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Our homes are nothing short of sanctuaries for us and are an essential component of satisfaction in our life. Therefore, we must keep our homes safe and sound from all sorts of threats. This may include burglaries, property damage, or dangerous individuals. Therefore, home security is a crucial component of personal security that most people end up overlooking. They sometimes don’t install any security measures or install a security cam for a show at the front and call it a day. In 2017, it was reported that 1.7 million burglaries took place in the United States alone, which is a shocking statistic. Regardless of whether you live in an area with excellent security and living standards, it is still important to invest in security systems for your home. With wireless home cameras being abundantly available now, it is a good idea to invest in them as they may make it less likely for burglars to find blind spots, and it will also be easier to set up.


There is a vast range of wireless home security system cameras out there, and it is vital that you choose whatever would be suited for you. This could be a simple wifi hidden camera installed in your doorbell to full-fledged high-security cameras all around the house. Here are four important facts to consider when purchasing a wireless home security camera:


1. Crime Statistics in Your Area

 The first thing to do before buying any security camera is to research the crime statistics in your area. It is a good idea to look for more specific statistics like home break-ins, package thefts, juvenile delinquents, etc. Even if you are aware that these crimes occur in your area, you should look at specifics like time of day, frequency, and time of year.


In this era of COVID-19, online shopping has increased significantly and because of this, so have package thefts. Therefore, it is also essential to consider how frequently you shop online so that you can take this into account, and invest more cameras towards your front porch.


2. Features

 Security cameras come in a variety of features. Some of these may include flexible video resolution, night vision, smartphone applications, and so on. Therefore it is crucial to keep all these features in mind and choose those that will suit your situation.


For example, if most thefts in your area occur at night or if you’re not home at night regularly, then it can be helpful to invest in a camera with night vision. Similarly, suppose you’d like a camera that can work wirelessly. In that case, a solar-powered security camera is an excellent way to go as these cameras will not be required to be connected with a wire to a power source. By targeting specific features that will be more useful for you, you can make sure you get more bang out of your buck.


3. Budget

 It is important to be realistic when buying a security camera. We all want to get the very best security camera out there, but you have to consider how much money we can invest into it. Are you able to invest more upfront, which will mean paying less later on, or can you only invest a fixed amount but more frequently with monthly subscriptions? Each company has its pricing model that needs to be considered. Additionally, do you want to invest more in a high-end camera or want something cheaper? More reliable and well-known brands will probably be more expensive but provide better security.


We recommend getting Zetronix’s XS7 Pro, a solar powered wifi camera with a variety of features that we believe would be perfect for all your security needs. The XS7 Pro is 100 percent self-sustainable with a rotating lens that you can control with your phone, ensuring that you can get a better view of your house. Unlike other security cameras, you don’t even need an electrician to set this camera up, and all you need to do is simply mount it wherever you want.


4. Camera Location

 There are two places in your home where cameras will be set up, either indoor or outdoor.

 An indoor camera may usually be easier to set up, and so you could get one with batteries as a solar security camera will not be helpful there. Additionally, if you care about the aesthetic of your home, you can get one with a sleek design that fits in well with the decor of your house.

 An outdoor camera will usually be harder to set up and must be mounted in locations that capture all angles inside your house. Additionally, these cameras must also look daunting for burglars so that they will not attempt a robbery. Therefore, it is a good idea to get outdoor cameras that are bulky in design to look more intimidating.


The bottom line

 It is important that you keep you and your family safe inside your home from all sorts of security threats. By keeping the facts and factors listed above in your mind when choosing security cameras, we are sure that your home will remain safe and sound.

Sep 16, 2021 7:24:18 AM By Junaid Q Comments WiFi Cameras ,

Driving is now the most common way of transportation, and the number of motorists on the road is greater than it has ever been. With this number still increasing, the number of accidents too have begun to rise. You may have often seen accidents occur on the road, or the aftermath of it at least, where damaged cars have pulled over on the side of the road and the drivers are arguing. The arguments are usually about whose fault it is, and often, the driver at the back end of the accident gets blamed and fined by the police. Depending on where you live, the fines and insurance costs can be staggering, which can be even more disheartening when it's the driver's fault at the front. Imagine if a recording of the incident existed, the victim could have been saved so much time and money. Using a dash cam could have been helpful and been a saving grace for the victim. Therefore, here are 5 reasons why you should emphasize using a full HD dash cam:


1. Protects You from Insurance Fraud

 Having a full HD dash cam in your car essentially means having a full-time witness to your driving. It will record whatever is in front of you, meaning you possess evidence in case of an accident. A dashcam with full high-definition capability means your proof will be as transparent as possible, which you can show to the authorities in case of a driver tricks you into an accident, such as in the case of brake checking. This protects you from the driver extorting insurance money from you. 


It can be even better to use a dual camera dash cam that records the front and rear view from the car, ensuring that you will have complete evidence. In this way, you can drive worry-free, knowing that you will have full evidence if the worst-case scenario happens.


