Criminals are getting smarter every day, so is technology too, and these technologies keep advancing into Spy cameras. The Water bottle camera is an example.

The water bottle camera is a smart way to capture an intruder or record an interesting event in public. The camera comes with stickers that you can wrap around just like ordinary bottle water having a company label on it. The stickers are designed to be detached so that you can attach them back again. Removing the stickers wrapped around the bottle does reveal a kind of recess area on the bottle so that the small hidden camera is safely placed to sit inside the recessed area. The camera is packed with a MicroSD card and USB cable for charging. The lens on the camera is very tiny, so you’ll have to make sure when replacing the sticker wrapped around the bottle, the hole on the sticker directly sits on the area where the lens of the camera is located.

Another thing you have to consider when using the camera for recording is to master the positioning of where the record button is, in other for you to press the button anytime you want to start or stop recording.

Having know all these and considering them, let’s see how you can smartly use the Bottle water camera in more interesting scenarios.

Recording Interviews with A Bottle Water Camera

Bottle water camera has proven to be a useful tool for recording job interview session and conversations with applicants so that employers can really pick the right candidate by streaming the recorded video for review. To use the camera, make sure you’ve already pressed the record button before the interviewee enters your office because the camera blinks a flashlight for about three seconds before it begins to record, so you’ll not want to do that in front of the candidate you want to interview. Hence, you can just place the water on top of your desk with the lens of the camera facing the direction of the candidate. In order not to raise any kind of suspicion, be careful not to press the camera button while drinking from the water bottle as you interview your candidate because if you do so, the camera may stop recording or may even blink if you press the button twice.


Capturing An Intruder Sneaking Into Your Home Or Office

As an employer or the boss in your office, you can decide to leave the door open for a few minutes when you’re not going to stay out long, especially if you’re suspecting any of your employees. Just go ahead and drink from the water a little, place the bottle water camera on top of your work table or adjacent on top of a shelf while it’s on recording mode and it will capture any intruder or unethical deeds going on when someone decided to bugle into your office, taking the advantage of your absence. You can use this same method in your home but not on a family member because bottle water can be easily regarded as garbage.

Can Be Used As A Spy Camera Public

You can carry this bottle water camera along with you to places like bars, restaurants, a sport event, cinema, hospitals, a wedding event and no one will even know you have a hidden camera capturing everything going on live. This is more effective than any other form of body-worn spy camera used because you can easily maneuver the position of the camera to face the direction you want to capture from a distant, instead of turning your body to the direction where the camera lens is facing as seen with most body-worn cameras.

Used As A Perfect Car Spy Camera

This is a perfect option for helping vehicle owners with car theft. Many criminals these days are more accustomed to dash cams, so they are more careful and vigilant to look out if you have one of them installed on your car. You will have to place it to enable you capture motion detection of someone close to your car though.