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If you're like most people, you take your car for granted. You use it to get to work, run errands, and travel. But what would happen if something happened to your car while you were on the road? That's where a dash cam comes in handy.

A dash cam can record your travels, so you have a record of where you've been and what happened. It can be helpful if you get into an accident or if someone hits your car while it's parked. A dashcam can also provide evidence in a legal dispute.

The 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a quality recording device. This camera records in crystal-clear 1080p resolution to see every detail. It also has a wide-angle lens that captures more of the scene around your car.

The 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam is also equipped with a G-sensor. This sensor detects sudden movements or impacts, and it will automatically save the current recording to protect it from being overwritten.

Like most people, you take your car or truck for granted. You use it to get from point A to point B without a second thought. But what would happen if something happened to your vehicle while you were on the road? How would you get home?

A 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam can help you avoid this situation by allowing you to record your daily travels. Here are seven ways that a dash cam can help you:

Record Your Journey

A dash cam can record your entire journey, allowing you to record where you've been permanent. It can be helpful if you need to prove your innocence in an accident or if you want to revisit a beautiful scenic route.

Record Traffic Conditions

A dash cam can also record traffic conditions, which can be helpful if you need to file a claim after an accident. The footage can show how the accident occurred and who was at fault.

Record Wildlife

A dash cam can also record wildlife, a fun way to track the animals near your home. You may even spot a bear or moose!


Record Accidents

A dashcam can record accidents, allowing you to have evidence of what happened in the event of a dispute. It can help you get the insurance money that you deserve.

Record Road Rage

A dash cam can also record road rage, which can help you stay safe on the road. You may even be able to use the footage to identify the driver who caused the road rage incident.

Record Police Encounters

A dash cam can also record police encounters, allowing you to protect yourself in the event of a traffic stop. The footage can show that you were following the law and that you weren't at fault.

Monitor Your Vehicle

A dashcam can also monitor your vehicle, which can be helpful if you're worried about someone breaking into your car. The footage from the dashcam can help you catch the thief and get your belongings back.

A 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam can help you record Your Daily Travels, which can be helpful if you need to prove your innocence in an accident or if you want to revisit a beautiful scenic route. A dash cam can also record traffic conditions, which can be helpful if you need to file a claim after an accident. The footage can show how the accident occurred and who was at fault.

There are many benefits to having a 3K Ultra Hd Professional Dash Cam. Not only can you record your daily travels, but you can also use it as security footage in case of an accident or theft. A 3K Ultra Hd Professional Dash Cam can be a great choice as with it Not only can you record your daily commute, but you can also use it to record road trips, sightseeing trips, family trips, vacation trips, sporting events, and other events. So, if you're looking for a way to record your travels, a dashboard camera is the perfect solution.

If you're looking for a reliable way to record your travels, the 3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam is perfect. Order yours today!

Apr 1, 2022 8:56:18 AM By Junaid Q Dashcam, Comments Dash-Cam News

A webcam is a video camera attached to a PC and is commonly known as a digital video method. Its chief purpose is to allow and transmit images to be perceived by the internet worker. It is also widely used with direct communications facilities and for recording pictures. For this purpose, you can use a pretty low-cost webcam and install free open source security control software on your computer. If there is an emergency and then it is also possible that you can use your computer webcam as a security cam and surveillance, in this way you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a professional security camera/system for emergency.

Home Webcam turns into the security camera

Webcams are appropriate for advanced quality modules that agree to fine-tuning. These webcams are easy to communicate online to the other person visually. This versatile feature makes the webcam used for home-based and workplace use. Furthermost up-to-date laptops and modern computers currently come with combined and incorporated webcams produced into the demonstration. These latest models are more appropriate to use, and outdoor webcams do have various returns. Thus, if you have computers and laptops with a webcam, you don’t need to purchase any other gadget to use your laptops for safety purposes. In this way, it is pretty easier to have access to your computer webcam and use a CCTV security system when you are away from home. There are specific ways to turn your webcam into a security camera.

How to build your computer as a surveillance system

It is effortless to build a surveillance structure to monitor and observer your living space through a USB webcam and built-in PC. This article enlightens how to turn your computer webcam into a security camera and CCTV and uncover the recoding method. In this case, you have to install software that can record all the feed from the webcam. There are various excellent and accessible programs and applications; for innovative functions, you must focus on extra features from any software such as SightHound, iSpy, FTP-upload, Yawcam, and SecuritySpy. When you set up any software, it will provide a list of associated webcams that offer support to many different cameras. Then you have to find the particular area view from your webcam, and it will be used as a detecting motion. In this way, you have to select a still image or object, evade any entity that moves it, will create ambiguity, and shows much footage to sight.


Good software will offer replay solace, which displays recorded files on a timeline so that you can rapidly lookout recorded files when any movement is perceived and spotted. For this purpose, I select Yawcam because it gives the impression to provide pretty good features without any cost. Of course, before installing any software, you have to adjust the same setting on your laptop; it should turn on in power-saving mode.

