Signs your car is being tracked.

If you think someone might have installed a GPS tracker on your car, there are some things you can look for to confirm your suspicions. Here are a few signs that your car may be being tracked.

Unusual changes in behavior from the car. If your car starts acting differently, it could be a sign that something has been tampered with.

Zetronix Signs Your Car is Being Tracked

For example, if the engine starts revving up for no reason or the brakes feel like they’re not working properly, it could be because a GPS tracker has been installed and is affecting the car’s performance.

The car takes longer to start than usual. If it normally takes two seconds for your car to start but suddenly it’s taking five or six seconds, that could be a sign that a GPS tracker has been installed.

The tracker may be draining the car’s battery, which is why it’s taking longer to start.

You find strange objects in or around the car. If you find things like wires or batteries hidden in the car, they could be part of a GPS tracking system.

Sometimes people will also put magnets on the underside of the car to hold the tracker in place, so if you find magnets where they shouldn’t be, that could be another sign.

If you think someone might have installed a GPS tracker on your car, there are a few things you can do to check. First, get hold of a mechanics mirror and flashlight.

Zetronix Signs Your Car is Being Tracked

Then, slide the mirror under the car until you can see the underside of the vehicle. Take a look around for any strange devices that might be attached to the underside of the car. If you see anything suspicious, use the flashlight to get a better look.

If you cant find anything but still suspect that your car has a GPS tracker installed, the best way to confirm it is to take the car to a mechanic and have them check for signs of tampering or use a GPS Tracker & Bug Detector.

If you notice any of these strange behaviors from your car, it's worth investigating to see if there might be a GPS tracker hidden somewhere on the vehicle.

By doing a bit of digging, you can find out for sure if there's a tracker installed, and then take steps to remove it.

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