It's malevolently difficult to compose something astute about video glasses or sunglasses with camera! It shows up as though these gadgets are very recognizable to us, and the production of such video devices is going swimmingly because of hello-tech industry mammoths… But regardless we need something!


Some key parameters are basic for all models including the least expensive ones, so every potential buyer ought to know about them. We're supposed to take them a gander.

  1. Virtual Screen Size

The size of the virtual screen is significant as it is the screen that you will have before your inquisitive eyes. Incidentally, do you realize that in most of the models the "image" is transmitted to each eye independently?

Ordinarily, the video glasses work with 52, 72, 84 and 98-inch groups. In any case, there are models that cause you to accept that you watch many meter plasma or even a film screen.

the fundamental parameters of video glasses

  1. Video Screen Goals

We can't maintain a strategic distance from the issue of video screen goals. The higher the goals are, the more particular and smooth the image is. It is clear, however, a few makers have just started to furnish their low-goals glasses with picture "uncommon" smoothers. Most market models grant 640х480 goals. It isn't exceptionally cool, is it? In any case, they have their own buyers, and even exceptionally enchanted ones (some of the time you may peruse their surveys like this "Goodness, I basically can't play at standard company progressively subsequent to having attempted this thing!»)

  1. Size & Independence

Both the weight and size of such contraptions are significant just as the capacity for disconnected activity. In the first place, it's not possible for anyone to overlook the solace! You can barely like the device which can transform you into an old ruin with undeniable irritation and the nose connect scoured sore for only a few hours.

  1. Whom the Video Glasses Sometimes Fall Short For

Completing our assessment of «main parameters», we can't disguise that a few people can't utilize any video glasses. The feeble vestibular framework and poor vision can cause you to endure severely when utilizing this contraption. Along these lines, check the video glasses for yourself as a general rule before obtaining it.




All things considered, everything has gotten clear about key parameters. How about we take a gander at those viewpoints which are significant when picking video glasses. They are as per the following:

1. The chance to change and choose diopters, alter the concentration and "the separation to the eye". Obviously, not every single imminent purchaser of video glasses can flaunt perfect vision. This is cool! What a disturbance that the center change for people with vision issues isn't given even by such cool contraptions as Sony HMZ-T3. What to state, at that point, about mass models...

 2. Picture show system. There is the fundamental pattern and … its ongoing rival. Frequently, the picture is shown on little screens hung before your eyes. Such innovation is spoken to, for instance, by the glasses of PROBER firm, it being the most dependable and attempted. Much relies upon the gadget quality and the chance to modify the separation between "eye-pieces" and eyes.

 3. Sound! Here we discover trouble in looking at completely. The vast majority of models have the common jack for earphones and don't process the sound autonomously. In this manner, Sony T3 glasses may process up to 8 sound channels. Previously mentioned Avegant Glyph… are earphones by one half! Be that as it may, we will speak to increasingly nitty gritty data about this gadget in a different audit.


Glasses are getting enormous consideration – and investigation – they're positively not the main bits of eyewear to incorporate a coordinated presentation.