Scientists and engineers can spend years of their lives in painstaking trials and error experimentation to develop breakthrough technology and the military-industrial complex will immediately find a way to militarize it just a few hours after its invention. Interestingly, the military is not only the institution interested in the latest gadgets and inventions, but other private agencies and the government is also equally voracious in finding new ways to spy on the public.

Today, we’re going to reveal some hidden truth about spy technologies and hidden cameras that is about to turn into a nightmare of spy tech.

The Mind Reader Spy Tech

Scientists have created a mind Reading machine that allows them to reconstruct images in a person's mind using brain scans. Some few years ago, researchers in New York University and the University of California showed a hundred features of faces to 6 test subjects who are undergoing FMRI scans in order to build up a database of how their brains react to facial data, they then showed them new faces and use the resulting FMIR data to reconstruct crude but recognizable versions of those faces. In order words, these whole processes help people to read the minds of their victims so that they are able to pictorially represent what their subjects were looking at.


Details are emerging about a tracking system used by security agencies called Steam ray. These devices act as if it were towered. It intercepts your phone signals using pings. Steam rays can determine the strength of your phone signals through sonar technology so that your smartphone constantly sends out a signal with the use of receptors. In this case, if Steamrays receives that signal, then your smartphone and devices can easily be found, with its location as well.

The best thing about it is that; even if you’re not using your phone to make a phone call, the security agencies can still find out where you are. Does it sound like a clear violation of fundamental rights? Certainly, it is, but that won't even cost the FBI a blink.



The Use Of Tempest Spy Technology

Don’t let all these fancy spy techs and hidden cameras fool you to thinking that the spymasters need physical access to your location to see or hear what you are doing. We are sadly way past that point.

The Tempest spy technology works by using a small device that the spy experts put in line with a cable, which connects to a monitor. They use these radar systems to bounce a signal, which sends a microwave transmission that appears like a continuous wave that can visualize anything you are doing on your device or monitor.

Even if we disregard how disorderly and insane this seems, is it safe? Won’t that kind of RF energy being so close to people cause cancer? Who knows, Who cares? As long as the eyes in the Sky get third target data, who has time for such questions?

The Visual Microphone

As we all know, what we call sound is essentially a wave, propagating through a medium like air, displaying particles and causing oscillations in the pressure and velocity of those particles. These oscillations are detected by your ear and converted into nerve impulses that your brain interprets as sound. So, what if you can’t directly perceive the wave itself but the effect of that wave on another subject? Can you reconstruct that sound from just seeing the effect of the sound wave? The answer is yes, and you’ll soon know how!

The vibrations caused by these visual microphones are so subtle that they are capable of moving stealth objects in a hundred of a pixel, making the objects appear still in the naked eyes. However, by combining and filtering all the motion happening across this imagery visual microphones, you’ll be able to detect the waves that act as a spy. This is a truly remarkable technology, and it does shows how incredible the products of human engineering really are and just how advanced the spying capability of the intelligence agencies are.


There is no limit to what people can do with spy technology today, the government can see, read and hear everything, so are we going to just give up on these vices? Absolutely not, but it is important and be knowledgeable on these types of technologies that the government have on their disposal, and to keep in mind that the only perfect spy tech present, is the one that stops  us from acting out of fear that the jailers will see us.