2. Protects You From Wrongfully Issued Tickets

 While most authorities try to enforce the law justly, it is not uncommon for them to issue tickets wrongfully. There can be various reasons for this: such as camera malfunctions, impaired judgment, or corruption. Wrongful tickets can lead to an accumulation of black points on your driving record that can make insurance expensive. Having the best dash cam footage can help you contest these tickets, resulting in the decision being reversed.


3. Protects You From Vandalism

 Having a dashcam with night vision can be helpful if you live or park your car in an area with high vandalism rates. Since most car break-ins occur at night, the night vision feature with HD can help you identify the culprit. Furthermore, the presence of a dash cam can also deter these types of criminals, further protecting your car.


4. Promotes Safe Driving

 Dashcams encourage you to drive safer since they punish people who drive recklessly. Most people will be aware of dashcams and will thus drive safer on the road. This results in a safer environment for everyone on the road as drivers will think twice before making dangerous decisions on the road.


5. Reduces Insurance Premiums

 Dash cams may seem like an expensive investment initially, but not many people know that they can reduce this cost through reduced insurance premiums. Insurance companies are starting to realize the benefits that a dash cam can provide by reducing insurance fraud which is why quite a few of them offer discounts on insurance premiums that they offer. Additionally, some dash cams possess the technology to provide a score for each journey you undertake, resulting in companies providing further discounts.


Zetronix - the best dashcam

 Zetronix is an American company that provides high-quality technology at affordable prices. They have had, and continue to have, great reviews from customers who have taken their products. Similarly, they also provide high-quality dashcams at affordable prices that contain all the essential dashcam features listed above, like dual camera capabilities, night vision, HD, and many extra valuable features. Their products are tested on all sorts of vehicles, ensuring that you can get a perfect dashcam for your car. They even offer a full one-year warranty with unlimited support. We highly recommend getting it for your vehicle so that you can reap the full benefits of having a dash cam.


Sep 15, 2021 8:17:08 AM By Junaid Q Dashcam, Comments Dash-Cam News,

When it comes to small video cameras, there are various benefits that you can use them for. Whether for your personal use or as part of your business, these devices are great tools. There is no need to feel intimidated by the size of the camera. With the proper knowledge on how to best use them and some creativity, they can come in handy and provide incredible benefits!

There are plenty of options available in the market. Depending on whether you want to use them as small video recording devices or a professional 1080p HD video camera, you can choose from them.

Here are ten ways small video cameras can help you produce incredible videos

1) Fits everywhere

You're not limited in where your camera can go, from being mounted on the dashboard of your car while driving around town to strap onto your chest at the top of a mountain; there's no limit!

2) Easy to hold

 The smaller body size means it's easier to control and hold without getting fatigued. You can hold them for as long as you want and it won’t cause any discomfort or pain.

3) Portable

The smaller size makes it more portable, so you can bring one with you just about anywhere without having to worry too much about your camera.

4) Cheaper

Smaller cameras tend to be cheaper than larger ones, which is beneficial for those who want affordable but still want quality footage.

5) Easy to upgrade

With less weight and space taken up by larger bodies, you can add more features to the device without adding too much weight!

6) Kids friendly

It is more manageable for children. Small cameras usually don't have triggers and are easier to hold in smaller hands. They are also easier to focus on one subject as opposed to a big camera that focuses itself.

7) Upgraded technology

If you want to record videos but do not want to carry a camera around, then the tiny camera is the thing for you. With the latest technologies in the market like Bluetooth cameras and camera sunglasses, you can walk around recording videos and that too while looking classy. Check out our 1080p HD Ultra Wide Angle Video Recording Sports Camera Video Recording Sunglasses that are available in different colors, easy to use, and make an excellent gift for any of your loved ones who are into sports or traveling.

8) Filming motion videos are a lot more fun with them

You can easily use these cameras to create stop motion videos, which are quite popular nowadays! Smaller bodies allow you to quickly move the camera around to position it so that the pictures come together as a fun video.

9)  Easy to capture any funny moments at work or home

Whether you want to show some fun highlights of your day or have a little bit of fun, they can be great tools for both.  It's easy to use and store, so you'll always have something funny ready to show off when needed.

10) Travel Friendly

You can take these tiny cameras on your travels or even in the air to capture some stunning aerial shots. Small cameras are helpful for any purpose a larger one could be used for. Check out our Koios - 1080p WIFI Nanny Cam USB Wall Travel Charger Camera is easy, lightweight, rechargeable with a night vision, and works like a USB.

Follow these tips, and you'll see how easy it is to create incredible videos with a small camera. You might find yourself purchasing one of your very own!

Customer review

We have customers who are using the tiny video camera for incredible benefits. Here's what one of our customers had to say about their experience with this product in particular

 John L.Verified Buyer

 5.0-star rating


 Great glasses

 Review by John L. on 17 Jul 2021review stating Great glass, awesome video, excellent color, and audio. I’ve had two other brands, and these are 100% better. The button on the left is a massive bonus and a much more stable video when you are moving. The lenses are very easy to change. Awesome glasses wish I would have seen these before.