  • You should need a USB extension cable to observe a zone without having your laptop noticeable.
  • You can upload your recorded files from the webcam by using a website FTP, and you can also email them to yourself.
  • You can also control your webcam from your mobile phone with the support of software such as EvoCam and EyeSpyFX.
  • Go to the battery sign at the right side of your display, go to the power saver icon, and turn on the sleep setting.

There are some steps to turn your computer's webcam into a security cam while installing any software. First of all, you will need a great webcam that supports USB. Next, you will need to install Yawcam software. When you get to Yawcam site, click the download button on the left sidebar and then click to Yawcam-install. The setup will now download; you need to install the software.

The next step is optional, but you are using more than one webcam, then you go to manycam site and download this free software. If you don't want to use another webcam, skip this optional feature and stick to the first one.

Next, find your Yawcam icon, then tap on the setting tab that appears on your screen. Next, go to the device and select the united camera and a picture from your files. Then turn on "HTTP" and "Stream." Then select a file from your window tab and choose motion footage of webcam pictures. Next, you can see the position of your webcam of the zone you want to command. Finally, they found to access the webcam security software to see the recorded pictures and videos.

Next, you can go to the Action and get on the setting tab to save recordings and file a location to save the recording and images and press OK. Then go and checked the box after saving pictures and shut the window. From this Yawcam software, you can choose afterward motion. Next, if you want to connect your Android phone with a security webcam, then go to setting, open the URL given in HTTP. Then go to the page designer and change the heading according to your choice. Now go over to your phone, open the page, give your user name and password, and log in. 

Benefits of Webcam

The foremost benefit of the webcam is its flexibility, mobility, and transfer of video material online. So webcam records live videos just like CCTV cameras, it also a motion indicator, uploading videotapes from FTP and transfer emails alert. Even if a person is not at home, he can distantly contact the webcam security camera to stay up-to-date about his/her home, loved ones, and office. The drawbacks of the webcam are its low-quality images and mandatory accessibility of the internet.


Now a day's most laptops' webcams are autofocus which is appropriate and easy to use. These autofocus webcams do not have to modify the keenness manually, and their camera spontaneously corrects the sharpness of the picture quality. Further innovative cameras or stylish models have a face detecting task. This feature already permits you to pay attention to the user's face in the camera's direction. Moreover, it makes selecting the camera simpler and marking audiovisual conferencing as peaceful, calm, and appropriate as possible.

Pros and Cons of using  webcam as a security camera

Cameras are a valuable tool for home security, and they can also come in handy when monitoring businesses such as your office. There is no need to buy an expensive system because these small devices will have exactly what you're looking for at very little cost! One advantage that many people may not realize about webcams (especially those without microphones) include their ability to work independently from an electricity source or phone line - this means if there’s ever any type of outage situation going on then it won't stop running like normal but just depend solely upon battery power until things get back up again due to lack of power.

Today security cameras are now even more advanced than ever. It now comes with motion detectors, cloud storage options, multi-cameras compatibility, email alerts that will send you pictures directly to your phone. They have also become cheaper than ever before making them a viable option for even the most budget-conscious consumer.

Regardless of how you will be using your webcam or what you will use it for, it is important that you understand the benefits and the disadvantages. In the end, it all comes down to what works best for you, your needs, and your personal preference. Some professionals recommend using it in conjunction with another security camera while others suggest that you do not use them at all.

How to choose the Best webcam for a Security Camera?

When choosing the best web cameras for surveillance, you should know that there are models adapted to each type of installation: exterior or interior ones. The prices range from about 30 euros to several hundred euros.

Motion Detection

One of the most important features to look for when purchasing a security camera is motion detection. This is a feature that allows the camera to send an email or text message notification to you whenever it detects movement. This way, you can be notified immediately if someone is attempting to break into your home or business.

Cloud Storage

Another important feature to look for is cloud storage. This allows you to store your security footage online so that you can access it from anywhere in the world. This is a great option if you do not have space on your own computer or phone to store the footage.

Multi-Camera Compatibility

Many people like to use more than one security camera, which is why it's a good idea to find a model that can connect with other cameras. This way you can link all of your cameras together and view them from the same interface on your phone or computer.

Low Light Recording

For those who will be using their security camera at night, it is important that they choose one that has low light recording capabilities. These cameras are designed to capture footage in dark spaces, which means that you will still be able to see what is happening even if it's nighttime outside.


Despite the fact that most webcams do not come with a microphone, there are models available that do. This can be an important feature for those who would like to be able to communicate with their loved ones, children or pets when they are not at home.

Many models of webcams do not come with a built-in microphone. If you decide that you would like your surveillance camera to have this feature, make sure that the model says it has an integrated microphone in the description.

