A black box spy camera is a great device that can help to maintain the security of your holiday home. These devices are designed to be discreet and record for long periods without requiring a consistent power supply. You can easily buy spy camera from any of the reliable brands and fix it at critical safety spots in your home, such as the living room, driveway, and roof. This allows you to have footage that can save you in case there is any kind of damage or incident on your property.

How to Choose the Best Spy Camera With Longest Battery Life

Spy cameras come in different levels of complexity with some having more sophisticated features than others. The battery life of a spy camera varies hugely depending on the model of the camera and its features and price.

Ideally, spy cameras can record for 3 hours, however, some can perform continuous recording for several weeks and months.

Black Box Spy Camera AES Nanny Cam

The 30 Day Battery 720P Black Box  Wireless Spy Camera by AESis a great option for those who are looking for a high-quality nanny cam and have a tight budget. This is a1280x720P HD Camera and can continuously record up to a month. You can store up to 32GB video data and is currently available online in various countries across the globe.

How to Install Black Box Spy Camera

Indoor security cameras are designed to blend in with the surroundings and not be conspicuous which makes them easy to hide. There are other tips that you can follow to make it even more difficult for someone to spot them.

If you are fitting a black box security camera outdoors, you can easily camouflage it to look like an outdoor light. You can also hide it inside bushes or under the eaves of your roof. Indoors, you can hide a black box hidden camera with a camera skin to make it blend with a group of objects like toys or decorative objects in the room.

Wi-Fi Spy Cams

To operate normally, a hidden camera box does not require a constant connection to the Internet or even Wi-Fi. In fact, some cameras can even function without a consistent supply of power. This is helpful if a particular property is located in a rural area or in an off-grid location where Wi-Fi is not accessible. Viewing, recording, and streaming can be done without Wi-Fi connectivity in such cases. The camera can save the footage and save it in an SD card.


Investing in a spy camera is a great way to improve the security of your house. It is estimated that more than 2 million intruders break into houses every year in the US. This can be really disturbing, especially if your children are very young. Therefore, investing in spy cams is a great option for families to prevent potential robberies and other such unforeseen events.

These cameras can provide security to your valuables, property, and family members as well. These cameras have become extremely popular among families with kids, especially those who work during the day. You can install these cameras in various parts of your house where there is a risk of intruders breaking in. You can either purchase one online from Amazon, eBay or any other reliable e-commerce site online. Based on your budget and personal preferences, you can opt for a spy cam without compromising on the image quality or your budget.