Aug 24, 2021 8:44:07 AM By Junaid Q Comments Audio Nanny Cam ,

Truck dash cams are inserted into the truck’s windshield or rearview mirror to cover the front and rear of the truck, allowing truck drivers and fleet managers to better control the safety of the fleet whilst recording videos of distracted driving.

There are many dash cam options for your truck but how to make sure whichever type is right for you and your fleet? Many websites claim to list the best truck driving recorders, dashcams with night vision, and dual camera dashcam systems, however, it is important to ensure that your camera captures high-quality images that are available when you need them.

Here is the list of best dash cams available in the market.

1. zBlackBox-HD4

Zetronix zBlackBoxHD4 DVR is equipped with the highest quality 3K resolution video sensor. Thanks to 3K and WDR technology, this product can provide the best video quality and sound. This aspect of the camera allows you to record videos with very high details during the day and night.

The product also includes a large 2-inch LCD screen with AV output. Therefore, you can see what is being recorded on the screen in real-time. You can also play the video on a TV, monitor, or computer.

Main Features
• 160-degree ultra-wide-angle, equipped with six sharp lenses
• Recording speed up to 60 fps
• Easily fits windshield
• Full 3K video resolution 2560 x 1440p, nearly 50% higher than 1080P pixels
• Improved H.264 compression allows video to be saved with maximum efficiency
• View and play real-time video on a large 2-inch high-definition LCD
• AV output for TV and monitor
• G-Sensor records all recordings from the camera
• WDR technology ensures bright and vivid recordings at night
• Built-in microphone records sound and can be silent
• Video playback can run on PC and PC Mac, faster, GPS location
• Loop function to ensure continuous and interference-free recording
• Time and date stamp on the video is used for document
• Automatic recording is activated immediately after starting the vehicle
• Parking movement recording and delayed recording are ideal for parking safety

2. zBlackBox-2000HD

ZBlackBox2000HD driving recorder is the most advanced car DVR on the market. This revolutionary new model records road videos, including all blind spots and the actions of the driver and passengers. By recording the accident in the video, you can determine whether the driver is making a phone call, ignoring the road, or driving dangerously. The speed and controllability of the vehicle. ZBlackBox2000HD ensures that the speed of the car and the behavior of the driver shortly before the accident are undisputedly proved. In addition, the video includes GPS locations and 3D collision sensors on Google Maps.


Main Features:
• Record inside and outside the car, very suitable for taxis, trucks, etc.
• Infrared LED providing improved night shooting
• Continuous loop recording
• Video output for TV/monitor playback
• GPS and gyroscope can display the exact location on Google Maps during playback

3. zBlackBox-2500HDTMP

ZBlackBox2500HDTMP is the only camera on the market specifically designed for trucks, taxis, and vehicles. This revolutionary DVR is durable and made of high-quality heat-resistant materials that can withstand the most extreme conditions.


Car DVR is equipped with 2 lenses (the front is the road, and the rear is the driver/passenger) and records GPS coordinates, driving conditions (forces on the X, Y, and Z-axis) and gives an idea of braking, etc.

Even Though most dash cams can be easily detached or removed from the memory card, which is a tempting situation for dishonest drivers or passengers, zBlackBox2500HDTMP cannot be disabled or jailbroken. Tamper-proof design, neither the driver nor the passenger can access the camera to disconnect the camera or remove the memory card.

ZBlackBox2500HDTMP always records, no matter what! The dash camera can only be disconnected by the installer from the power supply. It is directly connected to the battery or fuse, so only the installer can turn off the camera. The memory card is protected by a tamper-proof metal case and can only be opened with a special key.

The Zetronix Black Box Dashcam comes with free and easy-to-use PC software (Windows PC required), you can use it to play, save, share or delete the video on the memory card. Displays the front window, the interior view, and the speed of the vehicle, the GPS position on Google Maps, and the force experienced by the vehicle when accelerating, braking, turning, etc. This software allows you to easily save, transfer, share or delete videos on your computer.

Main Features
• 1080p and 720p recording
• Infrared night vision, clear at night
• Made of durable composite material, suitable for professional use
• Tamper-proof driver cannot disconnect or remove memory
• Must be installed and connected professionally


Aug 24, 2021 7:11:54 AM By Junaid Q dash cam, Comments Dash Cam with Night Vision,

When deploying a security camera, the video footage that it captures can be extremely useful to law enforcement authorities or private investigators. However, this data is useless if the memory card fills up quickly and there is insufficient space for new video files. Whether you purchase a low-cost security camera with an SD card included or one where you need to supply your own micro SD card, it is critical to select the right memory storage for your surveillance system. There are several things you need to consider in order to choose the best Secure Digital (SD) or microSD card for your camera:


#1 What video resolution does my security camera support?

  • A system with higher resolution cameras will produce larger files, which will require a higher capacity memory card. A 32GB sd card should be sufficient for security cameras up to 960p, but if you have 1080p or 4K security camera systems, you will need to invest in micro SD cards with 128GB capacity or larger.

#2 How many video files can my security camera system store?

