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A summary based on 1000's of cameras of all brands I have seen and repaired. The weak spots of the spy cams are:


  • LCD display - Glass! Easily broken, when knocked or pressure applied!
  • Media compartment

CF Card - long pins inside the camera need to access contacts inside the little holes of the card. Even though the card has grooves along the side, which act as guide rails, I have seen cameras with damaged card slots. Pins easily break off or bend, when not careful during seating or extraction of the card.

  1. Tape mechanism - very delicate and flimsy - does not apply any pressure, when loading or removing the tape! Keep it clean and shut, when not used.
  2. Disc mechanism - not too bad, just watch discs for fingerprints and scratches, of course.
  3. Extendable lens - jammed lens sections due to dirt, sand, and impact. So keep it clean, free of dirt and sand at any time. Make sure the lens is inside when the camera is not used!

Self-induced faults: Liquid, Sand and shock damage make up about 70% of all repairs

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May 29, 2018 9:28:16 PM By Naveed Malik Comments WiFi Cameras

For a rundown of the very best and most effective Wi-Fi surveillance cameras on the market today, check the list below:


Thanks to this pinhole camera, it is possible to convert anything to a hidden camera. It has a 90-degree wide angle lens, as well as High Definition 1080p video resolution (which are able to capture images clearly from across the room).

This spy camera wifi has 4 hours of battery life, and it is also equipped with a MicroSD memory card slot that is compatible with up to 128 GB of memory space.

zHomeBlackBox- WIFI:

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May 11, 2018 9:05:23 PM By Naveed Malik Comments WiFi Cameras

Wi-Fi cameras are awesome innovations that have one major advantage over the conventional spy cams that you know; Wi-Fi accessibility. However, before you unbox your Wi-Fi cam here are a few basics you should know:

Wi-Fi cams require a different form of set up:

Wi-Fi cams are not particularly like other forms of spy cams or other surveillance tools. Thanks to the Wi-Fi accessibility that they come with, operation and video footage sharing is much easier. However, Wi-Fi cameras also have different ways of being set up and installed if you have a lot of experience with security cameras, that knowledge will only help you to a point when it comes to installing wifi hidden camera.

However, their working principle is the same:

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May 10, 2018 9:01:15 PM By Naveed Malik Comments WiFi Cameras
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