A dash cam, dashboard camera, car DVR, driving recorder or event data recorder (EDR) is an onboard camera that mainly records the view through a vehicles front windscreen and sometimes rear or other windows continuously. Some dash cams include a hidden camera to record the interior of the house. They are known to provide video evidence. For safety, the video recorded by this cam can be time stamped in a tamper-proof manner to securely prove its time of existence and reliability.

 Dash Camera Installation is easy and fast to accomplish. With the help of a friend, all it takes is to follow all necessary procedures outlined in the guide.  Dash cameras come in different sizes and forms, performing the functions of monitoring, audio taping, visual display and a lot more. Though installation is similar in all, a few things are there to know about dash cam installation. Indoor installation is quite different from vehicle installation.


The purpose of dash cam is to satisfy monitoring issues, as such, the place where your cam will be fixed should be prioritized. For secrecy, the layout design and the wall for indoor must be situated in an area where it cannot be easily visible. The ceiling is most recommended; as it is able to run the cables through the porch little attic and then up the main attic.

Understand the manual (Guide)

Before beginning the installation, it is wise to sit with the guide and take the time to analyze how everything will play out. The manual will give room for more ease and speed.  

Get your tools together

After finding a suitable location, getting the tools for installation will be the next step. These necessary tools include wood driller for drilling through wood, drywall, and aluminum. A hammer drill with some masonry drill bits. Some camera kits are accompanied by a template directing where the sticker should fit, making the job easier. So you start drilling as instructed in the guide. Be careful to ensure that the dash cam is not oversized to its purpose.


This comprises mounting the DVR box. Installation connection maybe a bit complicated, so the help of a friend would be most welcomed. After mounting, you connect the electrical poles into the DVR; make adjustments as advised in the manual to ensure it is perfectly working.

Check The Interface

After connection, you navigate through the setting, which will lead you to create a password and date/ time formatting etc. A quick tutorial in operations to allow you experience how dash cam works before you set it on the go. Installing a Dash Cam should not take more than a few hours. Once you have successfully installed one, you can help somebody else on how to easily go about it. If you encounter any problem, feel free to get help and get the best out of your camera.