- If you have a 4K security camera system, it can create 3 to 5 times the amount of video files in comparison to a 1280p system. A 32GB SD card will not be able to hold as many 4K video files as it would for lower resolution cameras. For example - a 128GB Micro SD memory card could house almost 6,000 videos taken at a 1280p resolution.

#3 What are the recording hours of my security camera?

- Security cameras can record for different lengths of time depending on the manufacturer and model (up to 36 hours for some systems). If you have selected a system with high recording hours, it will need more memory cards to support its 24/7 recording needs. A high-resolution system like a 4K security camera, for example, will require SD cards with 128GB capacity or higher to ensure you have enough memory available to store the amount of video data being produced by the camera.

#4 How many cameras are attached to my surveillance system?

- If your surveillance system has several cameras, each one will be producing data separately. This means that the memory card must support enough capacity to hold all of the video files being created by your system. For example - a 4 camera security system with four cameras operating at 1TB per camera is going to fill up a 128GB SD card very quickly. The number of cameras attached to your system is a very important factor when determining how large of an SD card you may need to purchase.

#5 How fast does my security camera write data?

When the SD card gets filled up, it will start deleting old files in order to make room for new video files. The memory capacity determines how long each file can be stored before it is deleted. If the card fills up quickly, it will cause a great deal of lost video data. A slow device can impact the recording time and overall performance of your security camera. For example - an installed micro SD card with 128GB capacity could potentially record 5 hours of video at 1920 x 1080p resolution or 10 hours in 1280 x 720 p. However, a high-speed SSD could improve the recording time to 96 hours with an overall upgrade in performance - making it easier to find scenes of interest and reduce video storage waste.

#6 What are my budget options?

- There are many different price ranges for SD cards but they can vary in quality too. When you think about the amount of data that will be stored on the card, it is important to purchase from a well-known brand. The SD Association website provides a list of the most popular brands of memory cards and their ranking depending on speed, warranty and quality. Other points to consider are class rating (Class 10 for Full HD video),  transfer speeds ( U1 or U3 for 4K video), and storage capacity.

#7 What are my choice of operating systems?

- There are various different operating systems that the security cameras can use (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows 7/8, etc). The memory card should be compatible with your camera's operating system. This compatibility is imperative to ensure that you can transfer the video files to your computer for storage and viewing.

#8 How do SD cards perform if they are full?

The majority of microSD cards have a write speed of 10MB/s, but the performance will vary depending on the brand and model of the SD card. If your camera is producing slower data than the write speed of your SD card, it is highly suggested that you get a faster SD card with better read and write speeds. As mentioned earlier in this article, a slower recording device could impact the performance and overall quality of your surveillance system. Consider upgrading to a memory card that has U3 or V30 ratings depending on what system you are using.

#9 What do read and write speeds mean?

- The read and write speed (IOPS) determines how fast your SD or microSD card will perform when it is transferring data from the camera to a computer. Remember - video files can be quite large, so you want to make sure you have an SD card that can accommodate this big data transfer. If the camera is writing data too slowly, it can cause issues with re-buffering which could lead to video loss and overall system inefficiency.

#10 Will a high-quality SD card make my security camera more reliable?

- Deciding on what memory card to use for your surveillance system can provide you with a lot of peace of mind because it will help prevent data loss. A high-quality and fast SD card will ensure that your security cameras can run smoothly and efficiently for years to come!

Conclusion :

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in your effort to find the right SD memory card for your security camera system. Remember that a slow performance time due to an inappropriate SD card can be quite detrimental to the overall reliability of a surveillance system. These 10 questions will help you determine what SD card is best for your specific needs and provide a better understanding as to why an SD card is essential for security camera systems.


Aug 2, 2021 9:03:46 AM By Junaid Q Comments Hidden Spy Camera ,

Security cameras are often used in retail stores, parking lots, banks and other businesses to monitor customers and store operations. Surveillance cameras are usually installed in public areas where they can be monitored by law enforcement or security personnel for the purpose of preventing or detecting criminal activity. The main difference between security cameras and surveillance cameras is primarily designed for monitoring while a security camera's primary function is deterrence from crime.

All surveillance video equipment has a purpose to record images of remote activity at various times in order to observe activities that may attract criminal attention or create evidence of crimes or disasters. Surveillance surveillance cameras are surveillance equipment that can be hidden from the public eye, but surveillance security surveillance cameras stand out and are easily visible to all.

The CCTV surveillance camera is widely used in businesses, financial institutions, casinos, airports, factories, and other large buildings (such as city hospitals) where monitoring activity around the clock is essential for a continued surveillance camera. Security surveillance cameras are often hidden in plain sights, such as on closed-circuit ATMs or surveillance video surveillance security surveillance systems in stores or airports.

Surveillance cameras vs security cameras

The fundamental difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras is the purpose of each device. Surveillance CCTV Security Surveillance Security Cameras are designed to watch over an area, usually by a remote operator. This can be a video from inside the camera or through a third window on the PC screen via IP technology. Because they're in public areas, these cameras are plainly visible and are usually not disguised. However, these cameras have no control over the environment they're watching - they simply record what occurs in front of them.

