Installing a security camera at home has become so important for people’s safety and protection. You need to install a security camera at your home, office, or workplace for the better protection of your essentials and necessities. Whereas, a spy camera is a device that helps taking videos and audios of a place or position. But they are rarely used for commercial purposes, as the spy video camera is used for surveillance purposes.


The protection of home is considering to be an essential priority because of your family and the necessities. If you have a large home, you may face some difficulties to protect your essentials hence solar powered security camera helps to secure your entire property. It is indeed that staying alert all the time will not allow you to enjoy a normal life. If you need something reliable and comfort that helps you to keep watch over your property, then the best solar powered security camera can help you do it. The best benefit of installing a solar-powered camera is that it provides the best safety and safeguards that no invader nearby your house will go ignored.

How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside?

1. You can hide the security camera wires by painting the security camera wires. The best and easy way to hide security camera wires is to balance them into the surrounding.
2.  You can also hide the wires inside the baseboards.
3. You can also use a plastic tube.
4.  Installing a wireless security camera is also known as the best idea.

How Much Data Does a Wi-Fi Security Camera use?

Wireless security recording cameras use over 60GB of data transfer per month. Hence this is a reason why we are recommending a camera system that has the best ability to upload footage whenever there occurs a movement.

How to Hide a Security Camera Indoors?

1. You can hide a security camera with a decorative skin case cover.
2. You can hide it in your outlet or plain sight.
3. Whereas, you can mount your camera high up on the wall or where there is a complete view of everything.
4. You can hide your camera from view with a photo frame.

How to Spot a Fake Security Camera?


LED lights are known as the simplest way of knowing whether the security camera is real or not. In most of the case, people usually know that real cameras have a red LED light, especially in night visions. Therefore, fake cameras also have blinking lights. But you need to focus that if the light doesn’t blink, they are considered and spotted as a fake.

How to Run Security Camera Wires Through Soffit?

You can run the security camera wires through walls, ceilings, etc. The best way to run the wires through the garret or attic or you can go for attaching the camera to the soffit. Hence it is indeed that security camera is used for the better protection of the essentials, property, necessities, etc. it helps people to be secure and safe.

How to Delete Security Camera Footage?

You can delete the security camera footage by connecting a DVR to a monitor. Log in to the DVR and go on Device settings. You can go for finding the disk management options and hence you can format the hard disk drive that helps you to delete the camera’s video history and footage.

How to Remotely View Security Cameras Using the Internet?


The first step you have to do is to find your camera’s IP address.
Then you need to open a web browser and type the IP address and go in the login information.
Come in Setting > Basic > Network > Information. It helps to find the camera’s port number. You can go for 3333 camera’s port number.
After changing the port, it helps to reboot the camera that saves the changes. Therefore, it can be done by going to Setting > Basic > System > Initialize and pressing the Reboot.
After the reboot step, you need to log back into the camera on your web browser.


It is stated that Security cam is so important because of the protection and security. Indeed, it is true that security cam is playing an important role in the protection of not only the necessities or essentials placed in the workplace or home but it also helps to get a criminal, it helps to safeguard the people and helps the police to have a proof in the court for justification. If we talk about security cameras that are used in the workplace or home, it helps to give better protection and safeguard. Furthermore, it is stated that people should need to keep a security camera that helps to protect their entire property or any important thing.