Light Sensitivity

No security camera can record footage inside your home if there is too much light. This often results in the image being entirely washed out, which means that it is almost impossible to see what's happening. Some models now include an automatic filter which reduces the amount of outside light so people or animals can be clearly seen on the video.

Angle of View

When choosing a security camera, it is important to consider the angle of view. This is the maximum width and height that the camera can capture. If you are looking for a camera to monitor a large area, you will need one with a wide-angle of view.

Wrapping Up!

Trying to choose the best webcam for surveillance can be a bit overwhelming. However, it is important to remember that there are models available to suit any type of installation and budget. The key here is doing your research so you know which features are most important for you. Once you have decided on the features that will work best for your needs, check outing about adding a security camera to your home or office security system? If you are, you're not alone. A growing number of people are choosing to add security cameras to their property in order to better protect their loved ones and possessions. However, with so many different models and brands available on the market, it can be difficult to know which one inking about adding a security camera to your home or office security system?

These are the basic features that most people look for when they are trying to purchase a security camera. While it is easy to be overwhelmed, they all come down to one simple question: how will you use your webcam? Once you answer this question, you can begin looking for models designed specifically with your needs in mind.


Mar 15, 2022 5:56:00 AM By Junaid Q Comments Dash-Cam News

Dashcams have become a popular car gadget over the years. You might have come across those amazingly captured traveling footages by bloggers and YouTubers, all those are captured using the dashcams. Besides being a luxury, they are also being used for safety purposes. They can provide you with ample evidence to claim insurance in case of a car crash. Moreover, the footage can be used for legal proceedings regarding the accident. To make the most of the best dash cam here is a complete guide of how to choose and install them.

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Jan 23, 2022 8:31:00 AM By Junaid Q dash cams, Comments Dash-Cam News

Vehicle transportation is an essential aspect of our society as they allow us to commute and move things from one place to another. However, the prevalence of vehicles also means there is a possibility of accidents. Millions of car crashes occur every year, and a percentage of these are often fatal. Even if they are not fatal, accidents can lead to frustration and losses for the parties involved. The person who causes the accident may have to suffer high fines and insurance fees. This can be especially detrimental for a business that relies on a fleet of vehicles. A high number of accidents can cause significant losses for them. Not to worry, as using an AI dash cam can help prevent these accidents. This investment can potentially save you from a lot of frustration and loss.


What is an AI Dash Cam?

 An AI dashcam is a camera that is integrated inside a vehicle. It can be a single camera, as well as a dual-camera dash cam. Unlike regular dash cams, this one makes use of advanced technology. This is because of the advanced AI processor and computer vision algorithms that can analyze road conditions and detect unsafe conditions or situations. They can then alert drivers about anything risky they notice. This makes AI dash cams valuable tools in preventing accidents. Keep reading to find out how.


How does AI Dash Cams prevent accidents?


Headway Warnings

 Headway warnings can prevent accidents that are caused by tailgating. This feature of AI dash cams will continuously monitor the distance between the driver and the car ahead. When the distance becomes unsafe, the AI dash cam will alert drivers to take appropriate measures. This can be especially helpful if a driver is driving in a distracted manner, as they will become a lot more alert.

Forward Collision Warnings

 This feature of the AI dash cam can prevent more common accident types, which are forward and rear-end vehicle collisions. These accidents can be fatal at high speeds, as even a minor collision can cause a car to lose complete control. The forward collision warning feature will alert drivers visually and audibly about any dangerous situations where an accident will happen. Such a case can be when a car in front suddenly brakes, leaving you significantly less time to react. This warning can alert you quickly and save you precious milliseconds to press the brakes just in time.

Lane Departure Warnings

 Lane departures are another common source of vehicle crashes. These are usually caused by careless or impatient drivers who change lanes without checking or do not drive straight. It is pretty dangerous as any window-side passengers are vulnerable to being hurt. A situation like this is risky as drivers will swerve to avoid careless drivers, leading to a fatal situation. The AI dash cams do this through the rear camera and motion scanners in the car. It scans the road's curvature and detects any lane markings, no matter what color they are or what pattern they have.


Stop and Go Assist

 Stop and Go assist is a helpful feature that can help in slow-moving traffic. Often, drivers will get distracted in such traffic situations, which makes them vulnerable to accidents. This feature works when the car is driving at slow speeds where the car ahead is at a very short distance. It makes sure to warn you of vehicles ahead and alert drivers when the traffic is starting to move again. This is usually done through audio cues.

Driver fatigue warning

A good dashcam with AI capabilities can detect when you're falling asleep at the wheel and warn you accordingly. This will help you stay alert on long trips and avoid accidents caused by driver fatigue.

Lane departure and forward collision warning

Dashcams with lane-detection sensors can monitor the vehicle's position in its lane. If it detects that you're drifting out of your lane, it will alert you with an audible sound or a visual warning on the screen so you can correct your course of action before getting into an accident.

