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Security cameras can be found indoors or outside, concealed or obvious, hanging from the ceiling or a shelf. Security cameras are a common feature of both residential and commercial spaces. No matter where or how they are utilized, they observe and record things we would prefer not to see but are nonetheless grateful for. The memory card is a crucial piece of equipment in these security cameras that lets us view the captured images and videos.

After all, we are recording footage that may one day be required and beneficial. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that visuals are crisp and clear. How can we ensure that the memory card we buy will meet our demands and provide high-quality images? We research for the Compatible Micro Sd card we're interested in and look at a few critical characteristics like capacity, speed, and durability. After that, select a company we can trust. Local video recording using a microSD card helps prevent data loss due to network outages. 128GB micro-SD, 128GB SD card, 32GB SDHC memory card, and 64GB micro-SD card are all great for your security camera.

How to Pick a Reliable MicroSD Card for Your Security Cameras

MicroSD cards are utilized in many devices, including drones and smartphones. Every programmer has different requirements for the memory card it operates. For instance, memory cards for cameras used for photography must have high performance and high endurance.


Regarding capacity, memory cards come in a variety of sizes. There are memory cards with powers of 16, 32, 64, 128, and even 256 GB.

To start, look up the specs of your camera. The most prominent memory card size that some cameras can support is limited. For instance, Wyze Cam restricts the capacity of the microSD cards you may install to 32GB. Second, consider how you intend to utilize your security camera to decide your required storage capacity. Use a high-capacity and Compatible Micro Sd card if your camera is configured to record continually. However, if the memory card is just a backup storage option, you can choose one with a smaller capacity.

Consider the resolution of your camera as well. Use a microSD card with a bigger storage capacity if your camera has a solution of 1080p or 4K since high-quality videos require more storage space.


Speed is a different element. Memory cards are given a speed rating depending on their read/write speeds.

The pace at which a memory card sends data (video) to its memory is known as the write speed. Using a sluggish microSD card might result in recorded videos skipping frames or becoming jerky. Unfortunately, most security cameras don't expressly provide a suggested write speed, unlike with the capacity. Most of them advise choosing a memory card with an SDHC Class 10 speed rating, which implies it can handle a write speed of at least 10MBPS. The SDXC I and SDXC II speed ratings have taken the role of the SDHC speed rating, further complicating the decision. Consequently, how can you pick a memory card with the proper write speed?

We advise you to base your choice on the resolution of your camera. MicroSD cards with faster writing rates are necessary for cameras with better solutions. Look for microSD cards that can maintain a write speed of at least 30MB/second for 4K cameras. These cards are typically identified as SDXC II V30 or SDXC I with the number "3" enclosed in a U-bracket. Use a memory card with at least a 10MB/second write speed for 1080p and 720p cameras.


Because they too are exposed to extreme environments, memory cards must be strong. For instance, using a memory card continuously for an extended period may eventually cause harm. Additionally, specific cameras feature magnets, which are bad for most microSD cards. Memory cards must also be heat- and water-resistant, especially if they are to be used with outdoor security cameras.

What MicroSD Cards Work Best with Security Cameras?


Samsung PRO Endurance, first.

Recently, Samsung PRO Endurance microSD cards were made available. The fact that they were created especially for home security cameras is their most vital feature.

Samsung PRO+ 2

The speed-oriented sibling of Samsung PRO Endurance is Samsung PRO+. It is ideal for quickly wasting vast amounts of data since it can write at a sustained rate of up to 90MB/second. Additionally, it is magnet-proof, high-temperature resistant, waterproof, and X-ray-proof.

High Endurance Sandisk

The Sandisk High Endurance microSD card is Sandisk's take on a robust MicroSD card. It was introduced a few years ago, so it's not as quick or powerful as Samsung PRO Endurance, but it's still an affordable alternative for entry-level cameras.

Industrial Class 10 Kingston

The Kingston Industrial Class 10 microSD card is our top choice, and we suggest using it for outdoor security cameras in chilly climates. Kingston Industrial Class 10 can resist temperatures
as low as -40°F, which is something the other microSD cards on this list are unable to achieve. This makes up for its slower speed compared to the other alternatives.


