Indoors or Outdoors? Which Place is Best to Install a Hidden Camera?

In truth, there is no way to answer such a question. This is because hidden cameras are highly versatile tools and their range of use is only limited by what you need them for. You can use a hidden cam indoors and outdoors.

However, while all hidden cams can be used indoors, but only a selected few can be used outside. To wit, before you install a hidden cam outside your property, you will also need to ascertain that it is suitable for outside use.

The following tips will be able to help out in this regard:

Weather resistance:

Weather resistance is the most significant factor that will determine the usability of a hidden cam outside. For you to be able to make use of a hidden cam outside your property, it has to be resistant to some of the elements of the weather such as rain, excessive sunlight, strong winds, etc. Otherwise, these elements will destroy the camera, and you'll have lost money.

Video quality:

Without a doubt, every hidden cam that will be usable outside has to have proper and impeccable video quality. This is one factor that you just can't afford to compromise on, and you need to make sure that your outside-used hidden cam has the awesome video.

Light perception:

Light perception is in relation to the ability of the hidden cam to capture images even in bright light. This way, it will be much easier for you to make out a face or discern who someone is, even while it is clear daylight. As a point, light perception is not too unrelated from video quality. However, while video quality deals with the overall quality of video that is being recorded, light perception is more about recording in times of unfavorable lighting conditions- whether it is the brightest day of summer or it is the darkest night. 

Sound quality:

If you are to make use of a hidden cam outside your property, then it has to have impeccable sound quality also and an ability to record crisp sound even better. This is because while outside, there are a lot of disturbance and elements that can get in the way of the camera's ability to record quality sound. To wit, make sure that the hidden cam is well suited to cancel out all interference and focus on the required sound.