Forward Collision Warning

Some dashcams have built-in object detection systems, which use laser or infrared to "sense" objects such as cars, bicycles, etc., in front of the car. When this happens, they will warn the driver through a loud alarm sound and a bright red display on the lens that is intended to grab their attention right away. You could then either slow down or move to another lane to avoid a collision.

Front and rear video recording

If you're driving in reverse, you can turn on your dashcam and record both the interior of your car (to monitor the safety of passengers) and what's going on outside through its exterior lens. Parking mode recording allows dashcams to use built-in motion detectors that trigger recordings only when something happens in front or behind your vehicles like an accident or sudden breaking which might cause damage to your car.

Overheating Protection

A good dashcam with AI can detect when it's overheated due to continuous hours of operation and will automatically shut down until the temperature comes back down again to normal levels. This is not just beneficial for the device itself but also for your car's battery since constant charging can drain it quickly.

Delay Start

If you have a pre-installed dashcam in your car, it may not be able to record immediately when you start the engine because of the heat that builds up inside a closed vehicle. Dashcams with built-in AI detect this and will automatically activate after a few minutes once the interior cools down.

Forward Collision Alert

This function is best used in low-speed driving conditions such as traffic jams or congested roads where drivers pay more attention to their distance from other vehicles rather than what's going on around them at any given time. The forward collision warning alerts drivers if they're getting too close to the car in front and might cause a collision.

Pedestrian Detection

Many dashcams with AI capabilities can detect pedestrians who are walking or standing on the side of the road. If you're driving too close to them, the dashcam will sound an alarm and give you a warning so you can take corrective action.

Red Light and Speed Camera Detection

Some dashcams come equipped with databases of red light and speed cameras so you'll know beforehand when you're approaching one. This gives you time to slow down or stop if necessary to avoid getting a ticket.

Parking Mode Recording

This is one of the most popular features of dashcams with AI capabilities because it allows for recording even when your vehicle is parked and stationary. This helps you keep track of who's entering and leaving the car at all times as well as determine what damage might have been done to your car while it was unattended.

How long can a dashcam record?

Dashcams are a great way to protect yourself and your car from unfortunate events. The default recording time for most dash cameras is three minutes per file — but this can be increased up to five-minute versions, which will allow you to manage footage when playing back later on if ever needed! At 1080p HD Resolution (high definition) typically offered by all-new models today), they'll last an average of 4 hours before looping over in one go again 

It may not seem like much at first, but these simple safety measures just might save someone’s life someday or prevent them from getting into even more trouble.

Can you save on insurance with a dashcam?

Dashcams are a great way to capture your driving footage in case you need it. But, they won't do much for insurance and aren’t really substitute either- so don't get them confused with each other! They may help save time on claim resolution when something goes wrong though.

The bottom line

 Accidents are a widespread occurrence on the roads, with millions of them occurring in a year. It is in the best interest of individuals and companies to invest in technology that prevents, whether for safety or financial reasons. They can do this through AI dash cams with a range of features that can help prevent accidents. People can also buy a dash cam with night vision to have these features at night. These features use advanced AI and computer vision algorithms to detect dangerous situations and warn drivers. This helps protect drivers from accidents, which can save their lives and a lot of additional monetary loss.   


Jan 17, 2022 3:32:00 AM By Junaid Q AI Dashcam, Comments Dash-Cam News

Driving is now the most common way of transportation, and the number of motorists on the road is greater than it has ever been. With this number still increasing, the number of accidents too have begun to rise. You may have often seen accidents occur on the road, or the aftermath of it at least, where damaged cars have pulled over on the side of the road and the drivers are arguing. The arguments are usually about whose fault it is, and often, the driver at the back end of the accident gets blamed and fined by the police. Depending on where you live, the fines and insurance costs can be staggering, which can be even more disheartening when it's the driver's fault at the front. Imagine if a recording of the incident existed, the victim could have been saved so much time and money. Using a dashcam could have been helpful and been a saving grace for the victim.

A dashcam is a type of video camera that is typically mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a car. The purpose of a dashcam is to record footage while you are driving, which can be helpful in the event of an accident or altercation. Dashcams can also be used to capture other interesting moments while you are driving.

Is it worth getting front and rear dash cam?

It is indeed worth getting dash cam for both the front and rear of your car. Although you may not need a dash cam to record what's happening in the backseat or behind your vehicle as often as those recording from inside look forward but it can still be useful when an accident occurs at higher speeds. It provides footage that shows all angles of the accident and can help provide clarity in insurance claims, police investigations, and court proceedings.

What are the benefits of a dashcam?

This is a good question to ask when you are looking into dash cams. There are many benefits that come from dashcam usage including, it records any accident on the road clearly for evidence, prevents authorities from wrongly issuing tickets, can be used as proof in case of vandalism or theft, encourages safe driving, reduces insurance premiums, and can be helpful in providing footage for post-accident investigations.