Security surveillance equipment can record or capture images for evidence, but it is more than that. Security Surveillance Security Cameras will detect motion within a specific area (the detection range is usually between 12 and 30 meters), and send an operator alert via email, SMS message or a mobile app. Some security surveillance cameras allow operators to remotely monitor their cameras for real-time viewing.

Advanced security surveillance systems

Some of the most advanced security surveillance systems not only detect motion but can also detect people, animals or vehicles moving in or out of specific areas. They can also detect the time of entry and exit and alert the operator in an appropriate manner.

Security surveillance equipment can be equipped with laser sensors that detect heat by detecting infrared wavelengths between 700 nm and 1,000 nm (heat flow). When there is no movement, normal infrared radiation produces a constant temperature reading on the monitor. However, if something (such as a person) moves through the detection area, then infrared radiation is reflected back to the infrared sensor. A change in temperature will occur that indicates movement.

Security surveillance equipment

Security surveillance equipment can also be equipped with pheromone detectors that detect the release of certain chemicals called pheromones. These types of security surveillance cameras are most commonly used in animal monitoring systems.

For example, the brown-headed cowbird female will lay her eggs in another species nest. In order to attract a host to find her egg and take care of it, she will release pheromones that fool the other bird into believing the cowbird's eggs are actually theirs. Security surveillance equipment can detect these pheromones to determine when a cowbird is in the area, even if no actual movement is occurring.

Security surveillance equipment can also have magnetic or infrared motion sensors. Such security surveillance cameras can be set up on laptops, tablets, and smartphones - giving operators full control of who can access their devices and from what distance.

Security surveillance equipment can also have weatherproof housings to protect them from water, dust, dirt, and other harsh conditions.

Security surveillance equipment can be equipped with night vision capabilities that allow operators to monitor activity at all hours of the day - no matter if it's dark or light outside. Some security surveillance cameras include heat sensors that allow operators to detect body heat in addition to infrared wavelengths. Security surveillance equipment can be equipped with other unique sensors that are very beneficial in certain applications - such as fuel leak detectors, smoke detectors, and water detection systems.

Security Surveillance Equipment for Small Businesses

Small businesses often rely on security cameras because they are cost-effective. However, convincing a local shopkeeper to install security cameras, alarms and other security surveillance equipment may not always be practical. This is where these devices have proven to be a big help with home-based businesses that need to protect their property against theft or vandalism.

Businesses will often hire a professional security consultant to help them design an effective security system. The first step is understanding the purpose of security surveillance in your business. Do you want to discourage theft, protect private information or prevent damage? Also, carefully assess the risks associated with your business and identify any areas that could be vulnerable to potential criminal acts.

This way, you can specify the type of security surveillance equipment that you really need and what kind of system will work best in your business.

Security cameras for small businesses have become more powerful and affordable. Nowadays, it is possible to buy a great CCTV camera recording system for around $300 if you know where to look. In addition to an affordable price, security camera recording systems for small businesses now offer high-resolution color images and can be set up in minutes.

Security Camera Recording Systems for Small Businesses

Many people don't realize just how important surveillance cameras are until they experience a robbery, burglary or other large-scale theft. Once you've been hit by a crime like this one, you are more likely to take precautions in the future.

A small business should always consider security when installing anything from a new telephone system to a fax machine. All of these pieces of equipment could make your company much easier to rob. However, it is far too expensive for most small businesses with limited budgets to hire an expert on surveillance systems or cameras.

Security cameras, and the equipment to operate them, are quite expensive. Many times they are more costly than other types of surveillance equipment because of their high level of sophistication and versatility. Security camera systems can be monitored either in a central station or at the point where they were installed. A security camera system may use television, radio, or a digital storage device. In the case of video, it is known as a CCTV system. CCTV systems may be supplemented by other security equipment such as motion sensors and infrared detectors.

Security surveillance cameras are used for many types of applications from monitoring your home to protecting large companies with valuable assets. Security camera prices can vary depending on their size, capabilities, and the materials used to manufacture them. You should consider all of these things when deciding which type of security camera is right for you.

Security Cameras for Home Use

When looking into state-of-the-art surveillance cameras for home use, remember that smaller ones may not be better. Larger cameras can provide much more detail than their smaller counterparts and may therefore be much more useful.

In addition to size, there are a few other factors that you should consider when purchasing a security camera system for home use:

Deterrence Value - Thoroughly research any type of surveillance before deciding upon it. Determine how visible your cameras will be to would-be criminals. Will they be able to tell that the cameras are there?

Budget - Security cameras vary greatly in price depending on their size, capability, and type. Make sure that you choose a camera system that is within your budget and offers the features you need.

Installation - How easy will it be to install your security camera system? Do you want one with wires or are you comfortable using wireless cameras?

Storage - Many security camera systems come with digital video recorders. Since this is an essential part of a security system, be sure that your DVR can store all of the footage it will need to function effectively.

Upgradeability - Is your equipment upgradeable? Does it have room for future expansion?

A security camera system for home use can provide peace of mind and a much higher standard of protection than most other types. Before you invest in a security system, do your homework on the different methods of surveillance available to you and find one that will work best for your family's needs.



