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The most important part of installing any hidden camera is finding the right place to put it. The first task is to think about where the person you intend to monitor will likely appear. The camera should be placed where it can be pointed directly to the area without any visual obstructions. Camera's intended to monitor break-ins should be placed preferably close to doors and windows; thus covering the overall views. If you suspect a cheating partner; you may place the camera close to your bed. When it comes to how your nanny treats your baby, you should point the camera towards your baby's crib.

A Few Dos When Installing A Hidden Camera;

Check for eyewitness

This simply means you should avoid spots where your target is likely to look directly at often. A good way to find out is by asking someone to look for a camera you installed in a particular room. If he or she is unable to find it with the knowledge that it's there, an unsuspecting individual is less likely to spot it. If the reverse is the case, you should relocate and try again.

Use non-sensitive objects

Most pieces of equipment and objects are flashy and catchy in a modern day house. The old days of wooden vases are fast fading away. Wall images and design of sculptures would have been the best places to lay your hidden or spy cam. Nevertheless, people wouldn't normally think to look inside an air vent, within a fake smoke alarm or under furniture.

Follow instructions gladly

If you've purchased your camera brand new or second hand, ensure to follow through with the manual instructions for installation and maintenance. If it's a second hand without a manual guide, try looking up its model number online. The users' manual is freely available for download. Also, ensure to install only the necessary software (external software) for maximum functionality. The manual guide will take you through on installation, practical, samples (testing) on how it works and maintenance features (battery power, cleaning out the camera's memory regularly and easy repairs).

Check legality

Apart from getting the right model of camera, the general rule of the thumb demands that you can own a hidden camera as long as it's on your property. These individual cameras, however, must not violate an individual's privacy if it is expected; irrespective of the fact that it is on your property. Such as in the case of a bathroom, nanny bedroom or a spare room you are renting out.


Don'ts When Installing A Hidden Camera

These you should avoid.

Stay away from colors

Don't mount your black camera on a white painted wall or beside a grey wall. These contradicting colors will tell all the secrets.

Don't limit your cameras to just your front door

The top of your basement stairs are a better coverage and also side entrances, near back doors and sliding glass entryways.

Don't attach a camera to a gutter

No matter how high it is, your camera is exposed to unfavorable weather plus if the gutter system gets leaks it may disturb the function of your camera.

Don't install your camera in areas where the dark will cover it at night

Either you ensure to lite the room at night or enable that your camera has an infrared setting or lens that works in low light. The night is known to be when the evil prevails.

In conclusion, enjoying maximum satisfaction from your hidden camera has proved that maintenance will be a regular routine. That means keeping the rules at heart.

Sep 4, 2018 12:10:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Spy Camera ,

Many people feel sad when their dash cam does not perform as expected; the reason is that they are wrongly placed and do not acquire the desired result. People sometimes get confused as to where to hide their dash cam for security around the house premises; this may require information search and careful articulation.

With exception of a bedroom, living room or a kitchen; there are a few places where you should never install a dash camera. Inside your bedroom, hiding a spy camera can be alongside a nightstand, beside some regular object like a radio or clock. You could also get hidden cameras already built into a clock and put it right on the nightstand.

Also, a curtain rod is another suitable place. A tiny spy cam is barely seen from a 10 feet distance, you could get much better viewing angle and record everything without troubles. The TV set, stationed toys, living rooms, bedroom, PC, bookshelf among others are good options to mount your cam.

These places are a no-go for a hidden camera installation.

Outside The House:

As the time in seasons changes, so should everything else. A dash cam is best mounted and wired through the roof of the garage, though some may feel it’s secretive to mount the camera outside the house in a secret corner, covered with a box set, the danger of disruption is high. Excessive heat from the sun will eventually weaken the performance of the cam. Also, liquid entry from the rainfall will be very alarming.

On Front Doors/ Walls/ Corridors:

This is like telling the burglars ‘I see you, but you can’t see me.’ Burglars want to get in and find out where you kept your camera, so as to upset it. Don’t do them the favor of placing it in front of the wall or at the door entrance. Corridor way is the least secret place in the house because it is free from itself and everything. Installing a hidden camera there will be most unfruitful.

People ask the question, what best place is there to hide your dash cam from your spouse, monitor their phones and activities? The answer will be in your bedroom but the truth is, that must be a place he/she wouldn’t want to lose your trust. To pick a secret call, the restroom is where you will find him or her. Rather than in the bedroom, install your cam somewhere in the master’s restroom or in the visitors’ restroom.

