Body-worn cameras are live transmission systems, a single unit with no external cables for recording and picking audio on the move. They are used by police officers on field work to cover documents of everything that occurred at the crime scene; evidence, witnesses, interviews, and interrogations. Like nanny Cam, these devices are specially designed to meet the needs of justice from crime scenes.

They are mostly used by law enforcement agencies for both the public and the officers who use them. Police officers find this device most compatible and fast result driven for their nature of jobs compared to other equipment they previously used. Here below are some amazing benefits of body worn cameras;

Body worn cameras serve as evidence tools at accident scenes

Capturing is made as the police officer travels around the crime scene and interviews multiple people. On the basis of those captured scenes, security agencies easily reach the suspects at a closer range, and victims of these criminal cases feel a bit justified that suspects are being brought to book.

 Body worn cameras serve as evidence in domestic violence cases

Domestic violence has been known to be difficult to prosecute for a number of reasons, some being a lack of evidence while a few others resulted from the unwillingness of victims giving their testimonies. The footage from the video cam will shows first- hand the victims injuries, demeanor, and immediate reactions.

Body worn cameras serve as a medium to check-mates behavior

Body cameras have elevated agencies abilities to improve tactics, communication and customer service amongst other areas. The footage also helps to save scenario-based training to naive officers and identify areas in which more or improved training is needed. Evidence provided by the hidden cameras is used to identify wide-reaching structural problems within a department.

Body worn cameras serve as evidence collectors

These cameras are especially useful in accurately collecting and preserving the evidence at the accident or crime scene. They also help to settle bias and resolve any conflicting accounts from victims, criminals and witnesses. The interrogations captured are often repeated as details in courts.

Body worn cameras serve as a medium of security personnel policing

In settling any future disputes and questions raised about the procedures followed during the investigation, body worn cam is most useful. It helps to keep an eye on security personals to ensure they are following the law.

 Body worn cameras serve as a substitute to other devices

Many old facilities have been quickly replaced for better ones with higher performance capacities. These body cams have multiple functions features all in one package, and are quickly fading other devices away. They are portable and secretive to move around.

Studies have shown that data collections from surveys administered are most useful and reliable in public and crime administrations by the law enforcement agencies.

With the implementation of body-worn hidden cameras, a greater number of law enforcement agencies now records new heights of policy implementation, accountability, easier data collection, storage and use; training and equipment selection.