Most people use security cameras in the streets, homes, businesses, offices to boost security and increase the level of safety around the area. It is indeed that hidden cameras are way different than earlier versions. Now different versions of the security cameras have been introduced. A nanny cam is used to monitor the child and their caretakers when you are not at home.

Here we are going to discuss the evolution and invention of the security cameras:

1. Live Camera Watching

The documented use of security camera technology was introduced in Germany in 1942. This technology was designed by Walter Bruch who was the engineer and it was made to keep an eye on V-2 rockets. It was not till the year 1949 the technology was launched on a profitable base. An American government contractor who was called Vericon began supporting the system. These cameras were only used for live monitoring and were not able to record the footage.

2. Original Recording System

Later on, original recording systems were introduced to help the users to gather data. Whereas the magnetic tapes need to be exchanged physically, that was a quite tough and expensive process. Workers need to thread the tape from the reel through the video recorder system. as you would have thought, such systems are exceptional and unusual.

3. The Development of VCRs

The key development of CCTV happened when video recordings became generally available in the 1970s. the technology was amalgamated into surveillance systems that we're introducing a way to how the cameras should be used. 

It became no essential for people to monitor the screens live. People would be able to review the information or data that has been gathered and can analyze it whenever they wanted to. This made the system such as CCTV much more popular for the companies. 

Whereas, the tapes had to be transformed on a regular term. If people need to store data for any length of time, they need to have a library of tapes with them. 

4. Multiplexing

The next introduction in the history of CCTV happened during the 1990s when the multiplexing solutions were accessible. The was the system who allows video signals from CCTV cameras to be merged and shown on one screen. 

For a better understanding, it means that if the company has seven security cameras or even more, then all the video signals would be synchronized with the help of multiplexer and could be recorded on the same tape. This made CCTV solutions more beneficial and help to increase popularity efficiently. 

5. Digital Video recorders (DVRs)

For further improvements, VCRs have been changed with digital video recorders (DVRs) to make the CCTV system user-friendly. Multiplexers are made into these solutions; the kits will be at ease to install. Whereas Digital systems will also remove the requirement of videotape, it is because the organization would not have to store tapes to store the data.

6. Network video recorder (NVRs)

These systems work by encoding and processing video in cameras and running the data footage to NVRs, it is done for storage of information. These systems are useful for site locations to view various departments with the help of the internet to allow higher quality than remote viewing with a DVR allows. 

When Did Security Cameras Become Common?

In the year 1970s, CCTV makes a splish-splash in the market considered as non-government. Banks started using CCTV as a security measure against robbery. This has been continuing through the year 1980s. in 1976, Charge-coupled device (CCD) technology leads the cameras that can be used in low light conditions. 

Did They Have CCTV in the 80s?

Yes, they have CCTV in the 80s. after the year the 1970s, when banks started having security cameras for security reasons then it continues through the 1980s. 

Who Invented CCTV Cameras?

The first CCTV camera was invented during the World war two by a German Engineer named as Walter Bruch, in the year 1942. Walter Bruch wanted to check V2 rocket launches and designed the CCTV camera system. this helps them to check the rocket launch from various locations. 

Where was CCTV First Used?

The use of CCTV technology was in Germany in 1942. As we have discussed above that the system was designed to monitor V2 rockets. Till 1949, the technology was launched on profitable terms and basis. 

Who Invented the First CCTV?

Walter Bruch invented the CCTV camera in 1942. A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) can produce video recordings, images of the people for private purposes. Cameras could be either video cameras or digital cameras for security purposes. 


Hopefully, the details that have been mentioned overhead would help you to find the invention of security cameras. The evolution of the security cameras explained above are as follow:

  • Live camera watching
  • Original recording system
  • The development of VCRs
  • Multiplexing
  • Digital video recorders(DVRs)
  • Network video recorder(NVRs)


Whereas, security cameras are now considered as the comfort system for people to secure the important things because this system is no wonder the technology that is in such a high demand quality.