1. Protects You from Insurance Fraud

 Having a full HD dash cam in your car essentially means having a full-time witness to your driving. It will record whatever is in front of you, meaning you possess evidence in case of an accident. A dashcam with full high-definition capability means your proof will be as transparent as possible, which you can show to the authorities in case of a driver tricks you into an accident, such as in the case of brake checking. This protects you from the driver extorting insurance money from you. 

It can be even better to use a dual camera dash cam that records the front and rear view from the car, ensuring that you will have complete evidence. In this way, you can drive worry-free, knowing that you will have full evidence if the worst-case scenario happens.

2. Protects You From Wrongfully Issued Tickets

 While most authorities try to enforce the law justly, it is not uncommon for them to issue tickets wrongfully. There can be various reasons for this: such as camera malfunctions, impaired judgment, or corruption. Wrongful tickets can lead to an accumulation of black points on your driving record that can make insurance expensive. Having the best dash cam footage can help you contest these tickets, resulting in the decision being reversed.

3. Protects You From Vandalism

 Having a dashcam with night vision can be helpful if you live or park your car in an area with high vandalism rates. Since most car break-ins occur at night, the night vision feature with HD can help you identify the culprit. Furthermore, the presence of a dash cam can also deter these types of criminals, further protecting your car.

4. Promotes Safe Driving

 Dashcams encourage you to drive safer since they punish people who drive recklessly. Most people will be aware of dashcams and will thus drive safer on the road. This results in a safer environment for everyone on the road as drivers will think twice before making dangerous decisions on the road.

5. Reduces Insurance Premium

 Dash cams may seem like an expensive investment initially, but not many people know that they can reduce this cost through reduced insurance premiums. Insurance companies are starting to realize the benefits that a dash cam can provide by reducing insurance fraud which is why quite a few of them offer discounts on insurance premiums that they offer. Additionally, some dash cams possess the technology to provide a score for each journey you undertake, resulting in companies providing further discounts.

6. Clear Evidence of Accidents

Dashcams provide clear evidence of accidents, which can help resolve insurance claims and disputes quickly. In the event of an accident, having video footage from the dashcam to share with the relevant parties can be helpful in resolving insurance claims and disputes.

7. Proof of wrongdoing

They are also useful if you need to provide proof of wrongdoing by another person, such as illegal parking or dashcam footage may help determine who was at fault for an accident.

8. Reduce risks of car accidents

Dashcams reduce the risk of car accidents which is good news since they will help reduce the number of dash cams on the road. This means that insurance premiums will be lower which is good for those who have dash cams and also those without them as well.

9. Helps in Insurance Claims

A dashcam is a compact, often a high-tech piece of equipment that records your entire journey. This can be useful if you need to prove something happened and will help resolve insurance claims and disputes quickly.

10. Save from Driver's Tricks

Dash cameras record what happens in front of them; they don't just capture the road ahead – this means that drivers cannot trick you into an accident by purposefully braking suddenly or steering erratically as dash camera footage will show only the real incident itself.

11. Self-Protection

In many countries, it's illegal not to have one installed while driving, so there are no legal implications for those who choose to install dashcams themselves either from a traffic violation perspective or from an insurance point of view. Installing a dashcam helps protect yourself against fraudulent car accidents which may occur, and also deters thieves who may see dashcams as a less attractive target.

12. Functions as Evidence

In some cases, a dashcam can be used as evidence in court proceedings – for example when trying to prove who was at fault in an accident. This footage can also be helpful if you need to provide proof of wrongdoing by another person, such as illegal parking or dangerous driving behavior captured on film.

Other things that you need to know about dashcams include how do they work, and what is the best resolution to go with.

Do Dashcams record when the car is off?

Dashcams typically record when the car is on and there are a number of reasons that you may want to save video even when the engine is turned off. One reason that dashcam owners might want to use parking mode would be if they have a supercapacitor-powered unit, so it continues to operate without being directly hardwired to the battery. Another reason would be if you have an accident, where the dashcam enters parking mode automatically so it can record what happens after impact.

Dashcams with motion sensors will also typically enter parking mode when they detect no movement over a certain length of time. This is because if there's movement detected, it's assumed that someone is in the car, and it would be inappropriate to record them without their knowledge. So, if you're going to be away from your car for an extended period of time and don't want the dashcam to stop recording, make sure that it doesn't have a motion sensor.

There are also some dashcams that come with a built-in battery, which will allow them to continue recording even when the engine is off. This can be a handy feature if you want to keep an eye on your car while you're away, but it's important to note that these batteries typically don't last very long and need to be charged regularly.

Are there any disadvantages of using a dashcam?

There are a few potential disadvantages of using a dashcam. First, they can be distracting to drivers, which can lead to accidents. Second, they can be expensive, and many people may not feel that the cost is worth it for the added security. Finally, there is always the potential for data theft or misuse if camera footage is not properly secured. However, the advantages are more than the disadvantages which are rare and can be dealt with.

What is the best resolution for a dashcam?

