The Garmin babyCam In-vehicle Wireless Backseat Camera is a new invention in the world of baby technology.  Never worry about baby while you’re driving again. This camera attaches easily to a headrest to allow you to monitor the baby during the entire time in the car.  Simply pair the camera with your Garmin navigation system and seamlessly toggle between navigation and camera views whenever necessary.

Special Features

This backseat camera is the first of its kind to connect wirelessly to your in-car or handheld GPS navigation system.  This means that no extra monitor is required, making this camera less distracting to use while driving. It has great daytime and nighttime vision and is adjustable to focus in on baby or pan out to view the entire backseat for use with multiple children.  An important safety feature included with the Garmin babyCam is that, once you reach your destination, the camera will remind the driver to check for passengers in rear seats. This camera also conveniently runs on 2 AA batteries and has a low battery warning to remind you to replace when low.


Installing the Garmin babyCam In-vehicle Wireless Backseat Camera is a quick and painless process.  No tools or special equipment is needed. Simply choose the best location in your car, and use the included headrest mount to securely attach the camera.  The headrest mount clips easily to one of the support bars of any headrest you choose, while the camera snaps easily into the mount. Installation, from start to finish, should take no more than a few minutes.


This backseat camera is compatible with a large number of Garmin navigation systems.  Even if you’re not sure what kind of navigation system your car has, many new cars already come equipped with Garmin navigators.  In order to pair your devices, connect the included power cable to both the camera and the navigator. Then, power on the camera and pair wirelessly with your navigation, and you’re all done! 

Day and Night Vision

The Garmin babyCam is a high-quality camera that always gives a clear picture to the viewer.  During the day, the camera adjusts to bright sunlight to allow you to see the baby’s features. At nighttime, the camera adjusts to night vision.  Night vision gives you the ability to see your child’s face crystal clear without the risk of waking them by having to turn on any internal car lights.

Wireless Use

Once your Garmin babyCam is paired with your navigation device, it has the capability of running completely wirelessly.  Toggle between directions and video footage swiftly and easily. If your navigation system allows you to operate by voice, you are even able to switch between screens using the voice-activation feature.  All you need to run the camera are two AA batteries. You can make the batteries last as long as possible by setting your preferences to automatically turn the screen off after 10, 20, or 30 seconds. When the batteries are low, an alert will sound on your navigation to warn you.  As a safety precaution, you can also plug the power cord into an outlet in your car.

Multiple Children

What if you have more than one child riding in the car with you? If you have multiple children that you would like to keep an eye on in the backseat, more than one camera can be added to your navigational system.  Up to four cameras can be added to one system, so you can check on all your kids.

Navigation System

Don’t have a car with a navigation system? Don’t pass by this camera car too quickly!  There are many Garmin navigators that the babyCam is compatible with, and not all of them come pre-installed in your car.  This camera works just as well with a handheld Garmin navigation device as it does with a built-in. The only difference is, obviously, that it is not connected to your car.  To remedy this, you can purchase a car mount to hold your device while you drive.


As a parent, you have a million things running through your mind all day long. The Garmin babyCam takes one thing off your plate by reminding you to check your backseat for passengers before leaving the vehicle.  Once the navigation recognizes that you have reached your destination, it will display and signal an alert, reminding the driver to retrieve any passengers before exiting the vehicle.

In-Car Monitor for Peace of Mind

The Garmin babyCam In-vehicle Wireless Backseat Camera is able to make your life as a parent easier.  Use this backseat camera to keep tabs on three kids arguing in the backseat, or one baby snoozing in their car seat.  Any product that gives you peace of mind that your baby is safe is worth the investment.