Security cameras are a common feature of both residential and commercial spaces. The memory card is a crucial piece of equipment in these security cameras that lets us view the captured images and videos. The article will help you to find the right micro card for security cameras.

Aug 15, 2022 8:12:47 AM By Junaid Q Comments Zetronix Products

Our home is our haven and is where we can be ourselves in peace. It is where we can live comfortably with our family members and recharge before going out in the world. However, being comfortable on your premises is impossible if you constantly worry about safety. After all, we hear about many instances around us involving break-ins, robberies, and trespassing. This risk can be further heightened if you live in a populated area or a neighborhood with high crime rates. In such a case, it helps to invest in security measures that can help deter intruders or catch them in the act.

This is where the X10 Pro solar outdoor camera can be an excellent asset. It provides a range of features that can allow you to protect your home. In particular, it is the floodlight aspect that makes it stand out. This article will look at all aspects in detail and show why the X10 Pro is the perfect protection for your premises.

Without further delay, let’s get into it.

Expose Dangers with the Floodlight

The ultra-bright floodlight that this solar-powered surveillance camera comes with provides various benefits. For starters, it helps you capture video regardless of the lighting conditions. If it is dark outside, this camera will automatically turn on so that the dark parts are lit up. This allows you to capture footage of any intruders. In addition, this camera can detect motion and notify you, which will enable you to turn on the floodlights that give out light up to 1,000 Lumens. This acts as a deterrent against intruders and scares them away, leaving your premises safe and sound regardless of where you are.

Advanced Surveillance Options

This solar-powered wifi camera is an excellent protection asset due to the advanced surveillance options it provides. This camera has a human recognition feature that can allow you to identify faces from far away. If there is an unexpected visitor or intruder, this camera will notify you accordingly. In addition, the X10 Pro even sends you instant motion alerts, and you can check live streams of video and pictures on your smartphone regardless of where you are. These streams and recordings are in 1080HD video and crisp audio, ensuring you can see any danger. You may be worried about poor wifi signals, and so this camera comes with an adjustable antenna that can capture signals where they may be weak. In essence, you are getting uninterrupted surveillance due to these fantastic features.

Operates in any condition

The great thing about the X10 Pro is that you can set it up anywhere you need. If you are worried about visitors to your front porch or package robberies, you can set it up on your front door. Similarly, if you are concerned about people sneaking through your backyard, you can get it set up there. You can mount this camera on any surface and even your rooftop, and it will be able to capture anything courtesy of the 90-degree angle lens. Additionally, the X10 Pro can provide surveillance in any weather conditions, whether sunny, rainy, or snowing. It is effective in any area and under any lighting conditions. This is because the camera and charging camera can work separately. You can mount the camera in a dark spot and the charger in the sun, and it will still be able to work. This means you do not have to worry about safety regardless of the situation.

Solar power capabilities

One danger with surveillance systems tends to be that they may stop working or may not have enough charging to last long. This provides intruders with the opportunity to trespass and ransacks your home. This is where the X10 Pro’s solar charging capabilities come in handy. The camera comes with a solar panel that it can use to charge it and the floodlight. It has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can last a year without charging. In essence, it is entirely self-sustained and can provide surveillance without you having to plug in anything. There are up to 200 days of video storage, ensuring your security is never compromised.

Deterrent Options

The problem with traditional surveillance systems is that they provide protection after the fact rather than before. This means that the footage they capture is most useful after the crime has been committed. It would be much more convenient for you if you could deter intruders from committing the crime. This will allow you to keep yourself and your belongings safe. The X10 Pro stands out in this aspect due to the powerful two-way mic/speaker system and the 120 dB alarm siren. The system can allow you to listen to anything the camera records and project your voice across the powerful speaker. This can easily scare away any intruders. The alarm siren can do this as well while also scaring away animals. Many animals like snakes can be dangerous if they get inside your home. Therefore, this feature can be handy if you live near an area next to a forest or jungle.

