Spy cameras have become a necessity for our homes, offices as well as streets or malls, and the main reason is that they ensure safety and also save us from any future mishaps.

 According to a report it has been observed that in the United States, every year a total amount of 2.5 million home break-ins happen, so people have become more aware of the usefulness of hidden spy cameras. It has also been reported that every year a total percentage of 54% of women become a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, that’s one more reason that cameras in offices are a must now. So, in this article we will first start with helping you install a spycam, and to make the procedure easy for you, we will provide you with all the essential guidelines and details you should know.

How to set up a spy camera?

You don’t need to have a degree in engineering to learn how to install a spy camera, because the steps are very easy and basic. Also, we are here to help you in installing the spy camera, so here are some of the basic steps you need to follow,

Find out the best location and area for your spy camera

You should know that the area you’re going to put the camera will cover the activity, so where do you feel that you need the camera most? Think wisely about it and then choose the best spot, another factor you need to be careful about is the angle of the camera, because the wider the angle the more coverage you can cover through the camera. We have observed that the cameras which are installed at some higher place, they’re less obvious and more difficult to spot, so hiding the camera in the rod of the curtains or the paintings, or ceiling is a good idea.

Choose a blind spot

The word hidden says it all, so your camera should never be on a spot where it may stand out, it should be hidden in a place where no outsider can detect it. Now, there are cameras in different shapes and sizes and you can hide them easily anywhere, they can even be installed in objects like photo frames, bulbs, wall paintings, vases, etc, so the spot you choose for your camera determines the positioning and leverage results of your spy camera.

Keep in mind the effect of lighting

You must have noticed that lighting affects the results of the camera; the direction of light can even affect the visibility of the person or any other thing on the camera. If the lighting is appearing from the back then the coverage result will be very poor because of the shadows backlighting will cause, but if the lighting is coming from the front to the spycam then the subject visual will be quite vivid to you. Keep in mind that when the camera is on the fixed spot it can shift according to the light so you need to be very explicit about the position of the camera and the light effect on it.

Choosing the recording mode

There are two basic modes of your camera, one is the motion detection mode and the other one is the continuous motion mode. In the motion detection mode, the camera becomes active only when it detects motion. As soon as the person passes it, the camera gets off which also saves your SD card from insufficient storage issues. And when you set up the camera on the continuous mode then the camera catches the footage where the subject is going to be in front of the camera for a little time, for an instant outside an office a person will only take few seconds to open the door and enter and if motion detection mode is on then the camera will take few seconds and you may miss the subject, so sometimes continuous mode is very suitable.

Quality of your SD card

The quality of your micro SD card will determine the resolution of your camera. It is important to have a high-speed SD card because an SD card that has greater MBs can save files faster. The other important factor you need to consider is the size of your SD card because a spy camera can handle a lower memory than a normal digital camera, so in case you buy an SD card that doesn’t fit your spy camera then all your money would go to waste. The storage capacity of your SD card will also determine the saving quality of your spy camera.

Guidelines to set up a spy camera

While installing a hidden spy camera, these are the 20 essential guidelines you need to follow.

