the world are that of ill-treating the kids or thefts. The news stories make it so tough on us parents to leave our kids near a nanny. As working parents, it becomes hard to create a balance between work and home. If a nanny is a choice you have chosen, then make sure the safety is 100% with a nanny cam with audio.

Installing nanny audio cams around your home in secret locations can be very helpful in making sure that your kids, your home, your business, or anything else that you want to keep an eye on will stay secured even in your absence. That being said, it is that doing too little or too much of anything good is bad, and in this case, you may go too far in your attempt to make sure that your kids are safe with a nanny.

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Jul 18, 2017 10:56:22 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Audio Nanny Cam

Wi-Fi nanny cam is a wonderful piece of technology. However, just like every other gadget, there is also a set of issues that you should be on the lookout for if you are ever to get the best out of your spy camera. Below are a few of these issues:

Abrupt pauses and transmission breaks:

These issues can be as a result of the camera developing some sort of mechanical and operational fault. The best solution is to get a spy camera with a warranty. This can protect you in times like this.

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Jan 30, 2018 1:05:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Audio Nanny Cam

Nanny Cams do seem to grasp more and more positive reviews recently, thanks to new amazing and selfless technological innovations of companies putting useful ideas together to manufacture these gadgets. These days, Nanny Cams are more cognizant with audio features, though presenting a case in court with such cameras may be unacceptable since the recording of voices is prohibited in most jurisdictions. However, these audio features do help go a long way for the optimum security and monitoring of your child, or old parents at home. The audio function can give you more detailed update exclusively, rather than just mere motion detection capabilities found on them.

Two Way Audio Multifunctional Nanny Cam Feature

The two-way Walkie-talkie function found in audio nanny cams is a favorite communication device for kids and parents today. This feature is founded to be practically useful for parents whose children love to play outdoor or involve in extreme sports activities, in other to check out on their safety all the time, talk and listen to your kids or elderly parents at any time they like. Also, this feature is virtually useful in business environments or companies where employees are scattered about on their various functions, and you may want to stay in touch with every member of the team while viewing their present work stage – so it’s a very nice tool to communicate with everyone in the team the same time by sending alerts and update on new information.

Most of the two-way audio Nanny cams have a built-in microphone speaker so that sounds and speech can be heard clearly in real time. Be careful when choosing nanny cameras that function as a two-way talkie because some can only send but cannot receive data, for an ideal nanny cam, you will want to go for the ones that send and receive data simultaneously both as a receiver and monitoring device. The thing about these cameras is that they don’t just have this audio function in them, they can do as better what a typical spy camera is capable of doing.

Baby Crying Detection Feature

Who doesn’t want to receive a push notification alert message when his or her baby is crying? This is a feature that every parent will cherish having in a smart nanny cam. You will find an extensive range of Zetronix nanny cams in the store.

Alarm / Noise Detection Feature

Alarm and Noise detection hidden cameras are also referred to as listening cameras, you may not be able to talk into them, but they do send alert notification to end users or receivers and records any form sound detectable within distance close.  Some of the audio nanny cameras now have a temperature and humidity sensors that tracks the environmental atmosphere of the child been monitored. If you want an excellent audio quality nanny cam, then go for the Motorola two-camera baby monitor that picks noise alarms with a push notification. Generally, the way these motion activated hidden cameras work is such that, it is set to not only record motion detection but also an alarming noise that appears dangerous like breaking glass, aggressive behavior, gun shots and  immediately notifies you to take any relevant actions to prevent devastating consequences. One good reason why these cameras are valuable is that, it helps provide security measures even in cases where a professional thief can dodge the viewing angles of a camera.

Voice Command Receiver Feature For Nanny Cams

Now when it comes to speech commands or voice recognition hidden spy cams, it is much more different from the baby crying detection feature or noise and alarm detecting cameras. This types of cameras use voice command technologies like Echo Show for Now, using this feature on your receiver device for monitoring any event makes life easier especially as a parent monitoring their kids; such that you can vocally ask a nanny anything at all, concerning the welfare of your child you are monitoring, while a quick and communicating vocal response is returned. Making use of this technology on nanny cams with audio has delivered faster, easier, and more enjoyable experience to customers. When you’re so busy and have so many work on your hands at your place of duty or office, you can easily ask a nanny to show the baby’s room, and within seconds, you begin to see a livestreamed view of your camera on Echo Show.