To sum up

Homes provide a place where we can live in comfort and peace. However, this can be difficult if you constantly worry about your safety and intruders. There is a need for security measures or equipment, which is where the X10 Pro shines. This camera provides a range of features that protect your home and premises. It even gives you deterrent options that standard surveillance systems tend to lack. We have looked at each of these features in detail to see why you need this camera for protection. In particular, the floodlight feature of this camera stands out as it can provide lighting and act as a deterrent. We implore you to invest in this camera so that you never have to worry about your and your property’s safety again. We hope this article proves insightful and allows you to understand how fantastic this product can be for you. Thank you for reading!

Jul 29, 2022 8:16:33 AM By Junaid Q Comments Zetronix Products

Businesses have a lot to lose when it comes to protecting their information. Trade secrets, client lists, financial data - all of this can be compromised if someone manages to spy on your company. As a business owner, it's important to be aware of the various techniques that spies use to gather information. Luckily, there are a number of counter-surveillance techniques you can use to keep your business safe. Here are six of the best!


  1. Install a quality security system
  2. Restrict access to sensitive areas
  3. Train employees on proper security measures
  4. Use passwords and encryption to protect data
  5. Monitor employee activity
  6. Keep your software up-to-date

1. Install a Quality Security System

Installing a good security system is the first step to ensuring your business stays safe. Mini surveillance cameras can be strategically placed around a building for monitoring activity and deterring potential threats from outsiders seeking entry into prove grounds, stores or other areas where they shouldn't belong!

Mini-surveillance cameras can be a great way to keep an eye on your business's progress. They're small, portable and easy for you or someone else in the family members who might need access during their off hours! Make sure that any company you choose has experience working with commercial clients like yours so they do all possible things in order keep everything running smoothly.

2. Restrict Access to Sensitive Areas

Spies will often try to gain access to restricted areas in order to gather information. By keeping these areas off limits, you can make it much more difficult for them to succeed. Only allow employees who need access to sensitive areas of your business to enter those areas. This will help to prevent unauthorized people from snooping around.

3. Train Employees on Proper Security Measures

Limiting access to your business's information systems is essential for security. Your employees should know how and when they should report suspicious activity, as well inform you about anything that might pose a threat or vulnerability in the company environment so it can be addressed quickly before any damage gets done.
A strong workforce understands its role within this process by being aware of what types/memberships would make them more susceptible targets because criminals will try any opportunity possible when targeting businesses- even those with good cybersecurity practices!

4. Use Passwords and Encryption to Protect Data

It is easy to think that because we use encryption and strong passwords, then the risks of data theft are gone. However, this could not be further from reality! The best way for your business's information security measures will always remain vigilant protection against criminals who want nothing more than access any personal or financial details they can get their hands on - which means it pays off big time if you take simple steps now so as not have regret later down road.
The key here? Always choose quality over quantity when creating unique keys (I mean come one; how many different words could possibly exist?) And don't forget about protecting those valuable assets with some good old-fashioned IPSec.

5. Monitor Employee Activity

Spyware is a serious issue. It can allow an unauthorized person access to your computer, and even worse they may be able spy on you while using it! Keep this in mind when monitoring employees for suspicious activity - if one of them approaches areas where sensitive data resides or shows signs that he/she should not belong (such as having unusual knowledge about company operations), then take appropriate action immediately so no harm comes from their actions
The spied-on individual might appear peripheral but his true motives remain unclear; maybe he simply likes hanging around with people who have high positions within business organizations because there's nothing stopping him from stealing valuable secrets after all? Keep an eye on employees who may have access to sensitive areas or information. If you see anything suspicious, take appropriate action.

6. Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

Outdated software can provide an opportunity for hackers to gain access into your system which could result not only harmful data being exposed, but also personal information such as emails or passwords! Don't let that happen by updating regularly so you always have the latest protection mechanisms available on hand – new threats are constantly emerging; it's important stay one step ahead whenever possible especially if things seem too easy going forward (for example: paying off criminals).


