Orca Pro Vs. Kestrel Pro: Which is better?

If you are an avid social media user, you would know the amount of money social media influencers or vloggers invest in buying gadgets to make creative content effortlessly. Travel bloggers and tik tokers try capturing their exhilarating experiences using the best quality cameras or sunglasses with the camera.

Video camera sunglasses are the most favorite and handy gadgets for capturing moments in their entirety. Using them is likely to say you are recording what you are seeing. DVR Sunglasses come with various unique features. If you are planning to buy one and finding it difficult to choose between orca pro and kestrel pro, here is a complete comparison to make a better choice:

Orca Pro Vs Kestrel Pro:

Capture stunning HD footage with ease! Zetronix's high-tech camera sunglasses come in two must-have styles, offering a range of features for digital content creators. Take your pick from the classic design inspired by aviators, or go glamourous with its lightweight counterpart. Both offer unparalleled quality and performance that make it effortless to capture dynamic images wherever you go - making sure all your creative moments are picture-perfect!

Battery Life:

When it comes to capturing the perfect video, battery life is essential. That's why Orca Pro has you covered - boasting up to two hours of wireless recording time for superb results! The Kestrel Pro has a lasting hour-long record capacity but can't compete with Orca's impressive power and performance. Make sure your next production captures clarity at its best by going with PRO: winning every race in battery technology, hands down!

Video Quality:

Orca Pro has an 8MP camera within the sunglasses and records videos in Full HD. Orca Pro’s lens provides greater clarity and sharpness to recordings with its wide-angle view at 160 degrees. On the other hand, Kestrel Pro comes with a 5 MP camera that offers good video recording quality. Still, Orca Pro is far ahead in terms of quality when recording clear and crisp images & videos.

Orca Pro is far ahead of its competition with an incredible noise-cancellation microphone that guarantees crystal-clear sound even in the noisiest environments. With this advanced technology, you can capture superior audio and image quality - making Orca Pro a cut above ordinary microphones like Kestrel!

Audio Video Quality:

We all love creating good quality content; for that to happen, audio-visual quality plays a significant role. Orca pro camera glasses offer you 2.7K super HD resolution with a remarkable audio recording feature. You can get 18MP still pictures as well and record it all via a memory card. They should be your go-to option if you want waterproof video camera sunglasses that perfectly capture your memories. You can shoot visually appealing stable videos with perfection. 

On the other hand, Kestrel pro provides you with 1080 crystal clear quality audio. The best part is that it has built-in Wi-Fi and allows you to live stream video on your phone and store the recordings and pictures directly within the range of 20 feet. Its 90 degrees wide viewing angle captures what the human eye can miss. Moreover, its video stability features make it the right choice for all professional and personal shoots. The sound recording is impeccably clear.

The Look:

Appearance does matter a lot! Both sunglasses with a camera has an equally chic appearance and will make you look good. Orca pro and Kestrel pro have changeable and removable lenses. You can choose between clear, transitional adaptive, and blue mirror lenses for orca pro. In contrast, clear blue light-blocking lenses are available for Kestrel pro.

Orca Pro and Kestrel pro are stylish and lightweight tools for recording videos without being noticed. Orca pro has a compact design with a flip-up lens that is easy to use, while kestrel offers an adjustable nose bridge for a more comfortable fit. Orca Pro comes up with metal frames, making it look more attractive and elegant.

The Usage:

Achieving a cinematic quality to your everyday experiences is easy with these two video recording glasses! Whether you're documenting an adventure, capturing something special happening around you, or simply taking in the view, these options make it effortless. And if that wasn't enough convenience for you already: using them is as simple as point and shoot!

  • Recording sports events.
  • Recording live shows.
  • Recording class lectures.
  • Making vlogs and documenting your travel journey.
  • Practicing target shooting and recording your progress.
  • You can record your interviews to correct your mistakes. 
  • You can also wear it while dealing with customers to keep track of customer care issues.

Which one to buy?

Which of these video glasses to buy is a tough call since both are loaded with excellent features and offer you fantastic picture quality. Your purpose of usage can help you decide which one to pick. If you want these glasses for more professional and safety concerns, Kestrel pro is our recommendation since it offers live streaming and keeps data safe on your phone. If you are hoping to buy it for more fun purposes, Orca pro has to be your call. 

It is hard to get such remarkable and richly featured gadgets on a budget. Zetronix is helping you get both! Make your future adventure more fun and purposeful with these video camera glasses, and record them all to cherish forever! 

Influencer’s Pick: The Ultimate Decision

If you're an influencer, finding the right tools to create content worthy of watching and sharing is essential. Knowing what features are a must for your work and which option will be most efficient is critical. This blog post will look at two leading social media management applications, Orca Pro and Kestrel Pro, to examine their features and help you decide which is best. From account analytics to audience insights, tone of voice customization options with brands/products, and powerful scheduling tools - there's plenty to consider when making the ultimate decision.

If you're looking for a way to up your social media game or simply want to capture all your experiences while on vacation, video camera sunglasses are the gadget for you. The Orca Pro and Kestrel Pro model offers excellent features at a reasonable price point, but the Orca Pro ultimately comes out as the better buy. Be sure to follow our tips on getting the most use of your video camera sunglasses to create incredible videos that will wow your friends and followers. 


It's easy to see why Orca Pro and Kestrel Pro are two of the most popular social media management applications on the market. Both have powerful features that allow influencers to keep track of engagement, customize their tone of voice, identify what resonates with their audience, and use scheduling tools for maximum efficiency. Orca Pro offers more features at a lower price point making it our preferred choice if you're looking for video camera sunglasses. So if you're an influencer who wants to stay up-to-date on trends, Orca Pro is your best bet! With its superior features, Orca Pro can help you create amazing videos to help you stand out from the crowd. Check out Orca Pro and Kestrel Pro's features carefully to decide which is the best fit for you.