Lastly, out of the reach and knowledge of young and teenage children:

 Children will play with anything that looks or does not look like a toy. Placing your camera on a TV stand or reachable bookshelf would be calling for big trouble. So choose a suitable place where your children can not reach, but you could keep an eye on their activities. Teenage children are smart enough not to commit any crime right in front of a monitoring camera; so to keep them in check, you must keep the cam secret.

Experience is a value. The good and bad experiences with your camera performance should guide you on where to re-install and how. People install cameras in different places for different reasons. The need for evidence must also guide your place of judgment.


Sep 3, 2018 8:44:59 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Spy Camera ,

A dash cam, dashboard camera, car DVR, driving recorder or event data recorder (EDR) is an onboard camera that mainly records the view through a vehicles front windscreen and sometimes rear or other windows continuously. Some dash cams include a hidden camera to record the interior of the house. They are known to provide video evidence. For safety, the video recorded by this cam can be time stamped in a tamper-proof manner to securely prove its time of existence and reliability.

 Dash Camera Installation is easy and fast to accomplish. With the help of a friend, all it takes is to follow all necessary procedures outlined in the guide.  Dash cameras come in different sizes and forms, performing the functions of monitoring, audio taping, visual display and a lot more. Though installation is similar in all, a few things are there to know about dash cam installation. Indoor installation is quite different from vehicle installation.


The purpose of dash cam is to satisfy monitoring issues, as such, the place where your cam will be fixed should be prioritized. For secrecy, the layout design and the wall for indoor must be situated in an area where it cannot be easily visible. The ceiling is most recommended; as it is able to run the cables through the porch little attic and then up the main attic.

Understand the manual (Guide)

Before beginning the installation, it is wise to sit with the guide and take the time to analyze how everything will play out. The manual will give room for more ease and speed.  

Get your tools together

After finding a suitable location, getting the tools for installation will be the next step. These necessary tools include wood driller for drilling through wood, drywall, and aluminum. A hammer drill with some masonry drill bits. Some camera kits are accompanied by a template directing where the sticker should fit, making the job easier. So you start drilling as instructed in the guide. Be careful to ensure that the dash cam is not oversized to its purpose.


This comprises mounting the DVR box. Installation connection maybe a bit complicated, so the help of a friend would be most welcomed. After mounting, you connect the electrical poles into the DVR; make adjustments as advised in the manual to ensure it is perfectly working.

Check The Interface

After connection, you navigate through the setting, which will lead you to create a password and date/ time formatting etc. A quick tutorial in operations to allow you experience how dash cam works before you set it on the go. Installing a Dash Cam should not take more than a few hours. Once you have successfully installed one, you can help somebody else on how to easily go about it. If you encounter any problem, feel free to get help and get the best out of your camera.


Jul 30, 2018 3:00:59 AM By Naveed Malik 0 Comments Dash Cam with Night Vision,

Many believe the police are duty bound to give total protection to life’s and properties, but no better self-police can you be. Video recording glasses are known for their protective features as they come with different packages. Law enforcement officials and detectives have found work easier by simple wearing spy camera glasses, offering best ways to spy on prospective criminals.

For all works of life, an extra sense of security will increase capacity and reduce unwanted influences. Among the many choices to cast your scale of preference only video recording glasses will accrue you these benefits;

~Catching criminals with video evidence will put a stop to numerous robberies in the neighborhoods; because these criminals do not know who is wearing special glasses with inbuilt detective cameras, in fact, it's effective in reporting them to the authorities.

~When employee loaf around rather than performing, finding out those who mind other people’s businesses rather than theirs will be a lot easier and will be duly reprehended. A simple stroll around the office with a pair of glasses with a hidden spy cam will gain employers better control of their business management.

~Those who pickpockets, shoplift from malls, trade fairs and gatherings can be easily detected because they do not suspect they are being taped and monitored. They do not stand a chance of escape with this gadget.

~These glasses come in different fashion sense and can fit into any outfit to go by; they are easy to handle and have fancy look.

~No one would prefer to carry a large video camera around to capture and take photos when he has portable and wearable one on his eyes or across his shirt’s collar and still gets the same functionality and feature. This kit is on a portable device that weighs almost nothing.

~These wireless glasses offer more battery potentials than normal video cameras; since it takes a long time to spy on someone, spy glasses are made with batteries lasting extended periods far better compared to its mates.

~Modern technology advances have made this device even easy to spy on others without their knowledge or consent. When it is important to obtain convincing and indisputable evidence, wearing a pair of wireless spy glasses is a great option.

~Best recommendations for nursing mothers, who have a different opinion about hiring a nanny’s help,’ they don’t have to worry about the twins spilling liquids around the house’.

