If you are running a business, you may not be aware of all the ways that you can use the spy camera to protect your employees, customers, and inventory. When margins are tight, you need to use every available tool to keep your workplace running smoothly, and taking care of all of your stakeholders, including yourself, just makes good business sense.

The following tips will guide you in making decisions about how to use a hidden spy camera in your workplace to protect your business and prevent losses of any kind. 

1.Install a Spy Camera near The Cash Register:

This may be the most obvious spy camera location, but it's also the most logical. Make sure your employees know that they're being recorded, and make sure they understand that you are not targeting any specific individual. A spy camera near the cash register does help prevent employees from deliberately pocketing the money, but that's not its only purpose.

You hope, of course, that you will never have a burglary. However, having a spy camera watching the cash register can help authorities identify a burglar if your business is attacked. Your camera can be a valuable aid in apprehending a burglar.

2.Install a Camera near Employee Exits:

Installing a spy camera at all exit points will allow you to keep an eye on employees and address any continuing problems with attendance. The very presence of a camera will give most employees pause in leaving early.

If you need to discipline employees who continue to leave the workplace early, come in late or take extended lunches, time-stamped footage from the exit cameras will help you make your case and protect you from lawsuits.

3.Place More Than One Spy Camera in Public Areas of Your Business to Monitor Customer Service:

Some companies spend thousands of dollars each year on mystery shoppers to report on customer service in their stores. You can achieve something very similar simply by recording your employees' interaction with customers and using the recordings as teaching tools.

Most of your employees have never had formal training in dealing with customers, and may not understand what they're doing wrong or how they come across to customers. By using a spy camera and walking them through the footage and examples of more proper behaviour, you can work actively with them to improve their interpersonal skills.


4.Tell Your Employees about the Spy Camera:

While you have a right, as an employer, to place cameras in public areas of your workplace, you risk hurting your relationships with your employees if they discover they're being recorded or photographed without their knowledge.

Some employees will be very unhappy about cameras even if they know about them, and some people may refuse to work for an employer who uses a spy camera. Most employees, however, will have initial bad feelings and then accept the camera as a part of the workplace. 

5.Be Reasonable When Viewing Photos and Tapes:

It is very easy to find flaws when you're watching something that has already happened. Coming down hard on your employees for every infraction will not help your business, and can make your employees less effective. If they're worried that every little misstep will get them yelled at, they're unlikely to perform well.