What is known by the term Counter Surveillance Techniques?

Counter surveillance is a procedure that is used to identify and detect ongoing surveillance to develop a suitable countermeasure. The main goal is to trick the enemy and stop the attack by the completion of the surveillance. Whereas, the hidden camera surveillance would help to detect the attacker such as a kidnapper, purse snatcher, murderer, killer, and destroyer, etc. it is better to have a hidden camera in your office, home, or car, to have a piece of evidence or prooIf we talk about criminal acts related to purse snatching or a terrorist bombing, it involves an investigation or surveillance. Militant groups are involved in planning an operation to target in advance. Furthermore, in the purse snatchers case, a militant organization would conduct detailed surveillance of a target for a few weeks. It doesn’t matter the length of the time surveillance is taken, however, the militant conducting is exposed and defenseless to detection.

Importance of Counter Surveillance?

Counter surveillance is important because of the security measures that agree for threats to be dealt with that can develop into active kinds of attacks. Counter surveillance depends on the two secrets. First is the hostile surveillance being vulnerable to detection because the ones who are carrying it do not always look sophisticated in their tradecraft as observed? Secondly, hostile surveillance is handled and the workers are forced into building errors that will expose their presence.

Let’s discuss the 5 interesting facts about counter-surveillance techniques:

Target Selection and Planning Phases

Most of the attackers use different attack cycles which depends on the nature of the planner. For example, the terrorist attack cycle will not always be going to related to a suicide bomber or a mentally distressed stalker. It is related to the target selection and knowing the planning phases that help the planners to conduct their surveillance, however, they can use a surveillance team during the real attack to signal the team that the target is approaching the attack zone. Hence, it is better to be alert.

Determine Target’s Weaknesses

The main purpose of the surveillance is to determine the target’s weaknesses and exposures. Surveillance helps to identify the attack methods. When you have a target that is a person, targeted for kidnapping, or murder, surveillance will look for the behavior of the target such as when the target leaves for work, the route he/she takes, or take note of the security if any, the target uses.

However, the planners will look for the gates, locks, or alarms, and look for the guard’s presence, and their shifts. These all kinds of information will be used to select the time and location for the attack.

Counter-Surveillance Techniques are not just for Celebrities

This is where the ordinary person might say, "Hold on a minute! They were performed by Celebrities because they are rich and famous!" That is true to an extent, but counter-surveillance techniques can be used to protect ourselves from everyone, whether we are rich or poor. Celebrities have to worry about people wanting their money or being stalkers who want their fame. The rest of us have other things to worry about like criminals looking for our homes to rob or terrorists plotting bombings in crowded places.

Most Counter-Surveillance Techniques were popularized by Criminals (and Spies)

The art of surveillance was first developed as a way to catch criminals. After all, if you were a detective and could figure out where the criminals would strike next, you could lay in wait for them, beat them up or even kill them! Criminals have been using counter-surveillance techniques for decades because they want to protect their homes from thieves and assault. Spies developed many surveillance styles as a way to gather information on people they were assigned to watch without being caught themselves.

Counter-Surveillance Techniques don't require specialized equipment or sets of skills

Surveillance technology is extremely complicated because it has to be both invisible and leave no trace behind when used properly. But one advantage people have with technologies like cell phones is that they are everywhere! If your target is in a public place, you can use your cell phone to record them without them knowing. All you need is some common sense and the ability to observe your surroundings.

There are many different Counter-Surveillance Techniques

There is no one-size-fits-all counter-surveillance technique. What might work for one person might not work for another person. That's because everyone's environment is different and we all have different ways of moving around in it. The best way to learn about counter-surveillance techniques is to try out as many as possible and find the ones that work best for you.

Some Counter-Surveillance Techniques are illegal

Although most counter-surveillance techniques are legal, there are some that may break the law. Only use counter-surveillance techniques that don't violate any laws or cause harm to others. You can also perform surveillance on people who have broken the law instead of performing counter-surveillance techniques on them.

Many Counter-Surveillance Techniques focus on what you would do if you were trying to watch someone else

One good example of this is looking at your phone instead of paying attention to where you are going (just like most people do). If I'm watching someone who suddenly looks down at their phone, then I know that they've spotted me and are using counter-surveillance tactics against me! Another great one is standing next to a tall post with your back facing the target. If you turn your head towards them and talk to them, they'll know that you're watching them.

Counter-Surveillance Techniques require practice

One of the things I like about baseball is that there are no shortcuts to playing it well. You can't take steroids or have surgery in order to hit more homers! That's because real life isn't perfect when it comes to counter-surveillance techniques so there are no guaranteed ways to win every time. You have to stay alert at all times in order for counter-surveillance tactics to work for you 100% of the time!

Some Counter-Surveillance Tactics were developed by Hollywood but others originated in Asia

Hollywood is a great place to learn about surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques because they have so many movies that focus on the topic. Unfortunately, most of these techniques are designed for Hollywood's version of reality which often differs from what happens in the real world. Asian countries like China and Japan, on the other hand, have had to deal with surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques for centuries so their methods are more grounded in reality.

You can use Counter-Surveillance Techniques to improve your personal safety

One of the best things about learning about counter-surveillance techniques is that you can use them to improve your personal safety. For example, if you're traveling in a foreign country and don't feel safe, you can use counter-surveillance techniques to avoid being attacked. If someone is following you, you know that they're trying to catch you off guard so that they can do something bad to you. One of the best ways to deal with this situation is becoming more aware of your surroundings and going on high alert!

10. Counter-Surveillance Techniques aren't always designed to make you feel safe

You might be thinking: "doesn't a counter-surveillance technique make me safer?" The answer is no because a lot of counter-surveillance techniques are also used by criminals who want to harm people without getting caught! For example, some surveillance hackers will try and blend in with other people around them which makes it hard to spot them. The best way to deal with this is knowing the different kinds of counter-surveillance techniques that exist, some of which you can use for your own safety and others that criminals use!

Surveillants are susceptible to detection:

If you conduct more surveillance, the greater the acts are observed. It would help to alert the security personnel and the whole plan would have cooperated. The surveillance team uses mobile assets related to electronic devices, and workers in vehicles, aircraft, or on foot. This is considered a large team that would be difficult to spot.

What Looks Like Bad Surveillance?

If a person who looks at someone repeatedly over time, in quite different environments, who displays poor behavior can take on that he/she is under surveillance. When the target moves, avoiding eye contact with the target, going for sudden turns, or using hand signals to communicate with others of a surveillance team. Hence the mistakes made while conducting surveillance are going to be quite easy to catch. Whereas, if no one is watching then the hostile surveillance is quite easy to be performed.

Counter Surveillance Teams Keep Detailed Logs of the People

Counter surveillance is used to keep the detailed logs of the people and will database the information with the photos of possible hostiles. The database then allows the team to control whether it encountered the same person on multiple different shifts or sites or not.

Collecting Information without changing the behaviors:

Counter surveillance would help to collect the information without changing the behaviors of distrusted hostiles. When the team is going to believe an attack is pending or when the team members are going to break cover and confront hostile surveillants. In cases related to this, counter-surveillance teams would have the benefit of surprise. Whereas, materializing out of nowhere to threaten the suspected surveillant would be more effective than the arrival of the security assets.


Hopefully, the interesting facts of counter-surveillance techniques mentioned above would help you to know the techniques properly.