Every other day we hear of incidents involving a couple of parties bumping into each other over road accidents or parked car incidents but that which goes undecided of who was just and who un-just because there had been no third witness or a CCTV.

To avoid an unpleasant experience, you always have an option of a dash camera for the safety of your family and yourself and your vehicle as well.

While some of the best dash cams we've already seen in the market, there are still better options coming each new year in the market that the technology brings up as more enhanced versions of their previous best products.
To have a look at which ones are the most affordable yet best dash cam with wifi in 2020, we have tried to make up a small list.


The new Garmin Dash Camera is providing a 180-degree view of field combined with the feature of HDR video recording, to help retain detail in high contrast lighting, while a Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone and the Garmin Dash Cam App means you can connect up to multiple cameras at once and synchronized the video they shoot, giving a 360-degree view around your car.


The YI Compact Dash Cam can be considered one of the best cameras since it comes at a cheap price for what it does. Providing a very sharp night and day view; this cam also has a Wi-Fi which makes a customer happy for they find the product worthy of their money. Moreover, the dash camera has a special cooling design that keeps the camera working in hot temperatures and climates.


If you are a person who gets way more concerned to drive on big roads and has connecting anxiety that makes you extra cautious while being out, then Thinkware is definitely for you. This dash camera comes with a no-screen, smaller as it makes the device, there would be no moving pictures on your dashboard to distract you while you drive! There is built-in Wi-Fi which is used to serve up speed camera alerts and add locations.


Nextbase dash cam can be considered as a fashionable device cum security cam since the Wi-Fi connection provides it with a built-in Alexa functionality, which offers voice control over everything from incident recording to playing music and asking for directions. Perhaps its best feature still is the emergency SOS which can detect a collision and alert the emergency services to your vehicle's exact whereabouts if you're unresponsive. The audio function makes the device very easy to use!


The BlackVue dash camera makes its way into the best dash cam because of its dual feature. The front and rear cameras feature HD image sensors for a very sharp quality image. It comes with built-in wifi which gives the user an option to turn the video and audio recording on and off at a single tap on your mobile app. Not only that, but your phone also provides the map to find the location of the vehicle during video playback- at an expanse of a Wi-Fi connection.

Car accidents and robberies happen every day and sometimes they are completely unavoidable. If you’re not the driver responsible for the accident then you should be able to claim at the other driver's expense. Unfortunately, unusual activities happen in an instant and nobody knows who was right or wrong. Nevertheless, you have to have insurance. By having a dash camera installed, you can make sure that you have video evidence that proves who was at fault.