This is a question that does not have a straightforward answer. The resolution you should get for your dashcam depends on what you plan to use it for. If you want the dash cam mainly for recording accidents, then full HD would be ideal so that you can see all the details clearly. However, if you only need it for general protection, then a dashcam with a lower resolution would be fine. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what's the best resolution for your needs.

Zetronix - the best dashcam for your car

Zetronix is an American company that provides high-quality technology at affordable prices. They have had, and continue to have, great reviews from customers who have taken their products. Similarly, they also provide high-quality dashcams at affordable prices that contain all the essential dashcam features listed above, like dual camera capabilities, night vision, HD, and many extra valuable features. Their products are tested on all sorts of vehicles, ensuring that you can get a perfect dashcam for your car. They even offer a full one-year warranty with unlimited support. We highly recommend getting it for your vehicle so that you can reap the full benefits of having a dash cam.

 The bottom line

Finally, dashcams are being used in many countries because they offer significant benefits. They help to protect you in the case of an accident and can be used as evidence if needed. The best dash cam will have a full HD camera resolution which is ideal for recording accidents clearly so that your insurance premiums remain low. Some dash cams also work well at night time too by automatically switching on when it gets dark or detecting headlights behind them. Ultimately, dash cameras can save you money while protecting yourself from other drivers' tricks like sudden braking maneuvers or dangerous driving behavior captured on film! Therefore, we recommend getting one today because this technology is only going to become more popular over the coming years; ultimately helping create safer roads for everyone.





Sep 15, 2021 8:17:08 AM By Junaid Q Dashcam, Comments Dash-Cam News

 Mirror dash cams are one of the most widely used cameras in the market. There unique and effective use has made our lives quite easy. A car mirror dash cam is a type of camera that fits on the dashboard or the rearview mirror. There are different ranges of such cameras. Thus, you can choose dash cam for your car according to your needs and budget range. The mirror cameras will offer you great benefits that will help you in the long run.

Many mirror cameras are there to help you. However, in order to buy the best mirror dash cam, carry comparative research according to your necessities. Moreover, the best dash cameras will offer many advantages that will help you in future.


Mirror dash cameras are one of the most widely used gadgets that surely ease your work. You can install them at your review mirror or front view mirror to record everything. In addition to this, it saves you from a lot of mess. Mirror dash cameras are widely used because of multipurpose function. Moreover, they offer you the following advantages.


A mirror dash camera allows you to record the entire ride. If you are going on a road trip, a dash camera is one of the best ways to record the road trip. This helps you save memories and ensures that you can watch it later. Thus, it is one of the best reasons to buy a camera that will help you in experiencing the entire route to your destination.


In case of an accident, the recording of your mirror camera will help you to prove your innocence. Whether you were involved in a car accident or witnessed one, your dash camera will help you provide evidence to show that you are innocent. Therefore, having a dash camera is the best decision ever.


While you are on the road, you may encounter some rude and aggressive police officers. Some may even try to harass you. No offence to our police department but some of them might want to make a quick buck they often put false allegations on you like not wearing a seatbelt or skipping a signal. Therefore, the mirror camera records whatever the police say and do. Thus, there is no need to panic. Just make sure that you present the recording to the department in case of such allegations.


A dash camera allows you to record the bad behaviour of some drivers. Road rage incidents are often seen that may result in a huge dispute. Thus, with the help of the best dash cam, you can prove who was wrong. You can give evidence of such drivers wherever you want. Seeing a camera, there is a good chance of avoiding any dispute. Even if they don’t, you still have the recorded proof.


One of the best things the dash camera does is that it encourages safe driving. It ensures that the driver is driving the car properly without indulging into disputes and accidents. It encourages riders to drive safely on the road. Thus, it helps in saving accidents and mishaps while driving. Moreover, it is a great way to make drivers learn how to be more responsible when they take the road.


Dash cameras make it possible for you to reduce the overall insurance as well. Some insurers might give you a discount if you have already fitted preventative measures. Thus, it is highly cost-effective and offers benefit in the long run. This way you can save yourself from any kind of insurance fraud. It also lowers your rates with insurance companies.


Mirror dash cameras are the best to use when one is specifically riding in public transport. The sense of accountability for any driver due to these cameras allow you to have a safe ride. The general idea of being recorded makes the driver feel responsible for his acts during the ride.


As discussed earlier, the sense of recording makes it able for you to feel safe while being in the vehicle. It provides you with safety and security as the driver is accountable for his actions and his driving. Installation of Dash cameras will help you feel secured while being in the vehicle.


If you are worried about your child learning how to drive a car or if you are a company and want to keep an eye on your drivers? These dash cameras are the best way to do so. These cameras allow you to know what is happening while you are away from the vehicle. The dash cam gives you footage on the type of driving the teen practices as some may practice unsafe rowdy driving.