  1. The place you install the camera should be perfect. And always cover the areas that you consider less obvious, because most people install the cameras at front doors and forget to cover back-doors or basement windows, so you need to be vigilant and be very careful with such little details to ensure complete security.
  2. When you install a hidden camera, you always try to find a place that will hide it, but you also ignore that your camera needs a proper space, so find a place where the camera could record the events efficiently.
  3. Before fixing the camera, think about the angle from where it will cover the happenings properly, and choose the higher angle as it has been noticed that a higher angle is much better than the side or lower angles.
  4. Buying a camera mount will also help you in covering the events from a higher point of view.
  5. After finalizing the higher angle, you need to make sure that the angle is also wide in range.
  6. Your spy camera would require a proper power supply, and the time it gets disconnected and loses power it stops recording.
  7. Sometimes you face issues regarding electricity, so for the continuous energy supply, you might want to go for a backup.
  8. If at someplace more than one camera has been installed then a splitter should be used which will help the user to view the video from more than one camera but through a single monitor.
  9. The user who has installed more than one camera can also buy an amplifier as it will help in amplifying the signals even when more than one cable is being used.
  10. You need to take care of your spy camera because when it is exposed to natural elements it may get damaged, so be careful with it as it needs extra care.
  11. Considering the natural weather conditions you may opt for a camera that is weather resistant.
  12. Lighting is the most significant element that will determine the capture quality of your camera, if the lighting isn’t pointing towards the camera from an appropriate angle then the results would not be clear.
  13. Prefer setting the camera in a way that the lighting is directed towards it from the front.
  14. Choose a spy camera with high-resolution quality so you can get a thorough and detailed image or video of the event or your subject.
  15. Never compromise on the quality of your camera, mostly the spy cams are at reasonable prices but if you see a spy cam with compelling features but a little expensive then you may go for it.
  16. Look for a camera that must not be very large as it will be noticeable and not very easy to fix, so the wise choice would be going for a small and subtle camera.
  17. Choose a spy camera that can record on a constant loop with a longer and more reliable battery time.
  18. Going for a rotating camera can also prove to be a good choice, as it will cover the surrounding area and not only a fixed location.
  19. Night vision cameras are also very preferable as they would capture the events even without proper light.
  20. Try looking for a motion detection camera, because it will instantly warn you about any suspicious movement.

Features are the components that make a spy camera stand out, so always look for the specifications in the spy camera.

How long can spy cameras record?

The time duration for which a spy camera can record footage is also an important factor to consider before buying a spy camera because it will help you in knowing the approximate length of the recording. The usual time duration for which a spy camera records footage is 48 hours, 168 hours, and 720 hours.

Powering up your spy camera

There are many ways to power up your spy camera. One way is using a battery pack when the battery is running low then it automatically shuts down and when the battery charges again, then you can switch on your spy camera. The other way to power up your spy camera is by plugging it in, so you don’t have to purchase batteries or worry about the battery life.

How do I connect my spy camera to my phone?

There are many spy cameras that come with Wi-Fi connectivity and some don’t, so it is important to check the features of your spy camera before making a purchase. If your spy camera has Wi-Fi connectivity then you can connect it to your phone very easily by following the instruction manual that comes with the camera.

The best place to install the spy camera

It is important to hide your spy camera in a place where it can record everything including the entrance and back of the room, place the device on a corner so it gets all angles covered. A perfect place for installing your spy cam is behind your computer or TV because people always sit in front of these devices. Another good place for installing the spy camera is on top of your desk or cabinets because people rarely lookup. You can also install the spy cam on a bookcase, it will be good if you place your device in between books so no one would notice it.

How do I View my footage?

You can view your recording easily using an app on your phone. There are many camera surveillance apps that you can download on your android smartphone depending on the features of your camera. The app will automatically detect any new footage and then ask for permission to view it. Once the files are loaded on video, then you can either play it or save it later if necessary.

How do I make sure my footage is safe?

It is important to place your spy camera in a place where no one can see it so they cannot destroy or remove the device. Also, make sure not to install the camera facing anyone because you wouldn’t want anyone to know that you are recording them without their knowledge. Make sure that you check the viewing angle of your camera before making a purchase.

The best way to keep your footage safe is by downloading the footage to your computer and then deleting it from the SD card so no one can access it if something happens to your spy camera. You can also password protect your videos so that only you can access them.


Spy cameras have been around for a long time now and their demand is increasing as the days go by. There are plenty of spy cameras available in the market so it can be very confusing to choose one that’s best for you. We have listed some of the best features that you should look for in your spy camera before making a purchase. Additionally, we have also mentioned some of the best places to install your spy camera and ways to view your footage. Make sure that you keep your footage safe by downloading it to your computer and deleting it from the SD card.

Spy cameras are not only a part of the trend because the absolute truth is that people have benefitted from it in many ways, and it won’t be wrong to say that the use of spy cameras has created a sense of safety and protection in people.