How to Use Your Shades as a Spy Agent

Are you a spy?

Are you aspiring to be one?

Then you are going to need glasses.

When you thinking of how to wear glasses, there is really just one way. However, depending on how you need to use the glasses, you need to know the following uses:

Privacy and discretion:

Privacy is one of the major reasons why spy agents wear hidden camera glasses. By ensuring privacy and discretion, spy agents are able to blend perfectly into the public. Also, they are able to follow their target without necessarily being seen themselves.

As a spy agent, one of the best and most needed qualities that you should possess is the ability to work in the black; essentially, perform our duties without drawing the attention of anyone. Dark glasses ensure that nobody sees you and even if you get spotted by a person that actually knows you (a possibility that is highly unlikely, but a possibility nonetheless, their chances of recognizing you and disrupting the mission you are on will be greatly reduced.

Glasses can also have cameras:

Spy agents are also usually required to take certain video and photographic evidence of the events that unfold as they embark on their missions.

The need for adequate surveillance footage was what necessitated the spy camera and for decades, spies had to endure carrying heavy and bulky cameras as they worked, finding the right spots to use these cameras (a task that is daunting and which can waste time and energy). However, thanks to technological innovation, spy cameras have gotten considerably smaller and smaller in size over the years. Now, we have glasses that are rigged with cameras. These highly nifty tools make it much easier to function as a spy; all you have to do is wear your glasses, find your target, and take necessary photographs and record videos. 

Clichés and the general feel of it all:

To be honest, there doesn’t seem to be any express rule that says that spies should wear dark glasses.  These pieces of eyewear stuck with the profession and that is how things have been since; simply put, it is nothing more than just an unofficial tradition that has held up over the past couple of decades.

However, this fact doesn’t take away from the fact that glasses actually help spies work easier and more effectively. As a spy, you’ll need to be virtually invisible. Glasses help you achieve that much-needed quality, even though you might not be aware of it.