While it’s impossible to completely avoid being spied on by cameras and other surveillance devices, the above steps you can take to make yourself less of a target. By using these simple counter-surveillance techniques, you can reduce the chances that someone will be able to spy on your business activities or steal your confidential information. Have you tried any of these techniques? If not, give them a try and see how well they work for you. Remember, the more layers of protection you have in place, the better off you’ll be.


Jul 4, 2022 6:48:33 AM By Junaid Q Comments Zetronix Products

How to catch an employee that's been stealing from you.

Employee theft is common & particularly damaging to small businesses. Maintaining a strong anti-theft system in your business is so important in these economic times.

Theft is a serious crime and costs the American economy upwards of 3 trillion dollars a year.

But when we think of theft we often picture a masked robber stealing from strangers. 

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.


Zetronix Catch a Thieving Employee


Setting up an anti-employee theft system used to be costly, time-consuming & relied upon specialist companies who would sometimes even charge you to continually monitor the system.

Thankfully, thanks to American companies like Zetronix, buying, setting up, & running anti-employee theft security systems is easy. 

Step 1.

Determine the area you want to be monitored - look for locations high up that have a good view of the areas you need to monitor.  Ensure that the area is accessible and you can safely install a camera without injury.

Some of the anti-employee theft cameras in the Zetronix range, such as the Nanny Cam USB Wall Charger Camera below, even include coverage of 90 degrees and even IR Infra-Red night vision. You will be able to control, set & watch the camera feed from your mobile phone or computer via the state-of-the-art WIFI connection. 

Koios - 1080p WIFI Nanny Cam USB Wall Travel Charger Camera 

Koios - 1080p WIFI Nanny Cam USB Wall Travel Charger Camera


Step 2.

Research the cameras available & ascertain your budget. You will be surprised at the price of quality anti-theft cameras in the Zetronix range - all produced by vetted partners, having undergone rigorous research & development & complete with US support for the life of the product, 30-day money-back warranty & more.

Once you have researched your needs as well as learned about the various cutting-edge features available with anti-employee theft cameras, decide if you need 1 or more devices.

Check out all of the Zetronx anti-theft cameras on offer.

Step 3.

Buy with confidence from Zetronix.

By working closely with overseas product developers, we implement a rigorous quality assurance process, testing and altering the product’s design and functionality until we are confident that the result represents the highest possible quality—both in terms of usability and durability.

We train our staff thoroughly on how every product works, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality support via phone, email or chat.  We offer friendly and professional customer support around the clock.

Over the last decade, we have sold millions of products to consumers in North America and around the world.  Our state-of-the-art merchandise can be found in police departments, government agencies and private security companies throughout the U.S. 

We proudly count the NYPD, the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Department of State among our loyal customers.


 At Zetronxi we stand behind each and every product we sell.

Jul 4, 2022 6:43:23 AM By Alan Simpson Comments Zetronix Products

Safety and security.

The safety and security of your family, home, workplace & vehicles is important. There have been major advances in covert security equipment in the last 10 years. 

 Devices that were unobtainable for the average American only a few years ago are now a click away, delivered to your door.

But where to start? How do you begin ensuring you are managing your security while also not falling for cheap gadgets that don’t deliver?

That is why we have written this handy safety and security guide for you to take control and make informed decisions.

Piece of mind

Step 1. 

Determine the physical location you need to monitor. Are you looking to secure your home, your workplace or your vehicle? Perhaps you travel regularly & need to secure temporary locations like hotel rooms or offices. 

Are you constantly moving & need to secure your personal space?

Once you have determined the location you wish to secure, then you can narrow your search down.

Step 2.

Determine your budget. While safety and security are paramount, it is important not to overspend. Select the best device you can, that offers the solution you need within your determined budget.  

If you need to wait a little longer before investing in the perfect solution, do so. There is no point in settling for cheap imitation products - you only end up paying more in the long run. 

At Zetronix we pride ourselves on delivering quality electronics at factory direct prices. We back everything we sell with a 100% money back guarantee & unlimited support. 

