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Your house is more than simply four walls, it’s your home. It’s the place we lay our heads down at night, the place our teenager's sense protected and the place we hold our valuables. Whatever makes your residence a home, we prefer to do the whole thing we can to protect it from intruders.

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Dec 5, 2019 11:34:27 PM By Junaid Q Comments Zetronix Products

In the event that you're searching for the best memory card for your camera, at that point to help. It can be questionable to choose the best memory card for your needs as different cameras have different information and compatibility needs. Include the enormous number of various makers of memory cards, and it can immediately turn into a stupefying procedure. Just as SD cards provides you a facility to hide things same is the case with spy cams.

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Nov 12, 2019 4:34:21 AM By Junaid Q Comments Zetronix Products

There is a lot of advantages that go with battery-powered batteries and their battery charger here are a ton of advantages that go with battery-powered batteries and their battery charger. Battery-powered batteries commonly at first cost more than dispensable batteries, however, they have a much lower absolute expense of proprietorship and ecological effect, as they can be revived economically ordinarily before they need supplanting. Some battery-powered battery types are accessible in indistinguishable sizes and voltages from expendable kinds and can be utilized reciprocally with th

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Nov 11, 2019 2:45:00 AM By Junaid Q Comments Zetronix Products

  So many countries do allow marketing firms, companies, and store owners that deal with Tech gadgets like computer hardware ,recording pen and hidden spy cam etc. to freely deal in purchase and selling of their merchandise with no any law or rule governing them.  Such a handful of cases is predominantly seen as becoming apparent in third world countries. The violation of these legal directives is unethical, and hence should be stringently scrutinized because the use of Tech gadget plays an influential role in our daily social living.

After you've assessed your online store business plans and have an arrangement for item sourcing, it's insightful to explore the limitations and guidelines that may influence you when opening an internet business store or even a physical store. So you may want to ask; are there really any legal constraints in selling Tech gadgets in the first place, and if there are any, must someone obey them? Yes, there are rules and regulations that you must obey if you want to be a successful businessperson in this niche of the industry. Moreover, if you’re skeptical about this, let’s go on to look at 5 major considerations in details quickly to play safe while selling your tech gadgets and also do pay attention in areas you might be found breaching these laws.

The Law On Taxes.

When you want to begin dealing in Tech Gadgets, know that each state and nation has its different expectations and standards concerning taxes, this implies you need to lead some examination and comprehend your objective market.

For example, if your store's statistic is situated in the U.S, you'll likely need to show your costs exclusive of tax. Nevertheless, if your objective market is in another country, where customers are acclimated with seeing comprehensive costs, you'll need to incorporate tax. Other issues would be identified by what you are moving and where you are moving them from.

Also you’ll want to take some simple scenarios into consideration, for example; for some countries, when you want to go into the business of Tech gadgets like covert cameras and Smartphones, you should have it in mind that whatever taxes you incur for your business, you’ll be taxed by the state, in some nations, VAT tax applies to all non-essential goods.

To consider every contingency, converse with a tax professional or whatever neighborhood expert is accessible to you, they will most likely help you comprehend explicit examples that may influence your item or business, give you bits of knowledge on how you have to charge for your business' area and help you apply for necessities like a tax ID, just as let you know whether you qualify for sales tax exception and affiliate certificates.

Remember that this data, and the guidelines around it, are always changing. This is only one of the numerous reasons why having a tax professional close by or working with your local tax authority will be a vital part of maintaining a solid business. Moreover, you can utilize an application to automate a great part of the procedure.

Set-Up A Business Plan From Shipping To Taxes

  • Ensure that you have a blueprint for your business, regardless of whether you don't have a full strategy.
  • Ensure you have a real existence cycle worked out of how you will advertise/source/offer and get your items to any clients.
  • Likewise, when your business increase, put resources into an online shipping tool to computerize shipping, this will help cut your process duration altogether.
  • Make certain to set up your business bank account to keep everything separate from your private issue. Except if you are incredibly great at bookkeeping, locate a decent accountant to record the majority of your costs and contract a CPA that can document your taxes. Provided your record keeping is convenient, it will spare you cash on your taxes.