~Another useful feature of this kit is that it can help in making references to capture information as time moves. Business owners and the investigation departments will find these glasses most helpful.

~Following up market research will be faster; this device can be used to capture inflow and out follow, customers taste and choice. Marketers who want to carry out the internal market survey can easily get this device close by without having to speak to anyone. The work is done better and in a more professional way.

Amongst the many benefits, it is important for you to understand your style, and how you want to save the world you live in. 







Jul 28, 2018 3:00:15 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Spy Camera Glasses,

One of the safety devices that can keep you safe, monitor your properties, your daily activities and keep you safe on the road without having to pay is a Dash Cam. Putting yourself in the best position where you no longer worry about worrisome thoughts can be achieved through the use of a pair of a black device with small monitors. Coming in different types and forms, Dash cam is made to serve similar purposes. Manufactures like, from different countries of the world manufacture this device to fit vehicle standards, flexible and compatible as they come along.

 Dash Cam, dashboard camera, car DVR or car black box is an onboard camera inbuilt into the vehicle that continuously records the view through the vehicle's windscreen. It may be attached to the top of the dashboard or the interior windscreen of the vehicle.

Dash Cam can be fit into vehicles as a recorder, Road safety monitor, fraudsters and corrupt road users monitor. After mounting the camera on the dashboard, these digital device records the driver’s journey once the car is started and moving. Dash Cam is also known to record audio until its limited flash storage is full.

 Installing a Dash cam into your vehicle can be as easy as fixing your antenna; with the provided professional assistance, your vehicle is as good as safe. After you have gone through the different kinds of Dash cam; you can rest assured these five reasons why your vehicle shouldn't be without a Dash cam;


Vehicle telematics is a system of obtaining tracked information from a Dash camera. It is the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics for application in vehicles on the move; this information includes emergency warning system for vehicles, GPS navigation, integrated hands-free cell phones while driving and wireless safety communications and automatic driving assistance system.etc.


Many accidents that occur on the road could have ended up ghastly and not fatal, and the culprits wouldn't be home and dry without justice. Video footage can provide the perfect mechanism to stop these careless drivers on their track and on timely get help to the accident scene before things get worst.  There are many ways to report the unscrupulous acts of a drunk driver with strong proof of what happened through the video recorder from a dash cam.


Footage from dashboard camera recorders can be an educational tool and used effectively in driving training lessons. This video effectively shows the don'ts and also advises and offers relevant education on safe driving.


Insurance companies have had a hard time finding out who exactly caused an accident; the extent to which they ought to discount for damages. A black box inserted installed in the cam tracks key parameters of the journey. This data will be transferred to the Insurer who then regulates the premium rate.


Parents worry whenever their Teens use their cars out; Statistics have recorded that 'a great number of teenage death occurred due to irresponsible driving leading mostly from distractions''. To find out whether the teens are responsible behind the wheels, the camera footage will provide you with that information. As you keep them under watch, you keep them in sanction.

Your journey can be as safe and awesome as your advent, having the most fun filling moments on records; capturing magical moments and natures visuals to share with friends.

Owning a Dash Cam is equivalent to owning your share of a better and safer life.

Jul 26, 2018 3:00:01 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Dash Cam with Night Vision,

Babysitting has become a successful route for career mothers to keep their babies under closed and careful monitoring environment. Research has shown a great percentage of babysitters and they have helped to save the jobs of a lot of women in the corporate world and other demanding career fields.

Nanny Cam is legal; though you would break the video surveillance law if you locate the camera in private areas like your baby sitter’s bathroom or your nanny’s bedroom to monitor them. A few things to consider before getting a suitable nanny camera will involve;


Should the Nanny Cam be hidden or exposed?

The visibility of your nanny cam will be up to you; your decision to expose the Cam in any location of the house is up to you. Hidden Nanny Cam is usually disguised in something else, like a clock, a book or a toy and used to record a given location.


The features of which a good Cam should come with

It is very important to spend your money on quality as many Cams do not possess features that are most needful and reliable; so a good research will do a lot of good. When getting your findings, these features should be in check:

Power source

One kind of Nanny Cam is the battery powered ones which run on rechargeable battery packs; another kind is the AC powered device which draws their power directly from the outlet. These video cameras are known to last far better than others. The AC powered nanny cam will be a preferable pick for monitoring and recording.


High definition is a video format that gives you more clarity and details; though the cost is higher, its storage space is worth more.


Nanny cameras with audio devices will enable you to listen and speak with your kids and your babysitter whenever you feel necessary.


This feature allows live coverage video, unlike others.

