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A summary based on 1000's of cameras of all brands I have seen and repaired. The weak spots of the spy cams are:


  • LCD display - Glass! Easily broken, when knocked or pressure applied!
  • Media compartment

CF Card - long pins inside the camera need to access contacts inside the little holes of the card. Even though the card has grooves along the side, which act as guide rails, I have seen cameras with damaged card slots. Pins easily break off or bend, when not careful during seating or extraction of the card.

  1. Tape mechanism - very delicate and flimsy - does not apply any pressure, when loading or removing the tape! Keep it clean and shut, when not used.
  2. Disc mechanism - not too bad, just watch discs for fingerprints and scratches, of course.
  3. Extendable lens - jammed lens sections due to dirt, sand, and impact. So keep it clean, free of dirt and sand at any time. Make sure the lens is inside when the camera is not used!

Self-induced faults: Liquid, Sand and shock damage make up about 70% of all repairs

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May 29, 2018 9:28:16 PM By Naveed Malik Comments WiFi Cameras ,

For a rundown of the very best and most effective Wi-Fi surveillance cameras on the market today, check the list below:


Thanks to this pinhole camera, it is possible to convert anything to a hidden camera. It has a 90-degree wide angle lens, as well as High Definition 1080p video resolution (which are able to capture images clearly from across the room).

This spy camera wifi has 4 hours of battery life, and it is also equipped with a MicroSD memory card slot that is compatible with up to 128 GB of memory space.

zHomeBlackBox- WIFI:

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May 11, 2018 9:05:23 PM By Naveed Malik Comments WiFi Cameras ,

Wi-Fi cameras are awesome innovations that have one major advantage over the conventional spy cams that you know; Wi-Fi accessibility. However, before you unbox your Wi-Fi cam here are a few basics you should know:

Wi-Fi cams require a different form of set up:

Wi-Fi cams are not particularly like other forms of spy cams or other surveillance tools. Thanks to the Wi-Fi accessibility that they come with, operation and video footage sharing is much easier. However, Wi-Fi cameras also have different ways of being set up and installed if you have a lot of experience with security cameras, that knowledge will only help you to a point when it comes to installing wifi hidden camera.

However, their working principle is the same:

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May 10, 2018 9:01:15 PM By Naveed Malik Comments WiFi Cameras ,

The use of hidden cameras definitely fosters a wide array of advantages to users and those who are concerned about the safety and protection of the things and people they hold dear.

However, just like everything else, these tools also have dangerous downsides when they get into the wrong hands. People have been known to cause harm to others with surveillance technology, and this is where ethical concerns come in.

Generally, ethical concerns have been particularly focused on the following:

Ensuring that people are properly educated:

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May 9, 2018 8:53:20 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Surveillance ,

Body cams are amazing tools. They work easily, with enhanced discretion, providing excellent video surveillance like a hidden camera.

The following reasons make them prominent and compel a person to consider them as effortless devices:

They are extremely versatile:

The versatility of body cams is actually one of the major reasons why they are covert. Innovations with body cams have seen to the fact that you can easily take pictures while recording as well. Also, body cams can record videos and also capture audio references. This is incredibly a contributing factor to why people seem to love them so much.

They are extremely durable:

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May 8, 2018 8:46:46 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Body Cams,

The video recording keychain- although pretty new is definitely taking the surveillance landscape by storm. Thanks to this device, you have a spy video camera that is effective and also functional.

Below are some of the major advantages that you stand to gain from king use of the video recording keychain:


The portability of the video recording keychain is definitely one of the most important features that you can expect from it. As stated earlier, it is shaped like a keychain. This means that you will have absolutely no issues with carrying it around and moving easily the keychain is very portable and you will find this characteristic especially useful when you need to record images.

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May 7, 2018 8:37:56 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Covert Cameras,

Covert spy cameras have evolved a great deal. Today, you have hidden cameras that come with a wide array of features and advantages, and they've come a long way from the devices that were first developed many years ago.

To wit, we bring a few facts about the evolution of these devices that you might not know:

The process was actually quick:

The process through which spy covert cameras evolved was actually a fast and quick-paced one. Just as it is with a wide array of technological devices, many people saw the usefulness of these devices and how they can help them protect and keep tabs on the people and things that they love the most. When the first set of spy cameras were developed in early days, people saw these devices and began making their own versions and innovations. Before long, there were various types of spy covert cameras available, each of which was distinct in its own way (or ways, if you will).

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May 6, 2018 8:32:24 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Covert Cameras,

spy camera is of different types, with each type being in charge of various functions. However, the following are some of the most important variations that are on the market day:

Hidden Cams:

Hidden cams, just like their name suggests, are spy cameras that are able to perform the discretionary job of surveillance without any stress. The major advantage of this type of spy cam is the fact that with it, you won’t have any issues with hiding and camouflaging. Prospective criminals will definitely not be able to spot these cameras, and this means they will be able to work even more effectively with little or no interference.

Car cams:

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May 5, 2018 8:26:01 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Surveillance ,

For a day when you need to capture some effective footage at night, there is no doubt to the fact that you will find night vision body cameras very useful. However, in order to not to make any mistakes with your purchase the following are some tips to guide you when buying one:


The weight of your body cam matters as you’ll be the one carrying it around. If it’s too heavy, it becomes a liability to you and you won’t be able to move freely and effectively while you’re using it. To wit, make sure to get a night vision spy camera that is light weighted and portable.

Memory capacity:

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May 4, 2018 8:14:58 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Night Vision Camera ,

Our brave men and women in uniform need a lot of tools and equipment so that they can be able to effectively carry out their duties.

To wit, we take a look at exactly why they will be in need of hidden camera:

Easy movement:

There are no police officers who don’t need the ability to move freely. Thanks to the peculiarity of a police officer’s job, the ability to move easily is a necessity. However, it is also definitely necessary to be able to monitor your surroundings and ensure your protection while you are a policeman.

Body cams are able to amalgamate both characteristics and provide effective surveillance that is assured even while these policemen move around and go about their businesses. Essentially, all a policeman has to do is to wear it on his or her body and he or she will be able to work effectively and still pick out video footage at will.

Effective surveillance:

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May 3, 2018 8:06:35 PM By Naveed Malik Comments Body Cams,
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