In the modern world, there are many different types of cameras to choose from. But what is the difference between surveillance and security cameras? The answer depends on your needs as a business owner or homeowner. For instance, if you want an easy way to keep an eye on things without having someone physically watching at all times, then surveillance might be your best bet. If you need something that will detect motion (or anything else) in order for it to start recording footage automatically, then security may make more sense since this type of camera has pre-recorded video storage space which can store up to 10 days worth of data before overwriting old files with new ones.

Aug 2, 2021 7:25:09 AM By Junaid Q Comments Hidden Surveillance ,

Dash cams are portable cameras primarily used in cars as digital video recorders. Dashcams help to have driving records. There is a vast market dealing in dashcams, offering a large number of variables. There are enormous kinds of dash cams that come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Like:

One of the best features of a dashcam that it can be connected through wifi; this feature allows you to share the footage on your cellphones.

The use of dash cam is becoming necessary day by day. It helps us to have records of our day-to-day traveling. Dashcams enable to record of the view through a vehicle's front and sometimes rare or other windows. In the era we are living in, it is essential to have preventive measures. Having a dashcam in your vehicle means that you have the evidential proof at just a click away. In the UK, most authorities are now accepting dashcam footage as evidence.

Some of the few advantages of having a dashcam are:

  • A perfect solution for unorganized drivers
  • You have first-hand evidence of the accident
  • Best tool for driving instructors
  • Record entire road trip
  • Can prevent fraud
  • Encourage safe driving
  • Less insurance premium

Find the best option for dashcams that comes with the best services and affordability is a difficult task. Zetronix is an online store offering the best dash cams? The best thing is it is easily affordable. It is offering a wide range of dash cams. Its best feature is its customer care. It is offering a 1-year warranty with a money-back guarantee and a 1-month free trial of its products.

Dashcam with night vision:

Dash cams are serving this purpose of safety in the best possible way. The use of dashcams is becoming the need of this hour, especially for the drivers who usually drive at night. Dash cam with night vision is the best suitable option for such drivers. It helps record the journey, and in case of any mishap, you will have the recording to re-watch it and make your situation accordingly. Zetronix is offering the best quality night vision dashcam at a budget-friendly price.

Dual camera dashcam

Another best type of dashcam is dual camera dashcam. It is the best option for vloggers especially. You can record views from around the surroundings and record who you are enjoying in the car and your fellows. A group of friends planned a trip together to some amazing place, can get benefit from this dual camera dashcam. It will help to record all the fun they are doing. It will be saved as a memory forever.

Truck dashcam:

Talking about the places up in the mountains, likes northern areas of Pakistan. World's deadliest roads are there. Khunjerab passes the major trade port between China and Pakistan and an essential gateway for South Asia and Europe. Roads to get there are through the mountains and are in miserable condition. Truck drivers there need particular expertise to drive. Using truck dashcam can help truck drivers pass the deadliest mountainous roads.

In recent years, hidden cameras have gained popularity among citizens for private use, as this technology has become more affordable. Certain types of small hidden cameras are referred to as nanny cam that childcare providers can use. These cameras have many other benefits, including identifying burglars and uncovering partner's infidelity.

Dash cams are helpful for sports. Like, they are used behind the stumps in cricket, on hats of empires. On roadside bicycle race. It can be attached to the caps of players. Sports cam are specially designed for such purpose.

Camera glasses are one of the unique and valuable products. It can be used for miners while working in mines. A camera pen is a similar type of product. It is used to record information that is kept hidden secretly.

The main point that comes right after when we think to adopt the safety measures is affordability. Zetnonix is providing some best quality dashcams at a suitable price.

Zetronix is working on three core objectives:

  • Quality:

Zetronix is dealing in dash cam and related products worldwide for over a decade. Assures you to provide the best quality with unique design and functionalities. It offers you the best possible attributes in terms of usability and durability.

  • Support:

Zetronix Provides the best customer care services. It enables them to provide the best designed and quality assured product to its final user.

  • Guarantee:

Provides you the guarantee that their buyer is buying the best possible available products around the globe.

 The company assures you:

  • Lifetime phone, life, and email support
  • Full-year warranty on all products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast delivery options
  • Registered and certified products
  • US brand over ten years in business

Having a dashcam installed in your car will make sure that you travel safely. It is best to have a dashcam installed in your vehicle to avoid any mishap. The best option to avail is choosing zetronix products.

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A webcam is a video camera attached to a PC and commonly known as a digital video method. Its chief purpose is to allowing and transmits images to be perceived by the internet worker. It is also widely used with direct communications facilities and for recording pictures. For this purpose, you can use a pretty low-cost webcam and install free open source security control software on your computer. If there is an emergency and then it is also possible that you can use your computer webcam as a security cam and surveillance, in this way you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a professional security camera/system for emergency.

