These days, we see masks everywhere, be it outdoors, on the roadside, or inside the offices where the workers are on their job. Previously these medical face masks were associated with the hospitals and the health care workers, but after the coronavirus outbreak, every soul wearing a mask is the new normal.

Moreover, there are people that know how to go about wearing a mask, but honestly, there are people that believe in a number of misconceptions related to the medical face masks. These are misleading and can cause problems for people in the future and that is why they need to be corrected as soon as possible. In this blog, we will identify and explain 6 common types of misconceptions and clarify them for people to act right in this pandemic.

  • Children should wear masks

People with breathing problems, children and old people that need assistance in taking off the mask are advised not to wear one to protect them from suffocation. They shall use other precautions and safety measures to fight the virus and not be forced to wear a mask at all times.

  • I will be protected if I wear a face mask

Even if you wear a mask at all times, it cannot filter the very small particles in the form of droplets that can get you sick. The mask is not to protect you from others only, it is to protect others from you. As there are studies that prove that one might be a carrier but not show any symptoms of the virus. That is why you need to follow the SOPs and make sure you take proper measures to fight in this pandemic and not take it lightly.

  • I can reuse the face masks

The disposable medical face masks should not be reused. They shall be replaced immediately after use and you should also wash your hands properly after taking off the mask of your face, as there might be droplets on the mask. However, if you are using the cloth face masks, they have to be washed properly and that too immediately after you get back home, with hot soapy water.

  • Social distance is not applicable if I wear a face mask

Even when you are wearing a face mask, you need to maintain social distancing, that is staying at a distance of at least 6 feet from another person. This has to be practised along with the other hygiene measures such as washing hands and using hand sanitizer every time you come in contact with something. All these preventative measures are necessary to fight the pandemic.

  • There is no need to wear the mask at home

It is significant that people that are at high risk of catching the virus, shall wear the mask as a precautionary measure so that they are protected from the virus. And so if you have children at home and you are visiting the office every day, you shall wear a mask at home, in case you are a carrier and you might put your kids in danger for that matter.

  • A loose fit mask works the same

You have to make sure that the respiratory droplets find no way to escape from your face and there is no path for any of the droplets near you to reach your face. For that, you need to wear a medical face mask that fits you perfectly so that you can breathe properly. And not put yourself or others at risk of getting the virus.