Motion involvement

Motion alerts enable you awareness whenever motion occurs since your eyes are not always on your PC or Smartphone.


How could your Nanny react?

The major reason why parents decide to install a nanny cam is to keep a close watch on their nanny’s performance, by this they expect them to deliver. Many Nannies do not mind the use of a camera as long as their rights are respected. Privacy from your Nanny as well as guarded legality should be kept on your own part.


Share good memories with a baby

I met a Custom accountant who had a babysitter for nearly two years; after she got her Nanny camera installed, she shared with me how much she felt at home while in the office with her PC, every moment she shared with her baby and his nanny. To her, she never missed a moment with her baby; his smiles, laughter and even watching him sleep. She also confused how much bound her nanny and she had improved.


Babysitting can be much more fun for both the parents and Nanny. Making the right choices will be dependent on your decision to get a suitable Nanny Cam for your babysitter

Jul 24, 2018 3:14:01 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Nanny Cam ,

Like the old aunt, Sarah once said’ as the age advances, the need for more care and control increases’.

Installing a hidden camera is a big step when it comes to monitoring elderly relatives, parents or those who are paid to look after a sick parent(s). This decision will come from the families; the need for proper safety and help, also to identify and monitor when the assigned caregiver is properly performing or abusing your ward/ parent. However, one major struggle about hidden cameras has been the privacy.

Hidden cameras are used to monitor a place, activities to gather necessary information. These cameras can be installed openly or in private, which entails the persons being monitored are unlikely to know that they are being recorded.

Elderly family relatives under care are usually found with a lot of different opinions about everything. They tend to argue the most expect everyone to go by their obnoxious point of view. Their attention to care increases like aunty Sarah proved, and they sometimes hate the thought of a caregiver. So the idea of a better looks out. Although installing hidden cameras in their rooms can be against their private rights, it is, therefore, necessary that you seek the permission (consent) of the person whose care you are concerned about, and only in their private room. These cameras help to perform the function of listening to their body and sense of language. A good way to check on an invalid elder is with a recording camera; this way you can notice much they rest or not, how well they eat, talk etc. Also, you can read their silent words through the audio to find out what worries them the most and ascertain their common fears.

Also for those who leave their parents with caregivers, you can now monitor their performance through the camera recorder.

Hidden cameras will show details of any form of accident that either deliberately or accidentally occurred; like, when Aunty Sarah fell due to the slippery ties, they changed the rugs which ran into her bedroom to prevent reoccurrence.

With hidden cameras, you can share the most fun moments with your elderly parent(s) while you were away.

The hidden cameras come in multiple form and shape, picking the most suitable type and at a reasonable price is all it will take to feeling confident when you can’t be around your loved one(s). Even with a caregiver or stay home nurse, you know that your loved ones are receiving proper care.

Jul 22, 2018 3:01:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Spy Camera ,

Deciding to install a security camera in your house is a good start to overcome the fear of the unknown and suspects; you also can now find out who visited your house in your absence. When it comes to the in-house camera, the location to mount it should be significantly considered.

To impeccably install a hidden cam in your house, the guides following are most efficient;



When it comes to installing wired security cameras, it is not enough to pick just any spot in the house and mount it. A suitable location is where you can easily operate it and a place not visible to all. People would prefer to mount their house cameras on the Soffit (the area underneath the roof overhang), that way the cables can travel directly through the attic (the room in the top storage of the house).

The ceiling is mostly recommended as they can run cables through the porch little attic; also keep in mind the color of your ceiling paint should not be contradicting the hidden cam color to avoid easy exposure.



After choosing a suitable location, you will need different tools to begin your installation; these include wood driller for drilling through wood, drywall, and aluminum. A hammer drill with some masonry drill bits will work fine. To begin, start by making a hole for positions where the camera’s cable will fit through, and also holes for positions where the camera’s three face mounting screws will go. Some camera kits are accompanied by template directing where the sticker should fit; making the job easier. Should your camera don’t with any template, easily hold the camera up to the wall or ceiling where you want it and mark holes with a pencil; after you have drilled the holes where the mounting screws will go through, then drill a much bigger hole where the cable can go through. Ensure it is not oversized so it can serve its purpose.



Moving cables during installation require careful articulation. One way is to converge all the cameras’ cable in the attic above your garage and from there you can fit them up into the main attic above the ceiling where the hidden camera is located. The length from the garage to the attic above can be measured with a fish taper; from where the roof slopes down. Start measuring the length by fitting the fish taper up into the hole that you drilled in your garage, once the fish tape extends far enough into the attic for easy access, tape the end of the cable to the fish taper and pull on the fish taper from the outside to thread the cable through the hole you drilled. After that, unwrap and remove the fish taper and your cable be ready to hook up to your camera when you are ready for installation.



