How You Can Exclusively Record a Sports Event with Sports Camera Sunglasses

We all have that sport (or sports) that we love. However, while we might all want to capture awesome videos at the NBA finals or the Super Bowl, using cameras and video recorders seems a bit too archaic (not to mention the stress that will be put on your arms from raising a video recorder too long).

Enter; the sports camera sunglasses

Simply put, sports camera sunglasses are awesome innovations that embed cameras and video recorders in sunglasses. They have the advantage of ease add longer video recording time. 

To wit, why not check out the following sports sunglasses with camera and see whether you'll be served better?


zShades 1080p:

With these sunglasses, you get a 147º wide angle lens as well as a 1080p HD professional quality sensor. Basically, you can rest assured that the videos you record with this camera will be clear, vivid, and sharp.

Microphone: You also get a custom microphone built in. the microphone has the noise-canceling technology, allowing you to capture videos (and make commentaries) without the unnecessary noise of your surroundings

Memory details: The sunglasses have a Micro SD memory card slot, with memory capabilities including 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB

Memory saving rate: The camera stores videos on a 10 minute per Gigabyte rate. This means that if you get a 128GB memory card, you can rest assured of 1280 minutes without having to delete a single second. (Quick breakdown: it is capable of storing 1.3 hours on 8GB, 2.6 hours on 16GB, 5.2 hours on 32GB, 10.4 hours on 64GB, and 21 hours on 128GB)

Low maintenance: The camera embedded in these sunglasses is waterproof, and you can rest assured of high durability and electronic video stabilization.  

One button operation: Operating these glasses is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is to press a button once, and the glasses come on and instantly start recording.

Notification type: A vibration alert has also been set up to notify you when the glasses start (and stop) the recording process.


zShades HD3:

The zShades HD3 help with awesome video recording by capturing crystal clear 1080p HD video & audio. A few of its other features include: 

Memory details: There's no support for a memory card slot. However, you do get access to 32GB of built-in memory, which is capable of storing over 5 hours of continuous video footage.

Notification type: When video recording starts and stops, you get a vibration alert to notify you.

Operational versatility: Apart from recording videos, these glasses are also capable of taking high-quality photos…  AT THE SAME TIME!

Compatibility: It's compatible with computers running on both Windows OS (all versions of the Windows platform) and Mac OS X

Responsive microphone: The microphone and these sunglasses are highly responsive, and it has a noise-canceling feature as well.

Image stabilization: The sunglasses have the electronic image and video stabilization to help with the quality of images and videos captured.

Maintenance: The glasses are waterproof for you to a maximum of 3 feet.

Product guarantee: You also get a full 1-year replacement guarantee to cover for damages or manufacturing defects.