We stand behind our products so you know that you will always receive the best quality at the cheapest price.

We never sacrifice quality for price - we balance the two. 

happy customers love zetronix


Step 3.

Research your purchase.

Read as many product descriptions, blog posts, and customer reviews as you can. Youtube is a great source for reviews & unboxing videos as well.  

As with any major purchase, it is important to understand exactly what you are buying - when you are looking to secure & protect your family & your property this research is very important.

At Zetronix we have in-depth information on all our product pages as well as a wealth of blog posts providing extra information, technical specifications, instructions and more.  

The Zetronix website is a valuable resource while you are information gathering & researching your solutions.

research at Zetronix


Step 4.

Buy with confidence.

Online shopping can be a minefield of drop shippers, false claims, scams and bait & switch operations. When shopping for something as important as home safety & security solutions, it is important to ensure that you are trusting a reputable company with your purchase. 

Zetronix is an American company that has been providing safety & security devices for over 10 years. We back every product we sell with a full 1-year warranty on all products plus 30-day full money back guarantee.

We follow up with lifetime phone, live chat & email support for every single product we sell including sale items.

Our products are sourced from trusted manufacturing partners & we have a rigorous testing process. By partnering with the best manufacturers we offer factory direct prices on high-quality safety and security electronic devices. 

We hope that you found this safety and security guide helpful & look forward to answering any questions you may have. Make sure to join the conversation on the Zetronix Facebook page


Jun 20, 2022 11:20:46 PM By Alan Simpson Comments Zetronix Products

The safety of your loved ones is important

The safety of your loved ones is important.

As parents and older loved ones move into the September of their years, one of the hardest decisions to make is entrusting their care to someone else.

If only there was a way to ensure that their safety is monitored & that you have a complete overview of their safety & security at all times. Now you can with covert video recording cameras commonly known as Nanny Cams.

 View our full range of nanny cams here.


Protect your loved ones with nanny cams

Your answer to keeping your elderly loved ones safe and secure.

A nanny cam is simply a covert camera that you can use to monitor a chosen area. Our comprehensive range of nanny cams includes such features as full HD recording to the cloud, motion-activated recording & even infra-red IR night vision.

We have many different styles of Nanny cams - from plug & play cameras hidden in clock faces & phone chargers, to bedside alarm clocks, false smoke detectors, picture frames with hidden cameras, or even DIY nanny cam kits that can turn any household object into a pair of eyes that streams live video to your smartphone.


Keep your elderly loved ones safe and secure with Zetronix

Is it hard to set up a nanny cam?

The short answer is no. Setting a nanny camera up to provide piece of mind by watching over your elderly loved ones is easy. The only thing you need is WIFI. All you need to do is connect the camera to a WIFI network, and then you can stream video and audio on your phone no matter where you are in the world.

We even offer hard-wired fully functional wall socket mounted cameras that require professional installation.


 Buy With Confidence

Quality & Support is important.

Piece of mind can be achieved knowing that you can keep a watchful eye over your elderly loved ones from afar with the latest in covert camera technology. All of our nanny cams come backed with our impressive 30 days 100% money back warranty, as well as lifetime phone support from right here in the United States.

We stand behind each and every product we sell, and our ever-growing range of nanny cams are proving to be some of our most popular products, especially for people wanting to maintain a loving eye over loved ones who are no longer living at home.

View our full range of Nanny Cams here.

May 31, 2022 8:03:52 PM By Alan Simpson Comments Zetronix Products

Never let your privacy be compromised with these hidden cameras, infrared (IR), GPS tracker & bug detectors.

Maintaining a secure & private environment is important in the digital age. These days, it is easier than ever for you and your family’s movements to be tracked, monitored & studied. Hidden cameras can be placed inside your home as well as the perimeter. Your workplace can be monitored as well with bugs and surveillance cameras.

Plus, anyone can purchase a GPS tracker, and place it on your car, bike, baby buggy or person without you knowing.

Identifying hidden surveillance electronics used to be extremely difficult, time-consuming & expensive. Not any more.

