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Finding a trustworthy nanny or a babysitter can be stressful!

This process can cause heightened anxiety and sleepless nights for parents. 

Nanny cams can help relieve this stress and anxiety by giving you a view of what is going on in your home at any time, day or night.  Our nanny cams can be strategically placed in your home so you can check on your child whenever you want.  

Zetronix nanny cams allow you to record nonstop or only when triggered by motion.  You can watch the recorded videos directly on your phone or from any device that has a memory card reader.  Videos are stored for various amounts of time depending on the model and the size of the memory card you choose.  You can also download the videos directly to your phone for easy sharing.   

We have handpicked the best nanny cams for watching over your kids and their caretakers.  

Our friendly sales team is here to answer any questions that you may have.  We can be reached through chat, phone, or email and we are happy to help!

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  1. Rhea - 2K Digital Picture Frame Nanny Camera
    Rhea - 2K Digital Picture Frame Nanny Camera
    Rhea - 2K Digital Picture Frame Nanny Camera
    • 2.7K SuperHD Resolution with Audio
    • 120° Viewing Angle Perfect for Any Size Room
    • Invisible IR LEDs︱25 Feet Night Vision
    • 6 Months Battery Life with Motion Detection
    • 25-Hours Battery Life with Non-Stop Recording
    • Works from Battery or While Plugged In
    • Stores 25 Days of Video on 256 Memory
    • Accepts MicroSD Card︱6 Min Per 1GB
    • Functional Digital Picture Frame
    • Functional Alarm Clock & Calendar
    • Audio Recording Can Be Turned On or Off
    • Local Storage︱No Computer or Phone Required 


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