Rules On Payment Gateways.

There are numerous payment gateways accessible for e-commerce businesses. Take note; don’t feel constrained by the way that huge numbers of them will have limitations on explicit products or services you might need to sale.

When you're reviewing Payment gateways, simply make certain to inquire as to whether they have any restrictions around specific products, notwithstanding whether they are hosted or non-hosted, incorporate anti-fraud features, or require exchange charges and transaction fees, termination fees also should be put into consideration while not forgetting month to month expenses or setup charges as well.

BigCommerce connects with different payment gateways so you can pick which directly fits your business. Some of the most familiar Payment Gateway platforms include; PayPal, Stripe, Secure Net, Square and so on.

When you’re vetting payment gateways, just be sure to ask if they have any limitations around certain products, in addition to whether they are hosted or non-hosted, include anti-fraud features, or require transaction fees, monthly fees or setup fees.

Business Insurance

There are different kinds of insurance schemes for private and public companies, and they include general liability, product Liability, professional obligation, business liability, and locally situated protection, what you have to do is to contact your local provider to determine which type would be best for your business and area.

Amid reviewing procedures, it’s a smart thought to take product liability into consideration because its intended for organizations that fabricate, wholesale, distribute and retail their products which are subject for its security.

Also take into consideration professional liability insurance which is otherwise called mistakes and exclusions insurance, which secures your business against malpractices, blunders, and carelessness.

Licenses And Permits.

You need a license to sell any tech gadget products, and this depends on the country you’re located at, so it’s ideal to first contact your local permitting division in this aspect.

In case you are selling unique items to a controlled industry (e.g., therapeutic gadgets or comprehensive medicinal services supplements), you will have to check with your state to check whether you should be authorized to give those sorts of products or services.

Usually, in countries like the USA, the sale of digital information and handmade gadgets doesn't require an uncommon business permit, and even the license required for an online retail business isn't generously unique in relation to that of a brick and mortar store.

As you build up your business, you may find that you either need to license technology into your organization to enlarge your product expansion efforts or make another income stream by authorizing innovations that you've created to other individuals. A permit is an agreement that exchanges the privilege to utilize, however not the responsibility of intellectual property (IP). Any sort of protected innovation or intellectual property, for example, licenses, copyrights, trademarks, source code, plans, logos, and competitive advantages, can be licensed.

 While negotiating for a permit, whatever side of the transaction you find yourself, here are the components that become possibly the most important factor; your lawyer will spruce up the agreement, yet these are the significant business terms you should be worried about, and they include:


  • What is being licensed: Is it a patent? A copyright? A picture? A PC program? A formula? You have to characterize in all respects cautiously; what you are authorizing or licensing.
  • What rights are being passed on or allowed: In most cases, one can acquire the privilege to use, to sell, to make, or to have made (if you have another person producing for you) the licensed IP.
  • Is the permit restrictive? Non-restrictive? Or on the other hand halfway selective? There are countless ways IP can be cut up. In the event that you are permitting a patent, would you say your patent is unique enough that you alone can only utilize it? Or then again is the proprietor of the patent licensing it to anybody and everybody?
  • Are there any geographic constraints? The rights to a permit can be cut up by a geographical location or country; much like a franchise agreement. You may have the privilege to sell in North America however not in Europe, for instance.
  • Are there field-of-use Limitations? You may permit innovation for use in one industry, but not in another.
  • Rights to sublicense: In the event that you permit a technological invention into your organization, do you have rights to permit it once more? This might be essential in the event that you intend to fuse it into your products.
  • Task statement: In the event that your organization gets purchased, does the permit get dropped or does it get appointed to your acquirer?
  • Diligence clauses: You can expect that the organization permitting the technology to you (licensor) is going to need you to accomplish something helpful with it. Especially in the account of technologies that are created with citizen or taxpayer money, there might be a prerequisite for you to utilize your earnest attempts to market it.
  • How will you pay? Payment is made according to state or region payment medium structure.


PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is an essential assurance for online vendors, and about all SaaS web-based and e-commerce platforms have it somewhat baked in their system.

An online business is mostly a target or victim of data theft, which is the reason why web-based business or e-commerce suppliers pay more attention to it. In any case, try to educate yourself in these aspects.

Being PCI compliant doesn’t just mean providing a secure, encrypted checkout experience; you’ll also need to avoid storing any purchasing information on paper or via recording, for example; if someone were to give you their card number over the phone.

Apr 5, 2019 1:34:04 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Zetronix Products

In one way or the other, you must have been a fan of some spy movies where the use of various spy cameras for security purpose is evident, and if you have ever seen the new James Bond movie, you will know exactly what I’m talking about here.

For me, I think the best part of being a spy is to own some spy cameras like nanny cam, dash cam and stuff like that. But who has the money to buy them? That’s why today I am going to show you how you’re going to own one of these essential spy gadgets cheaply made with simple materials, well incorporated and infused by Zetronix company.

So today, you will learn how to use some of these gadgets in a disguised platform using some simple mini spy cameras infused with some household or office materials to erase any trace of suspicion from anyone. In addition, you will learn how to set a trap and catch an intruder, how to secretly record someone and most especially; how to be happy using these gadgets to revamp your old spying skills.

Alright, let’s go to it!

Bush Baby Stealth Stuffed Toy Dog Spy Camera

With this clever set up, the safety of your young child at home is assured, since it is worrisome to take with you your kids everywhere you go to, having a babysitter to look after your child is kind of your best choice, Nevertheless, there is still a worry about your child been well taken care of appropriately. Empowered by Zetronix, this stuffed baby toy incorporated with a nanny cam is perfect for keeping an eye on your child's nanny while you are away. The disguised nanny cam is installed into the baby doll to make it look like an ordinary toy. The camera that is hidden inside the toy blends normally with any kind of standard baby toy to circumvent any slightest suspicion.

Furthermore, this camouflaged camera maintains its original mechanism that enables it to talk, so that there is no skepticism about its functionality. 

With a video AVI video format resolution of 1920 x 1080, it can record high definition videos at 30 frames per second, Also included is a motion detection mechanism that enables recording on sensing movement in the room, so this helps you to know what your baby doing or what the babysitter might not be doing. When you get back home, at your own ease, you can watch the recorded footage on your computer by connecting a USB cable included. It has an internal memory of 32GB, which allows for generous storage space, while the battery can last up to 30 hours!

Children's Musical Mobile Spy Camera

This children's musical mobile features a self-recording camera with a built-in DVR. The camera is installed in the musical mobile phone in a very discrete fashion that no one can ever suspect, especially your babysitter or any stranger close by. The camera is most useful for monitoring when the baby is asleep with the musical mobile phone tuned on to relax the baby; most nursing mothers use the ordinary one not meant for spying at anyone.

The discrete camera should be capable of shooting videos in high definition with a mechanism offering motion detection recording for enhanced storage 8 - 32GB SD card for viewing footage later on your PC. This camera should be DVR supported so that when the SD card is full, an auto-overwrite feature can replace the old files with new footage recordings in order to maximize storage space.

Furthermore, the battery life is expected to last up to 15-hours so that footage can be recorded from when your kids are asleep at night until daybreak. The device should not require any kind set up. Just turn it on and you are ready to capture any unwanted activity and protect your children at the same time.

Computer Speakers Night Vision Spy Camera

With Zetronix, you can now spy on people with your computer speaker, and who says you cannot use this same method for ordinary speakers also?

