Dashcams have become a popular car gadget over the years. You might have come across those amazingly captured traveling footages by bloggers and YouTubers, all those are captured using the dashcams. Besides being a luxury, they are also being used for safety purposes.

They can provide you with ample evidence to claim insurance in case of a car crash. Moreover, the footage can be used for legal proceedings regarding the accident. To make the most of best dash cam here is a complete guide of how to choose and install dash cams:

How to Choose the Best Dash Cam of Your Need?

There are many things to be taken under consideration before choosing the right sort dash cam for your automobile. Firstly, it had to be on-budget, you can find a wide price range from which you can conveniently make a pick. Secondly, you must always buy tech gadgets like these from an authentic source to avoid any inconvenience.

Let’s have a look at details of features that will make you pick the right one.

What Features to Look for While Buying a Dashcam?

Here is everything you need to know about the features of a dashcam that you must buy:

  1. Power Source of the Dashcam: 

    Some dashcams can be directly wired to the car battery but that will need some professional to do the installation. Whereas, some dashcams can be powered by the cigarette lighter socket of your car. The best option is to get the one that is battery powered. 
  2. The View: 

    The dashcam must cover a wide view. You can get cameras as wide as 170 degrees that will not just cover the front view, but it will also focus on the sides. 
  3. Picture Quality: 

    The picture quality has to be great so that the purpose of having a dashcam can be fulfilled aptly. Look at the reviews of the camera to know how they capture night and day footage. 
  4. Built-In GPS and Screens: 

    Having built-in GPS enables you to pin your location and record your traveling footage more accurately. It can also offer you turn by turn guide to your destination. Moreover, there are some cameras that have a screen attached to them and you can look at the footage that is being recorded simultaneously. What else could be better?
  5. Built-In Wi-Fi: 

    Having an in-built Wi-fi will ease your process of getting the footage. Instead of removing the SD card and copying it to our laptop, you can directly connect your camera with the phone via the application and get all the data.

All of these features are must-haves for the choice of a dashcam. 

Why Is There A Need to Install a Dashcam in Your Car?

This is the real question of all. You might be thinking that dashcams are just a luxury or waste of money, but believe it or not, they are lifesavers and here is why you need to install one in your car:

  • Security: 

    dashcams work as wireless security cameras. They keep your vehicle safe as the intruders will be aware of the fact that it has a camera installed in int. Even if gets stolen, you can check the footage via phone. 
  • Providing Evidence: 

    Dashcams can save you from being falsified in case if car accidents. Its footage can provide ample evidence in your favor and the one at fault can be punished. 
  • Getting Rid of Wrongly Issued Tickets: 

    Although the law enforcement system has advanced over the years there is always the possibility of traffic camera malfunctioning and issuance of the wrong ticket. If you have a dashcam installed in your car, you easily get rid of the situation. 

How to Do A Price Survey of Dash Cams Before Buying One?

Prices of dashcams vary from features to features. the better the quality of the gadget, the higher will be its price. You can shortlist the features that you want your dashcam to have and begin your search accordingly. Buying a good quality dashcam is likely to invest in your safety and is an insurance for your vehicle. Therefore, you must make sure to prioritize quality over the price.

Where Should You Consider Placing the Dashcam In A Car?



This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to dashcams. Logically, people would say that dashcams are supposed to be mounted on the dashboard. On the contrary to the popular belief, the best position to place the dashcam is to place them in the middle of the windshield, a few inches down the headliner. Or you can simply place it behind the rear mirror as well. Placing it on the dashboard can really be distracting.

What Measures to Take for Maintenance of Your Dashcam?

Once you are done with the installation and choosing the right placement, maintenance has to be your next concern. Follow these basic steps to take apt care of your dashcam:

  1. Basic Check: 

    Just like any other part of your car, dashcam should be check regularly. Check its GPS, its placements, etc. on a regular basis to make sure that it plugged in and is functional.
  2. See the Footage: 

    Seeing your dashcams footage regularly is the best option of all. You can ensure its right placement and work by just reviewing the footage every now and then.
  3. Format the Memory Card: 

    Plug the memory card every month in your computer and format it. Formatting prevents the overwriting of the data, makes room for more footages, and also erases the errors. Regular formatting is a crucial part of the maintenance. 

Take care of your dashcam and it will look after you!

What Are the Ultimate Benefits of Using the Best Dashcam?

Dashcams are literary life-saving devices. They can:

  • They are easy to use and install
  • Keep your vehicle safe
  • Gives you ample evidence to prove your innocence in case of car accidents
  • Saves you from wrong tickets or damage charges
  • Increases your safety


What You Must Know About Legal Considerations of Using a Dashcam?

Dashcams do have some legal constraints and they vary from country to country and if you are unaware of them, you can get into some serious trouble. If it’s your company car or a taxi, then the passengers or the other person must be informed that there is a camera in the car. However, if your state or country allows the use of dashcams, then you can also use its footage for the legal proceedings in case of any unfortunate incident. Make sure to check about the legality of the use of dashcams if you are traveling abroad.


Dashcams are highly beneficial gadgets. Their ease of use, maintenance, and amazing advantages are increasing its popularity worldwide. They protect you from falling prey to false accusations and ensures your and your vehicle’s safety as it makes it easier for you to claim the insurance. Choose the right kind of dashcam for your vehicle, if it complies with your country’s law, and stay protected!