6 Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams: Top Picks for 2022

Dash cams have grown in popularity over the past few years. They have turned out to be amazingly life-saving gadgets for many people. They provide you with first-hand evidence if you get into an accident which in turn aid in the process of getting insurance. 
The best dash cam benefits police, drivers, and bystanders equally, thus, making it one of your best investments. You can also use it as a parent to monitor your kid’s driving during the initial days of their learning. It also keeps your vehicle protected while it is parked. 
If you are looking for the best dash cam to keep your car protected, here is a list of a few of them that will fit your concerns:

3K Ultra HD Professional Dash Cam with WDR Night Vision GPS:

3.0 K ultra HD means 50% more than 1080p, which makes this one of the best dash cam for car. The clarity of the picture is the highlighting feature of this product. You can view the activity live and through playback using its 2 inches LCD. It is great for vehicles, precisely for cars and trucks. Its parking mode records all the moving around. It also has night vision which makes it an excellent security gadget. 

HD Professional Series Dual Channel Car Fleet Vehicle Truck Dash Camera with IR Night Vision and GPS:

As the name suggests, this one is designed to be used at a professional level and avoid massive commercial damages. It is often used and recommended for delivery cars, trucks, taxis, uber, Limos, company transports, RVs, etc. This car dash cam gives you a view of the inside and outside of the vehicle. It is equipped with sensors that automatically turn it when you start your car. Good picture quality coupled with 290 degrees wide-angle view makes it an excellent choice for a camera car needs. 

HD Professional Series Dual Channel Fleet Vehicle Truck Tamper Proof Dash Camera with IR Night Vision, GPS, Hardwire Kit:

If you are looking for a dash cam designed specifically for commercial use, this one will put an end to your search. 1080 p outside recording and 720p inside recording makes this one an impressive choice. The best part is that it is tamper-proof, i.e., the driver can neither unplug nor remove its memory card. Its IR night vision provides the same image clarity at night as it gives during the day. It is great for documenting the incidents that can lead to accidents. It also turns on automatically as you start your vehicle. 

1080p HD DVR Nanny Cam D.I.Y Self-Install Camera Kit:

If you are looking for a somewhat less expensive and not-so-obvious dash cam solution, this DIY nanny cam can serve the purpose perfectly. The 1080 HD picture quality with audio and motion sensor helps you get a clear image of your car’s interior or exterior. It has 4-hour battery life and uses Micro SD as its storage. 

Atom Pro - 2.7K Super HD D.I.Y Surveillance Camera Kit:

Contrary to its name, this camera provides you 2560p Ultra HD with audio features. With its 25 feet night vision and motion detection feature, it can be the best mirror cam you can have. Its pinhole size can fit anywhere you want. 

Nano - 1080p HD WIFI Nanny Cam D.I.Y Self-Install Camera Kit:

The excellent picture quality and 90 degrees viewing angle make this Nano cam a viable option for a dash cam. You can even receive motion detection updates on your phone while you are away from your car. It works both on battery and while plugged into AC. 

Are Mirror Dash Cams Accurate or Reliable, and How do they Work?

Dash cams are indeed accurate and reliable and save you from landing in hot water in case of an accident. They are the best devices to document your vehicle’s interior or exterior activity. They can also be used for improving driver’s performance and for your kid’s safety if they are new at driving. 
Dash cams can turn on automatically when you start the vehicle or use battery-powered ones. They give you both live stream and recorded footage like surveillance cameras at home do. 
Dash cams are a must-have accessory for your and your vehicle’s safety.