Once they are discrete enough, it fits perfectly well if installed properly. Computer Speakers Wi-Fi IR Spy Camera offers a discreet housing for concealing a pinhole-monitoring camera. The camera offers 1080p resolution video with a recording range of up to 300 feet. Night vision ability allows clear recording up to 20 feet in the dark. You can remotely view, record or control camera from anywhere in the world any time of the day, as long as you are connected to the Internet. Also, receive instant alerts via auto image to FTP or email when motion is detected. Multiple users can control the camera, each with password-protected access. Videos are time and date stamped.

Safety Tech Fake Car Key Spy Camera

The car key hidden camera plus DVR is easy to carry, like any other car key, simply slip it into a bag or pocket and pull it out at a moment's notice. You will always be ready to record using its powerful camera to capture video in 1920 x 1080 resolutions, true HD 1080p quality, onto a 16GB micro SD card. This small camera can record up to 2.5 hours of video at a time and whenever you need to clear space or review the video, simply connect it to any computer with a USB cable and you can transfer or playback files with ease. Its built-in rechargeable battery can last two hours continuously or even up to 4 days in motion detection mode. The motion sensors save space and battery by only recording when movement is detected. Once the battery is drained plug it into a power source with the USB cable and it will be fully charged once more within 2 hours.

There are techniques you can use to revamp your spy skills like:

Birdhouse Cam: A stealth nanny cam disguised as a birdhouse can be trained in your yard so you’ll always see what outdoor playtime looks like. Make sure your nanny isn’t letting the kids wander away unattended or make huge divots in the grass.

Charging Dock Cam: Hiding a camera with a fully operational phone charger is a win-win situation. You can actually replenish your phone’s battery while you are around, and when you’re gone the device will capture footage.

 Before using all the above spy gadgets, it is recommended that you check your local and state laws regarding private and residential recording and always perform a thorough background check on anyone you hire to watch your child. It is not a bad feeling to want to be sure your kids are safe, happy, and in good hands, even if that means you need to install a nanny cam peace to have peace of mind. It’s your right as a parent!










Feb 7, 2019 4:53:17 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Zetronix Products

To be safe, when buying your smart gadgets like nanny cams, spy cams and so on for office security purposes, it is recommended that you make some few precautions to avoid having yourself being scammed! Below are some guides you can easily abide by for your safety.

Have A Broad Idea About The product You Intend Buying: To avoid problems, do enough investigation methodically in order to be more careful because at times those web catalogs may not describe a product the same way a shopkeeper will advertise its product. However, not many companies take a strict look at vendors and their products because of the lack of patience and time constraints or maybe because someone else who has bought and tested the product from the same company you intend to buy from has tipped you in buying from them. Nevertheless, such careless attitude towards buying at times can prove costly.

When you do not have sufficient information within your reach, contact the seller via email to send useful information you need to know before purchasing his products; most sites do respond quickly. However, if such companies tend to be slow in responding to questions or give unclear and indefinite responses, stay away from such sellers.

Look Out For Availability Of Accessories: Examine if any of the included accessories like USB charger, batteries, extra cables, Micro SD cards, case or carrying bag, and so on are well packaged and are original and not faulty. Now that you have checked the external envelope of the gadget, you will have to check if all the internal components are working normally.

Read the manual before buying: When manuals are been read, it is easy to avoid post-purchase regrets that may arise. You can source for such information / manual instruction by downloading the Pdf format from manufacturer's website. Some people have the wrong view of believing that they don't need to read manuals only after the purchase, that's a big mistake; it is better you do to avoid disappointments that come along with the feeling that you have wasted your money. Reading manuals can sometimes make you effectively choose whether to buy a product, choose another model or make or forgo the acquisition

Check Out for a bug bounty Program: Most Smart product manufacturers who care about your security will encourage hackers and researchers to report security flaws to them so that they can fix them quickly. You can search online for bug bounty on sites like‘HackerOne' or ‘bugcrowd' then enter the name of the product or the manufacturer in the checkbox, if the name is on their network, that's a good sign that the manufacturer cares about the safety of customers.