Home Webcam turns into the security camera

Webcams are appropriate for advanced quality modules that agree to fine-tuning. These webcams are easy to communicate online to the other person visually. This versatile feature makes the webcam use for home-based and workplace use. Furthermost up-to-date laptops and modern computers currently come with combined and incorporated webcams produced into the demonstration. These latest models are more appropriate to use, and outdoor webcams do have various returns. Thus, if you have computers and laptops with a webcam, you don’t need to purchase any other gadget to use your laptops for safety purposes. In this way, it is pretty easier to have access to your computer webcam and using a CCTV security system when you are away from home.  There are specific ways to turn your webcam into a security camera.

How to build your computer as a surveillance system

It is effortless to build a surveillance structure to monitor and observer your living space through a USB webcam and built-in PC.  This article enlightens how to turn your computer webcam into a security camera and CCTV and uncover the recoding method. In this case, you have to install software that can record all the feed from the webcam. There are various excellent and accessible programs and applications; for innovative functions, you must focus on extra features from any software such as SightHound, iSpy, FTP-upload, Yawcam, and SecuritySpy. When you set up any software, it will provide a list of associated webcams that offer support to many different cameras. Then you have to find the particular area view from your webcam, and it will be used as a detecting motion. In this way, you have to select a still image or object, evade any entity that moves it, will create ambiguity, and shows much footage to sight.

Good software will offer replay solace, which displays recorded files on a timeline so that you can rapidly lookout recorded files when any movement is perceived and spotted. For this purpose, I select Yawcam because it gives the impression to provide pretty good features without any cost. Of course, before installing any software, you have to adjust the same setting on your laptop; it should turn on in power-saving mode.

  • You should need a USB extension cable to observe a zone without having your laptop noticeable.
  • You can upload your recorded files from the webcam by using a website FTP, and you can also email them to yourself.
  • You can also control your webcam from your mobile phone with the support of software such as EvoCam and EyeSpyFX.
  • Go to the battery sign at the right side of your display, go to the power saver icon, and turn on the sleep setting.

There are some steps to turn your computer's webcam into a security cam while installing any software. First of all, you will need a great webcam that supports USB. Next, you will need to install Yawcam software. When you get to Yawcam site, click the download button on the left sidebar and then click to Yawcam-install. The setup will now download; you need to install the software.

The next step is optional, but you are using more than one webcam, then you go to manycam site and download this free software. If you don't want to use another webcam, skip this optional feature and stick to the first one.

Next, find your Yawcam icon, then tap on the setting tab that appears on your screen. Next, go to the device and select the united camera and a picture from your files. Then turn on "HTTP" and "Stream." Then select a file from your window tab and choose motion footage of webcam pictures. Next, you can see the position of your webcam of the zone you want to command. Finally, they found to access the webcam security software to see the recorded pictures and videos.

Next, you can go to the Action and get on the setting tab to save recordings and file a location to save the recording and images and press OK. Then go and checked the box after saving pictures and shut the window. From this Yawcam software, you can choose afterward motion. Next, if you want to connect your Android phone with a security webcam, then go to setting, open the URL given in HTTP. Then go to the page designer and change the heading according to your choice. Now go over to your phone, open the page, give your user name and password, and log in. 

Benefits of Webcam

The foremost benefit of the webcam is its flexibility, mobility, and transfer of video material online.  So webcam records live videos just like CCTV cameras, it also a motion indicator, uploading videotapes from FTP and transfer emails alert.  Even if a person is not at home, he can distantly contact the webcam security camera to stay up-to-date about his/her home, loved ones, and office. The drawbacks of the webcam are its low-quality images and mandatory accessibility of the internet.

               Now a day's most laptops' webcams are autofocus which is appropriate and easy to use. These autofocus webcams do not have to modify the keenness manually, and their camera spontaneously corrects the sharpness of the picture quality. Further innovative cameras or stylish models have a face detecting task. This feature already permits you to pay attention to the user's face in the camera's direction. Moreover, it makes selecting the camera simpler and marking audiovisual conferencing as peaceful, calm, and appropriate as possible.

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In recent years, hidden cameras have gained popularity among private citizens as their technology has become more affordable.  Certain types of small hidden cameras are referred to as NANNY CAMS for their use in childcare providers. These cameras have many other benefits, including identifying burglars and uncovering partner's infidelity. One contributor to their growing popularity is that modern hidden cameras are accessible for the average person to install in a few tiny steps.

Part 1: Picking the perfect spot

 Place the camera so it has a direct line of sight to whatever it is monitoring. The most crucial part of installing a hidden camera is finding the right place to put it in. The first thing you should do is think about where the person or behavior you are monitoring is most likely to occur. Make sure that the place where the camera point has no direct obstructions in its way. For example: If you are worried about someone breaking into your home, place the camera above the door or window. If you suspect your partner cheating on you, then possibly place the camera facing your bed or towards your partner's passenger seat.

Part 2: Consider sound quality

Suppose you are also trying to hear crisp, clear sound. It would help if you placed your camera in a conducive to the audio recording. Make sure it as close as possible where you think the speaker will be. The camera should not be near something noisy such as television or radio, which may drown the speaker's voice and make it difficult to understand. For example, if you install a hidden camera in the television room, place it on the opposite side of the room. Place the camera near the chair couch your target is more likely to sit in. Always keep the camera away from the window.

