360-Degree Panoramic IP Camera Systems

Outdoor surveillance plays a crucial role in protecting your property and people from external threats. The vigilance and constant monitoring of the landscape through the security camera system creates a foolproof security bubble that is hard to surpass by robbers and intruders.
Getting your property equipped with advanced home security cameras has become a need rather than being a luxury. Getting your home geared up with the latest security gadgets is vital to keep your safety intact and track any suspicious activity on your territory timely. 
360-degree IP camera systems are the best solution for all your home security needs. They are equipped with the latest features that give you complete control over your territory. Here is everything you need to know about 360-degree IP cameras:

What are the advantages of panoramic security cameras?

Here is why you need to get a 360-degree IP camera for your home:

Reliable and Good Quality Images:

Getting good-quality images through a surveillance camera is often very hard. You can see plenty of footage circulating on social media that does not provide clear pictures of people there, making it hard to identify the culprits of mishaps. However, with 360 degrees IP camera, you can get reliable and perfectly clear images. They usually offer 1080 HD image quality with audio features. 

Comprehensive View:

The placement of security cameras is essential to benefit the most from their functionality. Instead of placing two or more cameras to get complete coverage of your landscape, you can get a 360-degree IP camera and a wide-angle view of your home’s outdoor area. You can move the lens using the mobile app to look around the area, even if you are in the office. That’s how easy it is!

Weather Resistant:

Weather impacts the functionality of surveillance if you haven’t invested much in the product quality. However, 360 degrees IP cameras are made to be weather resistant which means they perform perfectly well whether it is too hot or cold outside. They are designed to work through all kinds of temperatures. 

Solar Powered:

Power cutdown is no more a hindrance in maintaining foolproof security. 360-degree IP cameras are primarily solar powered and can run on battery without sun for several days. It also means they are easy to install since no wiring is required. 

Storage Options:

These cameras give you two storage options. The free cloud storage keeps you secured for many days, while when using local storage, you can simply use a memory card from 8GB to 128 GB. You can easily access data through both options and bring it to use when needed. 

What is the best brand for a home security IP camera?

If you want to enhance your home’s outdoor safety, Zetronix’s XT30 Pro - HD Wi-Fi Solar Powered Rotating Security Surveillance Camera can end your search. With 1080 HD picture quality, it provides you with AI face detection and instant motion detection notification on your phone. Free local storage allows you to watch a live stream and recorded videos. Through its fantastic night vision, your territory remains safe during the night equally. The seamless surveillance of your property makes it a must-have security gadget for the home. 

Take Away:

360 degrees IP cameras are hands on the best investment you will ever make. They bring you peace of mind by keeping you protected and vigilant about your surroundings. Zetronics provides you with a high-quality 360-degree camera that will fit all your security needs. Besides, its features are worth the price you will pay for it. 
Elevate the level of your home’s security with Zetronic’s survellieance devices!