The best thing you can do to prevent fraud is by installing a dash camera in your vehicle. This will help you save yourself from a huge loss. The recordings help you know what was going on. In densely populated areas, insurance fraud is surprisingly common. The most typical kind of insurance fraud involves a pedestrian accident where the driver is at fault. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to prevent oneself from such fraud.


Mirror dash cameras come with amazing features that help sequentially record the daily happenings. Moreover, the advanced features allow you to even record the audio as well. At the time being, these high-quality cameras come with plenty of useful features that can benefit you on many different levels.Therefore, a dash camera is always the best choice.


The most common accidents that occur are parking accidents, especially by beginners. They might search for your car or damage the side mirrors. A well-installed dash camera can efficiently record vandals who are trying to break into your car, especially if you use to leave your vehicle unattended in public places

Thus, the mirror camera will record everything and will allow you to show proof to others.


The recordings of the dash camera can be used to solve crimes. Even if you were not involved in it, the camera can help show you recording around your vehicle that might be useful in solving the crime. The police can track down the culprits by using your footage. Thus, make sure to have a dash camera in your vehicle.


The best way to improve your driving skills is to record your whole driving experience. The dash cameras will allow you to record every detail of your drive. You can watch the recording later to know your flaws. It is beneficial, especially for teenage drivers. Thus, make sure to improve your driving with the help of that footage.


Your car is your biggest asset for sure. You have spent money to buy yourself a car. Therefore, in order to keep it safe, the dash camera plays its role. Even though it is a small gadget, the sense of being recorded and watched allows many robbers to stay away from your car. Thus, it helps you save your car without any fear of getting looted.


At Zetronix, you will be offered high-quality products that serve the purpose. Our extremely dedicated workers offer you the best services by all means. Our top-class mirror dash cameras come with night vision as well. Thus, we make sure to serve you the top quality services by all means. Our Security cameras with speed and location detector offer high possibility services like no other. Thus, you can completely rely on us for any kind of help.


Dash cameras work effectively in providing you with the most reliable security for yourself. You probably witness countless memorable experiences. To record those memories, dash cameras do their job. You can record anything and everything without any effort. Moreover, it helps in offering the best way to improve your driving skills. The video offers you proof that you can do better. In addition to this, it offers a reliable source of proof in case of any damage or accident.

You can use the footage to show the proof that you are innocent. Therefore, it helps in lots of things to make your life easier. To sum it all up, dash cameras are the easiest and cheapestinvestment one can make. It allows you to capture the best moments wherever you go. Moreover, it saves your vehicle from any robbers as well. These simple cameras can be installed on the dashboard or windshield or the mirror. It is low maintenance and highly effective. Thus, having a mirror dash camera is the best choice you can ever make.

Nov 24, 2020 1:55:24 AM By Junaid Q Comments Dash-Cam News

Dashcam, also known as car camera or driving camera, is small digital video camera that is made for a very specific purpose. This purpose is to record a view of the road and provide footage of wherever the vehicle travels. Dashcams are not that different from CCTV cameras, just a smaller version of them for vehicles. There are various ways of how to view dashcam footage.

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Apr 16, 2020 5:31:07 AM By Junaid Q Comments Dash-Cam News

The dash cams with GPSs are becoming popular with the increasing years because of their various numerous benefits. Just mount the security camera on the dashboard of the car to record the videos and sounds while driving. The basic need of the dash cameras is to record every single detail happening on the road as well as inside the car. Besides this, such security cameras can be useful for the variety of others' purposes regularly by drivers, taxi, and bus drivers, driving teachers, police officers and many more. These affordable cameras can be joined with other technologies like recorders, GPS as well.

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Apr 12, 2020 3:51:02 AM By Junaid Q Comments Dash-Cam News

Installing a dash cam for your fleet vehicle is a better choice to take, but you may have many questions when trying to determine what type of camerayou need. The National Transportation Safety Board of most countries all agreed that the use of dash cams stands as of the highest sort after option for road safety improvement. They are essential fleet monitoring tool used in preventing accidents and fraud, while promoting save driving as well.

There are a handful of positives for picking on a dash cam for your vehicle fleet. Hence, with all these accomplishment from dash cams, it is important for us to clarify the basics and give details on how to select a dash can wisely especially if you own a couple of commercial vehicle or a fleet.

Tips To Selecting The Ideal Dash Camera

There are a few things to consider when recommending a dash camera for your fleet, and one of the most important factors is storage space on your SD card. Nothing below 64G is accepted especially if you are using parking mode. You also need adhesive tape mounts, a manual event button on your camera to help view vital clips for later review, GPS function to log vehicle movement speed and location and lastly; you need a capacitor based power supply.

Now that we've known the basics, let’s briefly review five of the best dash cams that meets the requirements of any fleet vehicle, these cameras do meet the standards for features, video quality, and reliability, and the good thing is that they've been tested, just in case if you think this is just a mere marketing promotion.