Part 3:  Put the camera near its external power supply if necessary.

Many modern cameras are battery operated; some rely on external power sources, while some need to be plugged into the available wall socket. If your camera draws power in this way, put it near to the electric socket.

 Part 4: Plugs and wires

Plugs and wires need to be either hidden or disguised as some mundane household appliance.

PART 5: Connect your camera to a network if applicable.

Some hidden cameras have internal storage, while others broadcast video through some network connection. If your camera connects through some Ethernet or USB cable, it must be well disguised and in an inconspicuous place. Keep such cameras close to the computer or router it links to. Most common nanny cams models connect wirelessly. If you buy such a camera, make sure it is within range of wireless network.

Part6: Check to see if the eye is naturally drawn to the spot.

 Specific layouts will attract more attention than others will. Avoid all those spots where your target is more likely to look often. Keep the camera significantly above or below eye level.  Ask someone to look for a camera you have installed in the room. If he or she cannot spot it, then the targeted person is less likely to look at it. If he or she quickly finds a camera, change the spot and try again.

Part 7: Shield your camera from the elements.

 Ensure that outdoor cameras are weather-resistant and placed so that damage is less likely to occur in the first place. Keep the camera sheltered within a sunroom or screened patio.

Part 8: Check the lighting.

 Many hidden cameras need bright light for their best working. At the same time, they are unable to record their image when bright light is directly shone into their lenses. Position your cameras facing away from significant light sources. Make sure that the thing you are trying to film is well lit.

 Part 9: Follow any installation instructions for your hidden camera.

Here are hundreds of commercially hidden cameras available. Do not forget to install the software. Some programmers are even meant to be installed on your phone for you to keep watching on the go. 

Maintain your camera and check from time to time that whether it is working correctly or not.


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 The only field of photography that the partaker particularly photographs is adventure photography, but it also includes capturing events or subjects by being an observer. Adventure photography is all about telling adventure episodes to your viewers. It has to have the best photography techniques and gadgets to capture extraordinary events for breathtaking photography. It could be equipment or clothing items. To take such great and antic photographs, always conclude the ecological danger around you and your photography equipment. Safety is essential as there is no adventure if there is no life.

To take extraordinary pictures, you will need more than the standard photography equipment. To elucidate your adventures, you will need the following gadgets for this purpose;


High definition sports camera

 For capturing adventure, you will need a camera. For beginner photographers, DSLR and mirrorless systems are usually easy options. But if you are a professional adventure capturer, then Adventure HD action cameras are for you. The megapixels packed into the display of your view are called the High definition. So higher the megapixel filled to display, the higher would be the picture quality. For best-capturing sports cameras, there should be some specifications like remote controller, High burst option to encapsulate the event, capture speedy moments Al-servo mode is required,  high battery life, waterproof equipment for complete underwater capture, HD, increased storage, best photo, and video resolutions.


 For faster shooting and focusing modes, you can always upgrade your camera. Specific lenses for cameras are needed to capture different sports and subjects. For example, a zoom lens will be needed if the subject of a photo or video is at a distance. This particular lens will give you flexibility and you will be able to capture the subject even if it moves further away from you. You will be able to focus on the subject with more flexibility. There are many more lens types like the fisheye, which is a vast range, the wide range used for landscapes and architecture captures, tilt-shift used for architecture and fine arts, short telephoto usually used for portraits, macro, etc. Every lens has its primary uses and focal length.

Sport camera glasses 

As the name suggests, the glasses that the photographer wears are sports camera glasses. The wearer can capture the view similar to his prospect. For action, they are ideal. Can record high definition with the best resolution. They require some specifications to capture extraordinary pictures like, they should be waterproof, they should be handsfree, high definition, good battery life.

Important adventure photography equipment

To capture the best adventure photographs, you need more than the standard photography equipment: a basic lens, stabilizer, and camera. If you capture high-definition burst shots, you will require a lot of storage space. You will not want to lose a great shot of the subject due to your camera memory issue. You will require a flash card reader for this purpose for both capturing and downloading images to your laptop. A camera bag and camera strap are also essential to hold more equipment safely and are also health recommended for your back as carrying heavy equipment can cause health issues. LCD loops protect your eyes from capturing the sun.


The correct settings 

Besides the equipment for the photography, the right camera setting also plays its part in getting hold of extraordinary photos. The proper environment of the camera according to the subject to be captured plays an important role. Usually, for fast action shots, the highest speed continuous shooting drive mode is required, while the ISO 400+  and the fast shutter speed will be used for the freeze action. To focus on the shutter speed, you might choose the Shutter Priority mode denoted by "S" on the camera.

Adventure photography can be tricky. It is not an easy job to master this field of photography. It takes a while to master it. Some are the points that can help you with this challenging journey.

Knowing the sports is the key. It will help you take the shots of the best moments.

You have to move around, sit in one place, and take images from every possible angle and view. Know the environment you will be working in and know the settings and equipment that will best capture the scene or the subject. For example, is the place or the environment has no light, high-ISO can be of great help.

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