Ways of protecting your business using hidden cameras

Business owners today are susceptible to crime and many bold criminals are no longer worried about getting caught with visible cameras rolling. It's this sort of danger that can pose a serious concern for any operation, which is why it's important to look into defending one's livelihood with the latest and greatest in technology. One of the best things that you can invest in today is in hidden spy cameras with built-in DVRs. This latest and greatest in technology will not only allow you to have peace of mind but will allow you to record without having to install or work with a separate taping mechanism.

The following tips will guide you in making decisions about how to use a hidden camera in your workplace to protect your business and prevent losses of any kind.

To protect a business using security cameras you will need to ensure you cover all of the vital areas. These areas include all external doors, office areas, long hallways and any spot where a safe or register is located. The actual physical placement of any security cameras will vary depending on your type of business such as retail or office as well as the type of building itself but you can follow a few general rules of thumb.

As mentioned previously, you need to cover all doors that lead to the outside and if you have windows try to cover those as well although windows get to be of less a concern the higher up on floors you go.

Remember, the amount of an area that security cameras can view gets wider the farther away you get from the camera so just think of it as a cone that spreads out. This means in many cases you will be able to cover a larger area by setting the camera back from the area.

With this in mind, you could potentially cover the entire front of the store or business, doors and windows with just 1 or 2 cameras depending on the layout of your building. A little testing will tell you for certain.

In the office areas, you may want to consider using hidden security cameras which will help you find and prosecute any employee theft as well.

For your long hallways, you should place a camera at both ends to be sure you get full coverage of the area regardless of which way they are turned as they come down the hallway. The last thing you want is someone roaming the halls without their face being caught on at least one of your security cameras.

For a retail business, you need to be sure to cover any area where you may have safe or confidential information and placing a camera over any cash register is also a good idea. Both of these are also areas where a smoke detector or sprinkler hidden camera may be the best bet.

You can try to plan for every event but there are no guarantees you can avoid being a victim of some type of crime regardless of your security precautions. The best you can hope for is to lower the odds and in the case, something does happen you want to be sure to have the video evidence to help identify and prosecute the offender.