Compare prices Of Similar Products: Some companies may want to cheat when they observe that the customer has little knowledge on the product he/she intends to buy, If the product is still on the market, endeavor to visit several stores or sites to learn about the price of a similar model or product, then compare the prices. However, do note that prices may not be exactly the same for different companies but there can be few cents of difference in prices.

Download Their App: Always download apps of such companies so that buying from your Smart device is easy. You can download such apps from Google play to begin. When you have the app of these trading companies, you can easily view their video reviews on any product you intend buying.

Meet the seller and test the gadget: The problem many companies who deal in security gadgets have today is that they often tend to be in hurry in selling their product to the market, so they feel connectivity to the Internet is the primary focus and therefore makes other important matters lower on the priority list. Therefore, it is advisable you clarify it to the seller that you want to test the gadget you intend buying so that you can confirm if they are in good shape and check for specs that comes with it if it actually meets your niche of requirements before paying for them. Only consider buying open box items if the savings on the price tagged on them is worthy.

Note The Type Of Equipment Set-up Needed: This is an important factor that needs to be considered because some spy cameras, for example, needs more accessories and extra cables to buy along with. Knowing these will make you prepare for any extra spending you will need for manual installation if you are buying the analog system for example.

Budget: Doing a security gadget installation can be a little bit expensive for an office complex.  Therefore, it is necessary that proper preparations are made financially before embarking on such a project. 

Will the camera be indoor or outdoor: This helps in clarifying what type of security camera you will need in the first place.There are different types depending on your need such as hidden camera,nanny cam and dash camera etc.

Watch Out For Scams: Scammers now use more technology that is sophisticated in setting up fake websites that look like genuine online retail stores. When you buy security gadgets, you may receive the item you paid for but they may end up to be counterfeit, in some cases, you may end up receiving nothing at all, so do not trust a site just because you have seen it advertised or shared on social media. The best in detecting fake traders or social media online shopping frauds is to search for reviews before purchasing.

Buy From Legitimate Shops: How do you know a legitimate shop?  When the general terms and conditions of sale are accessible, and things like the company address and contact are clearly indicated for the feedback report. To confirm legitimacy, you can make a call or send messages in pretense; asking for availability of their products. In addition, you can check for the legitimacy of websites by visiting ‘who is' site and check if the name is on their database.


Feb 5, 2019 4:28:57 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Zetronix Products

Harassment is everywhere these days. However, while it is easy to accuse someone, it becomes especially hard to prove your case.

This is why you need a rugged body hidden cameras.

Body cams provide unequivocal and highly efficient video footage of an event, and it is something that we should all have.

Looking to get one? Why not check out the following highly efficient choices?

The Newton Compact Body Cam:

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Mar 9, 2018 1:36:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Zetronix Products

In the society we live today, it has become expedient for people to protect themselves. This is where spy cameras work perfectly. If you’re looking to get one and you’re on a budget, try one of the following:

HD Spy Camera with Pen

If you’re on the move then hidden camera pen, will be more than perfect for you. It works as a regular pen, although it has a spy camera embedded in it as well.

Talk about some James Bond stuff


  1. Video resolution: It is able to record 720p AVI videos at 30fps
  2. It comes with micro SD card support for up to 8GB memory as well as a free pen
  3. It also has effective support for transferring files via USB.
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Feb 1, 2018 1:05:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Zetronix Products

The Spy Camera Glasses are not different from the regular eye spectacles. They are so harmless, in fact, they are similar to the spectacles used by our grandfathers, or the shades used often by our sisters.

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Jun 30, 2017 3:22:20 AM By Zetronix 0 Comments Zetronix Products

Introducing the "Allston" Hidden Camera USB drive.

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Jun 28, 2017 12:04:00 PM By Zetronix Comments Zetronix Products
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