How you mount the DVR box is totally up to you; your fisher tape will be most useful at this stage and if you don’t mind a helping hand from a trusted friend who has an installed house cam. Since DVR box will be situated in the ceiling, connect the cable the garage through the hole and then get it back through the ceiling into the DVR box.



Connect the cable coming out from the hole to the camera itself; then fit the excess back into the hole. It’s ok to secure the connection with electrical tape to secure it so that it doesn’t get unplugged by accident. Next, screw the kit with your power drill to mount the camera to your house, making frequent adjustments to check how freely the camera can loosen and tighten back.



It’s time to navigate through settings, after completing the cable to its part, (external monitor to the DVR box as well as the mouse and keyboard). The interface setting will lead you to create a password, setting date and time will be required and a quick tutorial on the operations will appear.


Once your settings are successful, your camera is ready to use, you can try out samples of video shots inside your house; moving the camera to various locations to see how it works.

Jul 20, 2018 3:00:00 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Hidden Spy Camera ,

Body-worn cameras are live transmission systems, a single unit with no external cables for recording and picking audio on the move. They are used by police officers on field work to cover documents of everything that occurred at the crime scene; evidence, witnesses, interviews, and interrogations. Like nanny Cam, these devices are specially designed to meet the needs of justice from crime scenes.

They are mostly used by law enforcement agencies for both the public and the officers who use them. Police officers find this device most compatible and fast result driven for their nature of jobs compared to other equipment they previously used. Here below are some amazing benefits of body worn cameras;

Body worn cameras serve as evidence tools at accident scenes

Capturing is made as the police officer travels around the crime scene and interviews multiple people. On the basis of those captured scenes, security agencies easily reach the suspects at a closer range, and victims of these criminal cases feel a bit justified that suspects are being brought to book.

 Body worn cameras serve as evidence in domestic violence cases

Domestic violence has been known to be difficult to prosecute for a number of reasons, some being a lack of evidence while a few others resulted from the unwillingness of victims giving their testimonies. The footage from the video cam will shows first- hand the victims injuries, demeanor, and immediate reactions.

Body worn cameras serve as a medium to check-mates behavior

Body cameras have elevated agencies abilities to improve tactics, communication and customer service amongst other areas. The footage also helps to save scenario-based training to naive officers and identify areas in which more or improved training is needed. Evidence provided by the hidden cameras is used to identify wide-reaching structural problems within a department.

Body worn cameras serve as evidence collectors

These cameras are especially useful in accurately collecting and preserving the evidence at the accident or crime scene. They also help to settle bias and resolve any conflicting accounts from victims, criminals and witnesses. The interrogations captured are often repeated as details in courts.

Body worn cameras serve as a medium of security personnel policing

In settling any future disputes and questions raised about the procedures followed during the investigation, body worn cam is most useful. It helps to keep an eye on security personals to ensure they are following the law.

 Body worn cameras serve as a substitute to other devices

Many old facilities have been quickly replaced for better ones with higher performance capacities. These body cams have multiple functions features all in one package, and are quickly fading other devices away. They are portable and secretive to move around.

Studies have shown that data collections from surveys administered are most useful and reliable in public and crime administrations by the law enforcement agencies.

With the implementation of body-worn hidden cameras, a greater number of law enforcement agencies now records new heights of policy implementation, accountability, easier data collection, storage and use; training and equipment selection.

Jul 18, 2018 3:15:24 AM By Naveed Malik Comments Body Cams,

If you are one among those who have no other alternative but to entrust your little one in hands of a nanny but are always worried about their safety all the time? Or what your employees do when you're not at your business? If there has been a theft or mishandling of staff then as an employer installing a spy cam to inspect everyone will put an end to all those intruders.

 If you're thinking of buying a hidden camera or another type of security camera, there are two types of hidden cameras - wireless and wired. Wireless hidden cameras use batteries and have the camera and transmitter concealed with no visible wire from the camera to the recording equipment. Wired cameras will have a physical wire running from a VCR or PC to the camera.

Nanny cam as it is called is a video camera that is placed in an object, it is well undercover. That is the whole point isn't it that it is placed just like any other furniture or toy in your home. Technology has left its mark on every aspect of life and you will be amazed at the options one can find at the different portals. Perhaps the most tempting thing about these specialized cameras is that they can be hidden in almost any object in a home, and lack any messy wires.

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Jun 13, 2018 10:05:05 PM By Naveed Malik Comments WiFi Cameras ,
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