  1. Blackvue DR450 – 1CH

This dash can is perfect for monitoring on various windshields. It has a small and discrete body as well and records in full HD. A locked memory card flap helps to prevent your storage cards from being removed, making the Blackvue DR 450 – 1CH a popular choice among fleet owners. Another good aspect of the camera focuses on compatibility to receive a high storage SD card of about 128 GB, thereby allowing you to make use of every feature including those that consume data without any worry.


  1. Thinkware X50 – 2CH With IR

This camera has a two channel with IR and serves as a great choice for drivers and fleet managers who want video of both the inside and outside of the trucks, helping to promote good employee practices and the safety of drivers as well. The GPS feature has a red light and a speed can alert to notify fleet owners any time a driver crosses speed limits. It has parking mode and can also be hardwired in 12V / 24V vehicles.

  1. The Vicovation Opia 2

This dash cam will blow your mind away when you test it yourself for video quality and high heat operation. It is compact and does have a suitable shape and aesthetic view.Most dash cams do only point forwards, but the Opia 2 has a kind of protruded featured camera that is useful if a driver needs to record an interception at the side of the truck. The camerahas a very small screen event button which makes it a portable and handy device.

Thinkware F50

Here comes one of the most reliable dash cams tested for all kind of video recording performance while driving. It can be hardwired in 12V and 24V vehicles and serve as a good choice for parking mode recording helpful in protecting the truck when the driver has left his vehicle. For those looking for a portable dash cam that gives optimal results, the Thinkware F50 is a must buy. It does not have a screen, which makes it stay concealed in a vehicle. It also has a temper-proof case that helps protect the SD card from theft.

The Viofo A119S V2

If you’re looking for best dash cams for night vision then the Viofo A119S V2 will be your best choice to select, its Sony Exmor sensors makes it so. It runs well in high heat and has a very simple user interface. Speed and location can be displayed in the time stamp of the video, which we all know as an important feature for dash cams, especially for fleet trucks.

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Aug 29, 2019 11:04:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Dash-Cam News

     I was surfing the internet and I happened to come across some stories. There was this story of a highway incident involving two drivers. I do not intend to delve too much into what happened because both sides to the story were very dissimilar and I could not draw a line as to where they had a thing in common. In other words, both were claiming to be right and that the other party is wrong. This is a regular happening when there are no witnesses. With a witness, you will have a third party addition to the story. Not all witnesses always tell the truth about an event. There was a case in Chicago where two policemen were dragging a motorist to court for flouting traffic orders and carrying illicit substances in his car's trunk.

The case dragged on for a long time as witnesses from both of the policemen and the motorist claimed that what their party was saying was the true part of the story. The judge was almost giving up on the case until an unbiased witness spoke. This witness was no human being but the dash cam installed in the police patrol car. I guess the police officers forgot that they were being watched. The video showed that the motorist did not flout any traffic rule. He pulled over when asked to do so by the officers. The video also showed that he was harassed by the officers and they did not open his trunk. This countered their claim of seeing illicit substances in the trunk of the motorist's car. This is to tell you how important a dash cam is. I am sure some people are already viewing dash cam reviews with the intent of getting the best dash cam. If you are still having a second thought about getting a dash cam, here is how a dash cam can be your witness.

It records events exactly the way they happened

The problem with human witnesses is that they may not always say the truth. This is not always because someone has bribed them to say otherwise. Sometimes they may do this to protect the person at fault especially if he or she is their loved one, relative, friend and so on. Sometimes people speak wrongly solely because of the way they perceive the event. The fact that you do not like a particular brand of a car may affect how you may interpret an accident in which that car is involved. A dash cam does not reason that way. It replays the incident exactly the way it happened. Human beings may forget tiny bits of information about an incident. These tiny bits may be sometimes crucial towards the matter at hand. A dash cam does not forget unless it did not see what happened.

It can be easily interpreted

Have you ever listened to somebody tell you a story involving twists and turns? It will get to a point where you will just have to tell the person to stop. Argue with me if you want but expression via language is not easy. Still using the fact that people forget some tiny bits of information, information that can make a difference. Not having these bits of information may frustrate your efforts to draw a conclusion. A dash cam, on the other hand, gives you a replay of the incident and allows you to interpret firsthand information.

They are not prone to bias or controversy

This is also in line with my first points. Like I stated earlier, people do not sometimes tell the truth because they do not want to. Sometimes what they say is their own perception of the truth. A sexist may retell a happening with a biased mind and favoring the individual of his own sex. A person will also not see someone who is from a race he or she dislikes as being correct. A dash cam, on the other hand,  does not have all these prejudices against anybody. It does not bear grudges against anybody and will not favor one person above the other.

These and many more reasons why a dash cam is a more trusted witness than a human being. It is however important that you call an expert who is good at analyzing videos. An analyst with prejudice is as good as having an individual with prejudice telling you his prejudice coated stories.


May 14, 2019 3:57:10 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Dash-Cam News
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