Thanks to the Zetronix range of state of the art counter surveillance products, you can be confident in the knowledge that your family, home, vehicles & workplace are safe from watching eyes.

View the counter surveillance range here.

 How counter surveillance products work

How do counter surveillance products work?

Counter-surveillance equipment work by scanning for the curvature of hidden camera lenses. This means that hidden surveillance cameras do not even need to be powered on for you to be able to detect them.

When using a hidden camera detector, any hidden surveillance camera lenses will appear as bright flickering lights. These detectors do not transmit a frequency to detect a hidden camera, but rather they detect the curvature of the lens in the hidden camera itself.

Our range of hidden camera detectors, infrared (IR) detectors, GPS Tracker detectors & bug detectors are compact, portable & very easy to use. You do not need any prior counter surveillance experience in order to use them.

View the counter surveillance range here.

Is counter-surveillance equipment hard to use?

Many people think that counter-surveillance is complicated & difficult. It indeed used to be, but not anymore. Gone are the days of bulky encounter surveillance equipment, each device requiring its own package & power source.

Scanning for hidden cameras used to require a team of 3, and it took hours, if not days, to perform the work of scanning for hidden surveillance cameras. Now your counter-surveillance equipment is carried in your pocket & it takes mere minutes to ensure your privacy & safety.

Some of our counter surveillance detectors come with pinhole dummy lenses included for you to practice detection.

counter surveillance equipment is not hard to use

Do I need to buy separate detectors for hidden cameras, bugs, IR & GPS trackers?

We have a range of counter surveillance products that perform more than one function. (Like scanning for hidden surveillance cameras, Infrared signals, GPS trackers and the like, all with one device). So you can carry an entire suite of counter-surveillance equipment in your pocket.

The short answer is no. You do not need separate counter-surveillance devices for every task - our comprehensive range includes counter surveillance equipment that performs more than one task.

Your privacy and safety are important

Your privacy & your safety are paramount.

Securing your surroundings & sweeping for hidden cameras, IR, bugs & GPS trackers should become part of your home & personal security regime.

With this range of counter surveillance products, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are in control of your privacy & safety.

Ensure that you are safe with these counter surveillance products.

May 16, 2022 7:36:07 PM By Alan Simpson Comments Zetronix Products

Although spy cameras are chiefly used to detect robbery or similar activities, when people mount their spy cameras on their office's main gates or in porches of their houses; but with time there has been discovered many great purposes to use spy cameras for. It wasn't too late until the realization that robbery or stealing is not the only 'event' that needs to be caught. Certain other things take place which if recorded, could be feasible evidence in the footage. 
However, it's to be noticed that the spy cameras can't be by our side all along; and it's not only on the outside of a building where events that are worth recording happen. For that, technology has been advanced enough to have introduced the most portable spy pen cameras.

Read More
Apr 19, 2022 2:39:00 AM By Junaid Q spy pen, Comments Zetronix Products

Counter surveillance is a procedure that is used to identify and detect ongoing surveillance to develop a suitable countermeasure. The main goal is to trick the enemy and stop the attack by the completion of the surveillance. Whereas, the hidden camera surveillance would help to detect the attacker such as a kidnapper, purse snatcher, murderer, killer, and destroyer, etc. it is better to have a hidden camera in your office, home, or car, to have a piece of evidence or proof.

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Apr 13, 2022 3:41:00 AM By Junaid Q 0 Comments Zetronix Products

It is significant for a person owning a GoPro, that when he is out there searching for the best memory cards for GoPro, he shall keep in mind that the memory card he buys is not fake or refurbished. One thing that he should make sure is that the memory card should be compatible with the GoPro camera that he has. Some GoPro cameras, such as the GoPro6 needs a memory card that has a fast speed because the camera does not have that function by default, but GoPro3 does not need that memory card as it has inbuilt fast speed functionality. That is why it is important to know which card is suitable for your own GoPro.

Read More
Apr 7, 2022 6:14:00 AM By Junaid Q memory cards, Comments Zetronix Products
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