Apr 17, 2019 7:15:12 AM By Naveed Malik 0 Comments Audio Nanny Cam

What exactly is a nanny cam? A nanny cam is a security camera that watches your children, your old parents or their caretakers when you’re not at home or you’re away. They’re installed in common areas so you can keep tabs on the babysitter, watch kids in another part of the house, or check on older kids when they’re home alone. If you’re going for nanny cam shopping and you’re looking for something that’s easy to install, you have a few options in that: multipurpose self-monitored security cameras, hidden nanny cams, and cameras that are part of a home security system. Here we’ll present options across all three categories and explain the pros and cons of each one of them.

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Dec 10, 2019 10:57:32 PM By Junaid Q Comments Audio Nanny Cam

When it comes to small video cameras, there are various benefits that you can use them for. Whether for your personal use or as part of your business, these devices are great tools. There is no need to feel intimidated by the size of the camera. With the proper knowledge on how to best use them and some creativity, they can come in handy and provide incredible benefits!

There are plenty of options available in the market. Depending on whether you want to use them as small video recording devices or a professional 1080p HD video camera, you can choose from them.

Here are ten ways small video cameras can help you produce incredible videos

1) Fits everywhere

You're not limited in where your camera can go, from being mounted on the dashboard of your car while driving around town to strap onto your chest at the top of a mountain; there's no limit!

2) Easy to hold

 The smaller body size means it's easier to control and hold without getting fatigued. You can hold them for as long as you want and it won’t cause any discomfort or pain.

3) Portable

The smaller size makes it more portable, so you can bring one with you just about anywhere without having to worry too much about your camera.

4) Cheaper

Smaller cameras tend to be cheaper than larger ones, which is beneficial for those who want affordable but still want quality footage.

5) Easy to upgrade

With less weight and space taken up by larger bodies, you can add more features to the device without adding too much weight!

6) Kids friendly

It is more manageable for children. Small cameras usually don't have triggers and are easier to hold in smaller hands. They are also easier to focus on one subject as opposed to a big camera that focuses itself.

7) Upgraded technology

If you want to record videos but do not want to carry a camera around, then the tiny camera is the thing for you. With the latest technologies in the market like Bluetooth cameras and camera sunglasses, you can walk around recording videos and that too while looking classy. Check out our 1080p HD Ultra Wide Angle Video Recording Sports Camera Video Recording Sunglasses that are available in different colors, easy to use, and make an excellent gift for any of your loved ones who are into sports or traveling.

8) Filming motion videos are a lot more fun with them

You can easily use these cameras to create stop motion videos, which are quite popular nowadays! Smaller bodies allow you to quickly move the camera around to position it so that the pictures come together as a fun video.

9)  Easy to capture any funny moments at work or home

Whether you want to show some fun highlights of your day or have a little bit of fun, they can be great tools for both.  It's easy to use and store, so you'll always have something funny ready to show off when needed.

10) Travel Friendly

You can take these tiny cameras on your travels or even in the air to capture some stunning aerial shots. Small cameras are helpful for any purpose a larger one could be used for. Check out our Koios - 1080p WIFI Nanny Cam USB Wall Travel Charger Camera is easy, lightweight, rechargeable with a night vision, and works like a USB.

Follow these tips, and you'll see how easy it is to create incredible videos with a small camera. You might find yourself purchasing one of your very own!

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 John L.Verified Buyer

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 Great glasses

 Review by John L. on 17 Jul 2021review stating Great glass, awesome video, excellent color, and audio. I’ve had two other brands, and these are 100% better. The button on the left is a massive bonus and a much more stable video when you are moving. The lenses are very easy to change. Awesome glasses wish I would have seen these before.

Aug 24, 2021 8:44:07 AM By Junaid Q Comments Audio Nanny Cam
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