How to catch an employee that's been stealing from you.

Employee theft is common & particularly damaging to small businesses. Maintaining a strong anti-theft system in your business is so important in these economic times.

Theft is a serious crime and costs the American economy upwards of 3 trillion dollars a year.

But when we think of theft we often picture a masked robber stealing from strangers. 

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.


Zetronix Catch a Thieving Employee


Setting up an anti-employee theft system used to be costly, time-consuming & relied upon specialist companies who would sometimes even charge you to continually monitor the system.

Thankfully, thanks to American companies like Zetronix, buying, setting up, & running anti-employee theft security systems is easy. 

Step 1.

Determine the area you want to be monitored - look for locations high up that have a good view of the areas you need to monitor.  Ensure that the area is accessible and you can safely install a camera without injury.

Some of the anti-employee theft cameras in the Zetronix range, such as the Nanny Cam USB Wall Charger Camera below, even include coverage of 90 degrees and even IR Infra-Red night vision. You will be able to control, set & watch the camera feed from your mobile phone or computer via the state-of-the-art WIFI connection. 

Koios - 1080p WIFI Nanny Cam USB Wall Travel Charger Camera 

Koios - 1080p WIFI Nanny Cam USB Wall Travel Charger Camera


Step 2.

Research the cameras available & ascertain your budget. You will be surprised at the price of quality anti-theft cameras in the Zetronix range - all produced by vetted partners, having undergone rigorous research & development & complete with US support for the life of the product, 30-day money-back warranty & more.

Once you have researched your needs as well as learned about the various cutting-edge features available with anti-employee theft cameras, decide if you need 1 or more devices.

Check out all of the Zetronx anti-theft cameras on offer.

Step 3.

Buy with confidence from Zetronix.

By working closely with overseas product developers, we implement a rigorous quality assurance process, testing and altering the product’s design and functionality until we are confident that the result represents the highest possible quality—both in terms of usability and durability.

We train our staff thoroughly on how every product works, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality support via phone, email or chat.  We offer friendly and professional customer support around the clock.

Over the last decade, we have sold millions of products to consumers in North America and around the world.  Our state-of-the-art merchandise can be found in police departments, government agencies and private security companies throughout the U.S. 

We proudly count the NYPD, the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Department of State among our loyal customers.


 At Zetronxi we stand behind each and every product we sell.